Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Who has the Sun in Aquarius in the birth chart is, in general, a person who loves his freedom: a free and independent spirit in perennial contrast with the compromises and conditioning of the system.

With a tendency to idealize a better world, Aquarius people are curious, visionary, and intuitive.

In general, he does not like to submit to fixed rules, but on the contrary he is a strong supporter of unpredictability.

They are impatient when they perceive the routine in their life. Boredom makes them feel trapped in their own thoughts causing an almost apathetic mood.

Only when a new Aquarian idea is put into action, the mood returns euphoric and more sociable and attractive than ever!

Precisely because it is a fixed sign of air, the heart of winter that is managed and expressed in the mental hemisphere, there is a strong predisposition to study and observation.

Aquarius Sun – Meaning and Info

This factor indicates a strong connection with society, independence and open-mindedness, as well as a keen interest in everything in the world.

With negative development, such traits as a tendency to depression and a tendency to antisocial activity are formed.

A person is full of unrealizable ideas and transcendental plans, he lacks self-control and self-discipline, he is overly hasty in his wishes and fantastic in projects, and the discrepancy between the conceivable and the real sooner or later plunges him into despair.

With a positive development of nature, a wonderful intuitive gift, enviable diligence, insight and a rare ability for high abstract thinking are formed.

A person is sincerely interested in the well-being of others and helps them in whatever way he can. Spiritual openness, cordial contact and sincere friendliness arise.

He is seriously interested in social problems, selflessly helps others. Such a person is characterized by a special wealth of ideas and projects, a love of independence and a desire to reform and improve life. He is idealistic and pragmatic at the same time, humane and versatile gifted. He has an excellent sense of humor, inclined to study literature, science and art.

The main thing for such a person is the search and implementation of spiritual, social and scientific ideas. All his contacts are meaningful and expedient. He can be called a mobile, but never emotional person. The main thing for him is the constant presence of novelty, surprise and variety.

His spontaneous reactions are unpredictable and spasmodic. He is full of interest in everything, always craves fresh and exciting, curious and inquisitive. His nature can be safely called deeply contradictory in all its aspects.

He wants to change everything, and the ideas of reform come to mind often and as if by themselves. His subconscious mind is capricious and arbitrary – sometimes he himself does not know what to expect from himself.

This person is kind, friendly, polite, gentle and talkative. Many consider him cunning and evasive, although there is not the slightest intent in this kind of behavior. He loves all kinds of curiosities and jokes, surprises.

Aquarius Moon – Meaning and Info

The Moon in the sign of Aquarius in the horoscope is a Futurist Moon. The past is in fact superfluous for the Aquarius sign that always looks to the future.

The subject tends to live the political and social problems of his time with active participation. He can have eccentric and unconventional attitudes but casual and nice.

People born with the Moon in Aquarius have a strong sense of friendship, and nurture the need to have many social contacts.

The relationship with emotions is often complicated, and unless the element of water is predominant in the birth chart, this position of the Moon indicates people who are detached, controlled, cold, and sometimes apparently indifferent.

The sense of universal brotherhood can be very strong, but at the same time, these people can be paradoxically blind to the needs and demands of those they love.

In a disharmonious aspect it can indicate a slightly irritating extravagance that can tire those who live next to him. There may be a tendency to show off and easily break the bonds of love or friendship. Instability in moods.

He tends to mask the difficulty of dealing with his emotions with a cold and detached attitude.

In love he looks for a companion with an independent and self-confident character, free from prejudices and conventions, a sincere and faithful friend, ready to follow his extravagant ideas about him and to accept his moments of emotional detachment.

The woman with the Moon in Aquarius is original, unconventional and expresses her femininity in an unconventional way. She is a very independent woman, a little eccentric and progressive, with a strong need to experience life and surround herself with social relationships.

It is not easy for this woman to get in touch with emotions and feelings, she to some extent she can seem cold and aloof.

You attach great importance to human relationships, friendship and tolerance. She doesn’t like binding or controlling relationships, when she meets a man who shares her vision of mono with her, she is capable of profound loyalty and dedication.

Those who own the Moon in Aquarius can have a good couple affinity with the signs of air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius or with those who own the Moon in these signs.

The relationship that is created is mainly of an intellectual nature even if, sometimes, social or worldly life can take over the life of the couple.

The lack of possessiveness of the air signs will allow those who own the Moon in Aquarius to manage their time and maintain their spaces, which is very important for Aquarius.

With a partner who has Sun or Moon in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) you can create a stimulating relationship from all points of view.

A more complicated relationship with the Leo who demands attention and a little romance, while the Aquarius is more detached and independent and does not thrive on great passions.

The combination with Taurus and Scorpio is more difficult, jealous and possessive signs that could make the native feel threatened in his need for freedom.

The relationship with those who have the Sun or Moon in Virgo can be made up of very fruitful and stimulating intellectual exchanges, while with Capricorn a relationship of friendship can be more rewarding than that of a couple.

With the water signs Pisces and Cancer, there can be a good harmony, but Aquarius cannot fully understand the emotional universe of signs that are so sensitive and too complicated for them.

