14:14 – Meaning

In the life of a human being, besides the physiological needs and work in this field that is necessary, there is so much that he can and should do in a larger, psychological and spiritual sphere (often neglected sphere, frequently because we do not learn how to do it).

This field, unlike, in most cases, the first one, is limitless, and the only thing that stops us from going up is our beliefs that are often useless and so limiting that it is surprising how people develop eternally anyway.

Restrictive beliefs can be observed as “intellectual diseases” because they have enormous destructive potential – they are beliefs that we have learned at one point in our lives, and eventually, they became to be our truth. And it is far from it, in any case, how can be it, when it does not serve the biggest good.

In addition to negatively affecting us, beliefs that block us become part of our reality and prevent us from achieving our dreams and goals – here, we are speaking of one a belief or disbelief that there is something above us, some force that puts our lives into the greater context.

The Universe speaks to us in many ways, or God, whatever you like to call this High Power, and our destructive beliefs (that there is nothing there and that we deserve to live in chaos without any guidance) are their main obstacle. We do not allow you to change your life for the better. A person in this situation feels helpless because, despite the work, the rewards are missing.

And also, in those moments, people say that they felt lost, neglected and what is most important without any meaningful purpose in life. This is very damaging.

Now, there is a way you can try to avoid such beliefs and replace them with new ones serving you in the best possible way.

One of them is the belief that the Universe’s work is based on many laws. One of them is synchronicity, and in that name, we connect to it with the mirror numbers. They appear on our digital clock, just in a perfect time, where we are “going through something.”

Today we will speak of one specific one that you see on a digital clock as 1414. What does this number mean, in all levels, from primary to the spiritual one?

14:14 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

The digital clock has shown 1414 – you have looked at it and realize that this must mean something.

First of all, on a primary level, this mirror number represents the energy of attraction – you have attracted the eyes of the Universe, regardless of the “scale” of your “problem.”

Since mirror numbers depict a reflection, this one also can show your character.

It is the number that reflects your charisma, amazing mind, and ability to do wonders with it if you put all of the aspects in life in order.

Arrogance, presumption, and stubbornness can come to you as a blessing, but at the same time, these traits, as it is seen in a reflection of a number 1414, your demise if you do not use them correctly, for the right cause.

There is no doubt that the mirror number 1414, just like all numbers that fall under the category “universal signs,” just like Angel numbers, has a prominent spiritual role in your life, and 1414 is connected to spirituality and compassion.

Mirror Number 1414 encourages you to understand others better, and the biggest lessons may come to you in the strangest shapes, even if you seem to others as lonely, silent, and inactive, but life and restlessness boil in you.

This number will help you carry a big amount of creative energy and wisdom, and this energy brings good contact with people, kindness, and sincerity (that on a certain level, you see a lack in the world around you).

We will speak of this in detail in some other chapters when we show you how this number affects people in some daily situations – it could be any aspect of your life from politics, business, financial security, and problems in love (most notably).

You would be surprised how many people instinctively know when a mirror number appears that it is, besides bigger things associated with loving matters. As you know, the reflection that the mirror number provides is multilayered.

14:14 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

There is no greater and more important aspect of a spiritual one since it is related to our soul, the center of our being, and all mirror numbers are, at least in one of their parts, connected to it.

The Bible also recognizes this idea, keeping in mind that numbers take a really important place in the Holy Book; they are powerful symbolical tools used to explain a certain situation in a life of a human. The same case is with you, your life, and mirror number 1414.

Following this lead and the view that the number can assist us in the path of self-discovery, by adapting to new circumstances, this mirror number 1414 often is present to mark a certain passivity and detachment from a soul (this is your case).

What you have not used yet in life are your ingenuity and intuition, this being the reason you is not achieving goals very often, or to the extent you want them to. Following the same analogy, any given situation that occurred in your life, love life, etc., is “ruined” for the same reason.

In this part of the story, you discover the cause and the solution that always lies in the same spiritual place, where your soul is.

Additional idea regarding this mirror number 1414 comes from the energy that can seem to others as old and alienated, but in fact, it is pleasant, gentle, and open to love.

The energies that govern it allow you to have good contact with material things but do not satisfy them spiritually, so this aspect once again shows itself as the one that requires the most work.

