Black Moth In The House – Meaning and Symbolism

It is human nature to connect, to find the meaning that is bigger and more powerful than anything that is purely material, and we think it is so amazing, this is what separates us from other living beings, we can “work” on a symbolical level, unlike animals.

Since the dawn of time, people were finding new ways to learn more about their own nature, to explain certain events, not only in their lives but in the world that surrounds them.

They use symbolic explanations to explain painful or mysterious events that surrounded their lives, like death.

Animals and insects, in particular, have a place in this symbolical system, regardless of the culture it belongs to, and in some cases, the same or similar symbolism is connected to the same “objects”, and in some cases, it is completely different.

The symbolism of Insects in general

For starters, we have to see that all animals, and this particularly includes insects, are truly powerful symbolic tools used centuries ago, and this is the case still, in modern times.

Maybe thousands of years ago when people used it and believe it more because they did not know anything more about how the world functions, but the symbolic value of all animals in the world is still valid today, and the situation is not any different.

Now that symbolism, besides other things comes from the fact that we know for a certainty that we are all connected.

All beings in the Universe all living creatures and beings are connected in some way, we all have a certain place to fulfill on this planet, we are all needed for a certain reason.

And, what is even more important is this – as humans, we can understand that things have a bigger symbolic value than just their natural or material one.

You can observe a certain object, or an animal – for example, the horse, a truly beautiful animal, but for many, it is the symbol of grace and pride, all at the same time.

Insects are particularly interesting in that way because thousands of years ago, animals and insects had actual meaning in different cultures and were used as symbolic elements in different parts of the world.

This usually occurs when people in those civilizations were performing some spiritual or religious ceremony or ritual.

Of course, in different parts of the world, and this is the case still to this day, some animals have a “secret” symbolism.

Like cow in India, for example, there a cow, or as they like to call it, call it Nandi, is considered a friend of the god Krishna. It is on the top of the list of the highest beings.

Or, in the many different parts of the world, we can see the butterfly is one of the most interesting symbols.

It is one of the most interesting and commonly used insects, as a potent symbol, because it has so many meanings in itself, and the nature of the butterfly is amazing.

For one, it’s beautiful for many, but for some, it’s creepy, for some it’s disgusting and they feel comfortable only looking at their colors, while for somebody, it has a deeper meaning.

Many people think that butterflies are the symbol of people who died and who like to visit us, in this form their souls are hidden.

In any case, it is a symbol of nature itself that is based on the principle of change; where everything in nature changes from one shape to another, and it shows that the time passes, the same thing could be completely different.

It can go from gross to most wonderful, and the nature of the butterfly reminds us of the transience of life – it lives for a day, but it makes an entire circle regardless.

Its life is definitely very short; so it’s in some way, it reminds us of the shortness of our lives and that we should not be so sad when things change, because it is their true nature.

It carries a message that all of us should accept change just as a natural part of life.

Now, this is just the short of a butterfly, but for example, there is one more insect, that is relatively similar to it, but it carries a bit darker symbolism than the butterfly itself. We are talking about the black moth.

Black Moth In the House

We are certain that you have seen a Black Moth around the house- these nocturnal beings can be small, but also surprisingly big, but the fact is that for many people they are gross and dark beings.

But the fact is that they, despite their appearance are completely harmless.

Still, there is a symbolism that connects them to darkness and the world of the people who have died.

The Black moth has its own symbolism and in the most general way, we can see that is connected with wisdom and its connecting with female energy. For some reason, in many cultures, this insect is connected to the feminine side of us.

Many connect the Black Moth to an inner wisdom that all of us have to a certain extent, but not many of us have awakened it. The majority of us have to find a way to properly express it.

This insect also can go through a process of transformation, it depicts things that are on the move, and on a higher level, it is something that connects to the wisdom, and inner being

It is forcing some powers that linger inside of us all, and we cannot always find a good way to express it.

One more thing is always associated with the Black Moth – it is the symbol of the night, this insect appears at night, and sleeps during the day.

What happens in between is what counts, since it could not be found during the day, and it is somewhere hidden, in the darkness, where it feels the most comfortable and relaxed.

As a consequence, the Black Moth is the symbol of internal peace and tranquility, since it is always in the darkness, but hidden, it could not be traced.

But also, it has incredible strength – it reminds us that at times it is necessary to restore and save our energy so that we could wake it up when needed.

Seeing the Black Moth in the House

When you see the Black Moth in the house, then you are summoned to awake inner energy and do the time you need to find some answers.

Sometimes it is very hard to accept that there are painful and dark lessons to be learned that, are very hard and that inner energy must be awake.

This is important because all human beings should try to find it, if nothing for the purpose of becoming happier, to become the best they could be in this life.

