14:44 – Meaning

All of us have heard at least once, and maybe even more, that all good in life, just like all bad in life, can come in abundance, depending on your personal vibration. If you radiate good, then good, and if bad, then bad.

Is it so hard then to think and be positive and good so that it can return to you in the same way – well, the answer is yes, it is hard, and yes, we are often so lost to do it? And it is not just that.

It is a matter of what to do with the feeling of being lost, with feelings that are negative and painful. We have them, so they are necessary; how can we produce the vibration that is necessary.

Mirror numbers or any other form of universal communication can help us in that sense, they can come when you are ready to accept their wisdom that is not always pleasant, but it is always necessary.

You may have noticed them when you’re thought that you imagine it and that you just are not sure what you have seen.

These numbers can produce the vibrational energy preparing you to receive the wisdom of the universe, and today we will take a look at the mirror number 14:44.

What does it mean when you have seen this number on your digital clock, and what kind of message it sends to you? Read here.

14:44 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

Listen to the wise words of mirror number 14:44 and its reflection, do what you’re feeling tells you, and if you do, you will feel improvement right away.

All of this occurs when life pushes you too hard – like inside of you, there is a volcano that will erupt inside you if something doesn’t change right away, right now, because you cannot wait any longer for the life-changing decision.

These hours signify the time that has such a strong impact on you when you have a feeling that you are pushed against the corner and show that the way you have lived so far will not work.

This is a time that shows us that it is time for a different approach to life.

Now is the time to send the ego on leave indefinitely. Dealing with others more than with you is over.

These hours signify the time that is needed to live from within, more than you have ever done in your life, to live from the universal flow, and seeing soon that is not as hard as you think.

This mirror number 14:44 says not to resist any new and strange situations.

But from that inner flow that flows through us and guides us – are you ready to be guided and to be lead as a true creator of your life.

It is the number that signifies higher force and this greater power that directs our lives. Whatever you call it. Now is the time to follow this loving leadership.

14:44 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

In a deeper examination related to the meaning of the mirror number 14:44, we can say that this vibration has a high spiritual value since those who are affected by its influence are rewarded, but also they are invited to take responsibility for their decisions and obligations.

All the problems of everyday life seem less present under this kind of influence, and it is just like the feeling that we have when we know that we are covered by God’s mercy.

This reflection is known as the support for those who are alone, inconspicuous, and who need help with spiritual energy.

In fact, this is one victorious combination of numbers that offers comprehensive victory over defending forces and shortcomings in life – anything that affects you right now in life can be overcome.

It can be a loss, not just in an emotional sense, but any other, you can feel that you did not feel or performed well, but it could be overcome easily.

If we see the Angelical impact in this sense, it is believed that people protected by this Divine force have access to the absolute truth in their depths and will be able to erase anything negative that occurred in their lives and break any problem in their lives.

14:44 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

This is one interesting combination of numbers, triple four and one number 1 combined in the reflection of your life, what it is and what it can be.

Triple number 4 shows the voice from the inside that is telling you to listen very carefully to your intuition now because it will tell you the steps that will provide you with constant abundance.

Also, when we take a look at the sum vibration, in this case, we get to number 13, which has the vibration, and it represents the ending and being or that one point where things are changing.

For you, it may be the situation where you have recently experienced a loss (work, beloved one, etc.), but now that period of mourning is over, and you can expect it to recover very shortly.

Everything works in your favor, even though it may seem recently that God has left. Don’t worry! Feel the energy of life moving forward. Your recent losses have not punished you, and on the contrary, the universe is preparing you for anew.

Also, such a powerful vibration, from a numerological point of view, shows that very soon, you will join a wonderfully new phase of your life.

Sometimes some factors coincide so that the desired result is achieved. While you keep your faith, nothing hinders the success of your desire.

What to Do If You See 14:44?

Your mind is a powerful tool that you can use for good or bad. When you are in a negative narrative, then it is certain that this is not good for your wellbeing.

This mirror number asks you to set a goal; if you feel that you are at a point in your life where you are really profoundly overwhelmed by the situations that are happening to you, and then this mirror number will appear more and more often.

When you receive these numbers, when you take a look at your clock and see mirror number 14:44 – then the right time is to observe your results – observe them, and think where you have come so far.

With the usage of this number, you can observe the past results and the next desire. How the body will relax, and the thoughts calm down.

Observe relationships in your life. Will they get better because you won’t be so emotionally upset with them?

Observe how your resistance in situations will subside and how synchronicities will enter your life. It’s a sign that you’re in the flow and that you’re going in the right direction.

I invite you to start rehearsing today. Your wellbeing and the balance of mind and soul are essential now.

If you don’t have that, nothing else can be “assembled” according to a higher plan.


Whenever the potential for our growth and improvement of life is great, our resistance is great. This is happening now.

And so that we do not get stuck in rebellion and resentment because this year has not yet fully delivered to us what we have asked for.

This mirror number 14:44 and implementation of its wisdom will instantly change your mood. It will bring the flow of energy into the body.

And through your life. Lessons that will help you adjust to the natural flow of your life and allow it to flow there and the way it should ask for your highest good.

Emotional stress will decrease and even go away if you exercise regularly. The mental strain will be replaced by a calm and rested head. Your body will feel refreshed and awakened. Energy will flow through you and your life. You will be in the Universal flow.

Know that when there is too much stress in our lives and overworked, heat builds up in the brain, and the brain becomes overheated. We feel sucked, we can’t think, we don’t see other options in our world, we are emotionally irritated, and every little thing upsets us.

In the end, this reflection brings so much joy into your life – it shows that all of your known and unknown prayers are now being heard and answered.

So, it is enough to ask only once, but if you need a feeling of personal security more often, feel free to repeat your request. You will not go wrong when you follow the Divine flow.

Let us remind you that the mirror number 14:44 can come into the lives of those who are in pain or are mourning something in their lives.

Never forget that 14:44 can be seen as the vibration of a change, ending; for you, it can be a moment or an event where you have newly experienced a loss (work, beloved one, etc.).

This reflection shows you how this period is over and that you are recovering very fast.

Everything works in your favor, even though it may seem recently that God has left. Don’t worry about anything that may happen. It is all given and wanted and could be used for bettering yourself and your life!

Feel the energy of life moving forward, and it is the force that is unstoppable. Your recent losses have not punished you, and on the contrary, the universe is preparing you for something much better.

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