05:55 – Meaning

Do you know that there is the Force, or Angels, God, or whatever name you like to give it to, are always by your side, giving you that great feeling that the Force is entirely yours and only care about you?

All human beings have this feeling, as they should; having in mind that no one is left out from this magnificent impact.

There are many ways how you can be spiritually guided – mirror numbers being one of them.

They appear on any digital device in your home or office, maybe even in public places, and their task is to accompany and guide you all the time, to live your life mission, and to act per your soul contract.

Some say that Angelical beings are those who are sending us these messages, as they “stand” between God and us. They are the ones who send you the same numbers on the clock and other signs of synchronicity.

In this way, they communicate that they are by your side, that you are not alone, and that everything will be in divine order.

Today we are looking at the mirror number 05:55, and in the end, you will learn what the primary vibration associated with this number is and precisely learn of the right direction in life.

05:55 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

For the most beautiful experience, you have been inviting to prepare and indulge in the knowledge that will come in the form of a reflection, provided by the mirror number 05:55.

For some, this mirror number will repeat for so long (several days in a row, maybe even more) that you will get to know the core of this message.

For some, this mirror number will be an amazing way to find a passion or a wonderful key that teaches you to manifest your spiritual energy. For some, both.

Also, you need to persevere and remain faithful along the way, even when you feel that nothing changes and you are becoming impatient when you have to wait for your manifestations or the achievement life you really want.

So, at the moment when this mirror number comes into your life when you see it all around you, or just once but so vividly, it means that you are about to experience changes in your life that have a lot to do with discovering the passion (as it is the most important thing that connects you to the world, as the creator). You can create what you want to live if you are not being an indecisive person and learn to be dynamic.

This mirror number brings a lot of exciting experiences and more. Your ambitions will never be limited, and maybe, just maybe, you will be forced to take a lot of risks.

The number 5 in its triple form represents resourcefulness, a good personality, and extraordinary strength.

05:55 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

The triple five, added with the zero – is the vibration dedicated to the development, and you guessed it, that development is connected to spirituality and faith.

This aspect is very important, keeping in mind that that the spiritual and biblical aspect (for those who find their spiritual ground there) is the most important when we are speaking of the mirror numbers.

In this case, it is even more extra special – so, in this sense, this vibration of the 05:55 provides protection, as this number is seen as the defender of the faith.

Number 5, in its integral form, is defined by freedom, faith, and motivation.

The most important thing that you can get from it is the restoration of your faith, which may be distorted so far. But in the minute after 05:55, everything changes.

Also, there is one interesting idea, and that is that number 6, as it is the indirect connection to the 05:55 is the number of God, the one that is the creator of all that we know.

In a biblical sense, it is the symbol of compassion, support, and understanding.

So, indirectly, this vibration brings devotion into your life, teaches you to be loyal to the Divine principles.

It also teaches you to honor the promises and commitments you make and encourages you to fill your soul with nobility and sincerity. It frees you from negative emotions that are not good for you.

When you follow this lead, then you become a carrier of the Universal Love, so pray for His guidance when you feel unloved. He will erase your loneliness.

05:55 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

Following this lead, and looking into the sum vibration that is undeniably significant in this sense, and in the specific case it is equal to 15, is the influence dedicated to all those religious and spiritual people.

You are one of them, and the time before, you have been searching for the true purpose in life and the meaning of the Divine Force.

With the 05:55, you find it in rebirth and the ability to rise from any situation you find yourself in. Whatever it takes, but having faith in the heart.

Also, numeral 15, or 6 as seen in a reduced form, is the vibration of understanding, knowledge, and exquisiteness.

It depicts the human being who is willing to fight for getting back your soul to the right path.

Also, number 6 specifically is associated with passion, the one that is needed to create anything inside or the outside.

It is the one vibration or a reflection that ignites in your life, moving situations forward in the direction of your intentions.

05:55 immediately begins to awaken passion in us, and do not be fooled.

It does not have to be connected to sexual energy and passion but also a passion for life as people only with passion can find the true purpose in life.

What to Do If You See 05:55?

In those moments when you see the number 05:55 on your digital clock, you are starting to realize what your passion is, and the next task may be the attempt to try to live it.

You start to realize what you are good at, what your talents are, what you really want, who you are.

This reflection has a spiritual power that encourages you to live your truth. Not to hide, not to retreat into the background, but to bravely show yourself to the world.

It is a reflection that immediately encourages you to feel and enliven yourself. Find the passion and live it on a daily basis.

Those who have a problem with others, and are living their passion, can lean on this mirror number 05:55 to help them.

Focus on a problem you may have with a loved one, as this vibration is also able to ignite a spark in relationships where it has already dried up.

It restores our desire for love, raises our freedom, tolerates, we become more acceptive of others, passionate, committed to achieving the entire purpose.


Who is the person who has connected to these hours 05:55 – it is the person gifted with such benefits as imagination, charm, inspiration, and passion (that may have not to be ignited).

It means you will accept many gifts in life, but you have to watch out for them and protect them because otherwise, they will run over the edge because the letter is open at the top. You are open-minded but slow in forming your beliefs. Your weakness is that you expect problems that never materialize. Reconsider your faith!

Also, those who are dominated by the number 5 are seen as receptive people.

It presents you with little difficulty to learn and conquer whatever you undertake, but with the condition, you have to have faith that you know what you are doing and that you are doing it with passion.

This mirror number brings a lot of work but also good rewards. You have the ability to materialize your plans from ideas to the real world.

Number 5, in its mirror form, seen as mirror number 05:55, possibly connected to the divine world, and is defined by freedom, faith, and motivation.

The most important thing that you can get from it is the restoration of your faith, which may be distorted so far.

But in the minute after 05:55, everything changes. You become a person who has to find your passion, and now you start to implement it in all aspects of life.

With the mirror number 05:55, in hours when this mirror number has come to you, you are being asked what your passion is, do you live it, and are you properly using your spiritual energy like a magnet, attracting everything you want into your life while maintaining your well-being and energy. You also learn to work better with the others around you as you internalize the wisdom you learn from these hours, thereby improving all of your relationships.

More importantly, your inner relationships are more important than anything else – these hours will transform your life.

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