21:21 – Meaning

At every moment of our lives, we have a choice: to grow or not to grow, and we can stand for a long time in just one place and imagine what it would be like if we can move and live a completely different life, or we can just stay in one place for a long time.

We are bound to learn by ourselves, it is the process of self-discovery, but one more thing is relevant here, we are speaking of relationships that we nurture with others, but also connections with the Universe in general, and in that way, we can learn the most important things about us!

True, sometimes people we trust (including ourselves) will hurt us, as well as the feeling that the Universe is not always fear to us and that we deserve to hear more from it, some sign or alter maybe to move in this direction or that one.

We can’t avoid it, but our choice is whether we will feel miserable for years because of it or use it for growth, following the lead or not, listening to the Universe or not.

Do not be confused – when we say that the Universe speaks to you, we are talking about the signs that come to you in a numeric form, to show you your strength and ability, to do just that, to grow.

They are also called mirror numbers because their structure relates to the mirror, but in a deeper way, they shine a light or show a reflection regarding the current state in your life.

Today we are looking into mirror number 2121, and it is very special and interesting; you will be surprised what you can learn when you see these night hours on your digital clock.

21:21 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

Here we will start from the smallest, most benign aspect of your life that this mirror number shines a light on as a reflection.

When you take a look at your digital clock, and you see 2121, maybe it shines a reflection that you desperately despair of someone who is not worthy of you; even though your partner cheated on you or left you, it takes time to realize that this is even better for you because you will have the opportunity to meet someone who will respect, appreciate and love you more.

In an alternate version, these hours suggest that you may receive an invitation to a meeting with someone you like for a long time; the fulfillment of desires in love and great happiness is before you so that you are excited and joyful for a reason.

Even more, it is very likely that you will do something that you would not expect from yourself, because you will be carried away by emotions, and you will engage in a forbidden relationship or admit your feelings to a person who is your friend and a good friend; do not despair if others judge you, because everyone makes mistakes enjoy life and your happiness because that is the essence of life.

In these simple situations, what have you learned? Nurture gratitude toward things you already have and donate as much love as you have, and be open up to receiving.

Be a medium of energy flow. Accept yourself and others.

Learn to have confidence in life, because then you will be able to accept people and deal with different situations in love, in the best way you can.

21:21 – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

We’ve all seen some incredibly strong and awakened people get into relationships that are sometimes violent, stressful, and manipulative, and we wonder – why?

The old wisdom teaches us that, and this could be seen in the biblical interpretation of this mirror number 2121, there are probably many reasons why this happens, but it seems that strong people are already so good at working on themselves and digging on their own, it is called luggage, that they often need a relationship that will really push them out of their comfort zone.

Relationships often teach us the most important things about ourselves – it is the important lesson for all people to learn, and that is that we can only grow if we are with other people. We cannot grow by ourselves, even if this means to suffer at times.

If you have problems in your relationship, if you are wondering why everything else is flowing so smoothly in your life – other than love, it could be a sign that you are a strong soul who is here to experience deeper, transforming work and growth through another person.

Maybe you are not accommodated to a certain relationship because you are scared to show others how strong your soul is.

In most cases, our love relationships mostly start with falling in love through which we try to show the best possible qualities, and it is not really us. It is not our true self.

There is essentially nothing happening here that is essential to our growth and development.

Important things happen during the first conflict. These are moments worth their weight in gold.

Here, the connection between the mirror number 2121 and you are more than ever spiritual, since it gives you an insight that you can through the emotions that others evoke in us, following them as an inner compass, learn the reasons for our connection and the lessons you need to master.

When a relationship fulfills its purpose, it ceases, the person moves away from our life.

When you focus fully on your spirituality, negativity will fade into the background. It is impossible to feel selfishness and serenity at the same time, and the fact is that number 2121 does not move you from doing small works since small actions have a huge echo throughout the Universe.

Remember any hero, any prophet in the Holy who was not maybe sure what he was doing? Maybe these were actions of crazy men, seemingly insignificant to others, but they have faith in their hearts. In order to fulfill something big and interesting, you must first accomplish each of its base elements.

