Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Moon changes the entire natal chart – Aquarius changes drastically based on the position in the Moon in the same natal chart.

If the Sun is located in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus, it brings a slightly more relaxed personality, where the need to indulge must be free, and sensual pleasures and tenderness are in on the surface.

This is also seen when the Moon passes through this sign – when these days come, the most important thing is to satisfy our needs and sensual pleasures.

Indulging in the pleasures will not disturb us much, but it will cheer us up and raise serotonin, giving us the strength to get through the next few days.

Now you can imagine how do the people who have this Moon are in their natal chart.

There is a prominent need to be treated with nice things, and being with people we like, a lot of cries, including the happy cry, why not.

Read more of this luminary combination and find out what does it mean, and what kind of character people who have this combination have, and what they can do with their flaws and challenges, but also with benefits that come from this luminary connection.

General Meaning

The Moon, in general, in any luminary combination, explains how we react to the world around us, how we encounter it, and what the soul hides in its depths, things that we even do not admit or even know we hide.

Its magical power is that it leads the soul from body to body with all the experiences, thus helping it to reach perfection on its path.

Now, in this luminary connection, where we speak of the people who have Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus, are in fact, somewhere deep inside people who want to be safe and secure in love, in every other aspect in life, but they also want someone who can understand them deeply (even if they cannot do it by themselves) and someone who is passionate and a bit dramatic.

People with the Moon in Taurus have a strong character that allows them to work hard and hard to satisfy their interests and fulfill their wishes and plans, and the fact that the Sun is located in the Aquarius sign just means that they are human beings who are looking into the future.

By nature, they are mild and pleasant to society, but they can be dangerous and angry if someone provokes them, even aggressive and overly protective and possessive toward things that they see belong to them, or even people. They know how to behave mysteriously, and they are quite closed when it comes to their interests – and looking deeply into their lives, it is much better for them not to reveal their secrets and plans to others.

Not even to the closest member of their family, not anyone, because they will approach it too honestly (the Moon in Taurus), and this is not what they should do.

Otherwise, they are honest, very confidential people, and therefore amazing friends, have a natural magnetism and are able to kill people around them with their words and presence when they really want to. They enjoy fun and beauty, and they like to be surrounded by food, nice things, to have, and to share with others.

They view the world around them as a big family, so that’s how they treat everything -all are welcomed in their lives and could live anywhere they want all those places where they feel internally rich and fertile. They were rich inside and want to be surrounded with richness on the outside, artists, singers, cooks, and others.

The Moon in Taurus cannot imagine a day that will spend on hard work, and therefore they can spend the majority of their time thinking, and therefore further being a bit sluggish and lazy.

But on the other side of the story, their hugs are the warmest in the world, so they like to watch people and adore them, kiss them and hug them, loving them openly.

Both men and women that have this set of luminaries are very much tactile and put a lot of emphasis on sensual pleasure, and they are hedonists.

You will be able to recognize their homes as an open space, full of flowers, filled with memorabilia, and often with people. They love to dine in their comforting and interesting homes.

Also, they are those people who enjoy kisses, love spring, and waking up of nature, where they can think of the future and their innovative ideas, early hours and night hours in a good and expensive restaurant.

These people also represent lovers of nature and cannot live without it.


People who have Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus are seen as one of those who are during life are extremely lucky in gaining money and wealth in general.

It does not matter how it will come to them, it comes to them with ease, and in the majority of cases, they can maintain and enlarge it to the maximum.

One thing is important – they should not pay too much attention to it. In life, there must be other substances.

They are the best in jobs of an executive character, but jobs related to the farm (because there is a nature, bringing things to life, etc.) can also bring them a solid income, and often times they do both jobs, or one and then after a while the other, both equally successful.

The Moon in Taurus gives these Aquarius’s a lot of energy and makes them practical (that is normally not their natural trait), especially when their undeniable organizational skills are combined and the tendency to have ingenious ideas.

In this case, they are able to monetize them. Although they are slow in progress, because time does not matter, and can wait until their time comes, in fact, they are good workers, very valuable and innovative in a collective work.

On the other side of the story, those who have this set luminary set can be very unreasonable and full of prejudices, so nothing can stop them in their anger in situations when they get angry. They can hate someone just because and later being guilty because of it, but the Moon in Taurus brings ego to the center, and they are not able to let go of their prejudice.

