01:11 – Meaning

Do you live your life with love, and can you say that you are a human being who acts out of love, willing to accept the mistakes that you make?

Can you say that you are a loving human being willing to act out of love, even when external circumstances are very hard?

If you do, this will imply that you grew into an aware being, able to deal with life and make the best out of it.

If the answer is no, then have you ever wonder why there isn’t what you want most in your life yet?

When do you meet the right person for a relationship, when do you get a better job, when will your body heal?

When exactly will your wish come true, and all other questions in between…

Is it even meant for you to have all that you manifest so strongly – yes, it is, and the fact that you have not reached it does not mean anything because you can?

No one ever said that what you do and how you act now is the way it will stay forever.

The sea of endless opportunities is available for every man, woman, and child on this planet.

You can do it by using mirror numbers – they reveal to you the main secret of your soul contract, in which you find out the answers to the above questions.

They are a divine sequence of experiences you have in life. This sequence is written in your soul commitment.

Are you interested in what is written in your soul commitment?

01:11 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

There is no question in the mind of all of us that triple one is a carrier of divine energy, and this reflection that comes from the mirror number 01:11 gives access to the wisdom that is definitely channeled with the Divine potential.

Also, it means that you are starting the magical journey into the depths of yourself – yes, this type of journey that can scare you a lot. And it is ok to feel this way.

The fact that in this mirror number, you can see the reflection of a triple number 1, and there is no other number that speaks of a new path and a magical journey than number 1.

There are numerous transformations you can experience, there are numerous wonderful opinions of the paths you can go along the way, and that is the beauty of it.

As we have said in the opening section, all of us have at our disposal an endless ocean of opportunities and wonders, that if we are open, and when the timing is right (in your case is the “perfect” timing has started in one hour and eleven minutes.

A core meaning of the mirror number 01:11 is finding a soul commitment and learn why you are not yet where you so desperately want to be and what the current experience teaches you. You also learn how you can stop forcing the results and start trusting in the divine flow of your life to enter your world at the right time and in the most right form for you.

01:11 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

From a spiritual and biblical aspect, as it is seen in all mirror numbers, as their integral part, we could indicate that the reflection of the mirror number 01:11 is the symbol of strength.

These hours are depicting a soul as a defender who protects your innocence and allows you to live justly, honestly, and freely. It allows you to live surround by justice and in search of truth!

It is your truth, and you are bound to live by it, and it also shows that you have a Divine help that assists you to establish order (mind, body, and soul) to achieve better balance.

What is out of balance, you may ask – we could say that exactly these three things are not in a good correlation one with the other. They need to be in balance, and just like in a human organism, all of them have their own part to play, aligned with two others.

A proof that number 0 is the source of it, and triple number 1 is those three elements.

Also, this number is seen as a spiritual shield that gives you protection, love, and equality.

This means that your energy is often directed towards people who are the product of some injustice.

In this sense, and following the biblical meaning related to this mirror, number 01:11 means “God the Guardian,” and its main vibration is a help toward humanity and establishment of the natural order of things.

01:11 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

So far, we have spoken of the impact that three units have on you and their significance toward you, and once again, we emphasize the importance of this, as it reveals the being you are now and the being you can become.

Also, the sum vibration, in this case, gives you a strong will and determination.

What is the main task given to you by birth is to never lose hope, even if there is only a small chance of success. Your mind is constantly looking for new possibilities, now 11 minutes after one, shows that these new possibilities are more directed toward spiritual ones.

When we look at the sum vibration in this mirror number, we get to see number 3 – it indicates a lot of power that can be used for good or bad. It is important that you are careful in using your power.

Many times you will advise others, and you yourself will be reluctant to take the advice of others. You need to understand the problems of others.

Only then will you be able to help them and help them solve problems and worries.

But you can continue to play the role of a victim and live in the belief that the world is to blame, that you are bad, that government decisions are the ones that ruin your world.

Remember, every human being always acts from their greatest consciousness—even you among them.

But this fact does not take anything away from you. On the contrary, you can grow from it.

The purpose of this mirror number that has come to you or it still comes to you, twice a day, and you have a distinct feeling that something is going on, is not to say who is right but to encourage you to expand your awareness of this experience and to continue or begin to return to your inner self.

There are many areas there that you can now dedicate to and greet with love.

What to Do If You See 01:11?

Since this can be an inspirational number, you may think of how it can reach more people to raise the awareness of more and more people.

Advice on what to do when you see this mirror number is not to focus so much energy on external reality and on the waste of your precious time reiterating our opinion about the current situation and thus not to change external reality.

The outside world changes when you return to yourself and start spending more time at home (in your relationship with yourself) and nurturing that part of you that has been activated by external reality.

When you accept the learning that this time brings to you and decide to participate in it, the external reality is transformed as the purpose of the experience is fulfilled.

Also, try (and we are certain that you will succeed in this attempt) to see that wonderful ocean of opportunities and use at least one drop.


You have received this mirror number at such an extraordinary time in your life.

It may come to you when you have turned off the light and went to bed.

It had come to you when you thanked life for giving you the chance to live a life that has been created for you.

This mirror number gives you a full presence in the present moment, showing the only moment where you can experience the flow and manifest the feelings you want to experience.

Close your eyes every day and say to your soul for choosing to live right at this age.

Because you know that during this time, you will grow in awareness of more lives together and learn expressively all that will launch you forward into an even more remarkable life; this is such a powerful period to achieve that.

The mirror number 01:11 says to you to take a drop from the ocean of options.

You can use all that you have learned for this growth, focus on yourself, and see what it teaches you personally and master these qualities.

When you do, you are fulfilling the purpose of that experience given to you in the experience.

And by doing so, you are also changing it and influencing the exterior to change.

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