129 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 129 is the number that is being sent to you by your guardian angels, that is giving you and opportunity to find chances all around you.

Number 129 – What Does It Mean?

In the highest sense it indicates that, regardless of the activity chosen, the person’s life can be oriented to spiritual goals as a priority, having learned to flow with the mundane and material.

From this call there is evidence as indicated by certain signs such as the inner Christ (all the Christian powers already consummated), the light of interiority (the lightest lighthouse at night), the top of the mountains, love (as a wisdom timeless), represented by “the elder of days.”

The ninth spiritual body is the subtle body, which has the quality of calm.

His key phrase is “teacher or mystery” (impulsivity, courage, impulse, materialism, naivety, philanthropy, imperative reflection).

Spontaneous, dreamy people with great ideals. Their life is spent projecting, imagining things to do, because they are organizers par excellence.

The problem is that they do not always achieve what they propose, since their hedonism makes them change the page as soon as something stops being exciting.

Therefore they tend to inconstancy. One of its great virtues is that they know how to enjoy the pleasures of life and like to be interested in others.

He is a constant person seeking peace for his soul and the best way he achieves it is through his creativity.

When it deals with art, it seems to flow in the waters of a serene river and nothing disturbs it.

However, he needs to make his activity a true art and not that this is what conditions his harmony.

He can be a very crude and hard person with himself, but when he makes a process of harmonization of this particular body, he will be gentler with himself and give himself a little more space and time to be a teacher in something in particular.

They are educated people, who like refinement and the good of life: good food, good wines, travel, and books.

Sometimes they are labeled as elitist and even prejudiced, and in some cases it is true.

They have a great sensitivity to recognize the emotions of others, although their sincerity without limits, can get to hinder this quality.

The transparency of your actions is your great gift. Sometimes they seem very childish in their way of giving and receiving affection and they do it without folds.

They are people whose candor joins a lot of intelligence and energy. They are teachers and what they try to do will quickly understand the subtlety of it.

In Destiny in previous lives this person has struggled to overcome his vanity to learn many lessons, so in his essence there is much humility that cries out.

If the nine works, then this person learns systems and various things very quickly. People will see her as a teacher.

The great designer who is person nine, needs to learn how to set foot on the ground and for this the constancy and commitment to what he does are his priority objectives in the present incarnation.

What this person must manifest is that he is a teacher and must show total calm in everything he does.

You can process information in a way that reassures people. You can express your own spirituality with subtlety and calm.

It is the number of the spirit, the one who manages to MATERIALIZE here on earth everything that he believes in his mind…

What a great responsibility! Because if you want good things for the world, for your loved ones or for yourself, you will be able to realize those desires, but if you project evil, you will end up creating that same…

That’s why they must have spice l be careful with your attitude, work on Love for others, humanitarianism and altruism.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

This number has long represented universality. While it was considered that 1 was already contained in all numbers and, therefore, the Pythagoreans practically did not consider it a number, 129 was able to transform itself into any number and yet remained the same.

In the middle Ages, 129 was even stronger than number 3 as a Trinitarian Trinity.

In esoteric numerology, the number 129 represents the planet Mars. Its archetype is the eagle or the eye of God. The gold color is also associated with 9, as is citrine.

The nine are true fighters. As soon as a conflict is glimpsed, they address it directly instead of dodging it.

Since the Nine possess a certain ethical and mental maturity, they bravely face each conflict and conduct their conflict struggles with decency.

If necessary, however, they also use force or attack by ambush.

At an early age, numerologists often face difficult situations, which they often provoke themselves through their anxious exuberance.

However, giving up is not an option for a nine-year-old child, since he or she has a strong will and pronounced assertiveness.

He does not see setbacks as a setback, but rather as an invitation to address the issue with even more zeal until he has finally accomplished what he wanted to achieve.

Love and Angel Number 129

Nine of them are usually under the symbol of love, which dominates it completely.

Charity, for example, is enormously pronounced in a novena.

But personal love is also something very important to him, so important that he craves it.

But it should never be the goal of the Novena, because it can quickly become a big disappointment.

Nine see themselves as the Big Brother of the general public. They are selfless and very emotional, even if their decision is not wise.

To help, 129 always assumes great circumstances, because helping other people or animals unconditionally, being there for others, is his realization, his ideal.

The nine are very empathetic and can put themselves in the place of strangers.

If someone is wrong or in need, the ninth suffers from the situation himself.

Interesting Facts about Number 129

And at number 129 is where the end of the cycle is.

If it is known that everything begins in the one, everything ends here in the nine, although there are more numbers later, there is talk in particular of a cycle that ends in this vibration.

A vibration which gives the person a sufficient strength to get what they want.

Called by the Pythagoreans “The Alpha and the Omega”, the ennead, the first square of an odd number (3 × 3 = 9).

It is associated with the material because of the impact it has on the consumer psyche when used as a double nine ($ 99.99).

Some associate him with a bad omen for being an inverted 6, but according to mystical teachings, this is the number of spheres through which consciousness undertakes the journey to birth.

In the Tarot, the ninth card is “The Hermit”, or the inner light.

This letter represents the person who can never act impulsively without unfavorable consequences. He must trust in the light of the soul and put his faith in the Higher.

Positive and loving qualities and thoughts must be worked on or else they will become difficult people to deal with and to live with.

Open the mind to the world, to new ideas, listen instead of just talking, not seek to impose but win from reason and logic … all to polish and thus not end up becoming the dictators of this society.

They do not usually have an easy or simple life, because they never give so much strength to those who will not need it, so they tend to grow and develop in hostile environments or unstructured family nests.

Another of his work will be to end these systems instead of repeating the same behavior.

Strength and Power to get what they want, we can only hope that others use their faculties for good, themselves and others.

Seeing Angel Number 129

In 129 comes Power, and there is always the risk of ending up misusing that power.

Tyranny, Rigidity, Dogmatism … Or Altruism, Flexibility, Unconditional Love … The decision to tilt the scale towards one of the two extremes is for each one.

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