Biblical Meaning of Eggs In a Dream

Did you know that eggs, the most common everyday item, the most common food in the world, an inevitable part of our breakfast, are one of the most common motives in dreams in the world?

This is a fact, and they can appear in so many different scenarios that it is so remarkable, that they always have an interesting meaning.

Not only that, have in mind that eggs have such a strong symbolic value, that was recognized even in the Holy Bible, and before that in numerous pagan beliefs, where the egg was seen as part of the creational force in the Universe, if not the creational force itself.

Now, did you have ever had such a dream, and wondered what it mean?

What kind of egg you dreamt of – was it whole, what was the color, or, was it maybe the red egg?

What was the size of it, was it broken, rotten, cooked, or raw? All of this changes the meaning of an egg so much and therefore, you should always pay attention to the egg itself in a dream.

There are so many meanings, and it is very important to analyze this dream since this dream can reveal a lot.

Eggs in a dream in General

Just like we have said, eggs fall under the category of very common dreams, and in many cases, they are symbols of health, and if we look at the dream vision more globally, then it is the representation of life itself, the birth, the first breath.

And depending on a scenario of a dream, we can understand it one way or the other.

If you have a dream of a whole egg, for example, then such a dream may come as an indication that you are waiting for success in real life, not half of it, but the entire story, you have been patiently waiting for your hard work to pay off, and it seems like you are about to become a witness of it.

Such a dream predicts a happy family life even if this was your own idea of success and your long-term dream.

It is a known fact that women often dream of this motive, an egg, and it has a lot to do with the expectation of a romance, adn they are sexually charged at this moment when they have such a dream.

They are wanting a lover, to be taken care of, and in this dream, an egg is a representation of it.

For example, a basket full of eggs in a dream may indicate a profitable business, followed by an excellent reward. You can see that eggs are a more or less positive symbol in a dream.

But, if those eggs were rotten, and something is wrong with them, they look unhealthy, they smell, or something similar, then such a dream may predict or depict anxiety and turmoil in your life.

And, if in a dream you have found eggs in a forest, for example, such a dream may symbolize receiving a rich inheritance from distant relatives, just like in a story that you never believe is possible to happen to you.

According to some dream symbolism, dreams, where you see just one or two eggs, may suggest that you will have guests in a home, it could be an unexpected visit from some distant relatives, or it can be a late-night crash from a friend. It will be very interesting.

The color of the eggs may change the meaning of the dream a lot.

If you have seen black eggs, such a dream does not carry good symbolism -it is not a good sign at all, and in fact one of the rare bad meanings of a dream about the egg.

It can also symbolize gossip and unpleasant news that you will get to hear very soon, and that may shake you to the core.

If you have seen white eggs in a dream, then such a dream can be seen as a good sign on a contrary to black eggs – it indicates good luck.

If they are red, then such a dream promises the occurrence of circumstances that can affect all important matters in your life. Everything that is relevant to you, will now be the focus of your attention and changes are possible.

And if in a dream you see a lot of eggs, then most likely, a lot of luck awaits you. A basket full of them almost always predicts successful business, in a sense of soon cooperation in a profitable company.

However, breaking eggs is almost always a negative sign. It can symbolize grief and longing for things that you will never be able to have.

When you have a dream about a broken egg, then such a dream may be the symbol of quarrels, and problems that are on the horizon. The difficulties will obviously relate to family life.

Such dreams can predict health problems, but this is the case when a female has such a dream. Then something challenging will occur regarding her reproductive health.

A dream where you see an egg that does not have yolk in itself, then such a dream is a sign of the beginning of a new life phase, a very important dream.

Some periods ended and were left behind forever. One way or another, chicken eggs talk about changes, so you should pay a lot of attention to those dreams.

Rotten eggs are very common as a dream motive – often, it is said that they are a symbol of all ideas and wishes that cannot be realized at that stage, and maybe things will change later on.

However, in the future, they will easily become real, you just have to work on them.

So easily rotten eggs mean that some plans do not come true, but your task is to realize that this is for your own good, and this is not always an easy task. It can cause grief and regret, a real struggle.

However, if in a dream you brake an egg, then such a dream may suggest that you are able to easily destroy his plans for the future with his own hands. Think is this necessary at all.

The size of eggs also speaks a lot of a person who has a dream.

If you had a dream about huge eggs, then such a dream means that a good income is expected in the future, and the income will be strong.

If there were many eggs that were large at the same time, it means that the income will be stable and that you can relax in that area of life.

But if they are too small, tiny, like buttons, then such a dream can easily be said that you are not using the opportunities that life has given him quite reasonably.

