138 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 138 is always a good sign to have in your life.

Here we discover what the message behind this angel number is, and how it can affect you.

Number 138 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 138 is telling you to work on yourself and to discard the bad traits.

Do you think your behavior is toxic? Do you feel that you harm the people around you? Don’t you know how to act or behave so as not to hurt others?

If you think that you are not acting empathically with your environment and you are worried about being a toxic person, in this online Psychology article we explain how to stop being a toxic person, how to detect negative behaviors towards others and towards yourself in order to improve your personal relationships

If you consider yourself to be a toxic person, either because you have been told by someone close to you or because you feel that something is not going well in your relationships, it is important that you are clear about the concepts on which the toxic personality is based, so you can see if you feel identified.

If we look anywhere for the definition of a toxic person, we find a consensus explanation similar to this: “Selfish and / or narcissistic person that affects the people around him.”

If we take this as the basis of toxic personality, there are two important characteristics to consider: selfishness and narcissism.

When we consider these two terms it is very unlikely that we will have the ability to recognize them, since in contrast humility is needed to recognize the qualities that we consider less favorable in ourselves.

Leaving this aside, I would like to continue analyzing the terms that concern us, selfishness and narcissism.

When we think of the term selfishness, we automatically classify it as negative, leading to thoughts of despotic, arrogant attitudes, etc. but the definition of selfishness has more dimensions than we know.

There is altruistic selfishness, conscious selfishness and self-centered selfishness.

These three types of selfishness have the same root, the primary function of satisfying our needs, but the difference is in how this need is expressed to the world.

In altruistic selfishness it has its essence when we do not move by the need to constantly satisfy our emotional emptiness, allowing us to enjoy links with other people from love.

Conscious selfishness refers to the relationship we build with ourselves, from self-love and the self-satisfaction of our needs, as the basis that happiness is found in ourselves and not in external factors, whether people or objects.

And finally, egocentric selfishness is generated by this low connection with ourselves, the insecurity that produces a fragile self-esteem and in need of constant approval by external people, social position, job positions, etc.

This leads to an attitude of constant need when we connect with other people.

In this example, we see the role others play in sustaining our self-esteem.

I invite you to take some time to reflect on your relationships with the people around you, what they contribute to your being and if there is a demand on your part, with this simple observation you can detect if your relationships are healthy or have any toxic attitude on your part

On the other hand we have the narcissistic factor, this characteristic of behavior is based on an exaggerated belief in the importance of oneself, together with the constant need for admiration and attention from others, focusing on the belief of the self.

This implies a low empathy on the part of the person with narcissistic features.

Empathy allows us to detect other people’s emotions and create links with people around us, this means that people with narcissistic traits do not usually think about the implications of their actions, or how they can affect others since their level of empathy it is very low or zero

If you detect any similarity between your habitual behavior and the characteristics discussed above it is important that you recognize your courage because this means that you want to improve and change what is not optimal for you in your close relationships.

Keep in mind that people do not acquire toxic behaviors, in general, by their own will or from consciousness, rather it is an intrinsic need derived from emotional gaps or low emotional knowledge.

For this reason the attitude of wanting to improve is a big factor in this vital change, which will allow you to motivate yourself to grow emotionally and learn in a new area of ​​your life.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

When we look for the meaning of the number 138 it is because this number governs our life in numerology or this is our favorite number since we were children.

The 138 means within the entire beginning. On the eighth day a new week begins.

As in the musical scale, with this begins a new octave. In addition, this number symbolizes the transition between heaven and earth.

When written horizontally it represents infinity. Contents index [Show] what is the meaning of the number 8?

It stands out for its tenacity, ambition and willpower that can surpass others. They are very energetic, combative people and are always in the pursuit of success and material progress. They struggle to reach their goals and do not allow anyone to get in the way.

When we see the meaning of the number 138 we find that it is a number that usually elevates its condition as humble as it has been.

This number is directly linked to power, honor and success. A 138 never dreams small, for him everything should be the best.

The biggest. The 138 have a special talent for finance. They know immediately where, when and how much they should invest, but they will never be completely satisfied with what they have.

They are tenacious and tireless when they set out to achieve their purposes without stopping to enjoy the road.

When they have achieved what they wanted, they have another goal in mind. What does the number 138 represent?

The 138 is a number that represents the tireless workers and they have the ability or the defect to abstract from everything.

When they are embarked on a project. In the meaning of the number 138 we find that they are people with courage, concentration and internal strength.

They are people with a lot of passion and intensity and these are characteristics that accompany them at all times.

They are usually very hard, rigid and radical people. Although they give their all, they expect others to do it too.

They are usually very self-controlled. They keep cold blood in the face of danger and their self-control is incredible.

Love and Angel Number 138

They are people who never lose their heads and although deep down they have an explosive character. If provoked they can react very violently.

They are extremists, passionate and hate the mediocre. They usually admire success and power, but never adopt ambiguous positions.

For them everything is extremist, white or black; now or never; nothing or everything the meaning of the number 138 is that they are frank, honest, sincere and very direct. They hate being lied to. Injustices and deception about all things.

So you can trust them completely, because they will always show their faces and take responsibility for their actions and obligations.

What is the number 138 looking for? The number 138 is dominated by keeping its strong character under control.

Although sometimes you get carried away by violence or may be strong, energetic and combative. They are people who seek to achieve their goals.

They are determined and fighters. They are not of those people who sit until things happen.

Most of the time the number 138 are very clever and clever, and always seek to undertake, for this they intend to win and dominate, the bad thing is that many times to achieve what is proposed they usually use or manipulate people using their strength and great magnetism .

Interesting Facts about Number 138

Meaning of the number 138 in the professional aspect the people who carry this number in their lives are equipped to undertake any conquest of the proposed goals.

They have an excellent nose for business and shine more than anyone else in finance and business, they know when they should take risks and when they don’t.

His instinct is usually very cold. Unperturbed and bold of the real player who is able to risk everything for a card or play. But the 138 only risks when he is sure he will win.

They are people with a special talent for organizations and who can achieve great triumphs and honors thanks to intelligence and executive ability.

Just as they also have a calculating, controlled and persevering mind.

Motivation of the number 138 The 138 have a mind that works more closely to the utilitarian side of life, rather than to philosophical or metaphysical tendencies and they are easier to earn money than most people.

Many times this number manages to accumulate great fortunes, but they must take very good care that the ambition they have does not break out.

They are people who take risks that endanger or disrupt the work of their life, usually they are people who earn, have fun, invest and risk all the money they have, but without reaching the most extreme cases.

The love of the number 138 as in everything that relates to the numbers 8, they tend to be very possessive and absorbing in their relationships.

They do not usually have many intimate friendships, so they are very demanding and intense and often it is very difficult for people to be responsible that they expect from others and are always busy to lead a normal social life, they are usually very serious and severe.

Seeing Angel Number 138

Seeing angel number 138 appearing everywhere, is a sign of angelic presence in your life.

When this number comes to you, it is time to start working o yourself and improving in every way possible.

The sooner you accept its message the easier it will be to find meaning in life and to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

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