Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The sun enters the sign of Aries on March 21 – this is the astrological New Year. The Zoroastrians celebrated the New Year on March 21. It was a great holiday, nature came to life, and the Sun entered the sign on March 21st and stayed there until April 21st.

A small digression: in the zodiac we have the manifestation of four elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

The elements are a subtle substance. The Fire Release is not a fire that burns from a match. The element of Air is not the air around us, the elements of Earth and Water are not their physical namesakes.

But all the elements are present in their earthly counterparts in the form of a subtle substance, in the form of cosmic vibration, a subtle state.

These are, in a sense, abstract concepts, but, on the other hand, they are completely real, this is a subtle structure that operates around us.

All the work of occultists, all spiritual practices are just connected with the subtle elements.

Aries – Meaning and Info

People who are fond of the martial arts of the East work mainly with the element of Fire, they connect to this element and gain inner fearlessness, inhuman courage. The ability to connect to these elements and work with them consciously – these are magical abilities.

Two of these elements are of the “yang” nature, two of them are of the “yin” nature. Fire and Air – “Yang”.

Fire is the primary manifestation of the “Yang” principle, and air is a secondary, more subtle in a qualitative sense, manifestation of this principle. Earth and Water – “Yin”. Earth is the primary manifestation of the feminine principle, and Water is secondary.

We will talk about this in more detail later. The Fire element manifests itself in a person as a kind of fieriness, incendiaries. When you see a person who cannot sit still – this is a person of Fire, Fire is raging in him, he always radiates an energetic charm.

This is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The inner charm of Fire, inner expression and energy that pour out on those around them evoke sympathy, these people are for themselves. Men, in whom there is a lot of Fire, are very popular with women. No wonder Leo and Aries are considered the biggest heartthrobs. The element of the Earth manifests itself in a person as solidity and strength.

If you see a solid man, firmly standing on his feet, then this is a man of the Earth. Behind him you feel like behind a stone wall. This is how the element of the Earth manifests itself in the appearance and character of people.

The Air Release manifests itself as the mental mobility of the mind and intellect. If you see a person who constantly communicates with someone, constantly travels somewhere, and negotiates something with someone – this is Air.

This is the type of journalist who cannot live without information, information is his bread, and he cannot live without contacts, without expressing it in words.

The element of Air presents us with the principle of contact, communication, the principle of verbal expression. The Element of Water represents the emotionality of a person, deep emotions.

This is what happens in the depths of our subconscious. This is a transforming beginning, when emotions enter us, do destructive or constructive work, and then you go out into the world in a transformed form.

Almost all of our emotional life is a manifestation of the element of Water. But all these elements manifest themselves in different ways in different signs of the zodiac.

Aries is the primary level of the element of Fire – the very first Fire, cosmic, impulsive, flashing when individual sparks scatter in different directions.

This is the primary Fire, which in many ways forms the image and archetype of Aries. It should be remembered that what was written above does not apply to all areas of a person’s life, but mainly to those houses that Aries controls (and, to a lesser extent, aspects) and the planets in it.

The Sun in Aries poses the problem of volitional control of the energy flow.

Here the general karmic task of Aries is complicated by the direct intervention of cosmic forces, the effect of which on a person through the Sun can be compared with the effect of a screwdriver turning a screw.

Until a person has realized himself as a part of a general space program, his individual will (including conscious) is practically under complete control (egregor), which is weakened only in the case of conscious and voluntary cooperation.

Therefore, any sign in which the Sun stands is experiencing a great load from cosmic forces transmitted through individual will, which, it should be noted, is directed not only by an internal volitional impulse (“I have an intention”), but also by purely external circumstances.

In this case, the question is decided “either-or”. Or enslaves his will – then the rhythm of fate is entirely determined by the map, and the emphasis on the Sun is minimal.

A harmonious option is pure passive service, disharmonious is a tragic fate, a toy in the hands of alien forces, or a person manages to comprehend and master his volitional impulses, and then Aries begins to serve him faithfully (see the description of Solar Aries above).

And an ordinary Aries with the struck Sun in moments of enthusiasm will trample you with his hooves, although he strives with all his soul upward – he simply did not notice you.

Being in the sign of Aries, the Sun is in its exaltation and is in a very strong position. In harmonious aspects, it gives pronounced leaders, energetic people, able to ignite and lead others, passionate, ardent, always striving forward to progress; pioneers, pioneers in their field, very honest, open, direct, but little regard for the interests and problems of others.

Aries has the talent of a leader, organizer, knows how to ignite and ignite, be inspired and inspire. He is enthusiastic and entrepreneurial in his quest to lead and innovate. Likes to start, but does not like to end, entrusting it to others.

In his negative manifestations, he can be quick-tempered, irritable, impulsive, reckless and reckless, and sometimes openly rude. The conqueror willingly makes debts, but does not like to give back.

Often, Aries lives on borrowed money, but he knows how to make money, and when he can, he easily lends it himself.

Sagittarius Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius makes us think abstractly, and even if you are trying to think about something important, you will not be able to see a single clear picture – all accuracy will seem to creep away from you. Today we strive for stability, tranquility, we want to do everything according to the rules.

I would like to receive advice and recommendations, follow them. People need more people who can help with good advice than ever, but many people who think they have enough experience to give advice want to share with people and be a mentor.

