Cancer Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

This is the last sign of the first Zone of “Creativity”. It is a sign of the primary manifestation of Water, a sign under the control of the second luminary of the Moon, which largely forms the psychological and emotional inner structure of this sign.

This is the sign of the second quadrant, which includes Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

It means the psychological structure of people of a juvenile nature. To some extent, this is youthful psychology and perception of the world. Water carries the functions of a passive and reflective principle, it becomes the cause of internal transformation, transformation, mutation and transmutation.

Cancer Sun– Meaning and Info

For people born under the sign of Cancer, a striving for inner perfection, for introspection is characteristic.

Cancers have a subtle mental life, they are constantly changing internally, just as the Moon is constantly changing in the sky: it is born, grows, and reaches its apogee, decreases, dies.

Cancers are very easily vulnerable, this is the most vulnerable sign of the zodiac.

Therefore, in the form of protection against such increased vulnerability, Cancers need to organize a shell. They need him to protect themselves from the deep emotionality given to them by nature.

And often, as a reaction to such emotionality, Cancers pose as a strong personality, although inwardly they are very weak. Cancers are a very feminine sign, receptive, “yin”, and they take more than they give, that is, they are dominated by lunar characteristics.

Cancers are very fond of novelty in everything, changes, travel, they are rather restless people, and they are very attached to loved ones.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Cancer is the most domestic, most familial sign. The family in the hierarchy of values ​​of Cancer is in the first place. They are tied to home, to the past, they love retrospection.

If your Sun is in this wonderful sign, then your consciousness is often turned into the history of your family, culture, ethnos, and people.

You most likely have very high psychic abilities. Abilities for mediumship are also possible. Among Cancers there are many mediums and great occultists. You reveal to us many secrets of the Soul, you’re own and someone else’s, the secrets of our subconscious.

It is known that Cancers love the society of their sign, which is not a general pattern: as a rule, people of the same sign communicate with each other quite intensely and quickly bore each other, but this does not apply to Cancers, they can communicate with each other for a long time and fruitfully.

You remember in detail your past, childhood, love to plunge into childhood memories, you have a wonderful intuition that helps you to preserve your individual essential core in all cases of life. You have a very subtle mental nature, as well as a wide range of talents, a subtle perception of the emotional world.

Accordingly, this gives rise to the talent of artists, writers, poets, psychologists in you.

Examples are the artists El Greco, Pizarro, E. Corot, Degas, from the writers Hemingway. There are many teachers who feel great about children and work with them (Shinseki).

A low level in Cancers is the worst trait of any person. Deceit and deceit, stickiness. You will always achieve what you want, but you will not do it actively, but passively, waiting in the wings. You can rest assured that Cancer will achieve its goal.

It is useless to put pressure on you, because you do not tolerate this, and immediately go to the side, into the depths.

Therefore, if you are going to communicate with Cancer, you need to act indirectly, obliquely and not press on him in the Lion’s way, directly and frankly. Cancers can be seduced, as water signs succumb to all influences and seductions.

Cancers, like a watermark, often work with liquids and it has been noticed that a lot of Cancers work in dairies. This is your favorite place to work. Among Cancers there are bartenders, especially night ones, because Cancers feel great at night. At the lowest level, Cancers are swindlers, robbers, sadists, cynics, and, among other things, they are very noisy.

What could be the dynamics of your development as Cancer? Cancers, as a rule, are always based on tradition. For a high Cancer, everything that was in the distant past is the authority. You go to the present and the future through the past.

Retrospective is the natural background of your perception, and, as a rule, something new for you is a well-forgotten old, this is his credo. Thus, you always rely on the past, on traditions, on your family, you seem to be walking backwards.

If we talk about the country of Cancer, then this is undoubtedly India, a country that is intimately related to its deep past, a country of deep spiritual traditions. Among the Hindus, we find subtlety, intuition, a connection with the element of Water, which symbolizes mystery.

If we talk about the problems of Cancers, then this is to harmonize their manifestations, which often occur in them in a distorted and perverted form. Often your will, the impulsive energy of Cancer, is in conflict with the emotional world.

Often you subconsciously strive to have social, social authority, without having sufficient grounds in your internal structure.

Therefore, it is important for you from childhood to choose high landmarks, spiritual authorities for your development.

Aries Moon – Meaning and Info

In the birth chart our zodiac sign corresponds to the sign occupied by the Sun at the time of our birth. Not everyone knows, however, that the Moon is also an important element and determines a large part of our personality.

It represents our emotional and innermost side, our unconscious and the way we react to the outside world. It is the side we show only to the closest and most trusted people, because we don’t want to expose ourselves too much.

Those born with the Moon in Aries have an impetuous and difficult character to manage. He is impulsive, adventurous and independent, but also very sensitive. These people, in fact, are almost like children.

They often show themselves naive, spontaneous and childish, capricious and restless just like the little ones. They get easily irritated and take everything personally, but they don’t sulk for long. They don’t get attached to negative emotions, but tend to forget them right away as soon as the anger passes.

When you are at their side, you are often amazed at the speed with which they pass from one emotion to another. One moment they are sad and the next they are happy, the first moment they scream at you and immediately afterwards they try to make peace.

