Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

In some of these pieces about Rising Signs, we spoke of the importance of the Moon in the personal natal charts, and we have said that the Moon is the representation of the source.

When we have said that, it speaks of the female principle, which implies on wife, mother, and daughter, etc.

It implies an impact that these women have on us in life, and it speaks of the type of relationship we build with the mother (and further with the wife and daughters, and any female in our life).

In this article, you will see the importance of the Moon, in its shines form, when it is located in the most tender of all signs – Cancer.

When we go deeper, we can see the impact on the well-being of the family, origin, upbringing, and all other factors that have a profound impact on the psychology and life of the person in question.

But, the thing that we have not spoken about is the fact the Moon in the natal chart also speaks of dreams, and in this sense, it represents the mind and its relation to emotions.

These two aspects are different, but they need to work combined.

Today we are looking into the world of those who have the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Cancer.

You will see how the Moon in its shines form is seen in the Cancer sign, with all good and “bad” aspects.

General Meaning

If we know in general that the Moon represents our need to bind our soul to something, then the position of the Moon will only indicate how the soul feels or expresses emotion, and when that Moon is located in the Cancer sign, then you can imagine its potency.

Here, we can see the representation of the need of people to bind and unite with other beings.

These are the people whose emotions could not be described with a million words.

High sensitivity Cancer does not combine best with the main characteristics that come from the Sun that is located in the Aquarius sign, so this luminary combination will often have a pronounced duality; on the one hand, feelings, and on the other reason and will.

Usually, one trait will prevail once, and other traits the other time, that is, uneven, jumpy behavior and inner dissatisfaction, because it will always seem to you that these people have not satisfied one side of the being.

Also, these people, under the burden of such strong emotions, can be subjective, not realistic – as friends, this is wonderful, but they must learn to be a bit more objective if they want to be respected.

What they hate is being asked why they have been moody, and what they have been feeling, why did they overreacted, why they have suffered because they were not understood. It’s just their own experience of life.

Even a romantic movie will provoke a torrent of emotions in them, which will hardly calm down since it comes from the bottom of their heart.

This Moon demands a lot of attention and adores the stories of the family from the past the most, and this is the comfortable place.

This is a reflection of women who dominate the family – it can be the lady, but most commonly in male’s natal chart, this is the woman that has a large impact on the man with this set of luminaries.

Here we can see a lot of thoughts about the past, which repeatedly permeates every second of their life: one step forward, three back.

The Moon in Cancer speaks of hypersensitivity but not necessarily of compassion. He is sensitive when someone hurts him or something of his, so he reacts violently.

That is why he is more sensitive than sensitive. However, this is a good position and indicates a karmic connection with family and ancestors, especially with the mother.


Family images from childhood largely influence the existence of all those who have the Moon positioned in the Cancer Zodiac sign, and it is a good and bad thing at the same time.

They are maybe a bit calmer, shyer, and more sensitive than a typical Aquarius.

When necessary, these human beings with this set of luminaries can distance themselves and be very objective – this makes them perfect friends and partners. They are so full of imagination and sometimes live in an unreal world that is filled with tender emotions and images from the past.

So there is no doubt that in this combination, emotions are very strong; these human beings enjoy romantic along with unusual events and adventures.

Their mood is full of ups and downs, and it can go to uncomfortable extremes, and these people often happen to get entangled in some emotional situations.

In this luminary combination, the Sun in Aquarius finds it difficult to control the variability of emotions and that obsession with himself, even in terms of the most insignificant distinctions, which are characteristic of the world of the Moon in Cancer.

Here the negative aspect comes from the fact that we meet people who are, although very mobile in life, is in reality obsessed with eternal doubts and constant insecurity.

In this lunar combination, we get to witness the great need for emotional security along with the emotional dependence on the closest ones, uncontrolled hesitation, and susceptibility to the current mood and influences of all kinds from the immediate environment.

People with this set experience everything deeply and seriously, which is why they suffer in life, even if they do not have to.

Some say that their destiny is more than ever connected with family relations, as well as with their offspring – family is in the center of this Moon in the first place since it dictates what happens.

People of this set must be realized through the family they will form throughout life – numerous marriages, many kids, etc.

The family home is the most important for them to draw positive energy, but if the Moon has difficult aspects of other planets, problems will be inevitable, which is again fateful predestination.

