9799 Angel Number – Meaning and Twin Flame

Numerology is an old practice, the science of numbers, as its name suggests.

However, numerology is not about the mathematical value of numbers, but about the impact of numbers on our lives, on people’s life paths. Angels numbers are numerical sequences sent to us by angelic beings, our guardians from heaven.

Angels are divine spirits, connected to the ultimate source, God. They are messengers of the Most Divine, our guardians and guides.

Whatever happens in our lives, no matter how lonely we may feel at times, we are never alone. Heavens watch over us and see to help us maintain our mutual connections, as well.

Some people have a stronger connection than others. Did it happened to you to know exactly how one feels at the present moment, without the person being actually present by your side at the time?

Did it happened to you to think about someone and then, all of a sudden, that person calls you, even if you have not heard from him or her for a while?

Connections between people are mysterious and not limited to the physical and tangible world. Our souls are permeated and in touch with each other within eternity.

Our souls are also connected to the divine realm, although it is something we often find difficult to fathom. Some people believe in this exchange between heaven and the earth, some not.

However, there are many proofs that show us there must be something beyond what we can see, hear, touch, smell and otherwise experience by our senses.

Human beings are bodies and souls and minds and everything is permeated. Our souls search for one another, throughout space and time. Numbers, as vibrations of cosmic energies, greatly affect our soul frequency.

Numbers could be divine messages, as well. When you keep seeing the same number all around, you must be wondering what is it about?

What does this number means? Such a number is very likely a message from angels, a message of guidance, support and twin flame reunion. Let us tell something about twin flames and angel numbers.

Twin Flame and Angel Numbers

As we have mentioned, some people have a stronger connection than others, a bond on a spiritual, often inexplicable level. These people can intuitively feel each other, as if their souls work at the same frequency.

Indeed, it is so, for what we talk about are twin flames. Twin flames are said to be a soul separated into two bodies, a soul that has been one and complete long time ago.

The connection of these two halves or two souls of the same frequency seems to have something to do with biological twins, meaning it could be a good parallel.

These souls complete one another; therefore, they seek for the other half through space and time. Your twin flame could be miles away and you will still feel he or she is somewhere up there.

Twin souls are not the same as soul mates, for a person could meet many soul mates, people whose soul is compatible with theirs, but could have only one twin flame.

Twin flames are somewhat mysterious for we cannot tell for certain if everyone has a twin flame or if twin flames are limited to the present life or, likely, not.

Twin flames seek for reunion, for it is a way to be whole, be complete. The journey towards reunion is, in the first place, a journey of self-discovery.

Everything an individual experiences and learns through a lifetime reflects in the twin soul and vice versa. Therefore, we first have to know our own selves better and it will bring us closer to a twin flame; to a soul mate, as well.

What is the role of angels and numbers in this journey? Angel numbers, seen as divine messages of guidance, help us better understand our place in this life, our potentials, our own energy and vibration, our good qualities, our flaws.

Numbers define our life path, but could also be little guidebooks from higher realms.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The numbers you repeatedly keep seeing all over the place are angelic messages. Each number has its symbolism and meaning, each has a specific and unique vibration.

Your heavenly guardians carefully select sequences to send you, in order to point something out and to make sure you are bringing into awareness certain aspects of your own being and life.

Any of existing numbers could be a message, but only if it comes to you over and over again and strangely catches your attention, making you think of its possible meaning.

Typically, the sequences are catchy, such as same-digit sequences, mirrored numbers, striking one-digits, logical rows etc. Whatever number was in question, if it keeps returning, it is a message.

In numerology, each number is associated with a set of meanings and each has a specific vibration. As messages, number both affect you and tell you something.

Remember, angels do not interfere with human lives directly, their messages have to be interpreted and decoded, in a way. In order to understand the meaning behind a sequence, we should look into numerology.

According to numerology, each person has a life path number. The sum of your birth date numbers, reduced to one digit, is your life path number.

Of course, many people would have the same one, but it will always manifest uniquely. By the same method of summation we can interpret complex angel number messages.

9799 Angel Number Twin Flame

What is the meaning of number 9799 and how it affects your twin flame journey? What does it say about yourself and about your twin flame?

Number 9799 is a complex one, with hidden meanings we will talk about a bit later. First, this sequence is composed out of two numbers, 9 and 7. As we can see, it looks as if the row of nines is ’interrupted’ by a 7.

In other words, it tells about the dominant energy of number 9 in your life and its importance for your path and twin flame reunion.

However, the straight line of nines needs a bit of focus shifting. This number has another vibration as well, a vibration of number 7, again (9+7+9+9 is 34, 3+4 equals 7).

Number 9 is a number of universal cosmic laws, a number of generalist viewpoint, a higher plan.

Number 9 is about universality, tolerance, understanding, objectivity, number of selflessness, detached from ego, number of compassion, philanthropy, humanitarianism. It is a visionary number, a number of those who see beyond what the eyes can see.

Number 9 is associated with one’s awareness of things beyond mere reality, it is number dealing with soul purpose, with big questions.

It marks lives of those who have the capacity to understand the world from a wide perspective. However, such a viewpoint could lead to detachment from self and reality and concrete relations can suffer.

Number 7 is also associated with the abstract. It is the number of science, philosophy, religion, a number of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, a number of the ascetic life, solitary life, isolation, perfection, dedication, study, learning, knowledge-seeking.

Number 7 has always been associated with mystical powers, as well as 9.

However, 7 is more individually oriented, very introverted. In this sequence, t marks the important point in one’s life, an essential stage of life, a phase of inner journey, isolated from the world, needed in order to actually establish connections in the future.

As a part of twin flame journey, it guides you towards twin flame through realizing your own potentials.

Number 9799 and Love

Number 9799 does not tell about earthly relationships to the point it tells about spiritual bonds with people. It tells about connections on a deeply spiritual level, even about platonic relationships.

This number is about universal love, in the first place, and a love of a scholar, a philosopher, a wisdom and high purpose seeker.

In essence, it tells about the possibility of forming a bond with someone on highly spiritual level.

As such, this number tells definitely about the reunion with a twin flame, for twin flames do not need physical connection in order to feel one another. Being non dependent from earthly bonds, in a way, brings twin flames much closer.

Interesting Facts About Number 9799

Number 9799 resonates with energies of numbers 9 and 7, with 7 found once again as a hidden vibration. This way, the energies of 9 and 7 are more balanced.

The sequence tells about a very clear path, the journey from an objective and generalist point of view to more individual and introverted. As a whole, this number speaks about a spiritual, intellectual, inner development and growth.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 9799?

If you see number 9799 often, it is time to shift your focus from the higher plan to a minor, inner plan, in order to balance your love for the world with needs of your soul and mind.

Do not get the message wrong, it praises your God-given ability to look at life from a higher perspective and have understanding for the versatility of life.

However, it also points out it is needed to look into your own soul and mind and give them the food it needs. That way, you will be able to reach the half you long for on a subconscious level most likely, the twin flame.


Number 9799 is a complex twin flame/angel number sequence consisting of four digit, but actually two dominant numbers alone, 9 and 7.

This number primarily tells about the importance of finding a balance between the universalist and the individual plan, in order to let your soul and mind open towards a spark of the twin flame, on a journey of spiritual reunion.

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