Cancer in 1st House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

In addition to being divided into twelve Zodiac signs, there are also twelve Houses or Fields as some like to call them in the natal circle, and all of them are representations of different areas in life.

Houses in the natal horoscope refer to energy and events, to where and in which aspects of life something happens.

There can be good and also bad aspects that come from each House, depending on everything else in the natal chart, there are positive and negative elements, just like in life.

Houses show the energy with which we relate to certain aspects of life, with an idea that we can do our best to make good out of bad, as well as ruin great opportunities if we are not careful enough.

In this sense, maybe the best way to answer the question of how to understand our natal chart is that whatever you know of it, it should not be deciphered fatalistically, but should be considered as an overview of one’s traits and perspectives, possibilities, weaknesses, imperfections, and reasons behind all actions we take on in life.

Now, everything starts from one, and in the same way, we start reading the natal charts by looking primarily into the 1st House.

In general, we know that this House represents the person, their material body, powers, and liabilities, and also their immediate personality.

This House is sometimes named the “I” House since when we look at it, we can find out what is our main task in life, and it could show us the sight of the world, how we see things, and why.

Also, this is House that addresses our ego, and everything we desire to create from it, as well as what we want to hide here, and everything we must learn from it.

The 1st House is the representation of our primordial vibrancy, it binds us to the Aries Zodiac sign.

It is associated with the 1st chakra and corresponds to the possibility we have to bear any private combats, or it gives us ideas on how to move from them.

This is the House that represents life itself, and here we want to find out what it means when a Zodiac sign Cancer finds its place in the 1st House.

We advise all of you to approach this analysis in this way – try to understand that there are no bad aspects or perspectives.

Although specific things can steal a lot of our energy, and make us exhausted, depressed or weak, every challenge carries a huge amount of energy released in us after it is resolved.

Fear of negative aspects simply means that we have a lot to learn, and we are not yet aware of the fact that we have been living our challenges all our lives.

Cancer in 1st House Meaning

If we have already characterized the 1st House in the natal chart, then we must be aware that precisely this House affects every one of them.

Yes, we have said that this House primarily affects the material world, with its ruler existing as our primary ruling model in the Zodiac.

This shows our power, prospect, and connections with others, as seen via the place and aspects it creates.

When the 1st House starts with the sign of Cancer, it is usually said to be the place of home, family, and, of course, a lot of emotions.

But we must add one thing, the thing, that the majority of us fail to realize -we are talking about the sensitivity of this sign and its impact on the physical body.

Knowing that at times this tenderness is translated into the physical world since the 1st House is connected to it.

In this regard, then we get to see the tenderness and sensitivity of human health, and you could imagine what kind of impact it has if we see the tender Cancer in it.

The 1st House symbolizes our physical strength and Cancer is not the best possible place to feel strong and confident, and all those who have such a position must take good care of their health, and not only that, they must do a lot of exercise or train.

Only in this way they can stop any deterioration not just in a physical sense, but also in a mental aspect, as it will follow the problems of the physical body.

Always have in mind the impact of the Moon, which is the ruling planet for all Cancer individuals – regarding their appearance, this means that they can seem sick, as they are pale in appearance.

Also, we could say that they are heavily affected by the Moon’s activities, and must pay attention to the food they eat.

But there is a major chance that their genetics is strong so it has a

influence on their overall health and appearance.

This Cancer is considered to be one of the most sensitive ones, as we are speaking of its fate.

It brings various things that will happen throughout a lifetime.

This Cancer in the 1st House shows incredible dependence to a significant extent on its origin and its family, and therefore the 4th House should be observed, because it will primarily define the individual, as the conditions of genetics and attachment to one of his parents.

Cancer in 1st House Natal

People who have Cancer in the 1st House, it is who they are – people who can do amazingly well with words, they can write them and it will sound equally wonderful, or they can say them and will be a similar experience.

These people know exactly what to say and at what moment.

Seen as nice and well-mannered people who are truly lovely, but it is until the moment arises when someone dares to touch them in some of their soft spots.

If someone, anyone, it could be a president or a regular man, and if their friends and family are in the center, they will respond and the response will be furious.

