Cancer in 11th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

In astrology, the houses have a structure similar to a clock. The zodiac is sectioned into twelve different segments or houses.

Each sign rules one house, representing an aspect of life, such as health and well-being, finances, relationships, identity, emotions, or material resources.

Thus, these houses are similar to a map in the sky. The planets continuously move from one house to another accordingly. The zodiac begins with the first house and goes counterclockwise around.

At the hour you were born, each of them was in one of the houses. They can be found and identified in your natal chart.

People usually examine the houses to anticipate which areas of their lives will be the focal point to direct their energy, determination, and actions.

These 12 houses are a representation of the twelve signs. Yet, the houses usually transmit regular earthly activities.

What does that mean for the 11th house?

The 11th house – Humanity, friendship, collective power

The Zodiac sign Aquarius and planets Uranus and Saturn rule this community-oriented house.

Astrologers see it as the house that determines the groups in which we will find solace, acceptance, and belonging.

Personal development opens doors to more possibilities and paths to explore. It is what the 11th house navigates, showing how that can improve us professionally, personally, and spiritually.

Besides, this house reminds us how much more we can achieve if we combine capacities and knowledge with other people.

The most crucial is that the 11th house shows how we behave in friendships and how our friends perceive us.

That also says what kinds of groups, organizations, associations, and communities we will choose for ourselves.

Hence, the 11th house represents friendships, close social groups, and organizations. How does that affect the zodiac sign of Cancer?

Cancer – Affectionate, family-oriented, empathetic

Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancer natives belong to the cardinal water horoscope signs. They are sensitive, intuitive, and emotional.

These natives can sense how others are feeling and absorb their energy. They understand the perplexing scale of emotions.

However, these natives can be secretive and introverted. They dislike mingling with a group of strangers. Instead, Cancer prefers a private atmosphere and a circle of close friends.

Yet, they would help everyone if they could. Cancer is empathetic and suffers seeing someone else in pain.

Moreover, Cancer needs time to feel comfortable and they will often be silent before reaching that point. It takes them a long time to get to know someone and trust them.

However, once Cancer gets close with someone, they will dedicate their heart and soul to that connection.

These natives are also stellar parents who would put their lives on the line to protect their children. They will teach their offspring the paramount importance of emotions and empathy.

Cancer usually sees family as a way to leave their imprint in the world and keep on living forever.

Hence, Cancer is dedicated, affectionate, and heart-warming.

How does that merge with the 11th house?

Cancer in the 11th house – Natal and meaning

People born with Cancer in the 11th house are independent yet emotional. They care deeply about their family and friends, but they also hold their freedom highly. These natives want to have stability and safety regardless of their relationship status.

However, they usually consider romantic partnerships only when they are financially ready.

These natives dislike depending on anyone and want to have their freedom to move freely, buy things, and invest in themselves. They loathe a co-dependent relationship and don’t want to relinquish their identities to be with someone.

These individuals are mature and think about love pragmatically. Even though they are sensitive, they don’t let others notice that.

As a result, these natives want to show that they can be on their own and support themselves. They dislike persons who latch onto their partners and expect them to pay for everything.

Rational and reserved

Those born with this placement believe that they can only rely on themselves. It is why these individuals always make sure they have savings, alternative sources of income, and a safety net.

Moreover, these natives might even see relationships as a liability to their independence, finances, and identity.

Others often perceive these individuals are calculative, self-centered, and egotistical.

However, these natives believe they shouldn’t give up or sacrifice anything to be in a loving relationship. But their partners might feel that they’re too strict or unwilling to compromise.

These individuals are rational and see connections as equal partnerships where everyone gets to keep what they have and who they are.

Moreover, these natives are introverted, reserved, and analytical. They need a lot of time to get to know someone and connect.

Hence, these individuals find it hard to make friendships and feel comfortable with others. When at parties and gatherings, they usually migrate towards the side of a room and avoid mingling with people.

It is no surprise that these individuals stick to those they know since childhood or adolescence. They don’t break friendships and relationships with ease.

On the contrary, they are loyal and can be with one person for a lifetime. Thus, these natives don’t switch social groups quickly and prefer to spend time with those they know well.

People born with Cancer in the 11th house are highly intuitive. Moreover, this is perhaps Cancer placement with the most intense instinct and accurate hunches.

These individuals rely on their judgment when meeting others and forming connections. If they don’t feel comfortable with someone from the get-go, they will move on.