Basically good health, those born with the Moon in Aquarius can suffer from cardiovascular diseases and venous and lymphatic circulation of the lower limbs. They have brittle ankles and often protruding front teeth.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Despite his eccentric behavior, he is emotionally reserved and well acquainted with his own instincts. Possesses remarkable intelligence and bright eloquence. Extremely resourceful and resourceful.

Above all in life, he values ​​freedom and the absence of coercion. His actions are always effective and successful.

He easily adapts to the environment, adapting it to himself. He has a lively quick wit and an innate psychologist, intuitively feels the inner world of other people and has a wonderful nose for beneficial connections and opportunities.

The nature is active, sensitive, loving. Such a person always disregards social conventions and accepted norms of behavior.

Therefore, many consider it somewhat strange, or at least unusual. He takes the affairs of his friends and acquaintances to heart, sometimes we get overwhelmed with a thirst for wandering and seeks to get acquainted with unusual people, with interesting destinies.

Such a person almost always brings anxiety to his own environment, he is prone to disputes and criticism.

Often he is skeptical about the views and activities of other people, but he himself never knows what he will do in the next minute. Has the gift of convincing people of the need to accept advice useful to them.

He always knows a lot about the world and people. Reality perceives objectively, without mixing emotions and sensual influences with his impressions. Such people in life regularly experience unexpected ups and downs.

They are very energetic and efficient. Can’t stand loneliness. They are sometimes difficult to understand, much less to accept, but they are grateful and sincere, which almost everyone likes.

Most of all, such a person values ​​independence and the right to adhere only to his own opinion. Relationships with friends and acquaintances are unpredictable and volatile.

In the character there is a desire for movement and travel, for changes and breaks, changes and rearrangements. Unmistakable intuition, strong will, vivid imagination.

Such a person applies his inventive talent in all spheres of life. He needs self-assertion only in order to consolidate the independence of his position.

Such people like to cooperate, are inclined to collegial decisions. A person demands complete freedom to come and leave the house as he pleases. His house is always open for group events and friends’ gatherings.

More than anything in the world, he is afraid of personal emotional attachments and stagnation in deeds and thoughts, as this threatens his freedom. Many life manifestations are purely irrational. Reformation and adventurism are the main character traits.

The thirst for new things sometimes becomes uncontrollable, and therefore changes are welcomed with special enthusiasm. How the Moon in Aquarius is interpreted in the natal chart: Aquarius – the ability to feel the needs of people, intuitive insights, friendliness to everyone.

Don’t burden yourself manifestation of feelings. They demand complete freedom to come and leave the house as they please.

Their family probably has an unusual relationship. Their home is a meeting place for friends and is open to group gatherings. The negative sides are perversion of feelings, persistence, irrationality, the need for freedom at any cost.

Fear of personal, emotional attachments, as this threatens personal freedom. Active, intuitive, pleasant, friendly and loving nature, born under this influence is sociable and sympathetic in behavior; open, humane, independent and somewhat unconventional.

The moon gives interest to everything strange and curious, a penchant for the unusual, original, eccentric, inventive ability.

Patronizes political, scientific pursuits, as well as education, interest in astrology, occultism, secret societies, etc. Good imagination, receptive mind; upset and change because of friends.

Failure to communicate with women, susceptibility to grief and wandering life if the moon is poorly inspected. How to interpret the Moon in Aquarius in the natal chart: key word: emotional inner distance Experience for you is a means of proof.

You react to everything that happens both externally and internally. You need freedom because you tend to create tension in yourself. You need to have some goal in order to release your own tension, otherwise disappointment will follow you.

This can lead to restless wandering and constant seeking, but liberation leads to spiritual enlightenment. Your senses work very quickly, and your mind and emotions react instantly.

Therefore, you are always in business, while maintaining a quick mind.

You have a great combination of religious, humanitarian, sexual and scientific qualities. You are versatile and ahead of your time. You are a great friend, partner and interesting conversationalist.

Women with a Moon in Aquarius can be too eccentric and inclined to experiment, and men and women should try not to be too cold and indifferent.

A man with the Moon in Aquarius is looking for a free partner, especially when it comes to sex. This position of the moon indicates a penchant for politics or education, or even for some unusual areas, for example, astrology and the occult.

This position also shows your originality, ingenuity, and scientific ability.

You have a wildly developed imagination and an abundance of creative energy.

Be careful that your nervous system is not harmed by the overuse of emotional energy. You have an innate ability to inspire people with your ideas and goals, to lead them. You love everything unconventional and value personal independence.


You are an idealist and have a broad outlook, but underneath these seemingly friendly manners lies a decent amount of selfishness.

Consciously control your ambiguous behavior, coldness, and hindsight. The sooner you begin to study ethical and moral norms and rules, the sooner success will come to you.

This position of the moon emphasizes friendliness, humanity and kindness.

Due to the need for emotional independence, you may be left alone and face difficulties in emotional connections, which you will try to overcome under the guise of artificial disinterest. Your feelings may be cold because you don’t understand the emotional needs of others.

You are kind, friendly, but do not know how to be intimate. You also lack impressiveness. Mother for you is first of all a friend. She helped you become independent early on. Her behavior is humane and extraordinary.

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