In the past life, there were numerous challenges, and the past lies are in the present.

They usually, and this is very interesting, connect to their past lives with dreams – this is the case since such vivid dreams leave a strong impression on the soul attached to the spaces in which it lived before this life.

Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon – Man

This man is the person who swims in life and is cured by it because this is the man who needs healing because his emotions are so potent.

Often times he chooses a home near the water just because of this reason. He needs a woman who will take care of him because he has that connection and the eternal memory of the mother as a supreme being. This is truly important to know so that you can understand this man.

Because he is to everyone close to him as a mother, he needs a woman who will take care of all his needs, someone who will be close to him.

If you are a stranger or you dislike him for any reason, forget that you will ever be able to come close to this man.

In the worst-case scenario, this man is behaving like an unprotected child even when he is older, or for not making any major decisions quickly, for sometimes not being able to tell his loved ones what he truly feels because he feels too much and too strong, so when it tries, sometimes it’s too late.

And sometimes at the right time. Sometimes it will seem that he only takes care of himself and takes shelter when his loved one sees him.

So this man looks is enough to make him sad and squeeze him into the cuddle, just to make him smile. Because he feels you, or he thinks he thought others. And who does he not love? Who hurts him?

Then he knows how to be mean. He is caring and attentive to those he loves. He is the most excellent protector, don’t forget, the protector of his own and those closest to him.

Because he remembers everything and everyone, he gets angry, rejoices, remembers, and remembers like crazy, and it is what makes him crazy and acting erratically.

He is an incorrigible romantic and artist. Forever sad and most often in the world of his emotions.

And the soul of so many vulnerable emotions that even an unimportant event for others collapses on this soul like a house on its head, so this Moon retreats into its shell, keeps silent, and suffers.

And he only needs the security of his home and an endless family of his closest ones because they are not interested in someone else’s house, and this is the man that will never cheat on his partner.

It will ruin everything he is and stands for. He loves his own – whatever that may be for him.

And he will always come back to her, to the mother, and this is the place where the female principle comes to the surface in its shines form.

Endowed with great sensibility, this man suffers from conflicts and does everything to smooth out problems, reconcile and remove differences.

But while he does it, he can be an angry opponent who wants to make everyone sure in his version of the story.

When he is disappointed (and he is a tender soul, so this happens a lot), he does not question his values ​​but believes that everything will work out in the end.

Sometimes this man has overly divine optimism that is leading him to passivity but helps him persevere in a tireless search for friendship.

Even if he has to, he will take every little thing from the old one to the new home and rebuild his place under the Sun.

Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon – Woman

A woman that has this set of luminary has a certain authority, but in her case, it is always colored by certain care for others – she has great intuition when judging people and often turns to other people’s wishes and needs.

But, on the other side of the spectrum, this woman has one prominent fear, as we have said that it is seen through the understanding of the Moon in the natal chart.

Here we meet the fear of ridicule or criticism that sometimes makes her discreet, diplomatic, and conventional; due to innate insecurity, she retreats before all unpleasant things and can never look back from it.

Advice for this woman is to take care of her changeable moods, and it could happen to her that she takes everything too personally.

Advice for her is also to avoid considering her own wishes as a reality, having illusions about herself and others.

However, her perception of others is not always realistic. She easily allows herself to be exploited and tends to give away trust easily.

However, she rarely dramatizes if she finds that she expected too much from others.

A lady that has this set of luminaries in Aquarius – Cancer signs learns to walk on the ground, even in conditions of material discomfort, without losing sight of her ideal. She knows how to adapt to the circumstances without deeply changing her personality, and this may be her most wonderful trait.

Nevertheless, she is not always aware of the change that is taking place in her because she remained attached to the dreams of her childhood and committed to her first aspirations.

And as long as her ideal remains very present in her spirit, she has the impression that she is moving in eternity, that she is changing her behavior without completely denying the understandings that her family and upbringing have instilled in her. She is both strong and weak at the same time, but she still manages to turn her weakness into a weapon for personal conquest. She can be a respectable enemy.

In the end, a woman that has Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Cancer is, objectively, a slave to its daily rituals and habits. She is recognized by her memorabilia – photos, pictures, diaries, letters… if she let others into the house, she let them into her heart.

This woman wants to show loved ones how they are important to her – and it is not done with the words and does need anything else but feelings.

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