Well, then all those who dare to touch them, can freely run away from them and hide.

This brings us to the fact that all those people who have Cancer in the 1st House are known to be very protective of the people they love – family members, partners, and best friends.

They are loyal to the core and remain to be, but they also expect the same treatment from the other side.

They also are known to preserve every possible little thing that reminds them of some beautiful period in their life and nothing can annoy or disappoint them like losing one of these little things.

They are lovers of small joy, a nice view, a moment with the person they love, or a kiss from a child, it is their nature and all that they need to be happy.

We should also mention, that not many people are aware that nice and sensitive Cancers hide something deep inside – because they do.

They can be very nervous and are often sleep-deprived.

It seems like they never get enough sleep or enough rest, and for that reason, they can be extremely annoying, especially toward members of their families.

People who have Cancer positioned in the 1st House are, also, seen as eternal optimists, even though they can be in a million completely different emotional states during just one day.

In 24 hours they will put you through hell with their mood changes, but it is something that must be expected.

The good news is that they are constantly attempting to look at things positively and try to achieve each of their goals.

Their biggest challenge is hidden in strong plans, an immovable will, a healthy routine, and the responsibility they have to take for the direction in which their own life moves.

But when the path comes to challenges, then they lose track of their previous deeds and cannot find new motivation for future actions.

This slows them down immensely.

And one more thing that not all of them will develop during life, but some of them will – some of them may even develop or discover some psychic and mediumistic tendencies, and those with such an aspect can focus well and can adapt to their environment.

Cancer in 1st House Cusp 

Cancer is a cardinal water sign and the House cusp with it, shows us the place here is the place that needs to be dealt with, in an emotional sense, so that the person feels safe.

People seem to be extremely moving concerning everything that the 1st House touches.

In it, there is a pronounced need for growth through education and movement.

Education may become very distressing, but it is required for obtaining the ability to voice the positive attributes of the Sun sign.

In the natal chart of the individual, the House with Cancer on the cusp is governed by the Moon, as it is, as we have said the ruler of this cardinal sign.

When observing the natal charts, take a good look at the position and sign of the Moon, if you want to obtain as many indications concerning the area where Cancer is on the cusp.

We meet people who are extremely passionate and tender, but at the same time, these people are not able to see such traits as a weakness, but as their strengths.

This could not be their shortcoming but something that “enables” them for further achievements in life.

People that have this position are seen as amazing chatterers because these individuals can listen, rather than just speak themselves, and look for the audience that will listen.

This makes them amazing friends who are careful about every word others say, as they are truly reliable persons, and will consistently provide exceptional advice for all issues in life.

Also, they can be very attached to home and mother, as this is what the Moon says to us all; and many choices could not be made without family or more likely mothers’ approval.

Tradition and patriotism are important to them; they like to collect things and go back in time; which is never a bad thing, as long as they are not starting to look back nonstop.

Hard-working, and economical, these people constantly worry that they will not achieve enough in life or provide for themselves materially.

Such an attitude makes them fearful, and from that point, they are bringing their decisions.

What is also noticeable is fear of ridicule or criticism; as a consequence, it makes them discreet, tactful, and conventional people.

Their imagination is very vivid, and the forms in which they will create it will depend on the Moon and its aspects.

We meet human beings who are shy, so to bloom, they need to have a lot of love and encouragement.

Due to innate insecurity, they can be even seen to retreat from all unpleasant things, anything that does not suit them, they will pull away from.

But, we must say that all those who have Cancer in the 1st House are seen as very graceful and charming in their demeanor, but whenever you are hurt by any inconvenience, they will retreat into their shell.

Due to the expressed sensitivity, these people are susceptible to environmental influences; and therefore they can become mentally and physically ill.

Additionally, we will say that always, the 1st House represents the fundamental relationship we maintain with our body.

Also, it is the current incarnation, and the lesson they, as all of us must find is what kind of karmic debt we need to resolve.

No one knows whether will it be with ease or difficulty, what does matter is the process itself.

His Self is less because he was born as Cancer, but depends on the image of the ancestors, which can be great if that image is good and gives him strength, but if it is not, this is the sign most affected by fate.

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