11:17 – Meaning

Many of us are incredibly passive in the way we live our lives, not that we are staying for too long at one place, but more that we do not move, expand and progress.

Such passivity is reflected in relationships, work, even in bed, but not only that; passivity is seen in the inability to step out of the comfort zone.

This is reflected in the inability not to explore and do not try new approaches, touches, feelings in anything that is needed to do, all for the purpose of progress.

Only moving on means that we, as human beings, are progressing and expanding, as we are brought to this world to learn and expand and to recall who we are and what the true purpose of our lives is.

You are also one of them, at this moment in time, in this stage in your life, when you have stopped in the comfort zone, in the noise of the world, where you do only by habit and do the familiar.

Even though deep down you want more out of life, you don’t go in the direction of experiencing more.

As a result, you are dissatisfied, tired, and have the feeling that you do not receive enough attention, love and cannot express yourself.

That is about the change because, in your life, a signpost has entered that things will not be the same, and it came in the form of the mirror number 11:17.

Read here what it means and what you should start doing as soon as possible.

11:17 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

Things are about to change, and you are becoming the center of such a change, and you are going to love it eventually, even if you do not feel like that right, rather scared and excited.

This mirror number 11:17 that has appeared on your digital clock is presented to you to show you how to change and step out of your comfort zone, giving you the ability to express yourself more freely, become determined, courageous in creating your life.

There is no greater gift in life, and even if we already know how to do it, we forget during life, becoming dirty from everything that we experience in life.

Do not forget that this mirror number has in its structure a triple unit and, as such, is a very important spiritual number with the strong spiritual vibration that denotes the Source.

At the same time, when the process of the change starts, with your awakened vibration, you will activate strong feelings, which will make you touch the stars, greet Angels, see the light, and arouse your soul, remembering what it can do in life, and embark on the path of awakening.

Progress and move is an essential phase of your life. If you are drained of some events in your life, look ahead to a replacement for something more exceptional shortly.

Soon things will drastically change, and new possibilities open to you as a consequence of your thoughts. You have the opportunity to look at your ideas and find the creations of your ideas, thoughts – you will live what has been living inside of your mind.

Make the old leave because it will substitute the brand-new one according to your preferences. Think of what this is for you – what are your preferences, and where do you lead yourself with your thoughts.

The resolution you are looking for is born from your thoughts, and if you want, you can go a bit further, asking the Universe s to support you during the transition period.

This mirror number 11:17 shows the reflection of your passion and understands that presently everything is working properly for you. Your destiny will be proved to be charged with the comfort you ask. Enjoy this new stage of your life!

This is the vibration you get in the activities you want. This is a moment when you require knowing that you are not isolated. The Divine realm has your back.

11:17 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

One, an important part of this mirror number is connected to the idea of redemption, as it has to be.

If you are about to change, you need to see what you have been doing wrong and what the options are to redeem yourself. This idea is heavily seen in the Bible, as redemption is such an important motive in it.

The Holy book shares numerous ideas that are related to redemption, and here in its connection to the mirror number 11:17.

What does this reflection show? It speaks of redemption and the idea that it comes from God.

This reflection provides awareness of the laws that govern the world, and once again, it depicts the connection to the awakening in a spiritual sense.

Following these laws, as they are written in this number, and recognized in the Bible and all other spiritual books, can lead to spiritual awakening, leading people to their vocations while they are here on Earth.

This means finding the purpose, and those who are under the protection of His mercy, you have succeeded in redeeming themselves; attach great importance to spirituality in their lives. They like to be dedicated and valuable to others, as this shows that the new purpose can lie in the idea of helping others find their way, as the most valuable work we can do in this world.

This is the place where your change has to lead you.

If you redeem, you can use your difficulties to learn from them and thus come out stronger, much stronger than you have ever been, much stronger than you can ever think you could be.

This reflection that comes from mirror number 11:17 allows you to find in yourself the secret of distinguishing between good and wrong, and it has the effect of silencing passionate and poorly controlled desires.

Now, with the found purpose, you can direct your desires much accurately.

