12:22 – Meaning

If you are noticing that something special is going on around you that you seemingly cannot explain, but it does, it can be the appearance of some feathers, maybe even butterflies, some smell can appear.

It is also possible that some kind of number appears somewhere, and if that number that you see as “different” appears on your digital clock, maybe even in a public place.

And we’ll say, “Maybe it wasn’t the right time, I’ll try the same way later,” but we won’t succeed again. Why?

This second you know that something weird is going on, and now is the moment for you to pay attention, because the Universe wants to say something to you, and it is your task to listen since you entering the world as proof that you are in the midst of a powerful transformation that is about the start right now.

As the vibration of the world has changed intensely in recent months, the old structures have melted, and this old mantle of planet Earth has melted.

This is the proof that all of us change as well as the world, there cannot be one without the other, and at times that kind of a change is so visible, since the vibration of the planet is now already standing strong, and so many people have already gone into high vibration that a new mantle can now begin to be built.

This, in turn, gives birth to a new consciousness of existence on the planet.

Yours has starter at 12:22, as this is the moment when you have become the recipient of the mirror number, to see the reflection not just of yourself, but also of the world, as you will stop believing in the old structures since they prove then do not work.

And when we are speaking of the mirror number 12:22, we will say that from a planetary point of view, it is the reflection and an insight into the next 12 years ahead of us, in which you will still want to work in the old ways, and we will get proof again and again that this is not possible.

The new phase has begun not just for you but for all of us!

12:22 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

What does this mirror number bring us, and to you, is it that just self-support? that will eventually bring more relaxation and opportunities to feel even more strongly about yourself and express yourself in the way that is most genuine for you now.

It is important to follow yourself and do something for yourself every day.

When something old is left on the side, and when something new comes to your life, you must put yourself in the first place, because the lovingly you take care of yourself, and in stronger contact than you are with yourself, the more that is meant for you can enter your world.

On a global level, this mirror number that you see on your digital clock as 12:22 is the reflection of some kind of cosmic incarnation. You are anchoring your divine energy to you, and you are encouraged to do so more and more.

What is needed more than once, and it occurs a certain time, is the change in reaction to certain things which you will go through and which will prepare you for every next step towards cognition, a step towards the Divine Being.

In recent months, the vibration of your life and the world in its totality has changed, and the mantle of misunderstanding has melted.

It was the old that now has to go away so that you can move on in the direction that is better, if nothing more, nothing deeper.

The meaning of this mirror number can be seen as the moving away of something that has been known and true but now has lost its truth.

On a global level, this mirror number 12:22 hits collective consciousness, the awareness we had as a society on the planet, the truths we believed in.

Your main task is to move to a new timeline, to rise to higher awareness, and thus experience the transformation of the old form into a new one.

This implies for all of us who are sharing this planet, but the fact is that the change can start from you. You can be the one that moves all others in that direction.

12:22 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

As the Bible writes and all other, for different people important spiritual lessons, being grateful for everything that the past has brought to you is lesson number one. It is the aspect that connects people.

When related to this mirror number 12:22, as it is connected to the idea of change on a global level, you get the lesson that now is very important to awaken gratitude, to speak of all that you are grateful for, to make a bond of gratitude.

This means that you will be able to connect people with gratitude, and this can be seen as the true meaning of the number 2 that appears here since number two is the number that describes bonds, connections, etc.

Imagine that you are now setting up a bond of gratitude, so try to awaken as much gratitude as possible to yourself, to yourself, to your choices, to your life.

Awaken gratitude to people, situations, to everything that happens. As you look into your life through glasses of gratitude, you will become reassured.

You will see that everything happens in a higher intelligence, and you will see how the mantle of the past moves away and makes enough place for numerous different things that are now taking place because you should not forget that the old had its purpose and now is the time for it to go, and to leave it where it belongs, in the past.