In addition, a suitable plot can indicate the imminent beginning of pregnancy, if the woman had such a dream.

If you are eating an egg in a dream, then such a dream shows that in reality, you pay too much attention to a completely unnecessary situation, but to an act.

It is a sign that you can easily destroy your happiness with your careless actions.

Collecting eggs from chickens shows that things will soon change for the better in your life.

If you are cooking eggs, then such a dream may indicate that you are the type of person who likes to go in life on a path that is already set. You like stability, rather than exploration.

Biblical Meaning of Eggs In a Dream 

In the legends and myths of many cultures around the world, the egg appears as a symbol of the universe itself, which was created from the egg, as it is believed.

That is why the egg signifies the creative force of divinity and nature. The egg is the primordial existence that contains the multitude of beings in the embryo, just like the case when a being is pregnant.

It has a role and an image of the pattern of totality. Pagan cultures held festivals in the spring and there, eggs and rabbits were used as symbols of fertility.

It is believed that the egg appears after chaos, as the principle of order – things that were in chaos, are now in divine order. Although the egg is never the first, it is the symbol of the first differentiation, when things are evolving and changing.

In its unique totality, it contains a multitude of all other things in the Universe.

The egg is also one of the symbols of the frequent renewal of nature; it is a representative of the myth of frequent creation.

Eggs are very much connected to all customs that are related to Easter and they originate from pagan spring festivals related to the cult of fertility.

Eggs are associated with Many pagan peoples who believed that the fertility deity died every winter and was reborn in the spring. At the same time, this suggests that the Sun died and was reborn as a symbol of life. An egg is an amazing representation of this idea – living and

dying as the normal process of life. If you had such a dream, then you know that things are changing, and the life cycle has ended.

Now, let us take a good look at the meaning of an egg, according to the Bible, and also in case, when it appears in a dream.

According to the Bible, eggs are, without a doubt a symbol of the birth, of something new, and special, and it is the beginning of a new life, the start of everything we know in the Universe, and do not know.

In this sense, the red egg is very specific, when we speak of the Bible, it symbolizes the innocent shed blood of Jesus Christ, but red is also the color of resurrection. Because there is no resurrection without suffering and death. If you had such a dream, then the message for you is to endure the current pain, so that you can grow in the future.

This suggests that you are becoming the witness of a most secret process, just seeing the procedure of the creation; you may become a witness to the birth of a new life, it can be whatever area of life you want.

It also suggests that you will be in a position to start something from the start, from scratch – it means that you have to work hard, to reach the goal.

Raw eggs are often dreamed of by people with unusual abilities and rare qualities – they have a sharp mind, there is a creative vein, and they are characterized by honesty and decency. Are you one of them? Use those abilities for good, and grow.

The egg in a dream, according to the Bible, demonstrates and encourages renewal, which is not birth but going back to the center, after something has died. The egg also belongs to the symbolism of security, together with the house, the nest, the shell, and the mother.

It is said, that the egg was always regarded as a sign of immortality, long life, and revival. That is why dreams in which the eggs are present often indicate a new life. The transition to that phase will be carried out with new forces and potential that have never been seen before.

If you had such a dream, then this dream indicates the area that will be very successful. This is especially true for those people who plan some kind of business and can expect a good reward.

For example, a dream about Easter eggs is a symbol of well-being, joy, and family life that awaits you.

If you had a dream about the colorful eggs, then such a dream according to the Biblical meaning, shows, that in reality, you will have a degree of joy and achievement.

It shows that everything will turn out, and even the smallest things will be accompanied by luck.

So don’t get lost – if there is an opportunity, it’s better to use all the available options.

If you have a dream of three Easter eggs lying next to each other, it means that soon it will be possible to fix a mistake, use that moment.

Especially negative dreams are those in which the eggs are broken and rotten. This means that the plans can easily be destroyed because of the hypocrisy of friends but proxies.

Advice for those who have such a dream

As you can see, the dream about eggs may suggest weakness, and therefore such a dream means that personal matters will probably not be successfully concluded.

But this is just one version of this dream, and even then it could give birth to something nice truly, an experience from which you can learn.

In a majority of cases, the dream about the eggs is the birth of something new, but no one can tell you when will it come – you can expect a great material reward, but this will obviously not happen in the near future.

As a symbol of the Universe, the egg is also a symbol of fertility, so its role is very visible in many customs that encourage growth and birth.

In many cases, the dream about the egg has good meaning – it depicts big profits. That will more than cover all costs, no matter how persuasive they are. You will soon expect to fulfill the secret of a fan but a good wisher.

A dream in which eggs appear almost always has a positive connotation, and even when you do not have the best dream, there is most certainly a lesson to be learned.

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