The Moon in Aries, in fact, is very moody and lives every emotion with great intensity. For these people, controlling themselves is a real challenge. They can’t hide their feelings and thoughts: it’s as if they have everything written on their faces!

On the other hand, they have a pure heart and never act by manipulating or deceiving others. They hate calculators and opportunists, whom they judge only as cowards. If they want something, they are the first to get involved and work to get it. They don’t need to use tricks to achieve their goals.

The only weakness of this Moon is that it seeks immediate gratification. He cannot distinguish between his desires and his needs. Those born with this trait want everything immediately, but soon lose interest when he gets what he wants.

Playful, funny and spontaneous, these newborns have a courageous soul, but they would do better to control their impulsiveness. They act before they even think and often regret their actions. They are highly independent and do not accept to submit to the will of others.

If they have to do something, they want to do it their way. Their motto is to be self-sufficient, even in love.

Although they are outgoing and sociable, they still keep a certain distance, to avoid getting too attached.

In relationships, they look for a partner who constantly stimulates them and who never makes them feel too safe. Peace of mind for them is a symptom of boredom and they unconsciously search for dramatic situations.

The meaning of the Moon in the birth chart is associated with night, femininity and motherhood.

In fact, it contains important information about the relationship with the mother. Those who have the Moon in Aries, for example, can find themselves with a strong, energetic and combative mother, but also tough and sometimes childish.

She is a type of mother who stimulates independence in her child, even at the cost of subjecting him to important tests. These people, in fact, learn before others to overcome emotional crises and not to let go.

Those born with this placement are able to overcome challenges that would destroy the other zodiac signs.

The woman with the Moon in Aries is an independent and combative woman. She wants to show others that she doesn’t need anyone and that she is completely autonomous.

In love, she knows how to be a faithful and passionate partner, but she does not agree to submit to the man in any way.

Her strong and determined character can attract weak men, whom she only despises. The ideal man must be her equal and she must earn her presence day by day. To conquer this woman you have to be at her level and propose yourself not as a partner, but as an accomplice.

The man with the Moon in Aries finds it difficult to openly show his weaknesses and his fragility. That’s why in some cases he looks for a sweet partner, who makes him feel loved and understood. Depending on the zodiac sign, men’s preferences change and become more conflicting.

A Pisces or Cancer man, for example, could opt for this type of partner. A Leo man, on the other hand, will look for a woman who looks like him and who poses constant challenges to him.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Aries fire and combat sign can be a very interesting place for the position of the Moon, especially in the natal female. Considering that women are viewed as the weaker sex, gentle and often “unmarried” – this position denies that.

Ladies who have the Moon in Aries, know how to be strong, capable and very organized. Military look. In case we observe the natal of a male person, then this would be a symbol of a strong mother or woman, a symbol of building a house from the ground up or a struggle for ownership over it…

The Moon in the fire sign describes a strong but also problematic emotion in a person – depending on where and how Mars is placed, as a depositor….. A good position of the Moon in Aries brings perseverance and energy.

Usually, when we ask someone what is in the horoscope and he tells us that he is Cancer – we think that he is weak, tied to the house, etc. but if the Moon in Aries is well placed – then the characteristics of the sign Aries come to the fore…

The complexity of the setting of the Moon in the fire sign of Aries is reflected in the issue of pregnancy – well placed, speaks of a struggle for offspring, small uterus or thin endometrium, painful cycle – poorly placed, brings abortion or impossibility of conception.

The moon is a symbol of hair – laid in this sign, for both sexes, it describes a short hairstyle, sharp hair. As a symbol of food – indicates a plate full of meat or bread that is torn by hand without the use of a knife…

Often, people who are ruled by such a Moon, decide on a profession that includes wearing a uniform, discipline and hierarchy. In case Mars is well placed, then it is a good choice.

Otherwise – there are quarrels with colleagues and fights at work, dismissals, etc., largely due to the ability or dexterity of the person…

Suddenness is another feature that can be useful in situations where speed is needed – sports, for example – where a Moon like this gives a person exceptional endurance, movements that the opponent does not expect…

The moon in Aries is a symbol of a mother who works hard, sometimes very hard, a woman who likes to be after her…

How Aries is a sign of beginnings, something new – everyone with this setting of the Moon either builds their home or lives in some new part of the city, a new apartment.

In case of more difficult aspects – the fight for home will last a long time…

The moon is a symbol of our soul – by setting in this fiery sign, we can feel pain due to someone’s bad behavior towards us, someone’s disrespect for everything we did for him…

But they don’t know what a person with a moon like this can do…


In transit through the sign of Aries, the Moon symbolizes a people who want to achieve their goal in a way that involves loud speech, discussion or some slogan, a banner.

On the other hand, those who run the country can use force during this period to protect their interests.

In our small lives, the transit passage of the Moon through the sign of Aries describes a discussion with a mother or wife, medical intervention, burns, injury…. It represents a woman who wants to start something new in life, change her hairstyle or buy herself something, all depending on position of the sign Aries in the basic horoscope…

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