Aries Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The sun is in full strength or, in other words, in exaltation, when it is located in the sign of Aries.

Either in the mind, or in the actions of a given person, the qualities symbolized by the Sun will appear.

The sun represents the depth and sincerity of the soul, attending ceremonies and sacrifices – for example, temple services. The sun symbolizes sight, as it is the source of light for the world.

A person with the Sun in Aries can have a developed spiritual intuition; or he can see that there is ample opportunity for improving people’s lives.

The sun also symbolizes political circles. A person can make money in public service, he can feel like a leader, feel that he was born for greatness.

The sun also symbolizes the physical body. These people are usually enterprising in activities aimed at gratifying their senses, they are extremely active or impose their will on others, and they need their goal to include some kind of material achievement.

Aries is a “fire” sign ruled by Mars, the planet of rivalry, and therefore a person with the Sun in Aries is described as “carrying a weapon.”

Aries – Meaning and Info

He has little interest in the problems of other people and believes that everyone is obliged to pay attention to him, so he unceremoniously dumps on the interlocutor everything that worries him, occupies or interests him.

The dominant qualities are self-affirmation, the desire to subdue, conquer, and insist on one’s own.

The behavior is characterized by demonstrativeness, external stage effects. In a conversation, there is a great desire to seize the initiative, put the last point, and in a dispute, the last word should always be with him.

The type of character is courageous, strong and strong-willed, it is characterized by courage, honesty, straightforwardness, frankness, sometimes straightforwardness, turning into rudeness.

In tense aspects – egocentrism, unbridled passions, rudeness, self-affirmation, demonstrativeness, ardor, diktat, a tendency to forceful methods of solving problems, hot temper, excessive frankness, straightforwardness, ambition, pride, unhealthy ambition, irritability, tendency to sensations, exaggeration, extravagance recklessness, haste, haste, impatience, a tendency to go to extremes, bad habits such as smoking, weak nervous system.

To win over Aries to yourself, you should not pull the rope with him and try to gain the upper hand over him, it is better to give in to him: let the last word remain with him. In addition, he prefers people who are direct, honest and frank. To push Aries away, you have to get the better of him.

Solar Aries can be inspirational, courageous, passionate and original, independent, impatient, aggressive and stubborn, selfish, self-centered and impulsive. The energy of Aries is directed towards building a new individuality, towards themselves and what they want.

Aries love roles where they can demonstrate their leadership skills, they also have representative and organizational skills, which are mainly aimed at getting started, when supporting projects is their weak point. The urge to ram everything at full speed must be controlled.

Aries are capable of great accomplishments if they learn to constructively use the energy that abounds in them. These people have natural enthusiasm and are always ready for action and competition, inspiring others as well.

Ideas and creative projects seem to flow from them in an endless stream. They are full of energy and never lack courage.

Since Aries is quite selfish, they should always remember that other people can have good ideas and are able to take responsibility and leadership.

Aries’ natural trait is to do everything alone. Cooperation with other people can be more effective for bringing things to the desired result, and not just starting something and throwing it to completion, since Aries tend to start a project, and in the absence of visible progress or due to complications of affairs, they suddenly lose everyone to it interest.

Aries are very straightforward and not sophisticated or devious. They do not stand on ceremony and say what comes into their heads.

They do not hold grudges, although they can get quite angry. They don’t worry about what bothers them. They suddenly explode and go out akin to the strongest thunderstorms in the Midwest. It can be vehement and furious as it goes on, but it usually ends quickly. Due to stress, Aries are prone to headaches.

They tend to be aggressive in relationships and mostly take the lead. The pursuit of the object of interest gives them much more pleasure than their conquest. The four main things Aries must learn are patience, energy management, completing work, and self-control.

Aquarius Moon – Meaning and Info

Those born under the lunar sign of Aquarius are open and friendly people who like to be in society, to spend time with friends. They are benevolent, friendly and good-natured towards people, sincere in the manifestations of their feelings.

As a rule, such people have a lot of friends and just acquaintances, it is difficult for them to be alone.

Aquarius is very depressing when they have to be outside of society for a long time and limit their social contacts. If such periods are prolonged and last longer than a few days, they can even become depressed and experience deepest pessimism.

But oddly enough, at the same time, they are extremely independent and freedom-loving individuals who do not like obligations. They seem to have two different natures, two different sides of character: on the one hand, they feel a sense of deep affection for their friends, family and friends, they treat others kindly, are sympathetic and caring, do not pass by other people’s problems.

But the other side of the coin shows such traits of their character as pronounced individualism, fixation on their thoughts and ideas. They can simply disappear for a while, forgetting to warn their relatives about this, and completely not caring about their condition and experiences at this moment.

If Aquarians do something, they are always sincere about it. They disinterestedly help an unfamiliar person, and the next moment they evade an important task or request. This is the whole duality of their nature!

Aquarians are natural intellectuals. It does not matter how many diplomas and certificates they will receive during their life (and whether they will receive them at all!). Their minds are surprisingly practical, they are sane people, by nature possessing a flair and intuition that allows them to successfully solve many complex issues.

Married relationships in Aquarius can be very strange. They usually get married / get married early. But often it is difficult for others to understand the format of their relationship, since they seem to be there, but it seems they are not.

