11:12 – Meaning

Do you ever feel small, like a tiny atom, in the vast Universe, and feel like you’re not good enough for the world that is happening right now, for all that we, as human beings, have to deal with?

To be successful, earn money, have families, find a purpose in life, maybe this last one is the most problematic for the majority of us, having in mind that everything we do is directed toward one image where we see ourselves as better, prettier, smarter, with more money … to feel better.

Sometimes, or at a certain stage in life, we feel like things are simply not working as we have envisioned they should.

What would you say if we declare that all of this is possible, even the discovery of life’s purpose, unless you let go and stop feeling powerless in the game of life? Could you see this as an opportunity?

We encourage you to see things in such a way because then you become susceptible for many more things (in the best possible way).

More things, here concretely, we are talking about the powerful energy that comes from the mirror numbers that appear on your digital clocks, on your phone most likely, and can come in various forms in terms of their combinations.

Each of them has a deep meaning and amazing advice for the person who has seen it.

These numbers reflect key energies shared by the Universe in its totality, and numbers guide you, even when you do not realize it.

Today find out what does it mean when your life enters mirror number 11:12 – when you take a look at your digital clock, and you see these hours, what they mean?

11:12 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

As all mirror hours, these hours show that the world is changing on some global level, but this also has meaning on you?

The most important thing, when you feel the energy that comes from within, from the vibration of this number, is to bravely lead your life in the direction of your greatest vision (where your soul is calling you so strongly this year) despite the uncertainty and fear you feel.

Remember how we spoke of the most problematic aspect and uncertainty in the beginning, and that is finding the true purpose in life.

All mirror numbers reflect, and this also reflects the opening of the soul with the ability to channel the messages of destiny – being ready for an evening full of clarity and high vibration, with it, you receive a tremendous amount of clarity that you have never seen before.

This is also one reason why all mirror numbers are associated with clarity and why you feel that they are something special, not just an hour, not just eleven hours and twelve minutes.

This mirror number presents a strong point when the door to higher dimensions is wide open.

This will bring you clarity for your path this year and all the personal processes that this time have brought to the forefront for you.

You will also receive a greater understanding of why you embodied yourself as a soul right here (or live here) and what you as a being not yet aware of yourself.

Still, you should because you carry within you virtues that this magical environment gives you.

11:12 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

So, when you find awareness and wake up from a long sleep, you become a conscious creator of your life, and in the next few, not even minutes, but seconds, you are starting to build your life and successfully achieve your desired feelings and goals.

One thing is truly important here: the aspect of collective growth and expansion, and this idea is recognized in spiritual teaching, and of course, in the Bible.

Any good deed in it was not discovered as something that an identical has done to fulfill its own destiny, regardless of others.

More it seems that that person was invited, summoned and had a vision of how he or she can change the world, of course for the better.

This may be the meaning seen in the reflection of the mirror number 11:12 that you have seen.

With it, you go even deeper together into this collective energy of feeling small, and you will realize how you can get out of this state forever and rise into your spiritual energy.

One more thing on this topic of spiritual expansion – all mirror numbers can be seen as calls from Angelical beings, or they can be the sender of these hours.

And, if we built this story on such an idea, then in the case of mirror number 11:12, Angelical beings are leading toward humanity.

According to the Holy Book, the sacred task of the Angel is to give us certain qualities of the Divine that are expressed through our uniqueness – and at the moment you have seen this mirror number 11:12, you were assigned with a certain mission or a secret task.

This could be called a secret mission or finding a purpose.

11:12 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

The sum vibration or the sum number of this mirror number 11:12, as its meaning could be “read” though it, here it equals 5, so we are dealing with it for the better understanding of the entire message.

This is the number that is known for giving personal importance to each person who works with them.

Here you will discover a mission, purpose, or a tendency on which you have a special inclination, that is, one who rules destiny and whom you can call when you find yourself in a difficult situation or trouble. You can call this vibration and summon the energy of this mirror number and walk away from any harm that you may feel, experience, etc.

