147 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 147 is carrying an interesting message behind it, so stop and take a look at the message that is being sent to you.

Number 147 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 147 is sending you a message connected to your emotions.

Every action we take, whether physical or mental, generates an emotion. We perform our actions based on how we feel and at the same time the actions we perform make us feel in a certain way.

Emotions have a fundamental role in our behavior and in our life in general and, therefore, in online psychology we will explain how to handle emotions with strategies and techniques.

As we have just seen, emotions determine our behavior. We will act in one way or another depending on how we feel and this can complicate things a lot.

When the emotion is positive, our behavior tends to “normality”, it can even help us to act correctly in difficult situations.

However, when the emotion is “negative” or unpleasant (fear, anger, shame …) we can play tricks and make us behave in a very different way than we really are.

For example: imagine that you have to present a job in front of all your classmates. You have been preparing it for weeks and you are happy with the result.

The day of the presentation arrives and you have the third shift. When the second exhibition ends, you begin to think that you will not remember everything and feel fear.

That fear makes you see yourself during the exhibition by making a mistake and you start feeling nervous.

The time has come to exhibit. Because of the thoughts and emotions you feel you are shaking, your mouth has dried and your posture is rigid.

As a result of the thoughts and emotions experienced, the exhibition has been difficult for you, it has not been fluid and you feel disappointed and a little embarrassed.

As we see in this example, emotions, especially those considered negative, modify our habitual behavior and can harm us in different areas of our lives.

That is why it is important to know how to manage emotions and thus avoid negatively interfering with our behavior by making us act in a non-adaptive way or generating negative secondary emotions.

Next we will see how to learn to control emotions and feelings.

Remember that repressing emotions or trying to ignore them does not give good results in the long run because they reappear more strongly.

That’s why I’m going to explain 3 techniques that you can use to manage your emotions and not be a victim of them.

When an unwanted emotion appears our body is activated.

Learning muscle relaxation and practicing it for a while until learning to relax in a matter of minutes, will allow us to reduce that physiological activation generated by emotion.

Once the “alarm state” is deactivated, we can think clearly and avoid unwanted behavior caused by our activation state.

You see how several people sneak in and that makes you angry.

Notes how your pulse accelerates and your first reaction is to shout at the people who have sneaked in, but you know that it is not an appropriate behavior and less when your child is in front of you so you concentrate on relaxing and you get it in a few minutes.

Once calm, you can approach the group and solve the situation calmly.

With emotions, as with recurring thoughts, we can use the thought stop technique.

This technique does not attempt to ignore what happens, but consciously when a “negative” thought or emotion appears we stop it. We can use the word: stop, stop, and stop, any other of your choice.

When the emotion appears we will say the word and choose to stop that emotion and not let it dominate us.

You have to go to the airport to take a plane and you can’t find your boarding passes. You look in places where you could have put them, but they don’t appear anywhere.

Frustration invades you and you don’t stop thinking you’re going to be late and you’re going to miss the flight.

All those thoughts do not let you think clearly and you use the thought stop technique Stop!

The thoughts that cause your nerves are there, the notes and you have slowed them down, so they start to lose power and your mind clears.

Now you can think calmly and finally remember that you were carrying your boarding passes inside your suitcase so you don’t forget them.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Do you know what your life number is? We tell you in our numerology dictionary where you can find out what number you have assigned according to your date of birth and what characteristics of your personality you can enhance.

This time we focus on the meaning of the number 7, so you can discover how you will be doing in life, at work and in love.

The people who have the number 147 in their life are balanced, intelligent and safe people.

The 147 is the number of the intellect, so they often dedicate their lives to studies. They are also kind, caring and protective people who instill a lot of confidence.

The number 147 is also the number of spirituality, so they may sometimes get carried away by magical and superstitious thinking.

Stresses in people with the number 147 their generosity and courage.

The most positive of the number 147 is its kindness and its vocation of service to others. They are strong, thoughtful people who pursue emotional balance and self-confidence, an interest that they transfer to those around them.

Love and Angel Number 147

Sometimes the number 147 can be inflexible. They are so sure of their knowledge, so elaborate are their theories that they feel in possession of the absolute truth. They can also be little empathic and even reject weak and insecure people.

You fall in love with a number 147 because he is a good person, for all the intellectual interest they awaken and for his balanced character.

Communication is one of their strengths in the couple, as well as generosity.

Maybe that rigidity in their beliefs that we talked about before can make it difficult to live together as a couple and reach an agreement in times of conflict.

But his good intention always prevails and also his desire that the relationship has a future.

The number 147 does not present a special incompatibility with any particular number.

If there are incompatibilities, it will be due to personal characteristics and not to those determined by the date of birth. For its part, the best compatibility is with number 3 and number 8.

The angel number 147 is also warning you about people who are authoritarian. Authoritarian people are those who generally want to impose their ideas and their will on those around them.

They need to control everything and everyone, and when you ask for an explanation they usually answer: “because I say so.”

Authoritarian people are not usually born with that personality trait as it is, but their appearance is quite associated with the education received.

They are likely to have been raised in an environment where the control of others is well seen.

Therefore it is a learned trait and seems quite stable because it usually occurs in various areas (family, work, social …). Colloquially, they are sometimes referred to as “bossy people.”

Not all authoritarian people behave in exactly the same way, but they do have some common characteristics that we will see next.

As I said, not all authoritarian people have all the characteristics or with the same intensity, but surely if you know someone you will identify them with several to a greater or lesser extent.

They are usually hardworking people who like to do things well. This in itself is not negative, the problem is that they are also demanding with others.

Here you will find positive and negative points of being demanding of yourself.

They are aggressive to cause fear and thus get them to obey them. They are more aggressive with those who do not obey or try to change their mind.

Interesting Facts about Number 147

Many times we dream of numbers or some specialists tell us that for a given day this will be our good luck number. But, you have wondered why.

What few know, is that this of the meanings of the numbers occurs thanks to the fact that numerology exists, and behind it are the meanings that turn out to be quite interesting.

That is why today I will tell you about the meaning of the number “7”.

The number 147 is related to intelligent people who like to philosophize, like that scientist who is looking to establish a relationship between cause and effect in order to justify the raison d’être of a new project.

He likes to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to him throughout his research and seeks to reach the truth.

This person has enough domain over the economic and financial field; that is, especially the material and superficial aspect.

Apart from this, he likes to digress a little, losing the sense of concrete life and removing the feet of the earth at times, also escapes from everyday life, looking intrigued in aspects that are not necessary and that will only increase his anxiety.

Finally, it has a good star that is almost always with him, and that helps him to get out easily and quickly of all those moments that turn out to be very depressing or sad, such as disappointments in labor issues and personal relationships. Like friendship and the couple.

In addition, you should remember that this number is linked to several points, such as the fact that God rested on the seventh day, that is, on the seventh day, seven are also the deadly sins, seven are the days of the week, etc.

And so the seven is constantly present in our day. I hope this post has been helpful for you, and if you know some more information, share them as comments. Good luck to you!

Seeing Angel Number 147

The number 147 is related to extremely educated, studious, quite intuitive and critical people, who like the tranquility and silence in which they can find themselves.

Inaccessible with their feelings, and strives to take care of their friendships even though their feelings are quite ambiguous.

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