11:16 – Meaning

Every beginning is the end, or every ending is the beginning is the time when most of us make big plans for the coming period, hoping that everything will be amazing (this time).

However, as we all know, often very quickly, we all face reality and the rut of life that swallows all of our grand ambitions and goals.

And then you ask yourself – why are my goals not being achieved?

Precisely to prevent this from happening, we have to work continuously to ensure that your goals do not remain just a thought but become part of your reality. More concretely, to live your best dream.

There are, of course, several reasons, but the most important is that goals, as well as plans, are external factors. They do not happen by themselves, but we realize them with all his illusions, fears, negative beliefs, and destructive habits.

When we try to build big plans in a fragile space, it usually happens that our dreams fall apart, and we get disappointed in people at work.

And then we wait for next time to be better for us. We just wait and wait, and then we wake up, and life has passed, and we lived only in our minds, we lived in a dream, not living the dream, and this is a big difference.

Having said all of this, it is critical to know that during life, and often times we are not aware of it, signs that pass us by. They come and go and are present according to the principle. The more you notice, the more they come.

The same thing is with the mirror numbers, and they come every hour, every day.

The meaning of these hours is different, in general, but also in an individual sense, although some common postulates are the same.

Today we will show the reflection of the mirror number 11:16 – or what does it mean when you see eleven hours and sixteen minutes on your digital clock. It is not a regular mirror number like 11:11, but it still has its message without finding out.

11:16 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

To translate this message in just one word, we would say that the mirror number 11:16 is translated as an opportunity.

This is the hour that shows how you are being given the opportunity to change old attitudes about life or people or anything that has been stopping you from making that new life, starting something new.

A pleasant trip and more relaxation are possible if you have seen this hour, in a sense, that they could set in motion numerous other things that will be recognized as an opportunity.

An unexpected phone call could positively change your plans and be that one thing that sets into motion all other things that will eventually have a major impact.

This vibration shows the most dynamic period for you – the vibration of this number unleashes your spiritual side, especially when it comes to social life and love relationships, as this aspect is the one that you should alter the most in terms of seeing new opportunities and changing the old beliefs.

More concretely, the hour 11:16 may signify the return of a person from the past that could further affect the changes.

Take new steps at work, but realize that you can’t really control everything and that you should not do.

All in all, if we want to give you a certain common meaning from this reflection of the mirror number 11:16, then you remember this saying – a house is not built from a roof and that ideas and desires without good foundations and context lead to a building that is not at all solid, and any storm can shake it.

This may be your answer why until now, you did not have a chance to truly change your life.

11:16 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

From a deeper insight into the world of the mirror number 11:16,

these hours come in the form of a divine vibration, put there in your life, on your clock, to help you overcome challenges and fight your enemies.

It is great when you have someone on your side, besides the faith and truth.

Those who see this mirror number have divine protection and have great knowledge and a direct influence on issues related to intelligence.

You can be at the same time kind, cheerful, patient, and a person who does not like conflicts.

This is the vibration that brings wealth, but it also allows you to become stronger, braver, and overcome and better understand the difficulties you are going through. You will find out if you take a deeper look at the Bible that there are many mentions of this idea, beautifully described in numerous stories.

The idea that in our hardest times, we are, in fact, the most protected allows us to find bravery, courage and have a distinct mission in life. What an amazing way to find a path in life.

The effect of this vibration, which comes from the 11:16 mirror number, spreads even further – thanks to such wealth (and this is not the material form), you become abler to help those who need it the most.

So, this is not just the matter of you and your life, since this number or the reflection that comes from it helps develop your consciousness of your previous lives and the development of your cosmic memory.

When you are already on this path, you will see how more and more doors are opening, one of them being the door to mindfulness as well as to the universal knowledge that is available for all of us, but not all of us are able to reach it.

You receive, if you are willing enough to recognize it, to help you control your emotions with perseverance and the power of reason. Under this protection and influence, you will have a superior way of thinking.

