Aries in 12th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

Like the Zodiac signs, there are twelve houses in astrology. Each of them has various significant areas of influence.

It means that they rule one or more aspects of our lives. The twelve houses have an impact on our personality, looks, hobbies, relationships, and networks.

They are like a map that shows what matters to you. That is how these houses relate to every aspect of your natal chart. The planets move from one to the other.

Nevertheless, it is crucial in which one they were at the time you were born.

The moment you were born, planets aligned under different Zodiac signs and houses. These houses rule different categories that affect your natal chart.

What does that mean for the 12th house?

The 12th house – Subconscious, fantasies, secrets

The sign of Pisces and planets Jupiter and Neptune are the rulers of the 12th house.

Astrologers often see it as the house that’s alarming to have in a natal chart due to ancient connections with dark spirits, karma, sorrow, and miseries.

The 12th house rules secrets, mysteries, dreams, and affairs. It represents our instincts, gut feelings, untold desires, fears, and fantasies.

The 12th house forces us to realize whether we are consciously present in our lives and confronting challenges, or we let our subconsciousness overtake and make us hide from the problems.

The unconscious level of our minds is more powerful than we think. It strives to make reality easier and make sense out of it.

It is how our subconsciousness defends us from sorrow, grief, and pain. But it also implies our secrets and emotions we don’t want to admit.

Besides, the 12th house confronts us with karma, and it reminds us what we did wrong.

The goal is to uncover what we do with the consequences of our decisions, whether we face them or swipe them under a rug.

As the 12th house also implies a sensation of feeling stuck, unable to move on or let go, it represents hospitals, asylums, and jails.

It reminds us that we need to face the past and our inner demons to heal and move on.

The 12th house is the ruler of the hidden realm, desires, unlawful activities, and unconscious. How does that affect the zodiac sign of Aries?

Aries – Wild, leaders, independent

The Zodiac starts with Aries leading the pack. Naturally, it is the horoscope sign that prefers always being number one.

People born under this sign are aggressive, competitive, courageous, and action-oriented.

Thanks to their determination, they can be stellar leaders and motivational speakers. When they want something, these natives don-t stop until they get it. It is what makes them ideal for moving the crowd or leading the cause.

Aries people are proactive, temperamental, and sexual beings. They like adventures, being intimate, and leading intense lives. They need to see their partner as a challenge to stay interested.

These people have an unshakeable optimism that leads them through every step. They are not people of wisdom, thorough planning, and thinking.

Instead, they are people of action, dynamics, and passion.

How does that blend with the 12th house?

Aries in the 12th house – Natal and meaning

People born with Aries in the 12th house are intelligent, stubborn, and impulsive. They usually act without thinking through, which gets them in trouble.

But these individuals are bold and ready to defend their viewpoints and lifestyle.

However, these natives tend to have enemies due to their progressive thinking and courageous decisions. People often perceive them as a threat, aggressive, or too cocky.

But those born with this placement know how to confuse and overpower their opponents. They often use methods others can’t see through nor understand.

When they are alone, these individuals often feel insecure and unsure about their abilities. But these natives could be stellar leaders and motivational speakers.

However, to get there, they have to overcome their self-doubts and feel comfortable in their skin.

Moreover, these individuals are highly energetic, and their vibe is often infectious. They are assertive and hide their insecurities by acting courageously.

However, that is enough to inspire others and encourage desired behaviors and actions.

Sensitive and observing

People born with Aries in the 12th house usually feel better on their own but hate being lonely.

It is why these individuals may appear shy at first, but they relax after getting to know someone.

However, others often envy their energy and can-do-it-all attitude. It is why these natives should be careful about the company they keep.

Deep inside, they are overly sensitive. Those born with this placement love daydreaming and imagining their future.

But they also find inexplicable joy in nostalgia and looking back at the past.

These natives are a bit paradoxical because they can be progressive and conservative simultaneously.

People born with Aries in the 12th house are vulnerable and worry about what their loved ones think of them.

These natives love to observe others and imitate their behaviors and attitudes because they often think people won’t like them for who they genuinely are.

When they suspect their family or friends have a negative opinion about them, they start losing confidence.

Since they were kids, these natives kept a lot of secrets out of fear of being ridiculed. They grew up with the habit of holding in their fears and struggles.

These individuals prefer when their loved ones see them as powerful and indestructible. It is why they are secretive and rarely open up.

Overthinking and sacrifices

People born with Aries in the 12th house are overthinkers. They can spend hours thinking about a particular subject that bothers them, even though the issue is not that grave.

That happens because these natives allow their subconscious to empower their consciousness.

They are dreamers, deep thinkers, and idealists.

However, these individuals also tend to be pessimistic due to being overly analytical.

Despite being intelligent, these natives are also reckless and often make mistakes. But they rarely learn and make the same bad decisions again.

Those born with this placement also tend to be masochists. They often put up with abuse or mistreatment due to subconsciously enjoying the role of the victim.

Moreover, these natives love attention, and they often get it when they find themselves in tragic situations.

But these individuals are also empathetic and generous. They are sensitive to the suffering of others and will do their best to help.

However, these natives can become victims of their own generosity due to neglecting their well-being.

These individuals think that they should stay composed to maintain control over how others perceive them. They often let their discomfort build up and turn into rage.

That can result in aggression, erratic behavior, and theatrical attitudes.

Other than that, these natives are artistic and find solace in creating things. They often use art to discharge their energy and get away from the world.

On the other side, these individuals tend to keep their creativity to themselves, using it as armor against the toxicity.

Those born with this placement should pay attention to their emotions and ensure they are not controlling them. They often let their feelings drive their decision-making without thinking about the consequences.

Hence, these natives should establish a balance between their subconscious and consciousness, heart and head.

Aries on the cusp of the 12th house – Meaning and traits

People born with Aries on the cusp of the 12th house are compassionate, vulnerable, and proactive. They usually participate in humanitarian causes and fight for justice.

These natives need to believe there is something greater than them to feel life has a purpose.

They respect all life forms and want to contribute to the world. However, these individuals often neglect themselves and dedicate their lives to helping others.

As a result, they often turn into martyrs and sacrifice their personal lives.

Those born with this placement tend to be leaders of global movements, protests, and political causes. They love being in a crowd and feeling a sense of belonging to a group.

But most of all, these natives have an urge to help people and animals, even if it means neglecting themselves.

People born with Aries on the cusp of the 12th house are spiritual and want to feel unity with the divine. They believe the way to achieve that is through sacrifice, pain, and struggle.

The problem is, these natives often turn that into their identity, forgetting who they are outside of the cause.

These individuals are selfless, but sometimes they consciously let others use them. They often feel inexplicable inner guilt that they try to heal through suffering.

These natives are at risk of becoming doormats and losing control over their lives.

The main lesson those born with this placement should learn is that being selfless doesn’t require pain and self-destruction. They should seek their identity outside of their religious, political, or spiritual system.

That is how these natives can learn to love themselves as much as they love the world.

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