8338 Angel Number – Meaning and Twin Flame

We often receive numerous signs from higher spheres, although not everyone and at every given moment would be able to recognize them.

Sometimes we just keep wondering why we see the same number all over again, dream the same scene and so on.

These are no coincidences, but proofs of our connection with heavens and amongst ourselves, on a spiritual level.

Everything we know is spiritually connected, for existence is more than earthly, tangible and visible experience.

One of the greatest mysteries of humankind is the question of the soul – where it resides, do animals have souls, how do souls communicate, do they leave our bodies et cetera.

Be it as it may, we are soul beings, besides our physical manifestation.

Each individual in this world is unique, each object and living being is unique, as well, no matter how similar they may seem.

This abundance of uniqueness makes this life such an amazing and exciting place.

However, we all have something in common and that is the connection with the higher realm, with the divine.

Throughout human history and around the planet, you will find many similar beliefs, all associated with what is beyond our earthly existence.

We can communicate with souls from the past, with people far away, with the divine realm, by our souls. We have guardians and guides making this connection easier.

We call them guardian angels. Angels are divine spirits, messengers from above, benevolent godly beings looking after us. How do angels protect and guide us?

Do they prevent negative things from happening? They do not do that, but sometimes they could send us signs of warning, although majority of their messages are meant to be guidelines.

Angels do not force us to do things or make decisions instead of us or prevent evil from taking place. Angels send us messages that we have to decipher ourselves and learn.

Their messages are lessons and guidance, something that should help us manifest our full potential. Angelic messages help us reunite with our true self and feel integral.

Twin Flame and Angel Numbers

When it comes of angelic messages and twin flames, they also help us reunite with our twin flame, which is a part of our personal development and completion.

First things first, what are twin flames? Twin flames are said to be halves of one soul separated into two individuals, that is, souls that are so close, as biological twins, to say.

Twin flames are considered souls that operate at the same frequency, reflect in one another, feel one another on a spiritual level.

However, since these souls reside in two unique human beings, with separate life paths, with specific characteristics and circumstances, twin flames are not necessarily in harmony.

They can grow distant, their vibrations can vary, but they seek for one another throughout lifetime, within eternity, because they need one another.

We cannot say precisely if twin flames are limited to this life alone. In any case, they are of the same vibration and frequency, but they manifest in different circumstances.

Angels can help us harmonize with our twin flame, if we have already found it. They help us reach twin flames and reunite, as well. For this reason they can send us various messages of guidance.

These messages are our personal guide books from heavens. Development and growth on inner, deeply personal and individual level results in twin flame reunion.

In order to reach twin flame and become our integral self, we have to undergo a process of learning, transformation, refinement.

First, we have to become aware of our own qualities, our advantages and flaws and much more. We have to become aware of our attitude towards life and people around us.

Angelic messages that could help us do so are known as angel numbers; there are other types of messages, as well.

Angel numbers are numerical sequences or single-digit numbers that resonate with cosmic vibrations and have a rich and purposeful meaning. Angels know what number to send us, hoping to help.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Numbers are cosmic vibrations and energies, full of meaning and symbolism. The value of numbers is understood through numerology, the part of astrology.

Numerology studies and analyzes metaphysical value and importance of numbers. It deals with numbers’ impact one our destinies and life paths.

It is believed that each life path is marked by one dominant number and its energy. Life path numbers represents our major traits, our own energy.

It is easily calculated, by summation of numbers that make one’s date of birth. Sum all the numbers, until there is one digit left, or super numbers 11 and 22, which have a special value in numerology.

We could use the same principle in order to understand complex angelic and twin flame messages. Angels numbers differ from ’normal’ numbers only by their frequent and repeated occurrence.

Any number could be a message from above. If you see the same number again and again, it is very likely an angelic/twin flame message.

Angel numbers are loaded with meanings and their energy could be very complex. There are numbers with multiple meanings, such as number 8338, which we will discuss below.

For example, single-digit numbers have a very strong and very direct energy and meaning, while multi-digit numbers often have layers of meanings and hidden messages.

Number 8338 is a four-digit angel number, with dominant energies of numbers 8 and 3. The sequence of 83-38 is particularly interesting, because it represents a process, a sort of a cycle.

From 8 to 8, through repeated 3. We shall see what these numbers are about and how this process could potentially unfold.

Number 8 is a karmic number, meaning it brings into awareness the process of action and consequence, which is a key to responsibility, organization, discipline, moral, truth.

People with strong vibration of number 8 are realistic, materialistically oriented. They are all about profession, provision, success, achievement, especially material and financial, about material stability.

Number 8 is about being independent, being capable and especially about one’s ability to take care about others, in material sense, in the first place. This is the number of money, luxury, riches, wealth and sufficiency, self-reliance.

Number 8 is associated with autocrats, dictators, people with strong personal will and strength, those grounded in reality.

This is also the number of trustworthiness, plans, reliance, support, caution and pragmatism. It is associated with ego and good judgment.