Today our social activity is increasing, we want to take a certain stable position in society, “get on our feet” and become more decent. We look into the future with great enthusiasm, the past and present seem insignificant to us.

When the moon is in Sagittarius, the vulnerability of the circulatory system increases. Avoid overeating, with the Moon in Sagittarius it is quite difficult to cope with the digestion of heavy food. If you want to improve your appearance, make warm masks from fruits, take baths with herbs.

Fat-containing components are now good for masks – olive oil, peach oil, lavender oil, sage oil … You can’t pierce your ears, get a tattoo, or burn wounds.

Sagittarius is a sign of fire, therefore it is believed that the moon in Sagittarius gives only dryness and sterility. Today it is not worth planting new plants, as well as replanting old ones. The only thing is that today you can plant plants that grow quickly, such as herbs, onions, garlic, peas, beans, etc.

It is worth remembering that today plants are especially sensitive when planting, so if you plant them inaccurately, they may not take root or bear little fruit.

Indoor flowers planted today grow and bloom quickly, but are very sensitive and fragile.

If the Moon is growing, then today harvesting of cereals, leafy vegetables, fruits and berries, seeds and leaves is favorable.

If the moon is waning, then today is the time to collect roots and roots of medicinal plants. Today is a great day for drying vegetables and mushrooms, for preparing firewood.

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

In their lowest hypostasis, of course, Aries are the most uncontrollable people who are characterized by redneck, such people are called “dezhimordami”, they, on the first impulse, without understanding the situation, rush into a fight. This is the lowest, most primitive manifestation of Aries.

According to these formative principles – Mars and the primary cosmic Fire, which constantly flares up – in the representatives of this sign, in Aries, we observe their life manifestations. Aries are extremely active. They are probably the most active people of all zodiac signs. You are an Aries, and activity, activity, energy – all this is written on your face.

And if you meet a violent person on a tram, the so-called “tram boor”, who waves his arms, splashes with saliva, insults everyone, then this is certainly a low Aries. If we talk about geographical astrology, then Germany is associated with Aries, especially Prussia.

Interestingly, the Germanic leaders were often Aries: Barbaross, Bismarck, Wilhelm I, A. Hitler, and G. Kohl. Aries show themselves as good diplomats, but this requires a lot of study. The fact is that Aries are very addictive natures, and it is difficult for them to cope with their nature. Tall Aries are capable of reaching incredible heights of spiritual evolution.

A significant Aries was Napoleon III, but he graduated rather sadly, apparently at the end of his life the lower Aries manifested itself in his personality. Aries was Stolypin, who was previously undeservedly scolded, began to be considered seriously. His merits in Russian history have yet to be assessed.

The bright Aries was N.S. Khrushchev. Who else, besides such a sincere Aries, could afford to bang a shoe on the UN rostrum, who else could express himself so sincerely? M. Musorgsky was Aries among musicians, and Van Gogh was among artists.

All his work is permeated with energy and fieriness, he was a very mobile person, and he constantly traveled around. Only such an Aries could cut off his ear in a fit of passion.

Of course, this is a pathological Aries. Z. Freud attached great importance to pathology, developing his system, since it is in pathology that one can see the deep structures of the human psyche, his sub consciousness. Aries were Bach, Stepan Razin. Of literary heroes, Nozdryov is a typical Aries.

The gloomy sinister French Aries is the poet Charles Baudelaire, a contradictory nature that has a poetic gift from God, and from the Devil – Spirit and Soul, which led him to the service of Darkness and Satanism, in his poems he sang Satan.

The entire zone of creation is characterized by a primary, still rough feeling of the elements as such; here the elements, so to speak, are not yet aware of themselves.

A typical Aries lives, realizing in an energy flow, from which he does not tear himself away. This is a bright passionaries’ person, driven by an (energetic) idea, who does not listen to objections, but infects with his conviction.

The idea that he carries out is usually not replete with details, but it is solid and practical, easily formed in the form of a slogan, followed by, and succumbing to the charm of the energy flow.

Aries possesses charm magic in the style of direct hypnosis; not looking very closely at the world around him and not particularly distinguishing the details in it, he nevertheless perfectly distinguishes people who succumbed to his charm from the rest.

He will consider the latter as his enemies, but when fighting them, he is not inclined to pay attention to their actions, relying solely on the strength of his flow (his idea) and improving the means of attack, but not defense.

An ordinary Aries is a slave to his flow: as soon as the flow weakens, Aries becomes lethargic, passive and falls into a deep depression. His earlier ideas, which inspired and excited him unusually, seem flat and dull; the world turns from color to black and white, scents and smells disappear altogether.

Fortunately for Aries, the stream is rarely removed for a long time, and when it is turned on, Aries shines again – with the old light, and maybe even a new one: if the channel has been changed, for example, the idea has been replaced.


Aries will not regret the past, its principle: “with out of sight – out of mind, “and he will preach a new idea with the same ardor and just as sincerely, for sincerity, combined with a completely forgotten past, are the characteristic features of Aries.

Aries sinks completely into a state of depression and categorically does not believe in the possibility of improvement. His mind, perhaps, tells him that the flow (strength, energy, self-confidence) will return, because this has always happened before, but his feelings say: if it rains today, it will always fall, and by winter it will turn into hail…

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