17:17 – Meaning

People nowadays and we feel like all of us can agree on this statement, are more than even lost, especially in a global crisis, global threats, etc.

In those moments, it seems like humanity is resetting its core, and it is also a known fact that such moments come from time to time and reset the entire world.

The Bible even wrote of it because such moments are essential for expanding humanity, its growth, and understanding who we are as human beings.

Now, what few of us understand is this – more than ever, we are lost, and we feel that we are broken.

But the Universe says that there is nothing much to be fixed, more it is the matter of following your flow.

Allow what is now occurring, and move ahead to face the transformations that guide you to your brand-new one.

The question is – how can I do it, it is very hard, and maybe I am not up for such a task.

Maybe it is better for me to stay in the comfort zone where nothing bad can happen. Or maybe things are working so well for me, and maybe nothing should change for me.

In this sense, we have an answer for you – we are not alone, and we are not left to the drift without any guidance because life is not created in this way; life is created as a magical journey, and the winds that are blowing are signs and guidance from the Universe, on where to go and what to follow.

This does not exclude the free will that is given to human beings to decide what is best for them, but you will see, even in this article, we can drift from the same path.

About the signposts that we receive – they come easy, and they have come easy in the form of numbers, and it is the same case, even nowadays, in modern times.

Every time you look at your phone and see the mirror number, be certain that the Universe is speaking to you. The mirror number looks like this 17:17, and today we will speak of this one.

What does it mean, and where does it take you?

Read here.

17:17 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

Nowadays, recently, you have been feeling so lonely, and what is even worse in your case is that you have lost any kind of purpose and meaning – the reason, on top of all others that have been accumulated for years, are old programs that you have learned.

Keep in mind that this is something that is stuck in your mind, and with a lot of repetition, it became the way of your life.

But the message 1717 has come to you in the perfect moment to change this kind of pattern, this mirror number has come to you on some kind of subconscious aspect, and then a different reality can be consciously designed.

Knowledge of the subconsciousness and intelligent directing of consciousness and spirit is what understanding is now making a change towards.

But, we must add one more important aspect here. All for the better understanding of this reflection that has come from 1717, we are speaking about the sum vibration that all numerals have, including this one.

It sums up to number 34, but when we narrow it down even more, then we receive number 7!

This is the one lucky number that should serve as an encouragement for people to look deeply and to give themselves the time needed to gain a better knowledge of them.

This is of the highest interest if you want to advance in a spiritual way (we will speak more of this in some of the next chapters).

The path towards comprehensive experience demands that you give up on objects inside your history and destiny. It is just the contemporary time and what it returns to you that concerns.

At the moment when you realize that this is the truth, number 7/34/1717 is allowing you to show your creative faction and encourage your creativity.

Reflection will provide further thoughts to take information and will assist you in improving your abilities.

All that you do that is on a smaller level than a spiritual side will go in the best possible direction, and now you are blessed with the chance to see the world with a new set of eyes.

With them, nothing can come to you as a lie, to deceive you in some way.

17:17 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

This mirror number in the biblical sense, in the first place, speaks of all those forces of deception that control society know to some extent what is going on, so they try mass manipulation of the mind, which they fail at all.

This creates an even greater division between those who expand in consciousness and those who have decided not to because everyone stays true to their path, and everyone will be where they need to be.

What is your path, this number asks you – the mirror number 1717 shows how, in a spiritual sense, many battles and struggles are stopped by the very changes in your energy, all thanks to the Divine attention, which is directed more towards the heart (you will see how this works, in concrete cases, in the next few sections, where we tackle in concrete situations).

Lower vibrations are increasingly released when you are lead from the heart, they in some way disappear, and the negative energy no longer occupies the throne as it once did.

Furthermore, not be able to continue in following the lead that comes from the Universe, you choose to engage in manipulative behaviors and understand some of these processes at different levels.

The hidden intentions of manipulation will continue, and the world will realize this very soon, but overall, her role will be significant in the sense that she will serve as a symbol of global recognition of divine fervor.

In both spirtual and biblical sense, the mirror number 1717 reflects and connects that the new beginning since there is a numeral one here, and also the lucky number 7.

This speaks of an inner child; in a metaphorical sense, it is that connection to the divine energy in all of us.