Do not forget not even for a second that the mirror number 1222 has in its core also number 1 that undeniably shows that a new beginning is on the rise.

And it is going to be the best yet, not easy, but the best yet.

It would be a time when they need to discard anything that no longer serves you is bigger than ever, where understanding a program called ego, a sense of complete inner power, forgiveness, a desire to be alone, a change in perspective on a situation is bigger than ever.

12:22 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

Interesting enough, triple number 2 that appears in this numerological story, which deals with the series of numbers that are aligned into the mirror number, all with the purpose to show your reflection to yourself, is denoted by the bond or/and building blocks that are making your life, as it is.

So what does this reflection show that the past has passed and that it should stay there? You need to make bonds with the present, to stack these bonds in some other way, a new way.

It will look like the upcoming period has been taking all the bonds (2) that you were creating apart, dismantle your mosaic, and start putting the parts together again.

Sounds problematic, and it is not. It is just how the entire world works, and energy does not disappear; it just changes forms, and it just shifts and moves to new, not looking back, since it has passed.

When your life changes, just allow, allow and allow a little more.

If you force the old parts together because you are used to looking at one picture, you will severely injure yourself and encourage more resistance than flow.

When you look at your picture of life at the end of the past cycle, think of the idea that the sum vibration of this mirror umber equals 7 – so the idea that you are going into the more fortunate period of your life does not sound so bad, and unbelievable.

Keep in mind that all you are still in the picture, but because the bits and pieces are stacked differently, you are looking at a different picture.

A new picture of your life that you are about to start to live, and it can be a place when everything will go away from you (although it may seem that way to you now), a place when different relationships, situations, choices in your life will be dismantled so that they can be put back together in a different way.

What to Do If You See 12:22?

With mirror number 12:22, you are encouraged to open up to reassurance through the awakening of gratitude. You can only see the bigger picture of your life when you are internally calm.

That doesn’t mean you’re in complete peace. It simply means that you are at the standstill of resistance. And when you don’t resist, you’re in a flow.

When you are in flow, you manifest, and now you can manifest the life you truly want to live when the old has gone and new has come to the surface to reality.

We are in the midst of big changes, and now is the time when you need to let what needs to happen.

Control external situations as little as possible and just take care of your vibration, and trust that all that is yours will find you on its own in divine time.

This period, the new period that has been announced when the clock has shown 12:22, that your earthly mind does not understand exactly what is going on, and your soul knows exactly that it has come for this experience and knows exactly where it is going.

And you do not have to know, and your soul knows what is going on, for sure.

One more additional piece of advice what can you do when you see this number and when you are aware that new life is coming – tell a friend that you are grateful for him and allow yourself to express what you feel, and by doing so, you will encourage him to feel grateful for himself, maybe also for you and for some other person in his life, and make a bond forward.


Old is gone, and new has come, bonds are made in a different way, and stop saying how you know it all when you are still trying to act in the way you know best, as our earthly mind is accustomed to it.

Because now the place where you live, your country, or the entire world, the Universe if you want to make it even bigger (you can), will embrace a different curtain, a different consciousness will be anchored, and all of us will be able to hold a different vibration in its place.

Something new has come; it is not a matter of time, it is already here, and only a new way of working will allow us to live in this new timeline we have moved on to.

And what is it that you can do this period that has come, and we cannot deny it, to align with this new energy that is anchored in us?

Awaken clarity and be grateful.

Imagine you, your life, and all the planet that we share with other human beings are like a mosaic, and your life is made up of small parts, each a different purpose, and when they alter their position, your life changes.

This time, as it is being announced by the mirror number 12:22 – these parts are our souls, and we are talking about the connection with other souls, need for togetherness and unity, change of some established beliefs, the birth of incredible love, looking at the world with different eyes, perceiving the beauty of nature, need to explore, feeling light, need to change diet, understanding time in a special way, sense of importance living in the present moment.

You are important, and it is important when you are connecting to others.

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