There are no standard obligations and “roles” in Aquarius families. They live the way they feel, and not the way it is accepted in society or regulated by moral norms.

Therefore, strangers who have the opportunity to see their relationship with the other half from the outside are often in a slight shock and bewilderment, since Aquarius marriages do not really fit into the generally accepted framework.

People born during the period when the Moon is in Aquarius constantly vibrate, look for themselves, light up with new ideas and plans, are in pursuit of something unusual, mysterious, extraordinary.

Therefore, it is so difficult for them to enter into a long-term relationship with someone: it is often difficult for people to be “in limbo” and have no idea what kind of new surprise their close Aquarius will present them tomorrow, what other unusual sensations he wants.

Aquarius women are overly eccentric and emotional, prone to unusual experiments. They need to try to develop empathy, gentleness, compassion and kindness.

Due to this format of relations with people and surprisingly fickle character, the life of Aquarius cannot be called predictable and calm. They are constantly on the move, changing their place of residence, environment, country, and friends.

With an unfavorable configuration of the planets at the time of birth, Aquarians can be prone to frequent physical and emotional illnesses, suffer from mental breakdowns. But, as a rule, such cases are extremely rare.

To make life more harmonious and happy, Aquarius is advised to begin to be attentive to people, be more selective in their desires, and try to lead a sedentary lifestyle. You don’t have to become like everyone else. Just try to realize that by your actions, you also influence the lives of other people. And make them a little happier around you!

Aries Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If you have the Sun in Aries, and the Moon in Aquarius – you are an independent and original person, it is simply impossible to force you to do something against your will. You are very self-confident, but this does not prevent you from being a sociable person. Friendship is of great importance to you. Good adaptation to any situation and to any company.

You strive for intellectual development all your life. You have many ideas, plans, some of which are never realized, but this is not important to you, because changeability and the desire for novelty are one of the main traits of your character.

Your interest in people pays great dividends, whether it takes the form of direct communication with those in business or with public figures, or in more indirect forms of public contact.

You are a very sociable and attractive person and you probably make good money in one way or another, since everything you do has to do with your popularity with people or their purchasing power. You would make a good seller of goods ideas or yourself.

You give the impression of being interested in what is happening around you, while simultaneously not overlooking the possibility of personal gain. This combination of strengths gives you the ability to accurately analyze both personal and business situations.

You are wasting almost no time. Your life goes on at a fast pace. You are romantic, courageous and adventurous; you are attracted to great things. You don’t need various trifles and trifles) Perhaps in childhood you received a good home education and appropriate education, since this position of the planets indicates aristocratic manners, from which you know how to take advantage.

Democratic ideas are alien to you, because you are an expressed individualist who believes in yourself and in people equal to you in financial and social status; and even though people like you, you don’t believe in them.

Politically, you are probably more reactionary than liberal. Economically – you believe in capitalism and its benefits – for the simple reason that this system is probably very good for you.

Understanding, however, that success in any system depends on people, you are able to hide your deep inner conviction that most people are real sheep, or even worse than sheep, and make the most of all the opportunities provided to you by society and its individual representatives…

You do not feel the need for self-esteem, and it is likely that your antipathy towards those who think or live differently, or those who are poorer than you, fuel your good opinion of yourself, your ideas and your lifestyle.

You communicate with people of your circle, live in a good area of ​​the city, are a member of the very club, membership in which is considered good form in your circle, and send your children to study in the appropriate schools.

Intellectually, you have a sound, solid mind; in love, you are romantic, very idealistic and passionate, but probably not impulsive.

This position of the planets contributes to material success and prosperity, as well as to some extent recognition in public affairs or in matters related to politics, business or intellectual pursuits.

This emphasizes that such a person will be ambitious, will strive for fame. These people can speak expressively, energetically, they have high self-esteem.

Aries is a movable sign, and therefore such people are prone to an active, wandering lifestyle. They are also characterized by philanthropic, humanistic inclinations.

A man with the Sun in Aries is active, intelligent, travels, is known to many, rich, has fighting qualities, he is strong, marked by pronounced character traits, impulsive, irritable, possesses the qualities of a pioneer, his fortune is changeable.

These may be people of an idealistic rather than a materialistic mindset. Their character is expressive, firm, they are very brave. Their overestimation of their strengths sometimes leads them to trouble. They can suffer from overexertion.

The main thing in his life is dynamism: he needs a motorcycle, a car, a boat – anything, just to overtake others. If he is an intellectual, it is a race of ideas and enterprises.

For ideas, he is either full of enthusiasm, or absolutely indifferent: there is no middle ground.

If he wants something, it is pointless to object to him, it will only make him angry. He will not be afraid of conflict and will help his neighbor in difficult times, he is even capable of heroism, but he wants to be praised and rewarded for this.


Aries loves large, large-scale undertakings, acts independently and persistently. He tries to be first in everything and hates being in the background.

Usually makes no mistakes. He takes the initiative, plays the role of a “dictator”, sparing neither himself nor those around him. He organizes them, showing what and how to do.

Success in sports, technology, military career – especially with a good Mars. He is less interested in money than in the process of pioneering. But he likes to spend money, he is ready to “litter with them.” Embarks on financial adventures; having failed, he finds the means to start over.

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