They work hard to achieve their goals and expect good earnings and will feel very unhappy if they are not able to reach what they have imagined having. This can be the cause of their frustration.

And it can last, do not forget that the Moon in Taurus can be prone to depression. That could last a bit longer than it should or is healthy.

Depending on the other aspects in the natal chart, people with this set of luminaries in Aquarius and Taurus are realistic and materialistically oriented because money and wealth are important stimuli for further work and effort. They need to have a reaction to their actions, and therefore these people must be rewarded for the hard work and ingenious ideas that they put into the world, as they see it.

On a more negative note, people who have this set of luminaries can be selfish at times, regardless of their love toward people.

The patience of these people is deceptive because they have the understanding to a certain extent, after which they can become aggressive, and this condition usually does not keep them long because it is not in accordance with their nature.

In short, they just want to speak of things and topics that are interesting to them, and if it does not suit them, they will end it aggressively, or they will just walk away to the next.

In any case, there is a lot of space for work here, but they can become a valuable member of society, that is for sure.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon – Man

The Moon in Taurus, as we have said in the previous section, is, in a general sense, a very good position, which strengthens all its characteristics, such as compassion, creativity, care, intuition, inclination towards art, etc.

People who have it, and this includes male and female natal charts, are generous in previous lives and helping others, and that is why in this life, they can be lucky with real estate or money.

The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Taurus in a male’s natal chart, in fact, on an emotional level, seek emotionally but also financial security – one he must give and receive and the other it is enough to have.

But have in mind that the word here is security, not just money, but safety in interpersonal relations, with others, comfy home, etc.

But without them, there is no smile because there is no peace and leisure in everyday life – this man is a bit more joyful than some other Aquarius people that are in the majority of ways.

The Moon in Taurus is moving this man to go to the center of the city, but in a quiet street, full of tree lines, near a park, bank, or restaurant. Everything must be so close to him so that he can enjoy to the fullest in his life and where everything is known and secure.

Another good aspect of this combination is the ability of this man to radiate emotional stability, so he doesn’t like you to rush it in any case with anyone. He easily awakens the sympathies of other people to whom he is slowly but firmly attached. He finds it hard to bear the loss of all his loved ones.

Sometimes he is an excellent cook, sometimes the best consumer, but always a hedonistic soul, and being close to him is truly a joyful ride. There is no problem finding a lover, and he has a lot to offer.

If you want to be his lover, then one piece of advice is to be close to him and do not ever show inner nervousness. And give him a chance to feel comfortable.

Provide him with warm food, gentle touches, afternoon lazing, good wine, and optional walks in the woods.

This man is also very stubborn, cordial. He cares about safety and is slow when it comes to change. His presence instills security in others, sometimes because of their cordial nature and love of food and drink. He does not open easily to others, but when he does, then he is the most open and intimate person in the world.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon- Woman

When a lady has this luminary combination, then we know that she is all about the art of creativity that the soul carries speaks of accumulated experiences from earlier lives. She is connected to her past and is fully aware of how to use the past experiences for her own benefit.

Some say that this position of the Moon makes geniuses, especially in writings and any type of creational work, that can show her wonderful nature that must be shown to the world.

Her work is imbued with incalculable spiritual values, which are known to the whole world.

Although it brings slow reactions, she rarely makes mistakes in what they do, especially if she listens to the inner voice. Her destiny is to acquire, love, create and enjoy, and beautify this world in some way. Some do it at a higher level, some at a lower level, but definitely, she is in the first category.

As a lover, this woman can be extremely passionate and express her deepest feelings directly, but at the same time, she has a strong need to control her lovers because she cannot be in a lower position according to her partners.

On a more negative side of the story, this woman can be very jealous and possessive, and she does not tolerate or forgive cheating. Even with a shred of suspicion, this lady will become very angry.

Physically, she loves a man that is strong, and she herself has beautiful or striking facial features – she thinks of a new lover as a future husband, and more importantly, what kind of father he will be, and this is what she bases her decision will she be with someone or not. She is also characterized by nice or pleasant and mild looks and can be very attractive with some kind of mystery in her eyes.

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