11:16 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

Alone triple unit and number 6 in one mirror number is wonderful proof that Angelical beings are with you along the way, that they work with you on your life, whispering and suggesting. They are in your thoughts, working as mentors in various ways, teaching you ancient wisdom.

What you receive, in fact, when you see this mirror number on your phone, is the energy to keep you from disappointment and encouragement to remain a presentation to the true purpose of your soul. You can see now how this is related to the beginning (triple unit) and the start of your spiritual journey.

This number or its vibration teaches that every creation begins at the level of thought, and now, in these hours, you are more than ever ask the Divine realm to help you choose better what you want.

Numeral 6 that appears here also represents the need to follow your thoughts now. You definitely need to make a wish like you are at a point that realizes your thoughts into reality, in real forms.

The fact that the sum vibration, in this case, equals 9, and this is the most important part, is correlated to, once again, your thoughts create changes in your life.

Continue to manage your thoughts in the chosen direction. If approaching change is undesirable, you can stop it or change it by changing your mind.

Keep your thoughts elevated and avoid the unrest associated with the material world.

Do whatever you stick in that direction. Add positive emotions to your thoughts – for example, a sense of gratitude for the gifts you have in your life.

What to Do If You See 11:16?

Focus and breathe, because when the whole change starts, you will begin to feel your whole body tense like a string, and strong energies begin to flow through you, like a sea wave or a strong waterfall, if you close your eyes and feel something going on in your body. We encourage you to do so.

Try it, and you will see how much intense the entire experience is for you, how enjoyable it even, in the end.

And everything begins to explain itself, and you were being taught that all of us are blessed with numerous gifts that come directly from heaven.

A strong waterfall of energy flows through your body that you can barely stand, and it is ok, if not preferable, to feel like it, and your task is not to be scared about it.

Even if you don’t know what’s going on, let the memories awakening in your soul. It knows what it is doing, do not doubt even for a second this process.

Doubting suggests that you do not have any faith, and this is simply not aligned with the reflection this numeral gives to you.

This reflection that is generously shared from numeral 11:16 gives you the knowledge, awareness, and information on how to prepare so that you could channel this now spiritual energy.

In order not to be dependent on external impulses that are all over you, it is suggested an approach that gives much more concrete and lasting results. We suggest you turn the direction instead of outwards – inwards. Let’s focus not on goals but on ourselves.

Then you can follow the flow with greater ease.


When we work on ourselves, we always start with internal factors – mental health, personality strength, and spiritual capacity – because, without them, everything that comes from outside brings us short-term happiness and fleeting satisfaction.

At the same time, this is what moves and gets us closer to the desired place, depending on the alignment of all aspects.

As long as we don’t get to know ourselves well, our capacities, and become aware of our values, we will choose the wrong partners, do other people’s jobs, and rewrite our goals year after year, living other people’s lives. We will not be aligned with our souls, that is for sure, and we would certainly not love the version of life that we are made to fulfill. It is ok. One lifetime is not as long as many of us think, but wasting even a second, is still a waste.

We cannot be what we cannot imagine. We cannot achieve what we are unable to see in our inner vision, and we understand that it is hard for the majority of us to understand such an idea, but it is true. Only our imagination is the limit!

As these are the times when all of us are entering a new era, all of us will need to revive in ourselves sacred knowledge and practices. Are you able to be a part of this group? The Universe certainly believes so, and this is why it has sent you the message through the number 11:16.

The world needs awakened people. Can you be one of them?

You have received another confirmation that this is the right direction by looking at the mirror hour 11:16, and according to obtained information that you gain from it, you have consciously made the decision to do everything in your power to share these messages and practices with others. Just like all awaken people do with a lot of joy in their hearts.

In the end, these hours are speaking to you in the best way possible so that you can hear them loud and clear, not making the mistake of thinking about something else.

So follow the call of your soul. It is the call so distinct that you will not make a mistake by any means.

Sometimes the mind doesn’t know why we need to find ourselves in someplace, but when we do, our lives change.

It is because the soul chooses, and you have received this wake-up call, a call from the source, and it is exactly what we need for our lives to spread our wings and fly. We all have them, but we forget how to use them.

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