Cancer in 8th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

Astrology uses 12 segments that are better known as houses to split the zodiac. Each of them corresponds to a different sign.

All astrological experts are aware of that, and if you’re a horoscope reading enthusiast, you might be too.

However, you might think that the planets and signs are the basis of the natal chart without being familiar with houses. If that’s the case, it’s time to expand your knowledge.

Houses are among the fundamental principles and necessary for birth chart or horoscope reading.

Understanding the concept and meaning of houses will give you an advantage because you will get the bigger picture.

That gives natal charts much more sense. Thus, being familiar with houses allows you to have a deeper understanding of your personal horoscope, character, and relationships.

The 12 houses represent particular areas of your life, and they manifest the energy of each planet.

Since their meaning explains aspects, such as identity, relationships, or possessions, they are essential for a natal chart.

Hence, they have a powerful influence on your birth chart.

What does that mean for the 8th house?

The 8th house – S*x, death, rebirth

The Zodiac sign of Scorpio and planets Mars and Pluto rules the 8th house. It represents taboos, sexuality, death, and transformation or rebirth.

It is the house that dives into relationships and their depth. The 8th house goes beyond the 7th, and it navigates the sexual realm and spiritual side of it.

The 8th house is the one that impacts unbelievable life stories, mysteries, and experiences. That doesn’t mean that the 8th house is unfavorable per se.

But it’s a stimulus for the obscene, sinister, and dreadful. It is no surprise that the 8th house is probably the most dreaded of them all.

Since the 8th house represents death and birth, it requires a profound look into one’s soul, the truth, and desires. It demands the ultimate honesty and preparedness to confront the darkest parts of life and ourselves.

Hence, it is no surprise that the 8th house is responsible for what the unconsciousness invites to our conscious selves and what issues that can cause.

The 8th house also stands for the hidden and kinky sexual preferences, deviations, and inclinations. As a result, it often indicates what we are ashamed of and what we want to conceal.

However, it can also show dedication, loyalty, and a profound emotional connection. That proves that the 8th house can give much more than people tend to believe. It can make us better people and help us heal.

Hence, the 8th house represents rebirth, sexual experience, and inheritances. How does that affect the zodiac sign of Cancer?

Cancer – Emotional dreamers, sensitive, intuitive

Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancer natives belong to the cardinal water horoscope signs. They are sensitive, intuitive, and emotional.

These natives can sense how others are feeling and absorb their energy. They understand the perplexing scale of emotions. Thanks to that, Cancer is emotionally intelligent and never hides its feelings.

However, these natives can be secretive and introverted. They dislike mingling with a group of strangers. Instead, Cancer prefers a private atmosphere and a circle of close friends.

Yet, they would help everyone if they could. Cancer is empathetic and suffers seeing someone else in pain.

These natives are loyal and affectionate. However, they can be overly protective and a tad clingy. Cancer wants to spend every free moment with their loved ones and need a lot of attention.

Others could perceive them as needy or even controlling. But Cancer often feels insecure and seeks validation and proof of love and commitment.

Moreover, Cancer needs time to feel comfortable and they will often be silent before reaching that point. It takes them a long time to get to know someone and trust them.

However, once Cancer gets close with someone, they will dedicate their heart and soul to that connection.

These natives are also stellar parents who would put their lives on the line to protect their children.

Cancer usually sees family as a way to leave their imprint in the world and keep on living forever.

Hence, Cancer is dedicated, affectionate, and heart-warming.

How does that merge with the 8th house?

Cancer in the 8th house – Natal and meaning

People born with Cancer in the 8th house have big dreams and want to accomplish their objectives. They wish for a day when they will be someone significant who leaves an impact on the world.

These natives think a lot about dying. Hence, they want to leave an imprint in the world that will make people remember them.

Some would say these persons are dark or pessimistic, but they are only not afraid of their dying. They are more scared of not living a mark and being forgotten.

These natives often believe they are unique and wish others could see it too. They usually have intense feelings and extreme emotions.

Moreover, these individuals might even think they have mystical powers.

Those born with this placement have a strong connection with the subconscious.

However, these individuals use that to defend themselves from the daily struggles and obstacles. These natives tend to think they can overcome everything.

But deep inside, they are hypersensitive and apprehensive about the future.

People born with Cancer in the 8th house have an odd relationship with changes. They need transformations to feel alive yet dread whether they’ll bring anything good

. Nevertheless, these natives regenerate faster than most people because they know that change is the only constant.

But if Cancer’s influence is too intense, these individuals could be too reluctant to embrace transformations. In that cases, they might perceive changes as a crisis and become too negative.

Those born with this placement are excited about the typical milestones. Yet, they could be terrified how much their lives could change after that.

These individuals are secretive and dislike talking about their emotions. They could be hiding an inner hurricane but won’t share it with others. These natives believe that feelings are personal and should only be shared if they affect other people.

