Aries Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The sun enters the sign of Aries on March 21 – this is the astrological New Year. The Zoroastrians celebrated the New Year on March 21.

It was a great holiday, nature came to life, and the Sun entered the sign on March 21st and stayed there until April 21st.

A small digression: in the zodiac we have the manifestation of four elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The elements are a subtle substance.

The Fire Release is not a fire that burns from a match. The element of Air is not the air around us, the elements of Earth and Water are not their physical namesakes.

But all the elements are present in their earthly counterparts in the form of a subtle substance, in the form of cosmic vibration, a subtle state.

Aries – Meaning and Info

These are, in a sense, abstract concepts, but, on the other hand, they are completely real, this is a subtle structure that operates around us.

All the work of occultists, all spiritual practices are just connected with the subtle elements.

For example, people who are fond of the martial arts of the East work mainly with the element of Fire, they connect to this element and gain inner fearlessness, inhuman courage.

The ability to connect to these elements and work with them consciously – these are magical abilities.

Two of these elements are of the “yang” nature, two of them are of the “yin” nature. Fire and Air – “Yang”. Fire is the primary manifestation of the “Yang” principle, and air is a secondary, more subtle in a qualitative sense, manifestation of this principle. Earth and Water – “Yin”.

Earth is the primary manifestation of the feminine principle, and Water is secondary. We will talk about this in more detail later.

The Fire element manifests itself in a person as a kind of fieriness, incendiaries.

When you see a person who cannot sit still – this is a person of Fire, Fire is raging in him, he always radiates an energetic charm.

This is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The inner charm of Fire, inner expression and energy that pour out on those around them evoke sympathy, these people are for themselves.

Men, in whom there is a lot of Fire, are very popular with women. No wonder Leo and Aries are considered the biggest heartthrobs.

The element of the Earth manifests itself in a person as solidity and strength. If you see a solid man, firmly standing on his feet, then this is a man of the Earth.

Behind him you feel like behind a stone wall. This is how the element of the Earth manifests itself in the appearance and character of people.

The Air Release manifests itself as the mental mobility of the mind and intellect. If you see a person who constantly communicates with someone, constantly travels somewhere, and negotiates something with someone – this is Air.

This is the type of journalist who cannot live without information, information is his bread, and he cannot live without contacts, without expressing it in words. The element of Air presents us with the principle of contact, communication, the principle of verbal expression.

The Element of Water represents the emotionality of a person, deep emotions. This is what happens in the depths of our subconscious.

This is a transforming beginning, when emotions enter us, do destructive or constructive work, and then you go out into the world in a transformed form.

Almost all of our emotional life is a manifestation of the element of Water. But all these elements manifest themselves in different ways in different signs of the zodiac.

Aries is the primary level of the element of Fire – the very first Fire, cosmic, impulsive, flashing when individual sparks scatter in different directions. This is the primary Fire, which in many ways forms the image and archetype of Aries.

Another major factor shaping the sign of Aries is the vibrations of the planet Mars. Typical Aries are people of the Martian type.

According to these formative principles – Mars and the primary cosmic Fire, which constantly flares up – in the representatives of this sign, in Aries, we observe their life manifestations. Aries are extremely active.

They are probably the most active people of all zodiac signs. You are an Aries, and activity, activity, energy – all this is written on your face. You start your business actively, you also continue it and, unfortunately, leave it without completing it, because many things require endurance and patience, which you – Aries do not have enough.

But Aries are great pioneers, pioneers. Completing things to the end is good, but for Aries it is more important to start, ignite yourself and ignite those around you. This is your highest cosmic task, for this you are born under this sign of the Zodiac.

Aries, as well as all four first signs of the Zodiac, in their archetype, have a lot of childishness in their structure.

His merits in Russian history have yet to be assessed. The bright Aries was N.S. Khrushchev. Who else, besides such a sincere Aries, could afford to bang a shoe on the UN rostrum, who else could express himself so sincerely?

Musorgsky was Aries among musicians, and Van Gogh was among artists. All his work is permeated with energy and fieryness, he was a very mobile person, and he constantly traveled around. Only such an Aries could cut off his ear in a fit of passion. Of course, this is a pathological Aries. Z.

Freud attached great importance to pathology, developing his system, since it is in pathology that one can see the deep structures of the human psyche, his sub consciousness. Aries were Bach, Stepan Razin. Of literary heroes, Nozdryov is a typical Aries.

The gloomy sinister French Aries is the poet Charles Baudelaire, a contradictory nature that has a poetic gift from God, and from the Devil – Spirit and Soul, which led him to the service of Darkness and Satanism, in his poems he sang Satan.

Capricorn Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon in the sign of Capricorn makes it possible to improve the social position of relations with people who are older and older in rank and age, each person has the opportunity to achieve success in the material plan, to effectively choose a business or profession.

It is not recommended to limit yourself to communication, your smile will reflect on the faces of other people with light.

Efficiency and conciseness are characteristic of any kind of activity, take everything new and unusual with caution, value order and reliability. At such times, rules, regulations and laws are violated by a minimum number. In some cases, various obstacles can often arise, more often in the form of restrictive prescriptions and rules.

The passage of the Moon by the sign of Capricorn rewards us with emotional stereotypes, thanks to which in a certain situation we will react in a certain way.