These natives dislike wasting time on temporary friendships and superficial acquaintances. They loathe aloof small talk and conversations without depth.

These individuals seek connections that will last for a long time and enrich their worlds. As a result, they are selective about who they let into their lives. These natives usually put people through subtle tests and trials before giving them their trust.

Once these individuals become comfortable with someone, they will give them their heart and their soul. They are devoted and compassionate friends and would go far for their loved ones.

These natives become emotionally attached to those they trust and love to the point of being terrified of losing them. They know how hard it is to develop a strong connection.

Hence, these individuals are afraid something could destroy their friendships and relationships.

But those born with this placement usually do everything in their power to protect their partnerships and prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. Indeed, these natives are tolerant and can understand and forgive many things. However, they will never get over treason, let alone forget.

These natives are ruthless when it comes to people cheating on them, lying, or committing treacheries. They can erase these kinds of persons from their lives and act like they never even existed. One can hardly ever earn forgiveness from these natives, no matter how hard they try.

However, these individuals treat their friends as their family and make sure they have everything they need. They are always ready to help and support their loved ones.

If someone breaks up with these natives or terminates the friendship, they will be inconsolable and hardly ever get over it. They usually grieve over broken connections for a long time and need a lot of effort to heal.

Team players and co-dependent friendships

People born with Cancer in the 11th house are stellar team players and enjoy being a part of the group. They are good at receiving feedback and accepting other persons’ ideas.

Hence, people usually love working with these natives and find their presence magnetic.

However, they find it essential to blend it and feel a sense of belonging to the group. As a result, these natives often become too agreeable and compliant.

Even though these individuals would hate to lose their identity in a relationship, they don’t notice when the same happens in friendship or teamwork.

These natives try hard to make team members happy or address their needs. But they could become exhausted in the process and neglect their independent objectives.

Moreover, others could also perceive these individuals as needy and insecure. Because of that, these natives often have a paradoxical behavior where they show one side of their personality to lovers and another to friends and coworkers.

At the end of a day, they might feel tired and like they pleased everyone else but themselves.

Hence, these natives often use relationships to compensate for the lack of confidence and attitude in social groups and at work. Associates, team members, and colleagues have an intense influence on these individuals and their behavior.

Those born with this placement desperately want to belong to something bigger than them, a higher goal, or a cohesive group. Although that’s not inherently bad, these natives should remember not to silence their identities to fit in with the majority.

Moreover, people born with Cancer in the 11th house can go overboard concerning compassion and putting themselves in the shoes of others. They might neglect their needs to help other persons solve their problems or achieve their goals.

These natives also often disregard their romantic partners to show up at social gatherings or professional events. They can develop a co-dependent relationship with their friends or become overly immersed in their jobs.

These individuals often ignore their logic and objective judgments when it comes to their supervisors’ demands. As a result, they sacrifice their free time and hobbies to be present at work.

Those born with this placement have strong emotions that threaten to consume them. Others often feel intimated by the intensity of their feelings.

However, these natives often don’t notice when they’re suffocating someone with their affection because they’re usually reserved.

Overall, these individuals are logical concerning romantic relationships, but no so much when it comes to friendships and work. They must learn how to stop being people-pleasers and to relinquish their dependence on social groups and friends.

Cancer on the cusp of the 11th house – Meaning and traits

People born with Cancer on the cusp of the 11th house seek comfort and emotional connection in social groups and friendships. They are sensitive and empathetic.

Thus, these natives are always there for their loved ones, ready to give a helping hand.

They feel the most comfortable in a team, contributing and interacting with their coworkers. These individuals are dedicated to their work and seek financial stability. They usually have savings and are stellar at budgeting.

However, those born with this placement tend to become dependent on a professional group or close friends.

Although these individuals believe one should always nurture their independence, they are at risk of silencing their identity to fit in.

But these natives aren’t needy nor clingy in romantic relationships.

On the contrary, they might even be emotionally detached or cold. It is the area of life where these individuals unconsciously compensate for the lack of confidence in social groups.

Those born with this placement care deeply about what others think of them.

That often disrupts their life and prevents them from being who they genuinely are. It is why these individuals prefer to blend in and become one with the group.

These natives must learn how to stand up for themselves in a team and nurture without neglecting themselves.

Otherwise, these individuals will never feel at ease, no matter with whom they are.

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