Nothing will be done by itself until you start. The first step may be small, but it is definitely the most influential.

Your love, energy, hard work, and inspiration you give to humanity as a whole will be reciprocated.

The Universe will reward you for all your efforts, and this is the part where you must show some faith because you do not see now the fruits of your labor and the extent of your actions, but they will be seen in the future for sure.

When you act from this perspective, you will never be a part of violent, stressful, and manipulative relationships. This is just one example.

21:21 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

21 as a number, when stands alone are very interesting and powerful, it contains two important numerals 2 and 1, even seen in such a singular way, but they also have a deep meaning when they are combined, and also seen though the sum vibration.

Here, the sum vibration is 42 – a numerical vibration that determines that balance at the center of the love or some kind of a relationship we spoke about before and its relevance to you. You favor everything to continue to be rested within you and others, and you work in such a way that there are no problems. Of course, this is not always possible.

This numeral can also be stripped down to a singular vibration, and that is 6 – it is the number that resonates with magic, potential, and responsibility!

When we are speaking of magic and potential, we are talking about abundance, all those experiences in which you feel completely. It does not matter how many such moments there have been and whether you can remember them.

Also, and this is the aspect that we must mention – number 6, oftentimes, in a spiritual sense speaks of increasing abundance, and your task is to act, think quality instead of quantity; live without the unnecessary, focusing on the substance.

What to Do If You See 21:21?

What did you learn from mirror number 2121 – what is its reflection?

It says that you cannot feel selfishness and tranquility at the same time and that you have to focus your energy to live in harmony with your nature.

Do what you are good at. We are happiest when we rely entirely on our abilities and exploit them; your original nature is your strength.

What you should not do – is deny it, then destroy your inherent intuitive capacity. This points to self-doubt, and this means that you do not have trust in the Universe/God.

Even more, what you should do is value your gifts and express your deepest nature. You attract people, circumstances, and resources to help you on your life journey.

Nurture plenty of time. Time is the only irreversible resource. Spend it enjoying yourself and others. Trust your intuition and recognize the power of the unconscious. Be natural and spontaneous.

Abundance is a state of consciousness, a way of thinking, an attitude, and a lifestyle focused on quality rather than quantity, although one does not exclude the other, have this in mind when you see, in the night this mirror number on your clock.

Know that only through abundance will you be able to experience wholeness and vitality and let your life energy guide us.

There are many simple, everyday activities that help you bring abundance to life. Go with the ones you love the most, and even more, learn to accept the abundance you already have.

It is important that you actively observe yourself in the process and become aware of what emotions are occurring to you. Accept everything that comes to you.


When you focus fully on your morals and spirituality, negativity will fade into the background, and this is the fact. You can even combine this awareness with the idea that it will be the best seen in interpersonal connections in your life. This may be the summary of the 2121 reflection.

This mirror number teaches you that it is impossible to feel greed and serenity at the same time.

Small works often have a huge echo throughout the Universe, and for you, the most important lesson is to be aware of everything you do, even though it may seem insignificant to you.

In order to accomplish something big and interesting, you must first accomplish each of its small components – in some of the previous sections we spoke of, and we showed you how to do it.

The best way it could be seen is in the area of your love life.

Nothing will be done by itself until you start. The first step may be small, but it is definitely the most important. Your love, energy, hard work, and inspiration you give to humanity as a whole will be reciprocated.

The Universe will reward you for all your efforts, and if you are willing to grow, you have to be open to change.

Using abundance, we align with our true nature with what we truly are – that abundance could be seen in a message or an invitation from a person you like and about whom you have been thinking for a long time, but nothing hoped to meet again, and you are pleasantly surprised and have high expectations of the scheduled meeting; kisses and tenderness await you soon.

If you let go of yourself and open toward this possibility, then you change your inner state, you change the way you behave, and others around you change… leaving you living a completely different life.

In the end, the mirror number 2121 says to you – and the night in which you have seen this number on your digital clock is the night when the Universe hopes you will learn to believe in miracles again.

Experience spirituality again – the experience of eternal intuitive consciousness. Let your intuition guide you.

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