On the one hand, the Moon in Capricorn increases internal vulnerability, and on the other hand, it does not allow us to throw our emotions out. It is on these days that we can seem cold and insensitive from the outside, as we prefer to hide behind a stone mask and not show our emotions.

In addition, everything that happens during this period with us and around us, we unconsciously perceive in comparison with the main goal set for ourselves.

Everything that is not connected with the achievement of this goal that distracts from it is thrown away, and attention is concentrated on a certain program of action, which contributes to the development of an iron will and determination.

New Moon in the sign of Capricorn – the day is conducive to career growth. You can ask for a promotion, the bosses will treat this with understanding.

If your boss decides that you really deserve it, you will get this position. However, do not count on emotions, the bosses these days are completely impartial.

The growing Moon in the sign of Capricorn – business issues are well resolved. A pragmatic approach to all life values. Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn – Even if you are always overly emotional, then on this day you will have poise.

Everyone turns into diplomats, with whom it is easier to negotiate than on ordinary days. Waning Moon – these days’ emotions easily break through. Anger, anger, irritation bursts out of nowhere. This will be especially noticeable for those who have accumulated.

To prevent breakdowns, the day before the Moon has not yet entered the sign of Capricorn – go to a fitness club, pool or arrange for yourself some other way of physical activity. So you can easily get rid of the accumulated stones in your soul and there will be no emotional breakdowns.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The moon, setting off on her heavenly voyage, will certainly drop in to visit Capricorn. The earthly element of Capricorn is not averse to communicating with the Moon, but the slow patron of Capricorn, Saturn, is condescending to the fast (compared to him) Moon. He takes care of the night luminary and periodically brings up. And we get the “space belt” along the way – so to speak, between times.

During this period, it is undesirable to behave lightly. The moon affects every person, but what its influence will be – positive or negative, depends only on us. And the Moon will endow us with some of the qualities of Capricorn. We will become more responsible and disciplined.

But many people will sit in their comfort zone and drastically reduce communication with others – for a while, they will have to come to terms with bouts of escapism. It’s okay – but these days everyone will have a chance to show their talents. The industrious Capricorn will generously shower everyone with endurance and patience.

Moon in Capricorn Opportunities – there are many desires during this period, but not everyone will have opportunities to implement plans. But we can ask Capricorn for “positive” stubbornness – which we call perseverance and determination.

Only such people will achieve success on these lunar days. But you don’t need to bang your head against the door if it doesn’t give way – maybe it opens in the other direction, or should we not go there at all? The moon will appreciate the ability to look for workarounds, and this period will give a chance to achieve the desired result.

Although a lot, of course, will depend on luck. Prohibitions – the period in which the Moon wanders the constellation Capricorn, is full of all kinds of temptations.

There are also many prohibitions – the Moon deprives us of joys not out of harm, but out of a desire to protect. It is undesirable to often visit entertainment establishments and arrange feasts.

No need to look for extreme entertainment (bones are very vulnerable these days) and get involved in adventures. And the most important recommendation from the night luminary is that you shouldn’t be discouraged on these days. Even if it seems that everything is going against us (this is a test of strength).

A very favorable period. No one sees the moon, but she is not offended – after all, Capricorn also does not like to be in the spotlight. And we will perfectly play the role of gray cardinals and will orchestrate our lives from behind the scenes. This will allow you to see competitors, calculate ill-wishers, notice and have time to correct mistakes.

The most valuable quality on the days of the new moon will be modesty – it is inconspicuous and shy people who slowly but surely move towards success. But boors and careerists, ready to go over their heads, alas, in flight. Waxing Moon Live well.

And living when the waxing moon travels through Capricorn is even better. The night star and the earth sign are on the same wavelength – these days we grow wings, and it seems that we are able to conquer the whole world.

But along with the positive, we get an exaggerated sense of duty – this is a bonus from Capricorn.

Even irresponsible people forget about selfishness, keep promises and act not for themselves, but for the sake of someone. And excessive responsibility puts a lot of pressure on the psyche, especially for those who are not used to it.

The growing Moon in Capricorn gives powerful energy to the Children of the Stars who are unlucky with their appearance. Full Moon The air seems to be saturated with destructive and aggressive energy. Capricorn, accepting the full moon as a guest, becomes unpredictable – well, we are with him.

You can forget about self-control, about restraint and composure too – people can get angry over any, even a trifling matter.

But there are those who feel good – during this period, criminals, scammers, energy vampires and other unpleasant guys are activated. If you are not on this blacklist, spend time at home.

The pros and cons are equally divided. Problems subside with the Moon, and troubles remain in the past.

But the melting moon takes both strength and inspiration – these days many people feel uncomfortable.

The period is best spent in solitude – spiritual practices, yoga and meditation are beneficial.

Capricorn, despite its equanimity, experiences the waning of the moon as if waning itself – we will feel the sadness of the earth sign in our experience and learn about all the “delights” of depression.


The moon teaches us to enjoy the little things and advises us to smile in any difficult situation. Although there will not be so many difficulties – it is just that we will face many problems for the first time.

Someone will save and plunge into depression, while someone, on the contrary, will laugh happily and roll up their sleeves.

Beginnings – Capricorn is a conservative and suspicious of any innovations. We will become infected with the suspiciousness of the earth sign and throughout the entire period we will experience doubts. But these days are favorable for both creative and business endeavors.

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