Also, number 5 is connected, to a certain extent, to the hidden meaning, magic, and mystery, but as a rule, it does represent higher forms of growth and expansion, meaning that the person connected to it will use every possibility of divination to accomplish his goal.

Some see it as a lucky number that can be very lucky and powerful, but if you are not careful, then you can do bad things and make a lot of mistakes to reach your goal.

What does this imply, and we ask this question in the most practical way of all. For every conviction, there is a wound at its core.

Even small and seemingly insignificant convictions stem from our shame and shadows. If we are happy and fulfilled, we will not judge. We will thrive, and vice versa.

When we are lost, we feel unhappy, we make more mistakes, and such feelings lead us, even if we are not aware where we know that the finding the true purpose stays on the other side of the “road.”

Our feelings of unworthiness lead us to project judgment outward. We subconsciously believe that if we pass on our pain to someone else, we won’t have to feel it.

So instead of turning to our feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, we avoid the pain by focusing on what we perceive to be a flaw in others.

However, projecting a conviction on other people only gives us a temporary, small delay.

Not only do our feelings of inadequacy not dissolve, but to make matters worse, we also feel subconscious (or consciously) guilty of dooming others.

So think before you act, and you will live accordingly. One of the reasons why this number “belongs” to you in some way is precisely in it, to make you see the difference between one and the other.

What to Do If You See 11:12?

Realize that the mirror number 11:12 has come to you, to help you, to help the world. The purpose of the message was large, much larger than usual.

It appears for a single purpose; to pass on to the world the messages and that period of great change is coming and that the time had come for you to awaken spiritually.

You have been sleeping for centuries, so Heaven has taken on the role of a prince who will awaken you with his kiss of love.

However, for this process to take place, it is necessary for you to get to the point where you understand your lives, decisions, and beliefs. You need to learn how to direct the flow of events so that they will lead us towards self-awareness and happiness.

Let the stone be thrown by one who thinks Heaven is wrong, as it has become more than obvious that the time has come when it will be necessary to make the inevitable changes.

Too many people walking around the world don’t live. Luckily, you have a chance to wake up, not living without life and hope.

You have been invited to carefully advise their thoughts and think only of the good, of what they would like to see in their lives, and not of possible negative events or phenomena.

Now there are wide possibilities for you, and all your thoughts come true, so try to think of them, what have you been praying for, and where has been your focus so far?

In written terms, it shows up in real life. 11:13 is the mirror number that is so reflective that it can be, in symbolical terms be described as the bright light. Do you like those thoughts that the Universe took a picture of? If not, – fix them.

These numbers or hours, whatever you want to call them, mean that the Universe has taken a picture of your thoughts and changed them into the right shape, into reality, and the discovery of the soul purpose is right there someone, so close, so vivid, so tangible.


One quiet evening, or one quiet morning, the Universe or celestial beings have approached you by giving you the mirror number 11:12 or by making it possible for you to see it and catch a bit of its energy.

As a spiritual being, you have and will experience many things, now fully aware of heavenly beings, their love, and how many people these beings have already helped. You too.

This time, this mirror number has come to you with a special purpose and message dedicated to anyone who has decided to change in his life and accept this desirable value or gift.

But this is not something you will be able to see with your eyes, although we are used to taking information and data from the outside world through sight.

Many are even tempted to see what is invisible to the material eye or to find out in this way what awaits them in the future.

Seeing sooner or later proves to be important.

It is also important that we know how to overlook with wisdom in the heart, expose the blindness in everyday life and see the true essence of things beyond illusory performances, and sharpen contact with the material reality of the present moment.

And what does the material reality offers you right now in 11:12?

It gives you wide possibilities, where all of your thoughts and convictions come true.

In the end, you are manifesting things you have been thinking of in the previous period; they show up as a representation of what you have been praying for and where your focus has been so far.

In written terms, it designates up in real life. 11:12s the mirror number that is so reflective that it can be, in symbolical terms be described as the bright light.

Do you like those thoughts that the Universe took a picture of? If not, – fix them – make them better, make them what you want to see.

Then you will realize who others change, how you do not need to judge them, and how your focus falls on the search and eventual discovery of soul purpose.

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