23:33 – Meaning

It is a common idea that abundance, whether in assets or intangibles, arises from action that we direct on taking that thing that we want – and this is not always the case because the Universe works in different ways.

In ways that may seem unfair to us. It is all about the feeling, so when you already act and feel like you have something you want, it is much easier to generate more.

This is the law of attraction that works whether you use it consciously or not, and it is the matter of what you have, so it sends you even more of it.

If you are dark, there is more darkness, and if you are happy, there is more happiness on your way, etc.

Here is one question for you right now, and answer it honestly – what is the color of your thought right now?

Are you feeling content and happy, or you have a feeling that you are a victim of the past?

But, sometimes we cannot do it, sometimes we cannot understand it, and we cannot do it in the way that we consciously use it to attract things similar to the vibration we produce.

There is something that exists to help you reach the desired vibration and fulfill your intentions with emotions when sent into space.

They are called mirror numbers. They are all around you, connected to the Universe and all in between.

One has entered your life, and it is seen as 23:33 – with the understanding of it, you are imagining what you want, producing the vibrational energy you want to manifest.

The Universe gets what reflects their emotional state, and often it is a feeling of scarcity.

Read more about this mirror number.

23:33 Mirror Hour – What Does It Mean?

The meaning of this mirror number 23:33 hides in the idea that you can be and love whoever you want if you are aligned to the vibration of love as it is the only vibration that is universal for all human beings, and this mirror number 23:33, these late hours show you reflection – are you on this vibration of love or not.

Maybe you are on the way since all of us have the potential to love and to live in the world as the most wonderful place filled with joy and happy moments.

This is true because we all know that one of the basic human needs is to love and to be loved.

From the earliest childhood, we learn about love in different ways and thus gain beliefs about what love is, what it brings, and patterns of behavior that we later unconsciously express in relationships with others, especially in love relationships.

But, why do you not have a real feeling that you are on the way to love – and you have a feeling that time will soon be over 23:33, you have just a few minutes before everything will be lost.

This number provides a reflection that you are a victim of numerous adopted patterns of emotional attachment that unconsciously condition our life, just like the reactions we will have in various situations, especially those that are emotionally colored.

What you learn from this mirror number 23:33 is that you have enough time to do whatever you feel is necessary to move, to grow to become as open as you can.

Open yourself to that voice that speaks, but you were not able to hear it.

23:33- Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Following the lead that we have set in the previous section, we come to the meaning of mirror number 23:33 that is related to the spiritual and also to the biblical aspect. They can be connected, but the biblical one relies more on the Holy Book and the idea that comes from it.

Now, since number 23:33 is related to love and intuition, both named differently in different sections, but with the understanding, we get to see that this is the same thing – at times call intuition, sixth sense, strong instinct, our Higher Self, divine guidance, inner voice, spiritual wire, a flash of insight, feeling from the gut, spiritual compass.

This is the core of your being that wonderful feeling that is telling you where to go, and it is the feeling that we can never get rid of.

The mirror number 23:33 says that it is not too late to find that voice, knowing that it exists somewhere deep inside of you and that it helps you make decisions that can even save your life.

This reflection gives you the power (love) and the tool to live the life worth living (intuition), so you get a wide range of abilities and powers, and at its highest, it represents transcendental knowledge and a state of general connection with Truth.

You have been invited to learn it, so for example, the bible speaks of this in a most wonderful way, as a realization that in every moment of our lives, we are guided by the Higher Self and protected by God.

23:33 in Numerology – Interesting Facts

The triple number 3 and one number 2 make these hours show that there is a force that exists somewhere deep inside us and helps us make decisions that can even save our lives.

It is the symbol of knowing what to do, love is the feeling that is simply given to us, and this is the best seen when we at times act seemingly irrationally and without any logical explanation, even without deep thought – making the best possible decision!

Also, and it worth mention that all mirror numbers are connected to Angelical beings and that this mirror number could be seen through the sum vibration that is here a wonderful vibration of 11. There is no more wonderful vibration than this one.

Elven shows that it helps to free yourself from past emotional experiences by asking the angel to break all the dysfunctional energy threads created between you and the world.

These hours are important, and they are the portal, the door to ask angels to thoroughly cleanse you of all emotional toxins with the power of the energy vacuum and to heal all the emotional wounds that have ever occurred, and then to neutralize all the emotional promises, vows, and oaths you once made that no longer serve.

After that, with an open heart and with a smile on your face, express your gratitude for all the experiences that happened to you and that helped you to be exactly what you are today.

What to Do If You See 23:33?

You are attracted to things similar to the vibration you are already producing.

Did you realize yet that you must produce the vibration of love and listen to the voice that comes from the inside, as it is the only thing that connects you directly to the Source?

Concretely, this mirror number 23:33 advises you to fill your intentions with emotions by imagining that you already have what you want. You need to produce the vibrational energy you want to manifest.

If you don’t transmit the right vibrations, you won’t get what you want to receive. You will get what reflects your emotional state, and often it is a feeling of scarcity.

Love is that intangible, non-concrete, non-empirical, but undoubtedly present and strong enough to guide us very concretely in our actions and decisions—that inner voice, the spiritual wire, and the spiritual compass that is leading you toward the Truth. Believe in your intuition.

When you do, you let the Universe tell you where to find love, which the person who is for our best good is, and therefore you can begin, communication of the desire of our heart, fully open and with complete confidence that the answer comes to us at the right time for us. I


This mirror number 23:33 has come to your life as the prayer related to love and feelings, maybe you have asked the angels of love to bring into your life a person who is ready, open, and free to connect with you right now, who is healthy and responsible in all aspects of existence, who represents your energy couple, and who lovingly helps you fulfill the purpose of your existence.

The more confident you are, you are acquiring more of it – when you’re working on creating a “force” of abundance, on getting something – simply focus on the abundance you have at your fingertips that you know is real.

When you focus on the abundance in your life, feel gratitude and joy in your heart.

This mirror number has come into your life to tell you that it is not too late to invite it into your life, it is not midnight yet, and there is enough time to make things work. It is only 23:33!

Everything is aligned so perfectly that you cannot unseen it, even if you may want to. Your feeling from the stomach is to tell you so, and intuition is that feeling that you can never get rid of.

And it will never make a mistake, and only you can make a mistake, thinking that you are always right. The good or bad feeling in the stomach is additionally associated with intuition.

Only someone who has felt the moment in which he knew in advance what would happen and acted in accordance with that knowledge can understand intuition.

Fortunately, everyone in this world has experienced this at least once. There is enough time to work in this way.

When you hear this inner voice, always and everywhere, you hear God speak, and you are encouraged to respect our intuition, let it guide you, and keep your eyes open and our consciousness open. The wisest teacher lives – in us!

In the end, mirror number 23:33 shows a reflection that you once were the victim of numerous adopted patterns of emotional attachment that unconsciously condition our life, just like the reactions we will have in various situations, especially those that are emotionally colored. You do not have to do it because you have found love, not just in internal relations, but as the power of the world.

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