8818 Angel Number – Meaning and Twin Flame

If you are new to the world of Angel numbers and you don’t know what to make out of them then you are at the right place because we are here to help you decipher the complete meaning of the Angel number that entered your life and make you wonder about secrets of the universe.

Angels are holy beings and their main purpose is to guard humans and help them be more spiritual and aware of things happening in the outer world and also in their spiritual world.

They will help us if we turn to them and make our lives easier in many ways.

Sometimes it’s easy to decipher an angel number but sometimes it takes a lot of time to understand what is the basic meaning of these holy numbers that keep on popping into our everyday life.

The feeling is sometimes so intense that you will feel like you have been chosen for something but cannot manage to discover what it is.

8818 Angel number is kind of special because it contains Number 8 three times, and it is a number closely related to Infinity and also a number which is the beginning and the end of everything regarding Angel numbers.

When we see Angel number 8818 we see a very perfect number that can be easily written or said and which is similar to Angel number 8888, one of the most profound angel numbers you can come across to.

If you’re not sure what to do when you see Angel number 8818 you should probably take some alone time off to learn what is so different in the lives of the people that believe in Angel numbers and karma.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Since every number has its secret meaning and symbolism so does Angel number 8818 also has its meaning.

It is based on numbers eight and one, but number 8 is especially important because it appears three times, so it has triple the influence on the meaning of Angel number 8818.

When we speak about angel number 8 we are speaking about a very disciplined number whose main focus is work and progress so by seeing a number that has three digits 8 in it means that it is time for you to make a career move and finally make some progress you desire so much.

Angels know that it is scary to change things you are familiar with and good at, but they know you are a very creative soul and that you need to find a job that will give you more freedom to make your own choices.

You are ready for some heavy projects and your angels are sending you triple eights because they want you to the more focused on your career.

Number 8 in 8818 is a very good sign for you because it means that there are some positive things for you in your future and the only thing you have to do is to work hard and have a positive attitude.

Your angels want you to have an optimistic view of everything because they know that positive energy and vibrations are going to attract the same. You need to think positively in order to be successful.

8818 is a number that will give you the strength and endurance to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Endurance and patience are essential for your life project because it might take a while for you to find a way to connect with your Guardian angel.

Be honest to yourself and think about whether are you happy living the life you have been living or if is there something more for you out in the world.

Are you meant for something more serious and memorable? If you dare to listen to number 8 then you will have the strength to follow its lead.

Now let us talk about angel number 1, the basic number. It is a very strong angel number when it stands alone but it doesn’t lose its strength when it is combined with other numbers because it has powerful energy in its core.

Number 1 is often related to champions and is a sign of success in many cultures.

It is no wonder because it has a very powerful vibration so if it is a part of your angel number then you will be soon rewarded with a huge reward. This reward doesn’t have to be a material one, it can be a spiritual one.

People who live their lives according to numbers 8 and 1 are mostly very creative and persistent people who have great careers in their fields.

If you are also surrounded by these numbers and you do not feel like you have accomplished your goals then you are doing something wrong.

The first thing you have to do to make things right is to focus on your spiritual life and take care of your soul.

There is nothing more important than your spiritual richness so if you don’t take care of it and come closer to your angels you will never be completed successfully and happy inside.

Angel number 8818 knows what you should focus on and it gives you the opportunity to come there easier than usual.

But angels want something in return: to focus on spirituality and your power to come out as a winner even in the most challenging times.

Number 8818 and Love

Love is a sentiment that often comes to our minds during the day because it is something we value a lot. 8818 angel number also values love a lot and the shape of the number 8 speaks about the most sacred kind of love, infinite love.

Love is hard to find but it is not impossible, especially if you have angels by your side.

However, a lot of emotions can be mistaken for love. A lot of people use this word to describe feelings that are related to love but not love.

Love is truthful, love can not be deceiving. Love is infinite and unconditional. If you are in a relationship without these adjectives then you will never truly be happy.

Angel number 8818 brings the message about the importance of love in your life and it emphasizes the need of having true love in your life. Follow your angels and be happy; never settle.

When 8818 angel number shares the message of love it also speaks about spiritual and holy love, not only romantic love. If love doesn’t make you a better person then it is not true love you are talking about.

Interesting Facts About Number 8818

Number 8818 is a special number for a very popular white rapper, Eminem. This number is describing the number of words from his vocabulary and it shares very powerful energy just like his own is.

UGC 8818 is a spiral galaxy located in the Virgo constellation which also goes by the name LEDA 49399. It was discovered in 1888. and this year is coincidentally also a number involving numbers eight and one.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 8818?

If you are not good at detecting what is the meaning of angel number 8818 you keep seeing in your proximity do not disappear.

Many people know how to decipher its meaning and you can turn to one of them.

However, if you want to find it yourself, it is okay and your angels are happy for you because they see you are making an effort to become closer to your divine creator. They appreciate you taking the time to think about the message they have sent you.

Since number 8818 brings a lot of questions you need to find answers to, then you should start as soon as possible before the number disappears and you lose your chance to decipher it.

Sometimes it shows up for weeks and sometimes it shows only a few times before it disappears from your life.

Take time and think about what is it in your life you are not satisfied with. Are you having problems in some areas of your life that you ignore ann hide under the carpet hoping they will disappear?

8818 is not meant for people who hide from their problems, but for people who solve problems.

Your angel number tells you to take action so it is what you have to do when you see angel number 8818.

Sitting still is no longer an option for you once your life was touched by your angels.

If the problem persists you need to take some drastic actions, even though it might have serious consequences.

Sometimes you need to exclude some people from your life who are putting you down or are toxic to you. This is the hardest thing to do for everyone.

Sometimes angels want you to find your true self and follow your dreams even though they are not what other people expect, but it doesn’t matter because you are the only one you must listen to.

If you are scared of change you should know it is something everyone feels.

We all get cozy and believe this is the highest we could go, but most people never reach their top because they are scared to make another step forward, out of their comfort zone.


Seeing angel numbers can be overwhelming and a lot of people do not know how to cope with it. If you are not happy with the way your everyday life looks like then you should be concentrating on making a step forward.

Angel number 8818 is all about moving forward and making changes that upgrade lives. Make sure you make the necessary moves to become a happier and healthier individual.

Since 8818 is related to infinite love and winning it is also an encouragement that you should focus on winning in love because it will make you truly happy.

Do not let anyone decides for you because you know what is best for you.

If you make a mistake and miss out on this call for improvement you might find yourself stuck at the same place for a very, very long time.

Being in touch with your angels is one of the greatest things that could happen to you so believe in yourself and everything will turn out just fine.

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