On a negative side, it can lead to aggression, imposition, lack of compassion, superiority complex, underestimation of others’ value.

People with strong energy of 8 often think they can manage everything and, moreover, that they should manage everything.

They are perfectly capable of doing so, but it is not always needed. That is why one with such an energy has to go through stages dominated by number 3.

Number 3 has a very different frequency. It is a youthful, adventurous, curious and highly imaginative number. It is about fun, joy, experimenting, enthusiasm.

Number 3 is about creative work, fantasy, imagination, vision, art, humor. It is also highly sociable, kind, compassionate, loving, broad-minded.

In contrast to number 8, which is authoritarian, self-disciplined, pragmatic and realistic, it seems 3 is exactly the opposite. In extremes, these vibrations are opposite.

However, in number 8338 they permeate one another in a very good and useful way. This message tells about stages you have to go through, in order to polish your self, to say so.

As a result, you will be more able and ready to get in touch with your twin flame, for these processes reflect in twin souls. Number 8338 can bee seen as 83 and 38, respectfully.

From a fully materialistic point of view, you will likely go to the opposite extreme, as a part of a process of harmonization and purification.

Then, number 3 will gradually harmonize with ’new’ 8. The result of the process will be your more balanced self, one valuing both the realistic and material and imaginary and creative.

Number 8338 and Love

Angel/twin flame numbers reflect in the sphere of love life and the field of relationships in general.

This number and the process we have described will have very positive impact on your love life, although the dramatic switch could be a bit turbulent and chaotic.

However, at the end of the day, you will know what you want, when it comes to relationships.

Moreover, your soul will be more open to others and you will be more ready to embrace their love. This process opens your soul to your twin soul, as well.

As we have mentioned, people with dominant 8 are very reliable, stable, they readily help and provide, but they sometimes lack emotional openness, which is necessary.

When it comes to twin flames, number 8338 can also be a reflection of a process of reunion, in which 8 and final 8 mark the stages of connection and re-connection, and number 3 repeated, a stage in between.

In any case, this number represents a process of reconnection, with your own self and others. If you are in a relationship, it could reflect the phases it has to go through.

Speaking of love and emotional bonds, all relationships of great value, of priceless importance, such as marriage, great friendships, family relations and else, have to go through both good and bed times, in order to reinforce.

Number 8338 shows we have to go through a process of harmonization, with all disturbances that come along; from ego to mutual.

Interesting Facts About Number 8338

Number 8338 is a complex angel number, for it has four digits, with two strong vibrations. It can be seen as number 83 and 38, as well.

However, there is another hidden meaning. Number 8338 resonates with energy of master numbers 11 and 22.

Both 83 and 38 resonate with energy of master number 11, for it is the sum of their digits.

When we sum them further, the result is 22. Number 11 and 22 have a very special meaning in numerology and they are known as master numbers.

Speaking of twin flames, there is a ’twin’ element in both, so this message could definitely be a sign of you getting closer to the twin flame and vice versa.

In other words, you will be enlightened by your connection.

We can say these master numbers within 8338 tell about the completion, the reunion process, as a result of everything we have previously mentioned. They are confirmation of reunion and their potential is immense!

Let us go quickly through their basic meanings. Master number 11 is a karmic number of enlightenment.

Number 11 is associated with spiritual awareness, with intuition, inspiration, vision, enthusiasm, mystery and mystic knowledge.

This number marks one’s soul purpose and mission and, as such, leads towards twin flame reunion.

Number 11 is about illumination, about enlightening others. It is an angelic message of life purpose and optimism.

Number 22 resonates with both energies of 11 and 2, as it is double 11 and it consists of two times digit 2.

Number 22 is a master number of reconnection, reunion, life purpose and one’s mission of the soul, as well.

Unlike 11, which is more individual, number 22 has a strong vibration of 2, which is about partnership, relations, sharing, compassion, cooperation, selflessness, duality, balance.

If we take all this into account, we can definitely think of number 8338 as a reunion number, a number that reunites you with your higher self, number of self-awareness, but also the awareness of all life and especially of twin soul.

This is a number confirming your special bond with a twin soul and one harmonizing your connection.

What to Do When You Seen Angel Number 8338?

If you start seeing number 8338, something major is about to happen within your soul, you will be able to recognize your soul purpose and mission and your twin flame.

In other words, you are on a good path of cosmic reunion with a twin flame. It does not mean the journey will be quick and easy, but this number is highly optimistic.

It confirms you are on a very good path, so keep going. This process of self-refinement, of making a change from materialistic level towards more spiritual and imaginative will enrich and open your soul.

The process will help you synchronize with your twin flame, regardless of their current state of being and awareness.


Number 8338 is a confirmation of twin flame soul journey and of one’s process of refinement and re-integration.

Number 8338 consists of seemingly opposite, but permeated and harmonized numbers 8 and 3, seen as important parts of one’s journey.

Moreover, it bears within the most powerful energy of master numbers 11 and 22, proofs of a path towards twin flame reunion and balance.

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