Aries in 7th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

Houses are among the pillars of natal charts and horoscope reading.

It is beneficial to understand their meaning and what they represent to have a deeper understanding of your birth chart, identity, and relationships.

There are 12 houses, and each of them stands for a significant area of your life. They are like a map that indicates what matters to you, which is why they connect with every aspect of your natal chart.

The moment you were born, planets aligned under different Zodiac signs and houses. These houses rule different categories.

For example, the second house rules finances, while the fifth one represents love and romantic affairs.

Hence, they can affect your natal chart intensely.

What does that mean for the 7th house?

The 7th house – Marriage, commitment, sense of belonging

The Zodiac sign Libra and planet Venus rule the 7th house. It represents long-term romantic partnerships, marriage, and professional partners.

The 7th house focuses on how do we partner up with someone and what do we achieve as a result.

It is the house that reminds us that unity makes one more powerful and, in the process, more valuable to the community because they can contribute to a greater extent.

The 7th house represents romantic connections or marriage.

But it is also about business cooperation, agreements, negotiations, legal matters, and alliances.

All relationships require collaboration and achieving a goal that can improve a community, group, or people altogether.

The relationships we forge through life all serve their purpose, and that’s what the 7th house shows.

However, the partnerships we make are often there to heal a wound or fill an inner emptiness.

Besides, the 7th house also indicates one peculiarity: enemies and opponents. It shows an open antagonism and how one behaves when a power struggle emerges

Hence, the 7th house represents emotional attachment, partnerships, and collaboration. How does that affect the zodiac sign of Aries?

Aries – Fiery, spontaneous, loud

Born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac.

These individuals are spontaneous, resilient, and self-independent. They are loud, noisy, and live to have fun and be on the move.

These individuals love contests and competitions. It is also their greatest motivation and aphrodisiac.

If doing something allows them to be better than anyone else and prove themselves, they are up for it. They are passionate, ardent, and stubborn. Aries doesn’t stop until they get what they want, and they want everything.

Thus, Aries is warm-hearted, intelligent, and a genuine friend. They will be there for those that need them, and they will try to light up everyone’s day and make them happier.

These people are typically extreme sports enthusiasts, and they love being in the wilderness and exploring. They consider life dull if there is nothing new to discover. A

bove all, they are genuine, impulsive, and courageous.

How does that blend with the 7th house?

Aries in the 7th house – Natal and meaning

People born with Aries in the 7th house are sensual, romance-centric, and flirty. Love and emotional affairs are the centers of their lives.

These individuals want their partners to belong only to them. They are jealous, possessive, and protective of their relationships.

Besides being focused on emotions, these natives are charismatic and can move the crowd. They are fierce and brave.

Others admire these individuals for their passionate personality and unapologetic attitude.

People born with Aries in the 7th house are driven. It is why they usually motivate their love partners to follow their dreams and don’t give up on their goals.

However, these natives tend to be aggressive. It is what they use as fuel to drive their objectives and keep going.

Yet, those born with this placement struggle with feeling complete. These individuals often forget to be more down to the earth and less dramatic.

Indeed, these natives are usually theatrical and enjoy when their lives feel like a movie.

High standards and love for drama

People born with Aries in the 7th house are prone to criticizing others. Even though they are easy on themselves, these individuals tend to have an opposite approach with others.

These natives have high expectations and standards. They want other people to please them and show their affection.

Those born with this placement should be more accepting of others and their flaws. They often miss out on people who could be their friends because they are judgmental.

But these natives continuously feel a war between their heart and their head. Even though they would love to give someone a chance, their mind convinces them they need someone better.

People born with this placement are usually more obedient than other Aries aspects. It is why they respect the law, moral norms, and expectations.

These natives care deeply about what others think of them. But they also care about respecting deadlines, plans, and commitments.

These individuals are temperamental and competitive. They feel an urge to be the best in everything. It is why they often insult others without realizing it.

However, those born with this placement care the most about being the most beautiful, best dressed, or prominent person in the room. They want to capture the attention of potential partners and put everyone else in the shadow.

Those born with this placement are afraid of appearing weak. These individuals want others to perceive them as fighters, winners, and dignified characters.

Other than that, these natives fear they could have enemies close to them without knowing who they are. It is one of the reasons why they try to be friends with everyone.

Heroes or victims

People born with Aries in the 7th house love to convince themselves and others they’re fearless. As a result, they often do things some might perceive as risky or careless.

However, these natives always think well before doing something. They are too afraid of tainting their reputation.

These individuals have an intriguing behavior in relationships. They love placing themselves in stereotypical roles of heroes and victims.

It is why these natives often act as saviors in front of those they like. On the other side, they also tend to pretend to be helpless, especially the females.

Those born with this placement use this as an attraction tactic and because they love drama. They dislike dull moments, experiences, and people.

These natives want everything to feel intense, risky, and edgy. Moreover, they enjoy when others admire them for participating in events others would be too terrified even to consider.

Craving validation

Depending on other natal chart aspects, people born with Aries in the 7th house want a partner who will be either submissive or dominant.

Although they will say to everyone they seek relationship equality, these individuals want to be taken care of or in charge.

These natives seek partners who are their opposites and who will fill the emptiness they feel inside.

Besides, these natives want someone attractive, physically active, and popular. They are attracted to influential people who can seduce them with their power.

Even though these natives tend to be unfaithful, they demand the ultimate loyalty from their partner.

These individuals want someone who will treat them as divine beings and never cheat. Yet, they find it too hard to resist temptations.

Thus, these natives crave validation. It is why they often engage in affairs, looking for confirmation of their beauty, attraction, or quality.

These individuals see themselves as the best partner a person can have. But they need multiple people to confirm that.

Hence, these natives are insecure deep down and seek to strengthen their confidence through relationships.

Those born with this placement should find love within themselves as it’s the only way to prevent needing continuous validation.

Moreover, it is how these natives will feel more confident. In return, they won’t feel an urge to be in the center of attention and loved by everyone.

Aries on the cusp of the 7th house – Meaning and traits

People born with Aries on the cusp of the 7th house are attracted to physically active persons. They seek people who are responsive to their flirty behavior and don’t shy away from showing their intentions.

These natives dislike games and want a relationship to be transparent.

Love is the center of their lives. Those born with this placement are eager to do the impossible for their loved ones. They would go as far as neglecting themselves to please their partner.

On the other side, these natives may expect their significant one to sacrifice everything for their relationship.

All in all, these individuals are all or nothing. They would put everything at risk for love. But due to being so focused on relationships, these natives often overwhelm their partner.

Those born with this placement may demand their loved on to neglect everything for them.

These natives are torn between co-dependency and interdependency. Their main lesson is to learn how to balance between being on their own and being with someone.

It is the only way these natives will feel genuinely complete and happy in relationships.

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