08:08 – Meaning

Numerology is the science of numbers and their mystique, and this is said because we do not know a lot about them.

This is the field that still needs to be discovered and used, even more, now there are proofs that numbers have energy that affects human beings.

If we take a look at the past, no one is sure exactly where and when it comes from, so we often find it to be a gift from God, and we should look at it as such a gift because it is such a great blessing.

Looking at the discovered caves in France, with numbers, letters, and drawings carved on the walls, we understand that even the ancient man knew the true value of numbers, and he uses them for praying, believes that they carry so much more.

The numbers, for example, from ancient times, have the same symbolism that we use today for all nine numbers.

These records are estimated to be 17,000 years old. Maybe, on some deep level, we are already given knowledge about numbers?

And we are still fascinated by them, so why do we not listen to them carefully – try to understand their true value when you look at your clock and the time shows a mirror number?

In this case, we will examine what does mirror number 0808 has to say.

Read carefully.

08:08 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

When you see this mirror number, you know that it speaks of something special. This is the number that metaphysically means transcending boundaries, the main manifestation of the power that exists in the Universe.

You must know that both numbers that appear here, 8 and 0, are assuring that the manifestation in your life will grow, since they are associated with it, to the change and expansion. The manifestation is obvious.

And in the first place, you need to follow the path of your own negation. At a low level, the one where you are currently, in the position of the opposition, the refusal of aid.

Your actions are often mistaken because it exhausts the potential of one, and this error of a magical nature is mighty.

0808 suggests being completely open, attracting particles of happiness and joy, this mirror number embodies the result of throwing between opposing states, but from the outside, this situation looks just the opposite, quite stable. And stability is where you want to go, and stability is what you lack in life.

But, when we take a look at the reflection that comes from this mirror number, we come to the idea that 0808 can be seen as the entity. It has the power that is able to reach its reality and conclusion.

So what is your conclusion here? If you know that you are in some kind of low situation, you probably wonder what his kind of situation means?

On a low level, regarding the situation that is a catalyst of a change, and preferably for the achievement of future stability, mirror number 0808 reflects a certain situation in your life.

It could mean that a fateful meeting for you is very close, probably with someone you didn’t expect to see, and you will have an invitation to dinner and socializing, and maybe from such a situation a new romance will be “born,” which you need because you are too dedicated business commitments and you have put your emotional life and feelings aside, so you will enjoy every moment with the person who invites you to a surprise meeting.

But this does not have to do with the meeting itself, but it has to do with the Universe way of work – it puts the right people in your life, at the perfect time, just when you can use their presence in your life, for an eventual change.

So when the time shows the mirror number 0808, expect some kind of a faithful meeting, maybe with some extra attention, or some big and beautiful surprise or gift that you have long wished to receive. This will have the energy to catapult you into the sky and move you in the direction that the Universe has set for you.

Just let it do its magic.

08:08 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Now, on a more profound level, when we are examining spiritual and biblical levels, we come to the idea that the mirror number 0808 is also associated with abundance, this number can be a good organizer and manager of your life because you lack the energy to move, and now it has come to you.

Its energy destroys the old and makes room for the new. It governs the relationship between the spiritual and material worlds, and when you look at the intuitive strength of this number because we can see both 8 and 0 all connected to the idea of infinity and movement that does not stop, you know that it did not show up in your life for anything.

Its shape means infinity, where energy flows between two circles.

People under the influence of the number eight have a lot of energy, self-discipline, competition, and they see limitations as an opportunity.

Eight brings monetary wealth in some cases or incredible physical powers, so in a biblical sense, it is what comes after. It is the number that is related to the idea of ​​the material world as the final product of the Absolute.

When we look at its main feature, we come to the conclusion that the biblical and also the spiritual aspect explains the main feature of the mirror number 0808.

Its essence is unity – freedom, energy, and unity, and the number “8” contains the active principle and form of all material.

To mention one more aspect of this mirror number – is that it has elevated importance in the spiritual realm. And the reflective part is seen in the possibility to recognize your own image in others and develop empathy.

It is very likely that your presentiment and your preference towards the spiritual world shall enable you to advance in that kind of environment. Your ability to support a large number of souls is definitely something that you should look into working.

0808 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

Some say that the number 0808 is also called the energy number, most commonly associated with those who are aggressive and ambitious!

But the main lesson they have to learn is where to put that kind of ambition, their goals, or the direction of their energy must be done well, directed in the Universal level.

For example, this is confirmed when we look at the total vibration of 0808 – 16, which expresses in itself absolute inequality, uncertainty, and opposition that needs to be overcome in the best way possible. In you, there can be the struggle of two principals at the lowest level and their synthesis and the birth of a new quality at the highest level.

The mirror number 0808 and its reflection also apply to the personification of the universal principle and are associated with the energy and manifestation of anything you want to achieve in life. Just be careful what you want.

When you learn what your mirror number means, in this case, this that has come to you in the form of 0808 when you look at the clock, you do your share and take an important part in understanding the world.

Now, if the 8 is the energy, it has its opposites, and your task is to maintain that balance. Can you find it? Between good and bad, sad and happy, day and night, truth and lies, all of these are very important for understanding the Universe.

When you do it, you will see what the 0808 wants to tell you.

What to Do If You See 08:08?

What to do? Whatever is what you do when you need to move from one point to another, use the energy that has been given to you, like in this case, 0808, and catapult yourself in the desired direction.

This mirror number and its reflection play the role of the entity on which the understanding of the word “number” is based.

Combined with the number 0, it closes itself to creativity – it is the perfect moment to discover what is your creational power in the current moment.

Try to find it, and use this strong energy as a potential reality, though, and energy, your quality, and quantity, to your advantage.

Find the freedom and energy of evil (if you are able to see it somewhere close to you, the reason for your unhappiness and sorrow) and use the power of good to predominate.

You will know that the magic happens when some kind of a faithful meeting is close to you, or some big and beautiful surprise or gift that you have long wished to receive.

This will have the energy to catapult you into the sky and move you in the direction that the Universe has set for you.

Accepting this as a sign from God for sure means that you have understood this process correctly and that manifestation awaits you.

When we are speaking of such a faithful meeting that at first glance is filling just one of your current, small wishes, in fact, on a larger scale, it has a lot to do with your development.

It is what has the power to move you into becoming a self-sufficient spirit that takes his or her power by helping others.


The mirror number 0808 creates the whole essence of the world since it has a connection between material and spiritual aspects.

The number 0808 has a reflective power, as all mirror numbers do, and it expresses the symbol of the Universe, where there is an abundance that awaits you.

The time that shows the folded hands at number 8 may show, at a low level, that you are very disappointed in the world because it does not treat you (as you see it), and the antagonism of the two can be alleviated, but it cannot be completely eradicated.

The energy that you feel right now is attractive, open, quite tense, and completely imperfect, and it is ok. No one is perfect, and we just have to strive to be better, not perfect.

Show some tenderness, modesty, obedience, and the achievement of goals through creation, and it could bring you some monetary pleasure.

Its interesting shape means infinity, where energy flows between two circles between your good and bad side, just like we have mentioned in the previous sections, the struggle is what counts.

Show the Universe that you have been blessed with a lot of energy, self-discipline and that everything that comes your way is just an opportunity.

Eight brings monetary wealth in some cases or incredible physical powers; your task may be to use them in the best way you can.

Just to mention, in the end, your path won’t be easy. Anyone who has seen mirror number 0808 does not have an easy path.

It is the one that is taking you to disputes all in your environment, with those who are seemingly close to you, in a physical and emotional sense.

In the end, think that all of us are given the power that we can take and the speed of progress that we can take in.

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