18:18 – Meaning

Why did you find yourself in this strange place, where nothing seems to be working correctly, and everyone has to fight for their share of the world?

Rest assured, there is a Higher Plan for all of us, and we know that you heard of this many times now, and that is hard to believe, but it is the truth.

Just because something is hard to understand does not mean it is not the truth. What is the divine plan that is made for all of us, is there a chance to find out what it is and proceed in that direction, for happiness and meaning above all?

That meaning is important because, with it, we could explain the pain and problems we have as humans constantly during life.

There is a deeper reason, there is a meaning behind all of this, and many would say that humans are cursed because they do not know it, frequently doubting in higher reasons. We can understand why this is the case, keeping in mind that life is often unfair, hard, painful, and can be lived without any meaning and purpose.

But, no one can tell that you cannot change life’s course. Help is on its way, and there is a point that could be reached where we are beings of heaven.

The point is that humans need help to become divine children of the Universe, and that help often comes in the form of numbers, seemingly so small and insignificant, but in fact, they are hiding the truth.

There is all that you need to know. And if you wonder why numbers, only by looking at the magic of them, and the fact (not imaginary idea or theory) that everything in the Universe can be explained using numbers, you can see why.

Here, we are not talking of just any numbers, and we are talking about mirror numbers, which are especially important in modern days.

These mirror numbers are just like a reflection from the stars, and they have emerged from the Universe to be here at this special moment on Earth, which is going through a monumental shift not just in individual lives but in a global way.

For you, in this sense, the crucial part is its association to the individual level, and why not a certain concrete situation, an episode from your life that needs a resolution.

Today we will tackle the mysterious world of the mirror number 1818 and its meaning and significance on an individual level and on a global scale.

18:18 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

In some situations, this may be a reasonable idea (when it comes to life and death) to take a look at the mirror number as a part of a global resolution.

But let us be honest, all of us want to resolve our lives matters and issues because those types of situations blind us from seeing the bigger picture, and it is ok to be like that. No one can judge for wanting to resolve a certain issue in your life first.

Mirror numbers are, therefore, also to assist you in any shape or form you need, and it makes sense since that primary change will alter your narrowest circle, and then it will change people more and more.

Now, the mirror number 1818 has come to you, you have seen in it, in a very problematic situation of your life, where you have thought of spending a lot of money on therapies or give money to the pharmaceutical industry for questionable prescription drugs.

No one has said that this is not a good idea. If you feel like it is going to help you, then go for it, but first, try to see a bit deeper inside of yourself and try to find the answer.

Mirror Number 1818 brings one interesting reflection, and the question for you is – are you ready to take that dive into your soul and be as honest as you can?

We think that the answer is yes!

So, you have a deep and invaluable mission here – to be you. It is sufficient. That’s all you have to do. I say ‘everything,’ but I know it’s not easy.

Are you able to say to yourself – I sympathize with you? My heart is with you. I understand your pain. If you do not understand all negative aspects of your personality, who will?

This reflection that comes from this mirror number 1818 is valuable in this sense because it helps you understand the real you, with all flaws, after which you can move and be better.

The Universe knows that you are struggling to fit in and be accepted in the world, and this is your problem that reflects all around and affects interpersonal relationships in your life.

But you must know that you will always be accepted by the spirit, by your brothers and sisters all over the world, by your family of souls, who are nearby at this special moment when you realize that you are “bad” or negative with an intention to be better.

It’s not always necessary to solve all problems, is it? You just sometimes want someone to recognize your pain.

So you know you are loved.

This may be the main meaning that is connected to the mirror number 1818 since both digits in it speak so – one is always associated to you, your being, and a new start and the number 8 is always connected to the negativity (not in a bad way, more of a realization) and transformative power that comes from it.

And when we take a look at the sum vibration 1+8 equals nine, we are aware that we must be connected to the world, all of those brothers and sisters around us.

18:18 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Do you ever feel unadjusted, like you’re some kind of outlaw? Like someone who doesn’t belong here on this planet?

Can’t figure out why the world works the way it works? Like you belong somewhere else, or you came from somewhere else?

That’s probably because it is!

Just like it was described in the Bible, all those who are on this side of life are in the eyes of God seen as Divine Beings, who deserve better, but it is their sacrifice that made them better and even more special beings.

