Biblical Meaning of Bats in Dreams

Dreams about bats can have a very strong message and are thought to have a spiritual meaning.

Bats are mammals that don’t use vision for orientation, they are related to the dark, and they use echolocation to orientate themselves.

These animals are often related to vampires in many cultures and they can carry an important message when they appear in a dream.

If you saw many bats in your dream sleeping or just hanging upside-down, it is a sign that someone is holding something against you.

This is a symbol of quiet rebellion someone is planning to start against you.

One bat in a dream can be a symbol of you and the way you see this world.

If that bat was flying around freely, it means that you are managing to stay on track with your business even if you are not completely aware of the current situation.

That means that you don’t need to know everything to be perfect at something.

But, if that bat was injured, or had its wings broken, it means that you are currently put in the corner and you feel helpless and weak.

Let’s see what are the most common dreams about bats and their interpretation!

The most common dreams about bats

Dreaming of seeing a bat

If you only remember seeing a bat, and you can’t remember any specific details about this dream, it means that this bat is a symbol of darkness within you.

You probably feel empty and lonely and maybe things are not going very well in your life right now. You feel like you can’t see or hear anything and you feel like you are in complete darkness.

This bat is a sign for you to try to find a way to function with that darkness because life can’t stop.

A bat is a symbol of night, and in your dream, it can represent the way you feel about life. Maybe you need the light to shine and make the darkness go away.

Also, this dream indicates that you will experience a negative situation soon and that might affect you very badly.

Dreaming of many bats

If you saw dozens of bats flying around you, and some of them might even hit you, it means that your mind is occupied by stressful responsibilities.

You need to be more organized and stop doing everything at the last minute.

Maybe your problem is that you can’t fulfill all of your daily responsibilities and that is making you feel anxious.

Try to find a better way to organize your day before that stress overwhelms you and makes you feel even worse.

Dreaming of a bat chasing you

If you were running away from a bat, it means that you are trying to run from some things that made you feel bad.

You are constantly trying to hide from your inner fears and demons instead of fighting them off.

This dream is a sign that you don’t solve your problems by confronting them, but by ignoring them. That won’t solve your problems and could only cause more problems later.

If a bat chases you in your dream, it is a sign that you should confront your fears and problems. You can’t run away from yourself so you better stop and wonder how you are going to fix everything.

Dreaming of a bat flying through your window

If a bat flew through your window and entered your room in a dream, it means that some unexpected things will happen to you soon.

In life, many things that happen are not what you expect to happen and usually, people get disappointed or hurt.

This dream is a sign that you should be prepared for something unplanned to come into your life.

A bat in this dream represents something negative that will occur in your life soon. You need to prepare yourself for bad things to happen and learn how to act in an unexpected situation.

Dreaming of a bat sleeping

If you saw a bat sleeping, and they always sleep upside-down, it means that someone you know is a fan of yours.

You have a secret admirer that wants to be like you and you have no idea about it.

This dream is a sign that you should always represent good things and make people want to be like you. That way you can turn the world upside-down and make a change.

But, you shouldn’t take any credit for that.

Sometimes it’s better to do things from behind the curtain and never brag about doing something nice and good for someone.

Dreaming of a bat turning into someone

If you saw a bat turn into someone you know, it means that a person you saw in your dream is not who he/she says they are.

Someone is lying to you and is making you think that they are different from what they actually are.

You should be careful with who you trust because that person could lie to you about anything and cause you trouble in the future.

Learn how to differentiate an honest person from people who are prone to lying and taking advantage of others.

Dreaming of a bat and a vampire

If you saw a bat and a vampire, it is a sign that you shouldn’t make any deals these days. They represent evil and dark and this dream is a sign that some people might take advantage of you.

You should stay always from untrustworthy people who only care about their profit. You never know if someone is trying to fool you so be careful who you trust.

A bat and a vampire in a dream represent some folks that will enter your life and try to mess with you. You should stay away from them and never get involved in anything with them.

Dreaming of eating bats

If you had a dream about eating bats it means that you will have to do something you don’t want to just because you are polite.

You will be in a situation where someone might ask you for a favor or will offer you something you can’t say no to.

You will have to endure that and pretend that you enjoy it even if you hate doing what they asked you to. That is called being a nice person.

But, you shouldn’t let other people get used to asking you for a favor.

Dreaming of an injured bat

An injured bat is a symbol of weakness. If you were trying to help that bat, it means that you are a generous person and that you tend to help other people as much as you can.

If you didn’t do anything, it means that weakness scares you and you are trying to act all tough and strong until you break.

This dream is a sign that you should accept weakness and never be afraid of it. Weakness is a normal human thing and you should be able to express it from time to time.

Dreaming of a dead bat

A dead bat symbolizes a loss. It is not a good sign and can represent the loss of something important to you.

Also, a dead bat can indicate that you should find a better way to achieve your goals because currently, things are not going very well.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will have to pay for something you have done in the past and that will be hard for you.

People easily forget what they have done and are eager to judge others, but remember, what goes around comes around.

Dreaming of killing a bat

If you have killed a bat in your dream, it means that you will get in a fight with someone soon.

You will have an argument with a person who will annoy you to the point where you will be in a temptation to fight with them.

But, you should try to keep your mind cool and don’t make any impulsive moves.

This dream indicates that you get easily irritated and that is why people don’t tend to get into a discussion with you.

Maybe you should try to change that because you can end up hurting someone and making big trouble for yourself.

Dreaming of petting a bat

If you had a dream about a bat being your pet, it means that you have a strong manipulative personality.

You can make anyone trust you and you can make a person do whatever you want.

That could be both a good and a bad trait. You should know how to control your gift and never go too far with that.

This dream indicates that you are also a very stubborn person and that you do everything in spite.

That can’t bring you much happiness but you know that you can’t change. This dream tells you to take it easy and try to find true happiness.

Dreaming of being bitten by a bat

If a bat bites you in a dream, it means that someone wants to get something from you.

Maybe you have something many people can only dream about so you should be careful around those who are jealous of you.

Jealousy is not normal and can lead to many serious situations. That feeling controls people and can make them do many bad things.

So, distance yourself from jealous people because they never want to see you succeed and be better.

They will only try to tear you down and make your life harder than it should be.


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