1217 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1217 is an angel number that can help you realize solutions to the problems you are facing.

In today’s article, we are going to find out the meaning of the angel number 1217 and see how it can influence our life.

Number 1217 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 1217 is telling you to grab a hold on your emotions and to stop feeling like you are not responsible for your own actions.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this expression, but it is very common that when someone is characterized by lack of character, lack of initiative and difficulties in reacting or making decisions, they are told that they have “horchata in their veins”.

Normally, when this phrase is told to someone, the person tends to react negatively, because nobody likes to be told that it has no character, but do we know what character really is?

Temperament is a broad concept, which is still in development of definition, however, it has been seen to be related to the different dimensions of the individual’s individual behavior.

This can be modified as a result of the person’s interactions with the surrounding environment.

Personality, refers to a series of dispositions or tendencies of behavior in certain situations, which are relatively stable and consistent over time.

In addition, it also includes those individual differences, that is, the variations in response that people present to a similar situation, in basic psychological processes.

The ethical character, meanwhile, is related to what a person “wants to be.” In this, it is taken into account how the person acts according to their motives and dispositions giving stability to their social behavior.

Within psychology, the previously given definition is slightly modified, since it does not refer to what man “owes” or “wants to be”, but rather addresses what man “is.”

This difference is due to the fact that there have been cases in which subjects are characterized by having a lack of character as far as the ethical sense of society is concerned, but that they possess a very strong character from the psychological point of view.

The psychological character is known as those powers that an individual has to make decisions, make assessments, achieve objectives, etc., taking into account everything that includes their individual existence.

While it is often misleading, being strong in nature does not mean having a bad temper or getting angry easily. Rather, it refers to that person who does not hesitate of his decisions and convictions.

People with a strong character tend to be able to control their impulses and respond adequately to those challenges that life poses to them, developing and using all the resources available to them to be able to stay ahead.

It is very typical to believe that people with a strong character are not afraid, that they face any situation without fear and with courage, however, this is not true, because they do feel fear, but unlike those people of weak character who fear paralyzes them, these fear activates them, causing them to face him boldly.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

When you feel that your life is becoming overwhelming, turn to Angelic Number 1217. This is their way of telling you that you must include peace and work for harmony.

You will notice that you will continue to see the number 1217 wherever you look and go. You will be able to carry out extremely trivial actions when the number 2 suddenly appears.

This is because the number 1217 has an important meaning in your current situation; indicates balance and harmony. It also refers to relationships, faith, trust in others.

Number 1 is a reassurance from your angels to tell you that you are reaching your main goals. They can see that you are going on your divine path, and what you need to get there.

This is a vision of what they see when they send you your angelic number 1217. They are helping you get closer to your goals and work on your dreams.

On generally individualistic, introspective, or just lonely people. Many times of intellectual type, they have difficulties in being sociable.

That does not mean that they are cold or distant, but many times they are considered that way.

The opinions of others do not tend to affect them much and are perfectly capable of working and organizing practically everything alone.

Sometimes, this marked character, coupled with their independence, makes them unable to work in teams.

If the sum of your personal numbers results in the number 1217, it could be said that you are soulmates.

You may have different musical tastes, different friends, or sometimes even contradictory ones.

Do not be blinded by that first impression because, beyond that, you have a spiritual compatibility that occurs in few relationships.

He is an extremely sensitive and sincere person. Your negative points as a couple can be your excess of individualism and the idealization that marks your life.

Love and Angel Number 1217

It is the number of tolerance, resistance and consideration. The essence of number 2 is the balance of the Yin and Yang energies; it is a message for faith, trust and courage.

Everything is going well and will continue to go well. We must continue to believe, since feelings of hope favor positive results.

Number two encourages you to be diplomatic, cooperative and loving when you relate to others.

If you are going through something extremely demanding at work or at home, the best option is to choose something diplomatic.

Nothing can be accomplished if you let your mood influence you. Some things are better left alone and go on. Don’t let your emotions fly away with your intellect.

The relationship goes far beyond passion and when negative situations arise you are able to resolve them in a healthy way, giving them the time necessary to heal wounds and to continue with your lives.

If your partner’s personal number is number 1217, you have in front of you a more introspective person who needs time to analyze their feelings and their role in the couple.

Interesting Facts about Number 1217

The 17 announces the end of the worst situations. Noah’s ark arrived at Mount Arafat on the 17th of the seventh month, after having suffered the entire earth the Universal Flood.

The number 17 also represents the resurgence of the Phoenix from its own ashes.

In European symbolism, the Phoenix is synonymous with one of the most beautiful birds, the peacock.

In many artistic representations of the peacock, 17 feathers with their corresponding 17 eyes located at the end of each feather are observed.

The Tarot card with the number 17 corresponds to the Star card. In the article dedicated to the symbol OF THE STAR, we already highlight the importance of this letter and how the stars represented in the old versions symbolize the number 17.

The letter shows us a large octagonal star representing the ten, and 7 stars smaller, symbolizing the 7 units.

The larger star symbolizes Sofia, the Palace of Wisdom with its 7 columns represented by the 7 small stars.

The stars represented in card 17 of the Tarot, also represent the vision of the future that astrology gives us as a guide and orientation.

This symbolism of looking to the future is also represented in this letter, by the bird perched on the tree.

They are the tree and the bird of Wisdom so used since the time of the Sumerians and the Egyptians.

The woman is next to a lagoon and has one of her feet in the water and the other supported with the knee on the ground.

In the two jugs of water we find this dual symbolism again, since one of the jugs pours its contents into the lagoon and the second jug pours it onto the earth and its green grass.

The figure represented under the stars of the 17th letter is usually a naked woman who spills the water she holds in two jugs.

Some experts recognize the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, who had to seek the water of life to revive her late lover.

The central theme of the letter is the recovery of health and one’s life, especially after a period of stress and tribulation.

The “Star” card is related to the planet Mercury and the Natural Divine Forces that manifest themselves in different ways, with different forces and intensities. For this reason the size of the stars represented is not identical.

In the Acropolis of Athens we find that the Parthenon is intimately related to the number 17 and its cosmic meaning.

If we look at the Parthenon laterally, we will count a total of 17 visible columns. But if we look at it frontally, we can only see 8 columns.

This is the way in which the Parthenon venerates the patron of the city of Athena, combining the number of Justice with the number of Cosmos.

The number 17 is also related to the life of Jesus Christ. In the Gospels it is described how he entered the Temple at 12 years of age and was baptized in the Jordan after 17 years.

In the prayer of the rosary we find the number 17 hidden, since the Hail Mary is prayed 153 times and the number 153 is obtained as a result of adding the numbers that go from 1 to 17.

On the other hand if we divide 153 by the magic number 9 of the in the diagram, the result is a splendid number 17.

In some circles devoted to vortex mathematics, they relate to number 17 with Russia, even claiming that 17 represents everything related to Moscow and its friends. They base this theory only on two dates that contain the number 17.

The date on which the Tsar of Russia abdicated, on March 2, 1917 and the date on which he was assassinated, on July 17, 1918.

Theories like this are the discredit all sciences related to numbers and symbolism. Numerology will never lift its head, as long as these bullshit are said.

Seeing Angel Number 1217

With Angelic Number 1217, your angels are telling you to work harder on the difficulties that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

When you keep seeing number 1217 it means that you have the ability to compromise, it is the explanation why people can see the big picture.

You can solve a problem with these two things, making the path easier.

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