Try to observe the children how they behave, see how their energy is expressed spontaneously, innocently, sincerely. Therein lays the answer to how to approach life, and many people have forgotten that.

Being lead from the heart is the answer, without the plan b, without anything holding back. This is the answer to how to approach things so that you will never be blinded by the dark lights, a deception that comes from it.

Such ideas are recognized both in the Bible and in numerous religious readings. To you, this idea comes when you look at the digital clock and see 17:17.

17:17 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

There are numerous interesting ideas that are connected to the mirror number 1717; even this number is seen as a lucky number, it has some kind of grounded energy that some believe surrounds the planet and allows humanity to nurture and integrate experiences on all levels.

The most successful creators and we hope that you will be one of them, the one who can see beyond and create by using its heart. You will go further, as this number comes to those who will be those who pay attention to calming, opening up, and receiving information in a way that is allowed to pass through the Divine filter.

We are part of the puzzle, and with our willingness to change, we inspire others to do the same -so in this case, mirror number 1717 bring all the thoughts and emotions that lead to re-connection, the disappearance of fear, anger, loneliness, and the rest are simply illusions that need to be tempted and released in order to see the truth.

What to Do If You See 17:17?

In practical life, this mirror number can also assist you; do not laugh at these problems since mirror numbers can reflect any given situation in your life.

This concrete brings good things and good news – it shows that you are so happy in love and have a very stable and beautiful emotional relationship; you are fulfilled in every sense, but you need to look around a little because there are people who want to spoil your happiness because they are very jealous and envious of you.

This is the type of number that carries the so-called luck code, and in this sense, it could mean that it brings wealth in any shape or form you see as important for you.

That wealth in your case comes in love – the mirror number 1717 could suggest that you have met your old love, and you have realized that you still have the same feelings for your old lover; the problem is that you are both busy and do not know how to “deal” with the situation without hurting your current emotional partners; do not make hasty decisions or engage in a forbidden relationship, because you will regret it very much.

Here we gave you two very different interpretations of the meaning of the mirror number 1717.

Both are equally plausible to occur, and just because they depict two very different situations, it does not mean that what you do should come from a different place.

One meaning that says that you are happy in love and in a stable and beautiful emotional relationship; you are fulfilled in every sense, you should be aware that things can change, and that there are numerous obstacles along the way, as for all of us. You should always know what is true in your heart and being led by it, the good feeling, regardless of what others think of your decisions.

Following the same analogy, in the situations where this number comes to you and you are torn between the two lovers, not knowing how to deal with it, you should do the same thing.

Think of what you want and how you can make the best decision – only by knowing that you are lead, loved, and protected and that your heart or an inner feeling knows the truth.


Do you still see somewhere close to you the mirror number 1717 – every time in the afternoon, when you think of your love problems, life itself, or any other doubt or question you asking the Universe?

If you do, do not be worried, it takes a bit more work to make it happen and to move in the direction of the Universe, or as we like to say it, to go with the flow.

You are loved, and all interpersonal relationships are now aligned, you can be a part of others joy, with the entire your being, understanding that each of their successes is also the success and joy of the whole world – which means that, like this whole world, their success is a part of you.

Each of us receives a series of numbers. In one way or the other, we can get them from our names, date of birth, and other important events in our lives.

Sometimes we can’t relate to the meaning of one or more numbers we have, and this is most commonly the case when we receive an Angel number, or like in this case, when we receive the mirror number, and it is not a hard moment to make a mistake.

This is because some other forces dominate our personalities, just like we have said in some of the previous sections, where we spoke of the devious forces that are some form of distraction in our lives.

Now, more concretely to the mirror number 1717 – it has come to you to show you what it means to be happy and to love yourself. Do not longer complain about life’s misfortunes.

Focus on believing that everything takes place in a natural course, the Divine course, and try to replace statements like “I’m in pain,” “I’m sick,” “I’m sick” come to your mind and change your focus to “I’m healing,” “straightening up,” “cleaning up the negative energy.”

Then, you will no longer be driven by fear, and the next period in your life will be a period of great change for your entire world.

Appreciate and experience what is happening in your life right now, right now. An exciting part of the history of humans and other species is taking place on Earth.

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