7878 Angel Number – Meaning and Twin Flame

Since old times, people have been trying to unravel the mystery of humankind and our destiny, through divination, prophecies, reading and interpreting various signs that come to us from the heavenly spheres.

Indeed, there is something unfathomable, magnetic and mystical in each one of our lives. We constantly wonder who we are and where are we going.

The purpose of our existence is intertwined with the belief in higher realms, higher spheres of existence, the immortality of the soul, the divine connection, our bonds with the ultimate source of all there is.

In different religious and belief systems, people conceptualize and try to answer these questions in various ways.

However, all spiritual paths have something in common – the belief into something beyond and above us we are connected with.

Apart from being physical beings, living in the tangible and visible world, we are beings of the soul. Our soul is connected with higher spheres within the eternity. In the same way, we are connected amongst ourselves.

Souls do not know space and time and for this reason, we feel as if we are in touch with people who lived long time ago and with our ancestors.

Seeing into the future is also something people are interested into, because of our ever-present worry about what will become of us, how we and our loved ones will fare and so on.

We often wonder about our purpose of life, worry about our future, try to explain strange phenomena that happen in our lives.

Nothing in life is a coincidence; the universe is an incredible place, permeated with cosmic, divine vibrations, harmonious, in a way that to us could often seem very unlikely. Our days on earth are short and so we would like to take the best out of it.

How many times did it happen you check your phone only to see timing or read a message and the hour and the minute are always the same or characteristic (for example, you always see 15:15, 06:06 etc.)? Or the message was sent at the same hour and minute as another one, or the word count is the same?

Did it happen you see the same number on car plates, on your bill at the supermarket, on walls, in books and elsewhere?

Did these numbers catch your attention and make you wonder about it? These numbers are there for a reason, and a good one. Those are messengers from heavens, angel numbers. Numbers have more than mathematical value.

Twin Flame and Angel Numbers

The father of numerology is famous Pythagoras, Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher. Not only that he invented innovative mathematical formulas, but he valued numbers on a metaphysical level, that is, he acknowledged the energetic power of numbers.

According to his belief, our reality is a actually manifested energy of vibrations of numbers.

Numbers, thus, constitute our reality and have a great impact over our lives and destiny. In numerology, understood as the science of numbers, the understanding of numbers as energies, each number and a sequence has a special meaning that has to do with our existence and life.

Numbers we often see around are even more specific, they are heavenly messages.

Angel numbers are called so, since it is believed they come to us from our guardian angels. The same bill sum or the same timing you see is a sign from the heavens above, the sign of support, love, guidance, confirmation, sometimes even a warning.

As our lives are manifestation of vibrations of cosmic energies, vibrations of numbers, angels use them as a channel and symbols.

Our souls have frequencies and resonate with these cosmic vibrations, so we get connected by it, as well.

Some souls have a very special connection and relations between the souls are best nurtured if we take into account the signs we receive from above. How do angels help us, what is the purpose of these numbers they seem to send us?

First of all, angels are divine, immaterial beings, entities of heavens, benevolent, godly and good spirits, whose mission is to guide us through our earthly lives.

Angels do not save us from all evil, they do not prevent us from experiencing negative things, they do not force us to do something or change the destined course of events.

They send us subtle messages, such as mysterious numerical sequences, we have to discover and interpret ourselves, in order to learn something about our own selves and the world and people around us. The meaning of these numbers could be found within numerology, of which we will talk a bit more.

We have said that some souls have a stronger connection than others. How do we call this bond and what does it have to do with angels and numbers?

Have you ever heard about twin flames? Twin flames are two bodies with the same soul, the soul that has been divided long ago and separated into two bodies.

Twin flames seek for reunion, in order to feel complete, to feel one.

Now, there is much more than simply a soul being set into two bodies – there are two individuals, two unique persons, two different life stories that have a unique, special spiritual bond. Angels help them find one another and reunite, through angel number messages.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

In order to reunite with a twin flame, one has to get in touch with the inner self.

To put it simply, in order to know your twin flame, you have to know yourself first, since it twin souls have the same frequency and they can experience one another on a subtle, unfathomable level. Your own inner journey reflects in the twin flame and vice versa.

We cannot tell for certain, if a twin flame exists within this reality, that is, within this particular time and space we have in our earthly life.

Whatever be the case, twin flames search for one another, but you cannot reach it or harmonize with it, if you have already found one another, before you know yourself.

It is a strange phenomenon – we actually have hard times knowing ourselves and bringing into awareness the beauty of the purpose of our existence.

For this reason, our guardians from heavens help us. They take care of us and do what is in their might to help us become aware of our own potentials and qualities.

Angel numbers can help us realize what are some of our biggest flaws and encourage us in improving them. These messages also confirm if we are doing great, encouraging us to thread our path bravely.

They also give hints about the closeness of a twin flame and help us find out what we have to do to reach completion or to balance our energies.

Angel twin flame numbers are interpreted through numerology. Each number has a special place and meaning in numerology. Numbers constituting  sequence are parts of the message.

When it comes to complex, multi digit sequences, deeper meaning is obtained by summation of all the numbers found in a sequence.

7878 Angel Number Twin Flame

Number 7878 is striking number angel/twin flame number. As such, it is a confirmation of the existence of a twin flame, twin soul, as 78 combo is repeated, or we can take it as 6 repeated (7+8 is 15, 1+5 is 6).

We can think of 6 is the dominant vibration of our own and twin flame soul. The meanings associated with 6 represent an area of life in which the contact is the likeliest.

Before we get behind the sequence of 7878 and read its deeper levels, let us focus on the obvious vibrations, that is, number 7 and 8 and the double, repeated sequence of 78.

