Aries Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Earth and fire are like playing rock, paper, scissors. Will fire scorch the earth or will earth put out the flames? Sun and moon, Aries and Taurus.

The stark differences between the two zodiac signs are well known to those who are familiar with astrology.

They are opposites and can often clash together. However, opposites attract, and in some cases, they complement each other. How well do these two signs work in conjunction with one another?

With the sun in Aries and the moon in Taurus, we are left with an interesting dynamic. The sun sign represents what we want in life. It is our identity and our essence.

The moon sign on the other hand symbolizes our emotions and how we process our feelings.

How can the highly charged, energetic drive and expression of Aries co-exist with the laid back and practical nature of Taurus?

Here we will explore the personality and influence of Aries Sun Taurus Moon. It’s sugar, spice, and everything (sort of) nice.

Rising Signs

Aries – Taurus – Aries

They are authentic to the highest and true leaders. Passionate and full of energy, they are a force to be reckoned with. No one dares to go up against them, for fear of their aggressive streak. On the inside, however, they are pensive and practical.

Aries – Taurus – Taurus

People with this conjugation are physically attractive. They are content with having a laid back approach to life, however they aspire for greatness. Flexibility and a willingness to adapt their opinions are not one of their strong suits.

Aries – Taurus – Gemini

Chatty and social, these individuals and expressive. They are approachable and are valued for their directness. Though they have many friends they are independent and enjoy alone time.

Aries – Taurus – Cancer

They are sensitive souls with a soft side temper. Compassionate and shy, they feel what others are feeling. People with this placement are dependable. They can occasionally be impatient.

Aries – Taurus – Leo

Extremely confident and eccentric, they are the life of the party. As unique and authoritative people, they value their individuality and ability to be themselves. They enjoy going to nice, extravagant places with their friends and family.

Aries – Taurus – Virgo

People with the Aries Taurus Virgo are the epitome of humble and practicality. They like order and will assert themselves to get what they want. They like to be productive and dislike engaging in activities that are useless to their progression.

Aries – Taurus – Libra

These individuals constantly find themselves trying to balance their fire and earth elements. They are rational and take their time evaluating situations before taking action. However, when they do there’s no stopping them. They come across as lovely and friendly people.

Aries – Taurus – Scorpio

They are magnets, people seem to gravitate toward them. They only invest their time in things that are pleasurable to them. As they are secretive and can appear to be closed off. Transformative and good learners, they take their life lessons seriously.

Aries – Taurus – Sagittarius

Adventure is always something to aspire toward. These individuals will readily accept a challenge. They like to be on the go and will plan out exactly where they want to end up. They are pleasure seekers, however they are tentative to live on the edge.

Aries – Taurus – Capricorn

They are the ultimate leader and are fiercely ambitious. If they have a goal there is no doubt that they will achieve it. They are reserved, serious, and bossy. However, they can be quite cheerful when the mood permits them.

Aries – Taurus – Aquarius

They are helpful and their purpose in life is important to them. Honesty is a strong trait in them. They will be straightforward and refrain from lying. They embrace their quirks and are always on-trend.

Aries – Taurus – Pisces

People with this placement struggle with keeping their emotions under control. They are stubborn and get upset when people disagree with them. They care about other people’s opinions about them.

Love Compatibility


The ideal partner for Aries Sun Taurus Moon is class all the way. They are attracted to people that have a suave, sophisticated air. Their partner will also know how to have fun and enjoy the goodness that life brings.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon is sensual and love people that follow their passions. Their partner should have a zest for life and a romantic disposition. They want to be wooed and enjoy the enchantment of love.

If they settle with someone they want to shower them with affection. Kissing, cuddling, and physical intimacy are activities that Aries Sun Taurus Moon does not shy away from.

There’s nothing better than having a cozy cuddle in bed on a Sunday morning. Aries Sun Taurus Moon likes the idea of creating traditions with their partner. They want to build a life with their other half and their partner will need to feel the same.

They need complete devotion from their partner. If there is no such thing as one foot in one foot out for Aries Sun Taurus Moon. Emotional security is important, if they do not have it they will leave.

They need a lover that will cherish them and be understanding of their stubborn nature. Their partner will have to give as much energy as the Aries Sun Taurus Moon does.

In the beginning stages of dating their partners, Aries Sun Taurus Moon may be cautious. Naturally, they don’t want to get hurt and so they will take controlled measures in evaluating whether their partner is right for them.

When they need something in a relationship Aries Sun Taurus Moon will not hesitate to say it. They do not beat around the bush. Their direct approach can be intimidating to some so, ideally, their partner will not be a sensitive person.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon make great partners. They protect their lovers and do what they can to keep them satisfied. They are likely to have long term, commit relationships.

They idealize sophisticated people and prefer the company of those who are classy and out together. Though they also appreciate a fiery edge too. Their partner should be able to offer them stability and a sense of calm.

Jealousy is an element of Aries Sun Taurus Moon’s personality that they struggle with. If their partner were to entertain flirtatious advances from others this would destroy them.


