Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun, the main star in every birth chart, a few days ago left Gemini, the sign of reason, moving towards Cancer, the sign of emotion.

With the Sun in Cancer, we must know that for everything to go as we wish, the secret is to put love and positive emotions in everything we do.

Cancer is a Water sign, so emotional life and home issues will be topics to perfect and learn a little more during the thirty days that this transit lasts. Let us analyze a little more, where the real power of the crab lies.

Cancer Sun – Meaning and Info

Being born with the Sun in Cancer will be an indicator of rich imagination, a certain childish character and a lot of emotional vulnerability.

The Moon is the ruler of this cardinal sign, so the character of a Cancer, unless it has very good planetary aspects in its astral chart, can be somewhat changeable, coming to possess a cyclothymic temperament, not knowing exactly how it will react.

Outside of this, those born in the sign of the crab are usually loyal, protective, affectionate with their own and distrustful of the world. They protect their intimate life and for them there is nothing more valuable than emotional confidences, so they can become a bit of a hoarder of their best friends.

With the Sun in Cancer, at the work level, the person can excel in endless careers; that will vary according to the astrological house where the Sun falls, however, we can see many born in this sign, having success working independently.

When they are born with a full Moon of good aspects, since it reinforces their self-confidence; if the native was born with a Moon in a passive sign and with tense aspects, they usually seek security in dependent jobs, but that generate good income.

Every Cancer has a strong intuition to know how to find everything they need without much effort. At the end of life, a Cancer seeks balance between his family life and his professional projection; remember that it is one of the most idealistic signs of the Zodiac.

With the Sun transiting in Cancer, the most benefited will be Pisces and Scorpio, the signs of the element; in the background, the three Earth signs; however, we can all take advantage of the message of the archetype that is activated and as Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon, it is the Archetype of the Great Mother.

Let us analyze how the relationship with our mother and our dynamics at home is. We are growing up.

It is important to see and analyze how we lead our lives as adults, thinking about what we have learned since we were children and what issues we carry up to today.

Aquarius Moon – Meaning and Info

They do not want to burden themselves with emotional expressions, which is why they act somewhat superficially in this area. Such people are direct and unrelated, but sometimes in a hurtful way.

This is because people with the Moon in Aquarius often do not recognize, let alone take into account, the feelings of those around them because they are too busy with themselves.

People with the moon in Aquarius demand a lot of freedom. In their home in particular, they want to come and go as they please. They do not want to bow to any demands that are incomprehensible to them and that are based on the feelings of those around them.

This is especially typical for the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius. A challenging moon position shows the certain obstinacy of these people.

Mostly they shy away from personal emotional ties for fear of their freedom that would then be threatened.

Often the home is used as a meeting place for friends and social activities, and these people’s families are likely to have unusual and special circumstances.

The Moon in Aquarius gives those concerned a progressive outlook on life, originality, and an open mind.

These people are able to grasp the needs of humanity emotionally. Your intuitive inspiration creates visions of a better world. If you would like to find out more about the moon in Aquarius, simply contact an experienced expert from our team!

If the moon in Capricorn had something serious and earthbound about it, the moon in Aquarius would like to rise into the air, be free and unbound. He feels a bit strange in this world anyway, not really belonging.

That is why the others do not belong to him either, and since he does not like firm, binding commitments, that is fine with him.

This basic feeling “I am different from you and that’s a good thing” puts the person with the moon in Aquarius outside of a group.

Here a certain defiance (“I don’t want to belong to you”) is mixed with a protective attitude (“the most important things are freedom and independence”). Obviously, on this basis, it is difficult to develop intense relationships.

The Aquarian Moon is very happy to rise with a certain contemptuous smile over those who are caught up in their violent feelings, who make themselves dependent on the attention of others, who would like to die of lovesickness.

That cannot happen to him. The Aquarian Moon wants to freely decide at any time what it does, when it comes and when it goes. The doors have to be open to him, otherwise he will suffocate, and “voluntariness” is the magic word. Just no pressure, especially no mental pressure!

The mother of an Aquarius-Moon-born is experienced as independent and freedom loving. She is physically present, absolutely loving and maternal, but certainly not extremely cuddly and body-conscious. Much more of a mate than a mother.

Nevertheless, it is somehow not quite there, but this not-quite-present-being cannot be compared with that of a Pisces moon, which rather floats in another world, but rather this aura that surrounds the mother arises from her longing the unlived life, a path in life, a task, a profession that she might much rather have chosen, but is now stuck here with her motherly duties and tries to make the best of it.

We are always talking about extremes, it is important to understand the mother’s basic lifestyle.

The bond between child and mother can be intimate in the first few years, but at the latest with the onset of puberty, the adolescent will break away from the mother with even more violent rebellion and want to take a different path than she does.

The person born under the Water Moon loosens easily, often leaving the parental home at an early age. “Nest refugee” is a fitting term here.

The emotional basis of the freedom-loving Aquarian Moon is of course also carried into the relationship with a partner later. Finding the balance between closeness and distance is a big task for him here.