It’s no doubt a challenging transition for you, but you, as a stellar soul, are already familiar with it. While others will consider this concept spiritual nonsense, it all makes sense to you.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easier for you. First, you have this body that you need to connect with, and this density makes everything look separate and distinct.

You have deep feelings of empathy and can pick up other people’s emotions or thoughts. Sometimes you can misinterpret them thinking they are your own, and it’s not easy to figure them out.

As you can see, in a spiritual sense, mirror number 1818 understands why you feel in the way you do, because your soul is not adjusted in the world as it is right now, and encourage you to take that problematic step once again, for the better of all humans in this world.

In this way, as the Holy Book shows, Jesus has taken the sacrifice for all and spoke of things that not many people understood, so why are we afraid to be ourselves and speak our minds?

We should not.

18:18 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

Such suggestions will be reflected in a person’s daily life. In fact, the number 1818, or in its individual form, is a powerful tool that has been proven to help treat a number of problems, including fear and a loss of values and self-purpose.

It is said that this number brings long-term healing results you get through the process of awareness, there is greater clarity of thought, better decision making, general anxiety is reduced, health generally better causes suffering.

If you have the motivation, willpower, and perseverance, you can actually learn how to heal yourself – and save your time and energy.

With the number 1818, or when number double nine, such a number indicates that you have complete control and awareness over your actions. You can get out of that altered state of mind whenever you want.

In essence, you will enter a very calm and receptive state of directed concentration. This leads to an intensified reaction of accepting the suggestion; for example: “I feel strength, confidence, and peace,” “My body is completely relaxed and calm,” “I am free. I’m healthy.

Since the sum number, in this case, is numeral 36, we cannot disregard it since it has its own saying in this story – this is the vibration that on some level shows you with a remarkable quantity of impulse inside of you.

In life, this is best seen when you constantly amaze others with your opinions and your thoughts. You unquestionably have a great number of means at your disposition – it is the matter are you scared of asking “some” questions, are you scared that you will be ridiculed, etc.?

Do not be, because then you cannot grow, and just to remind you that the mirror number 1818 always carry some form of negative energy but, it is not negative in a sense that it ruins you, it just brings uncertainty that that part of us exists and that it is our secret mission to deal with it.

What to Do If You See 18:18?

Regardless of what you think, this mirror number 1818 on a personal level brings excellent communication with people and unrest, which prevents a person from stabilizing once and for all.

This results in occasional changes in the partnership, but also the work area. Change is a more or less constant companion of people who carry this vibration.

Avoid any selfish motives. Some say that this number reflects the situation you will cry soon because you will end a long-term romance with your partner; even though you have both decided that it is best to break up, it will be very difficult for you, and you will suffer and despair for a long time because you are of the opinion that you may have been able to “survive as a couple” with more effort.

But the gift is coming, some very nice news or a gift from the person you love is waiting for you; you will be happy and fulfilled in every sense, and it is possible that you will go on a romantic journey where you will agree to start a life together or get married.

Most people think that we need to seek help from someone else in order for our problems to disappear, and this should preferably be a “professional” with a degree that will give us the impression that we have indeed received the best possible help.

In some situations, this may be a reasonable idea, but if you have the motivation, willpower, and perseverance, you can actually learn how to treat yourself – and save your money.

In these, every day, humanly scenarios, you are able to see who you can be yourself and show love to the world, regardless of the problems and obstacles that are there.


So what is the divine plan in the end, is there an easy answer to this question? There is no easy answer because all of us are blessed (even if it does not look like it is a blessing) to have this life and to live it as a journey.

Now, things for you are much more clear, when you have the help that has come from a Divine Source. The help and we are using this word deliberately because it is not the answer; it is inside of you.

At the moment you are receiving this mirror number 1818, you are finding yourself in this strange place, where nothing seems to be working properly, and everyone has to fight for their place under the Sun…

So where is your place, you are wondering, and the Universe says be calm because there is a Higher Plan and a reason for everything that happens in your life?

This mirror number 1818 reflects the divine spark of consciousness within humanity, and this does mean you will face many challenges on a physical level, but you have a deep ability to resonate and move energy through the field.

In this way, they somehow become aware of the vibration of their own soul and slowly release the veils of illusion.

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