Material, in this number described with the digit four and the spiritual aspect, does not have to be detached, on the contrary.

1414 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

Number 14 and in this mirrored form is the number of those who understand how this reflection goes, associated with the spiritual travel.

Have you ever been on one? You have not because there are unfamiliar areas to find, which drive us to constant touring and encourage us to move.

On the way, you will encounter unforeseen events that you can easily handle because you are blessed with charisma, an amazing mind, and the ability to do wonder, as we have said at the beginning of this story.

Doing something big and creative is your motive. As long as you are flexible and resourceful, the answers will be found, and there is no doubt about it; there is no plan b.

What also can come through the doors that mirror number 1414 opens is communicativeness and intellectuality. They open doors for you and lead you to success, but the path you are taking is unpredictable, full of events, upheavals, ups, and downs. Only in this way can you learn.

Number 1414 is constantly discovering something and looking for new insights, giving a very diverse life, focus more on spiritual development.

What to Do If You See 14:14?

Now to the concrete idea – what to do when you see 1414 on your clock, in real-time, in an everyday situation with your lover?

We have said that this numerical sequence has come to you for a reason and that the primary, or the lowest level you can understand it is one concrete situation in your life.

This hour 1414 could suggest that your partner will leave you, without words and without explanation, because he has been interested in someone else for a long time, but he did not have the courage to tell you that openly.

This is the place where you discover some emotions you did not know you have – feeling very hurt and unhappy, but you should not despair because you will soon meet that true love “for life.”

This concrete situation may be indicated that you will reconcile with your emotional partner after a heated argument because you will realize that you were in a hurry and that you unnecessarily “made a jealous scene.”

As you can see, in this small scene, there are ups and downs, and in between, there is a journey. If you give your love to someone and that person doesn’t appreciate it and doesn’t want you or give someone else a confession that you think belongs to you right, it is certain that jealousy will fail to keep that person or heal the wound in your relationship. What belongs to you will be yours, and what is not meant for you would not bring you happy anyway.

In the end, what all of these situations (the small and big) have in common -the fact that you can extract the true lesson from the reflection of number 1414.

It brings courage, strength, energy, but also originality, naivety, and – action. You are seen as a born leader with a distinct sense of truth and justice, being determined to get what they want and do it as directly as possible.

Because of this quality, they have many problems in life, but they successfully overcome them with their courage, as they are born fighters.

If all of these situations require you to be stubborn, firm, and serious, be that. Because of their strength and endurance, they are often the head of the family. Such individuals progress slowly but surely.


The mirror number 1414 brought you something that you did not expect in a million years, and it has reconnected you with the Source by using waves of expansion across the planet.

This is a reflection of changes that pushes people out of the comfort zones, and this manifests in very interesting ways.

This is the number of changes, communication, sociability, movement, and the Universe will bring friendliness, kindness, ingenuity, and often above-average intelligence that you can use to make some movement in life, a one of a kind spiritual progress.

1414 can be associated with the ideas of inventiveness, risk, and exciting love life, and for a very simple reason – this is the number that opens one secret door.

It gives you spiritual power and strength, individuality, and creation.

It is inextricably linked to activities and ambition, wanting to have supremacy in everything, at times being completely ruthless, and sacrifice everything for the sake of a goal.

If you have seen this mirror number, think of where your life can go – you can be seen as a fighter for justice and freedom, living a life full of obligations and responsibilities, which drive you to constant effort and work.

But the goal is what matters the most! When it comes to love, you should be very reasonable, love to listen, and will often be your mainstay of life.

In the end, how to sum up this mirror number 1414? Maybe by giving the reflection of your soul, knowing that the fulfillment lies in the constant improvement of oneself.

Instead of looking for others, they start looking for you. Capturing someone with jealousy and demands will certainly not lead to happiness; successful relationships (both with lovers and with yourself or your soul) can only grow with the help of love and trust. Give it to the world, if you want to take it yourself,

What you are feeling at the moment is a transition – just one step away from many on this great journey called life.

There is no uncertainty that the mirror number 1414 can be counted as just one of the “universal signs,” with the prominent spiritual role in your life, and 1414 is connected to spirituality and kindness.

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