Spiritual and mysterious

People born with Cancer in the 8th house put spirituality at the forefront of their lives. They are vigorous about psychological topics but care more about the soul, religion, and emotions.

Even though these natives feel intensely about sex, karma, death, and money, they prefer not to discuss it with people. These individuals are reserved and keep a lot of things to themselves.

Those born with this placement are traditional but not over the top. These natives hold family highly and dream about having their own.

However, these individuals are usually the closest with their partners. Love and physical touch are of paramount importance to them. These natives are highly sexual and see their significant other as their family.

However, they are selective and find it hard to trust people. As a result, these individuals rarely let anyone get close to them. One has to pass many tests and trials to win their trust and heart.

But once that happens, these natives are loyal and will shower their loved ones with affection. They might even want to spend every minute of their time with their significant other. These individuals crave validation and affection 24/7.

Hence, their partner might perceive them as clingy or too emotional. These natives can love one person for a long time without ever getting bored or having enough of them.

Their emotions run deep, and their affection is intense and often overbearing. But these individuals believe that is how love is supposed to be – profound, powerful, and never-ending.

These natives never give their complete trust to anyone, no matter how long they are in a relationship. As a result, they are always full of doubts, questions, and suspicions.

These individuals question their partner and want to know each step they make. They often ask for physical proves of loyalty, such as passwords or screenshots.

People born with Cancer in the 8th house are emotionally demanding and tend to control their partners. Yet, they never do it out of bad intention.

These natives want to protect themselves from treason. However, they often lose their loved ones due to a lack of trust. Thus, these individuals often turn to emotional blackmailing, gaslighting, and manipulation. They are usually not aware of their toxic behavior.

Thus, others often perceive these natives as egotistical, dark, and selfish. But they are far away from these assumptions, although they might appear that way.

These individuals are helpful and empathetic. However, they rarely show what they feel. These are not the types of persons to wear their hearts on a sleeve. Instead, they display their authentic personalities to a small number of people only.

Moreover, those born with this placement often don’t realize when someone needs help. That happens because these individuals hide their feelings and get confused when others show theirs.

Depending on the aspects in a natal chart, they might feel pity for people instead of compassion.

Intense and cautious

People born with Cancer in the 8th house might know how to read their friends’ emotional cues, but it’s not the same case with strangers. Hence, they will rarely recognize when those they don’t know well are in trouble.

As a result, one should be transparent and open with these individuals. Otherwise, they might not notice someone needs their support.

These individuals feel the best in the privacy of their homes. They like to rest and relax, watch crime documentaries or horror movies.

Moreover, these natives usually enjoy darker content and mystery stories. They find romantic and comedy films to be overly simplistic and cliche.

Besides believing feelings should be a private matter, they also think others wouldn’t understand what they feel. They tend to believe their emotions are different, more obscure, or perplexing.

However, these natives often live in self-imposed suffering due to labeling themselves as misfits. Yet, deep inside, they would like to be understood more than anything.

Those born with this placement often expect others to realize they need help or support without saying it. If no one notices, these individuals get depressed, disappointed, and sad. They also have intense feelings toward money.

These natives are terrified of being without financial backup. But they also tend to use money or their work as an escape from reality and daily routine.

These individuals often have an avoidant personality.

However, they are prone to alcohol, narcotics, and other illegal substances. Those born with this placement love drifting away from the physical realm and imagining the distant worlds.

People born with Cancer in the 8th house are not afraid of their own death. But they are terrified of seeing someone they love die. These natives find it hard to let go of those they love, especially if it’s the death that separates them.

Even though they might not be aware of it, they heal by helping others heal.

Hence, these individuals should be more open to the idea that others can experience the same emotions. That will help them connect with more ease with the world and feel less lonely.

Overall, those born with this placement are mysterious, sensitive, and reserved. These individuals dream about endless love and someone who can understand all their pain and intense emotions.

Cancer on the cusp of the 8th house – Meaning and traits

People born with Cancer on the cusp of the 8th house are cautious about who they let into their lives. They have strong feelings but prefer to keep them to themselves. These natives only open up to those who pass their trust tests and trials.

They know how to nurture and protect themselves from the world. Yet, like everyone, these individuals also need love and company. They seek a profound connection that will last forever and never disappoint.

When these natives meet someone who satisfies all their standards and trust requirements, they will do everything to protect their partner, physically, emotionally, and mentally. They are devoted lovers and would go to the end of the world to be with the one they love.

However, these individuals often use their care and affection to manipulate their loved ones and keep them close. Thus, there is always a particular power dynamic in their relationships.

As a result, these individuals could find themselves in toxic relationships. Or, perhaps, they could be to one to leave their partner emotionally drained.

Those born with this placement should be careful to control themselves in relationships. Otherwise, they could suffocate their significant other with too much affection and demands.

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