When insects appear in the home, perhaps then it is a reminder that you should take on some changes, probably those that will make you look at the dark place, where you are scared to look.

It is the place that you do not want, where you do not feel comfortable, or do not even feel is necessary for you at this moment.

If the appearance of the Black Moth repeats itself many nights in a row, or you see many of them, then this is what it takes. You must take a look at the darkness, and be honest about your own demons. It is the only way you can awake that energy that lingers inside of you.

Also, this Moth is the call to wake up, to be on the path of change, and on that path, you are invited to be consistent to change your life for moving on in another direction.

So, when the Black Moth appears in a home, and you cannot ignore it, it is recommended to face it.

An alternative meaning of this appearance could suggest that you have been holding on to something in yourself that you do not want anyone to see. It could be something that you are ashamed of, or simply think that others would not understand.

It is something that you are trying to hide from others, and from yourself, but it always takes a moment in time to appear, when things are quiet, and you think that nobody will notice it

Maybe you’re not happy because of it, but it will become clear to you, that at this moment in time you need the motivation to make those changes that you wanted and to stop holding back from your true self.

It must be done, regardless of what will others think of you; it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you change and those who cannot deal with those changes and your inner transformation should not be here in your life at all. Their place is in their own lane, not connected to yours.

Those changes that we are speaking of, that the Black Moth brings or announces, could be connected with your job or private life, whatever it may be, and whatever is relevant to you in some way.

The main thing to remeber from this symbolism is to get a habit in to reflect on what you come down right now and what you want to change.

Just be as honest as you can and be prepared for sacrificing; just as the Black Moth lives in the dark, and it becomes its natural habitat, in the same way, be comfortable with things that are painful or dark, because they are the part of our lives.

We must add that there is a strong belief that the Black Moth is to darkness, or to the aspect of death. Maybe the better word is ending.

All l those bad energies there are floating around as hidden somewhere in the dark and they are harmless unless we allow them to convince us that there is something wrong.

This is not a belief that will serve you in any way and this is only a reminder that if you believe there’s something negative or bad for you it will be coming as such.

On a contrary, if you do not believe in it and you are struggling with your own heart to look at all those darks and misinterpreted creatures, or the darkness inside of you, then you will become a complete person.

The black moth is, as we have already said, the most commonly associated with inner wisdom, with one reminder that it takes time to find it, since it is buried deep inside of us, and more importantly a notion to use it properly.

The main thing is that you have it in yourself even if you do not believe that you do, so do wake it up and try to have some conversations with other people who can help you develop it inside of you.

Wisdom and inner peace that are hidden in this small creature are connected to the female energy, and it obtains certain guidelines for that matter.

Those are things that you intuitively know – for example, that you are worth and now it’s time to take a look at yourself to learn how to wake up and become complete.

This is the symbol that proves that there is not only darkness, but that there is a light, there is not just male energy but also female, and only by uniting do we become complete.

The symbol of the Black Moth may have been used before, for many different purposes, some of them being dark, but it is important to remind you that when you see this creature, do not kill it, but think of what it hides.

In the same way, you react when a ladybug lands on your hand, and you know that guests are going to arrive, or good news.

Think of the energy, that is made out of different elements, three things you have that we all have like mind body and soul to be rounded up in one complete unit. They need to be in balance, just like the Moth has its own cycle of life.


All flying insects that look like butterflies, including moths, are in fact always connected to the change, or we can say that they are symbols of transformation and this includes the Black Moth.

It is also beautiful, but not as beautiful as a butterfly, but nevertheless, it also speaks of all those early changes we have to go in life, because of their nature and we have to accept them, with all “dark” parts.

It is because if there are not supposed to be present in our lives, they would not appear at all.

In the end, this symbol is associated with the acceptance of the process of life, because we should accept them as such, as they are, not as negative experiences but as something so much welcome.

And as we have said, if this insect appears in your home, sometimes you can see it, and other times you do not, and it is the way that you are in your being is communication with yourself.

You are being asked to listen to your inner being to listen to what your has the sea to you because it is never wrong it is the only tool that is never on your eyes can pull you but your inner being cannot and when you do it you will be in charge and moving in a better direction. Soon you will see how things will change by themselves.

And we have to mention one more symbolic value of this black insect that visits our homes at night time – here we are talking about its connection to the lunar phases and that it is the depiction of a time, and right in those times, there is a possibility of the awakening of psychic abilities.

Maybe you have them, and now is the perfect time to use them.

Maybe, you can find it, and be able to see into the future or you can comprehend more clearly the world that is around you.

In fact, it could be a good encouragement to wake up your intuition to find those signs and find the knowledge.

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