Aries Sun Taurus Moons are friends for life. If you can count on someone it’s them. They make ideal companions and are always there if you need them.

They like to treat their friends to nice meals and exciting trips. They also appreciate when others can do the same for them.

Shy and quiet people are not the best match for Aries Sun Taurus Moon. They like people that have high energy levels. Their strong character is a determining factor when choosing their friends.

As Aries Sun Taurus Moon is hard-headed they will clash with people who are single-minded and opinionated. Their ideal friend is someone who has their own mind but can communicate their point of view in a way that will soften the Aries Sun Taurus Moon.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon enjoys the company of those who are warm and gentle yet they have an exciting view of life. Their best friends will appreciate their creative edge and may even be arty themselves.

Loving and open people are some of the best individuals for Aries Sun Taurus Moon to be around. In return, they will enjoy Aries Sun Taurus Moon’s enthusiasm and zeal. Together they create harmony.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon is very independent and will not follow after a leader in a clique. If they have a friendship group they will either have to be equals or the Aries Sun Taurus Moon will take charge.

They may also have regular disagreements with others. Their inability to see the other person’s point of view can cause tension and break bonds. However, they always seem to end up back in the other person’s good books.

In general, Aries Sun Taurus Moon think they’re pretty great. They are very sure of themselves and their ideal friendships will boost their ego. They can easily make friends but with their temperament can they keep them?

Aries Sun Taurus Moon Woman

The Aries Sun Taurus Moon woman is balanced in her emotions. When her fiery Arian side rears its head her Earth Taurus side keeps her grounded. Put together and charming, she is a delight to be around.

She has remarkable inner strength. When she is faced with a challenge she conquers it with intelligence and grace. The Aries Sun Taurus Moon is diplomatic in every sense of the word.

She has a sweet side with a bit of an edge. Her dynamic personality is captivating. Many are intrigued by Aries Sun Taurus Moon.

The Aries Sun Taurus Moon woman is ambitious. Her creative flair and determination make her an excellent candidate for entrepreneurial endeavors. She appreciates the finer things in life due to her Venus influences under Taurus.

Decision making is one of her better qualities. She is courageous, pragmatic and always honors her values. She will evaluate the circumstances before jumping into something.

Leadership is an area that the Aries Sun Taurus Moon woman strives in. Her Arian side makes her excel in this, she is perfectly balanced by the patient nature of her Taurus moon.

The Aries Sun Taurus Moon woman follows her heart over her head. She has a passionate side that burns deep. Though she is a stable character she won’t chase after a career just for the money.

Whatever she wants to do in life, she is perseverant. No matter what stands in front of her she will always push on. Her tenacity and foresight help her to reach her goals and objectives in the long run.

The Aries Sun Taurus Moon woman yearns for a life of luxury. Beauty excites her and she tends to indulge in pleasure such as good food, art, and other material whims. However, she may worry about her finances often.

Despite this, she is down to earth. Most of the time she is easygoing and relatable. She is a pleasure to be around and is good company for many.

One of her biggest obstacles is her stubborn nature. She is not the type to compromise and stands firm in her own beliefs. This can be a good and bad trait.

There is strength in the Aries Sun Taurus Moon woman. It is always admirable to have strong opinions but she must learn to be more flexible. She can be unwilling to hear other people’s points of view.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon Man

The Aries Sun Taurus Moon man knows what he wants and won’t let anyone, or thing, stand in his way.

Confident and able, he is goal-oriented and hard working. He is an impressive leader and takes pride in his abilities.

A great problem solver, the Aries Sun Taurus Moon man can work through any challenge. His mind is a wonderful tool, he can turn anything to his advantage.

He is full of energy and passion. He has the vim and pertinacity to succeed in life. He has the full advantage of his mindset behind him.

He is not afraid to splash out on himself. He knows that he works hard and likes to treat himself in the process. If he wants something, he’ll get it and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Though he likes to splurge his ultimate goal is financial security so he can continue to do so. He is an interesting mix of cautious and spendthrifty. He likes the lavish lifestyle and he puts in the work to avoid the consequences of spending freely.

If he is betrayed he can be forgiving, though he won’t forget. He will most likely disassociate himself from whoever hurt him and move on as if nothing happened.

He can never be manipulated by anyone. He is headstrong and will not let anyone push him around.

The Aries Sun Taurus Moon man is controlled and will do what he wants when he wants to do it.

As a charming and charismatic man, he is looked up to by those around him. He is well-liked by his peers and is friendly to those he comes across.

His ego is strong and is a big part of his personality. What he says, goes. There is no other way around it.

If he believes something to be true then it is. He cannot be persuaded to change his mind. His strong will is a part of him and will always be regardless of what influences are around him.

He is a creature of habit and can be set in his ways. He likes to have routine and structure but can sometimes struggle to keep it up.

He is caring and will look out for the well-being of others. The Aries Sun Taurus Moon man is loyal to his loved ones. However, he can be overprotective.

The Aries Sun Taurus Moon man has a great eye for detail. His creative gifts give him an artistic ability. Careerwise this is a good industry for him to pursue.

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