To learn that a stable and long-term partnership needs intimacy and trust. That security does not mean being locked in.

To create an elastic bond between your own freedom and commitment to your partner. The experience of what it is like to let in feelings without feeling addicted or ridiculous. To experience how nice, it is to belong and still be free.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

With the Sun in Cancer, everything that has to do with the real estate issue is positive, everything related to the home.

Let us remodel the house, thoroughly clean the home and see what we should throw away; Let us remember that for the new to come, we have to get rid of the old. With the Sun in Cancer, we also have to meditate on how our emotions motivate us to make subjective or unreasonable decisions;

There are points in life where it is worth being sensitive, but not everything will move based on what we feel, so we have to be strong and know how to defend ourselves, for something the crab has two pincers.

Only one can protect yourself and move forward in life. Listen to your intuition, complementing it with good ideas and the feelings closest to your personality. Good luck.

If you know someone with this position of the Moon, you must be wondering what “bad” intention he has when he is so unreservedly open to you in the first meeting? Must there be something behind such lightness and spontaneity?

He must pretend to know you always, to accept you so easily, and it is not possible that he is so cordial and well meaning without something behind it?

In addition, he must lie to you as he yawns, when he says that he is deeply affected by the misfortune of every individual in the world.

Then it seems to you that he is not exactly “all his own”, because he started a story about aliens, then the imagination of a head-scratching cabriolet ride in Arizona, then a story about how he would like to travel Russia from north to south.

Then a story about how he would live on Cuba, how would you like to move to Alaska and catch the first net with the fishermen every morning?? !! In addition, he always wonders how better, somewhere far away?

Therefore, you think how can he help you or solve some of your problems, without asking for anything in return.

In addition, for the first time in his life he sees you. Well, there are no prejudices, like, are you rich or poor, so he doesn’t even care if you are literate or illiterate?

So it explodes like a “firecracker” when you say “gypsy, Muslim, black, Ustasha, Chetnik”? Like him, they are all the same.

So when you ask him “and I’m sorry, please, what do you do, what do you think you live on today, tomorrow” it changes and he says “today and tomorrow does not exist. It exists now and immediately. ”

Well, there is no peace for a second to sit in place, so at two in the morning at the gas station at the end of town for coffee? Who else does that? In addition, a nervous man, strong, whenever you try to bring him down to earth and bring him back to reality, because it does not seem to exist. Anything! Well, he loves, like, he understands everything and everything, only no one understands him?

Alas, when he starts talking about intuition, about your future, about the visions, he has, about the apartment in the attic on the 15th floor (and there are no dinars in his pocket, but he knows he will have it eventually).

God save me! Not a second goes by that he does not mention his / her “friends” who, like, he loves as a native, and as if he is not jealous of anyone, but imagine, he is happy because they are well.

Well, nothing is right there. There is something more serious behind it. Profit, service … who knows what is there!

Well, that is where you moved, there are really such people. People with an open heart and a pure soul, who ask for nothing for themselves, who only give.

There are those who are honestly not interested in the past, intrigues, abrasions, malice, and reality.

There are those who experience life as a game in which there are no losers, because they are all winners. There are those who would not leave a dog on the street, let alone a helpless man.

In addition, sometimes they only need an honest, unrestrained man, with whom they will not have to convince themselves of intentions, attitudes, etc.

In addition, he knows what is in your head, but he will not tell you, because he understands differences so well.

These people feel the need to help others and give them an acceptance that they rarely get.

Hence, they are often described as extremely social and, most importantly, entertaining.

In addition, they are unique and reasonably progressive individuals who are different from the rest.

The Aquarius moon sign, while progressive, has a tendency to change its ideas and habits. They never quite stick to their plans and routines and enrich their lives with many different experiences.

Still, this can sometimes lead to them not finishing their project and not realizing what they had in mind.

Hence, an Aquarius moon sign needs to keep their mind focused so as not to be easily distracted. A unique aspect of a person who has their moon in Aquarius is that they cater to each individual based on their needs.

They are more likely to look for the things that are similar between people than for those that are different.

In addition, individuals with their Moon in Aquarius do not judge easily and tend to forgive people when they have not been able to keep their emotions in check.

Because of this quality, people also support you with all your eccentric and impulsive ideas, knowing that these will move you forward.

The more the network of the moon sign Scorpio consists of people of different origins and cultures, the more you learn.

Guided by the need for radical change, you may want to rebel and defend yourself against any situation that you find stagnant. Your need for freedom can manifest itself in many ways, but you certainly never live by the terms of others.

The moon symbolizes our inner identity, our personality. We express the energy of the moon with ease because it is something essential in our being. It is what really defines us, but we do not always have to be aware of it.


People closest to people and us who live with us will surely see the characteristics of our moon sign.

Even if we do not perceive these characteristics ourselves, they are decisive for how we do and experience things.

The influence of the moon is almost impossible to control because it comes from the subconscious.

It is best to observe the moon sign in those situations when a person has the least control over their actions.

For example at home, on vacation, when interacting with close friends or in extreme situations.

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