Aries Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Aries plus Aries? The word explosive comes to mind. The energy of Mars in the Aries Sun and Aries Moon placement is an inferno.

This conjugation of sun and moon signs is interesting and engaging.

Our sun and moon placement can tell us more about who we are and what influences us.

Our sun sign is what motivates and drives us and our moon affects our emotions. Together they paint a detailed picture of ourselves.

What influence does Aries Sun and Aries Moon have? With Aries being the God of war this is a truly fiery combination.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon Personality

The first word that comes to mind when encountering Aries Sun and Aries Moon is ‘charming’. They can sweet-talk their way out of any situation.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon have the gift of the gab.

Expressing themselves is easy, they can confidently articulate what they want when they want it.

With this in mind, they can be aggressive in their communication. The fiery combination of Aries in both sun and moon means that they can be twice as confrontational.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon are reactive. The extent of their temper is not one to be trifled with.

The impulsive and hard-headed attitude of Aries Sun and Aries Moon can make them difficult at times.

Their tendency to believe that they are always right may rub people up the wrong way. However, they are simply following their natural behaviors.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon are brilliant and intellectual. They can take on any challenge and revel in the glory of their accomplishments.

Sports or physical activities are an area that they excel in. They were born to be athletes.

As Mars rules both their sun and moon there is a strong emphasis on taking action. They are doers and they like to get things done.

Those with Aries Sun and Aries Moon conjugation will also have high sex drives.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon like to take control of the reins. They will never allow themselves to be led by others. They would rather be alone than walk behind someone else. They are leaders, the first in the zodiac, and the winners of life.

As goal-oriented people, Aries Sun and Aries Moon are always striving for the best. They go out of their way to top the leaderboard.

Their strength lies in their initiative. Nothing can stand in the way of what they want.

They see themselves as innovators. Their independence affects every part of their lives. They must be the first ones to do something or they are simply uninterested. They have many hobbies and interests that satisfy their need for change and their energy levels.

For Aries Sun and Aries Moon variety is the spice of life. They like to switch things up and they don’t like to be in one place for too long. Progress is the aim of the game. They want to move up in life, there is nothing worse than staying still.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon are courageous. They do not fear anything. They are strong and powerful beyond belief. They are brave in the face of danger. Aries Sun and Aries Moon are good to have around in a fight.

On a darker note, Aries Sun and Aries Moon are extremely impatient. They will avoid waiting for anything if they can.

This can lead to them ending up in precarious situations. Rushing into things to avoid the dreaded task of waiting can be their downfall.

They can also be incredibly reckless. Their motto is ‘act first, think later’. They may end up in trouble far too often because of their mouth or their actions.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon must be more cautious of how they respond to people and situations.

Love Compatibility

In sex and love Aries Sun and Aries Moon like the thrill of the chase. However, they shouldn’t be kept waiting too long. They want to feel as though they have won out in the end. Their victory must be satisfying enough for them to not lose interest.

The ideal partner for Aries Sun and Aries Moon is someone who is not too emotional. They need to be able to withstand Aries Sun and Aries Moon heat. If they are too sensitive like the Pisces they will not last the night.

Their partner should offer them a taste of adventure. Aries Sun and Aries Moon need to feel excited and exhilarated. They will not enter into a relationship with someone who doesn’t like change. They need a partner who can show them the world and race them to the finish line of success.

Passion, raucous sex, and fun flirtation give Aries Sun and Aries Moon life. Their partner must have high levels of stamina in order to keep up with the Mars influenced Aries Sun and Aries Moon. They are enthusiastic when they express their love. They enjoy naughty conquests from time to time so their partner must also enjoy tantalizing sexual delights.

The perfect match for Aries Sun and Aries Moon could be an Aquarius or a Sagittarius. Both of these signs are known for their freedom-loving nature. This compliments Aries Sun and Aries Moon exceptionally well.

Aquarius values their individuality and they so they will allow Aries Sun and Aries Moon to shine in their own light. Their easy-going and quirky personality offers a good balance.

Sagittarius does not like to be confined and together with Aries Sun and Aries Moon they will give them the space that they need to thrive.

The Aries Sun Aries Moon Woman

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon woman is a true fireball. Passionate and raw, she does not hold back when showing the world who she is. Her pride and temper are evident. Those that cross her do not get back up.

She could happily experience life alone. She does not feel the need to be attached to anyone. Her company is enough for her. If she enters into a relationship it is because it is a bonus. She does not see a partnership as something that will complete her. She is already perfect in her eyes.

If she is interested in someone she will make it known. Playing games can be fun but she prefers to get straight to the point.

Aries Sun and Aries Moon woman does not like to be messed around. If her feelings are not reciprocated she will discard them and move on to the next.

In a relationship, she wears the trousers. In her friendship group, she is the IT girl. Never one to be in a clique she walks down her own path and others gravitate to her. The way that she expresses her opinions may have a shock factor. Her honesty is refreshing and sometimes it is a little too so.

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon woman may like to work out. She is the type to enjoy pumping iron in the gym. She likes to push herself physically and mentally in any category. She is tough and admirable in this sense.

The ideal career for the Aries Sun and Aries Moon woman is something where she is in a position of authority. A CEO, leading figure in the police or military, government official, or a sales role would suit her personality perfectly.

She may intimidate her colleagues with her direct approach and intelligence. The Aries Sun and Aries Moon woman is a threat to those who want to get ahead. She has the power to climb high up the career ladder. There is the potential for her to attract many enemies in the lifetime of her career.

Overall, the Aries Sun and Aries Moon woman is impressive. Her quick wit and brainpower make her a formidable woman. She is intolerant of others’ opinions and will put her needs before others.

She is known for being ambitious. To that end, she will do whatever it takes to climb up to the top. She loves the view and will not let anyone compromise her success.

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon woman is a force to be reckoned with.

The Aries Sun Aries Moon Man

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon man is one of the most stubborn people you will meet. There is no changing his mind. Once it is set, that is it.

This is one of the most frustrating elements of his personality.

He is a dominating figure. He will never let anyone control him. His partner will always be the second chair when he is around.

However, he is not looking for a doormat. Instead, he wants to lead while his partner expresses themselves in their unique way.

He prefers his lovers to be unconventional. The traditional dynamics of relationships do not interest him. He wants to be able to carve his own path.

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon man will express his feelings the way that he wants to, so his partner should be onboard with this trait of his.

His confidence is second to none. Everybody is astounded when they meet him. He commands the attention of the room and is very much an alpha.

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon man is well known for his straightforward manner. He does not mince his words.

Competition is something that he lives for. Whether it’s beating someone to a promotion or winning a race, he loves to win.

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon man is a worthy component. Those that go up against him leave feeling defeated.

As he is a lover of adventure he likes to explore new places. He will enjoy solo travel or if he is in a relationship he will show them the world in all of its technicolored glory. He will travel to the most exotic places and could also take part in challenging activities. Rock climbing, surfing, and hiking are all a part of his pursuit of happiness.

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon man is charismatic. His energy and vibrancy are attractive qualities. His lovers find this quality in him attractive. His alluring presence is noticed by all who see him. He may have many suitors and not so secret admirers.

He has the potential to have a fulfilling love life, however, he must learn to listen to his partner. His lack of sensitivity can be hurtful for his partners.

The Aries Sun and Aries Moon do not mean to cause harm, this is just the way that he is.

If the Aries Sun and Aries Moon man chooses to procreate he will be a strict father. Discipline and rule setting are something that he likes to enforce.

It is important that his children show him respect. However, he is always very loving and kind toward his children.

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