11:17 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

This mirror number is a very high spiritual number and is represented by the symbol awakening, the symbol of peace and love.

All of these three things are necessary for personal growth, awakening, and finding the purpose.

From a numerological point of view, this number is made out of the triple unit and one number 7 that is also called the number of joy and describes a person who has spiritually risen above the level of his problems and betrayals in life.

It is a lucky number if it occurs in correlation with future events – if you follow the lead of the universal flow, you will be able to change, and therefore to look forward to the future events that are already in the making for you.

This is the case because the universal flow (111) and happiness or luck (7) means that you are attracted to things similar to the vibration you are already producing.

Also, and following this idea, the mirror number 11:17 could be seen as the sum vibration that equals ten.

It tells you that for the achievement of the balance, you must fill your intentions with emotions by imagining that you already have what you want.

It would help if you created the vibrational energy you want to manifest.

If you don’t transmit the right vibrations, you won’t get what you want to receive. You will get what reflects your emotional state, and often it is a feeling of inadequacy.

10 is an amazing number that depicts intentions.

In your case, your intentions are (should strive to be, it does not mean that you make it) pure and potent, so expect the changes to come even faster than you might have expected.

Don’t miss the moment your wishes come true and enjoy it. Such a change can start by waiting for a new gain or profit that will come unexpectedly.

These numbers mean good news in any case, so enjoy!

What to Do If You See 11:17?

At times, our responsibilities in life can significantly increase bad feelings like stress, and your ego blocks your progress.

Anything wrong that happens will be remedied by a favorable situation deep inside and on an emotional level. You will have to sacrifice some of your time and energy for the condition in your life to continue to develop well, to progress, and to awake yourself.

This mirror number 11:17 indicates changes, and it signifies that in your life, there will be changes that result from a chance meeting at a social event. This change can be based on an encounter and can affect your life situation.

An unexpected trip is also possible. An unexpected gain is also possible, and the time has come for you to face important decisions that will affect your life and the lives of your loved ones in the future. Your fear stems from your indecision and insecurity in your choices.

Rely on your heart and intuition and believe what they whisper to you. They are your insight and connection to the source, so try to listen to them as much as you can.

Although your work and investments are not a priority this month, you may make plans for the future.

Prepare for long-term goals, but wait for their implementation. When we say work and investments, it does not have to be monetary, and it does not have to be related to something that is tangible.

On the contrary, let it be everything but, and long-term plans are, in this case, related to the life you want to live.

Step out of the role you are currently doing because only in this way will we transform our relationships and find more satisfaction in them.

You need to activate our energy, the spiritual energy that lives within us.

However, we can only achieve this by starting to return to contact with our soul and begin to awaken joy in it.


This was the biggest challenge of your life: when you have overcome it, and be even more successful.

With mirror number 11:17, you enter the world of love, beauty, and partnership; advise us to become more in love and fulfilled in our partnerships, and of course, also more satisfied with ourselves.

What you need to stop doing is to take care of all others, all the time,

We think about them, we solve their problems, we want to help them, we want to serve them from all sides, and at the same time, we often forget ourselves.

But every day, we try so hard to serve everyone and take care of everyone so that, of course, we do not have any energy left that we can invest in ourselves.

That is why we regularly forget about ourselves and understand caring for ourselves as a luxury.

This mirror number 11:17 – encourages you to begin to heal that part of ourselves that we have so severely repressed. And we begin to awaken the sleeping spiritual energy that lives within us.

Then you will be able to move and know that your biggest challenge is that you are too passive.

Instead of being fully activated in the direction you want for yourself, you prefer to wait, waiting for the right moment to come and waiting to be given. And we often wait so long for nothing to happen.

At the same time, you become unhappy and feel powerless – and if you know the vibrational specter of emotions, feeling powerless is the lowest feeling you can have. Do everything but.

At the same time, when the process of the change starts, you will know it, with your awakened vibration, you will activate powerful feelings, which will make you touch the stars, greet Angels, see the light, and arouse your soul, remembering what it can do in life, and embark on the path of awakening.

What are you waiting for? Start already, and embark on this joyful ride, in the end you will get more then you have ever imagined is possible.

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