Numbers 7 and 8 are very different by their metaphysical characteristics and added meanings. Number 7 is a highly spiritual number, to say so, one seen in people who are solitary intellectuals.

Number 7 is the number of spiritual journey, enlightenment, higher wisdom seeking, the crave for knowledge, the number of philosophy and religion, the number of the ascetic, isolated, solitary.

Number 7 is associated with questions of purpose, with abstract ideas, perfection, insight, intellect, the inner world, psychic abilities even.

This is the number of myths and mystery, rituals, religious questions, the eccentric and thoughtful, the introverted and ahead of their own time.

Number 7 is the number of an inner intellectual, philosophical and spiritual path in the first place. It deals with ideas more than with practice. Number 8 is quite different. Number 8 is very materialistic.

This number is associated with authority, integrity, professionalism, judgment, progress, prosperity, richness, abundance, provision, practicality.

Number 8 is the number of efficiency, organization, everything pragmatic, patience, dedication, planning. In contrast to 7, number 8 is about sharing, providing, socializing, exchange.

This number is associated with the materialistic world and values, with management, the ego, achievement and aggregation.

While 7 is the number of thought and theory, spiritual path, number 8 is about the tangible, the visible, material and practical. Both numbers are very powerful, representing the needed two sides of the coin.

As a twin flame number, 7878 tells about the values emphasized both in you and the twin flame, values that have to be balanced the best way possible, since they are opposite, but complementary.

Twin flame journey could be tough, since individuals are likely to have different dynamics on their journey.

However, what you can do is to try to follow the message and see behind it. You have a great spiritual and intellectual potential, but the realistic, tangible aspect is also very strong.

You need to find your own way to balance these powerful energies and feel at peace within. It will positively reflect on every relation you have in your life.

Number 7878 and Love

When it comes to relations, relationships and love, number 7878 is about balancing the energies within and without, the spiritual and intellectual and the pragmatic and materialistic.

It can also tell about the different priorities between you and your partner or a dear person. Think about your relationships and love life to see where you stand.

If we take it as an inner aspect, something you have to bring into awareness, the number 7878 suggests you will have to harmonize these two characteristics, two areas of life, in order to nurture healthy relationships.

As long as one of the two dominates, it will be more difficult to establish and/or maintain relationships.

If we take this sequence as a reflection of one’s relationship status, it tells about major differences that are not necessarily destructive, but the ones needed to be polished and harmonized in order to actually be compatible and functional.

It may happen that one of the partners was introverted, focused on the inner, spiritual and intellectual and the other is all about finances and pragmatism.

The two could add to one another so much and help one another see the importance of certain things in life, respecting one another’s nature.

It will need a lot of work, but it is achievable and so enriching. We can also think of the sequence as twin flame energies relation. While twin flames essentially have the same frequency, it does not mean they are always harmonious.

As both twin flames have the same characteristics dominant, it could happen that one of the two (7 or8) prevails in one of the individual and the other way around.

Therefore, the angelic message points this difference out, not in order to curb it, but to help you find the balance and reach one another’s soul.

Number 7878 is an incredible sequence when it comes to relationships in general and various sorts of relations, such as bonds within family, friendships, partnerships etc.

It tells about two-sided nature in each every one of us, something we will always have a struggle with, but, once these energies are balanced, our relations can only flourish.

Interesting Facts About Number 7878

Number 7878 could be seen as a repeated 78; behind 78 there is a vibration of number 6, one that binds soul flames in this case.

Number is a number of unconditional love, family, partnership, companionship, nurture, care, self-sacrifice, service to others, duty, truth, justice and honor. It is a number of kindness, peace and harmony, compassion and guardianship.

Therefore, number 7878 is a confirmation of a quality you and the twin flame share, and a hint of an area of life in which your contact is the likeliest.

Number 6 precedes 7 and 8 and makes an essential part of this trio, needed to balance the vibrations of individualistic solitary 7 and materialistic, sometimes egoistic 8.

In addition, number 7878 also possesses the vibration of number3, as the sum of the digits is 12 (7+8+7+8 is 30, 3+0 is 3). Number 3 is a missing piece in this puzzle, to say so.

Number 3 is a youthful spirit, the number of enthusiasm, curiosity, communication, playfulness, adventure, passion, artistic inclinations, rhythm and music.

Number 3 refreshes the dominant elements of this sequences, ones that could be too serious if extreme.

This is a lovely agent to this sequence, one that makes the twin flame reunion and self discovery journey easier and lighter.

Therefore, number 7878 encompasses all the important values of life and, as such, it is  positive, encouraging sign.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 7878?

If you start seeing number 7878 around, think about it as a multi-layered message.

Of course, in order to understand its exact meaning related to you and your life, you will have to put it into the contexts.

Number 7878 is a sign of reunion, the synchronicity which tells about the existence and/or closeness of a twin flame.

On an individual level, it tells about the dominant vibrations in your life, at least at this moment. What you have to do is to bring them into awareness and see if they are harmonious or not.

It is very likely that there will be needed some work on balancing the energies, for these two are powerful and not always easy to control and manage.

The same applies to both twin flame relation and relations in general, because we speak about energies of different qualities, yet compatible.

Therefore, think about your existing relationships, your attitude towards people around you and vice versa. See which one of the dominant energies prevail and how it reflects on your social, family and love life.


Number 7878 is a powerful angel twin flame sequence loaded with meanings, but not very difficult to interpret.

It tells about the essential constitutive domains of each individual’s life and it also tells about the importance of balancing the energies as a step on a twin flame reunion journey, associated with self-revelation, self-discovery journey.

Complex numerical sequences such as 7878 are always meant to serve as guidelines and hints of the divine presence and proofs of divine connection between human souls.

This incredible message tells about amazing potentials we as human beings possess.

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