Cancer Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Solar Cancers have a strange tendency to always watch life from the outside, and not go ahead. They, as a rule, do not dare to do anything right away, but always approach this gradually. Emotionally, they are also fickle. These mood swings are sometimes very difficult for others to understand and deal with.

Cancers are tenacious, have sympathy, hardworking, sociable, and economic and are real defenders. They can also be reasoned, sensitive, emotional, have good intuition, psychic and patriotic.

Those born under the sign of Cancer react to people’s lives through their emotions, not through their consciousness.

Cancer Sun– Meaning and Info

They tend to absorb all the emotional vibrations that surround them, so it is very important for them to have a positive environment.

Because they live by their feelings, they unconsciously seek the compassion, attention, and affection of others.

They strive to feel safe. It is home and family that gives them this feeling.

Therefore, they love to be the first with those they love, or they will remain disappointed. Cancers must learn to let go of their loved ones so they can live their own lives.

Solar Cancers are changeable – they quickly change their mood, thoughts, whatever.

Because they tend to be slow, they are less active than other people. In order for them to become active, they need to first find motivation. They don’t like exercise.

As a result, at a later age, they can gain weight. Cancers often have a very good memory. It helps them remember how they have done certain things in the past. They keep everything within themselves, keeping everything that has any sentimental value.

This gives them a sense of security. Cancers love their home, family and home tranquility, enjoy travel and adventure, are reserved and hardworking for the good of their family. No matter how far away they are, they are always drawn home.

They cannot stay in it for a long time, but they feel safe there. Cancers are conservative, but unfortunately they are born as warriors.

Their desire to keep all the problems in themselves becomes the cause of various diseases.

Looking at Cancer, you understand that he bypasses everything, observing everything from the side and using the experience from the past. For any Cancer, it is very important to work on your emotions.

The Moon is found in its home in the sign of Cancer in the horoscope, a factor that underlines the depth and intensity of emotions. In this case there can be very strong ties with the mother, the family, the home.

Those with such an astral configuration are extremely sensitive to the moods and feelings of others in an almost telepathic way. This heightened sensitivity can lead the person to imagine confrontations even where there have not been.

In cases of injury to the luminary we may have some forms of neurosis and a tendency to suggestion.

In the context of interpersonal relationships, the individual can take the role either of the parent, assuming a responsible attitude, or of the spoiled child, who hopes to be forgiven for her misconduct.

Cancer Moon – Meaning and Info

The risk inherent in this Moon is the creation of addictive relationships: either of becoming dependent on emotionally relevant people or of inducing others into a state of addiction by offering them everything they need.

In both women and men, a Moon in Cancer leads to an inner world that is fragile and in need of constant attention and care.

The constant need for reassurance arises from the fear of being abandoned. The bond with the mother is crucial, since she will have a central role throughout life, for better or for worse.

A man with the Moon in Cancer is a very sensitive individual, with a very multifaceted inner world. It is not easy to understand, he tends to hide his emotions from him.

He is endowed with an almost superhuman intuition, which allows him to intuit, more with instinct than with his head, the moods, uncertainties and desires of those around him.

He can be a good emotional support for his partner, he is in fact very caring, but, depending on the personal birth chart, he can be less so from a practical point of view.

Rather lazy and introverted, he is a man tied to traditions and to his mother. The fear of abandoning him makes him need a lot of reassurance and expressions of affection.

His strong Moon can also be guessed behind the long silences and mood swings. He lives on memories and the comparison with reality makes him melancholy.

The ideal woman must be sensitive, affectionate, maternal, always willing to understand and comfort him.

The Moon in the sign of Cancer represents a lake of emotions and an endless need for attachment and belonging, at any cost.

These are the deepest emotions you can imagine. What a person with the Moon in Cancer carries in himself, sometimes surprises himself.

They are very attached to everything that belongs to them or has ever belonged to them. It is very difficult for them to decide on changes, and even when they are forced to do so, they try to add a touch of the old that they had to leave to everything new that they start.

They do not like changes in living space, so if that happens, they are able to carefully pack even the smallest piece of paper from the previous home and find a place for it in the new one. No matter how much they adapt to the new, their thoughts will always return to the old.

For these people, the past has always been the most beautiful! These are the ones among us who like to start a sentence with “Eh… how it was in the seventies…”

Even the youngest with this position always remember with nostalgia some last summer, some last year’s celebrations, New Year’s trees from ten years ago!

No matter how much time passes, the Moon in Cancer knows how to describe in the smallest detail what left a trace in it. Storing perfume packaging, jewelry boxes, wrappers of favorite chocolates, it’s all so characteristic of this Month.

Everything affects him, he feels and when you think about it, you don’t have to say. Just a glance is enough to provoke a sad look from him. They have a sensitive stomach, and their stomach suffers first.

Just one smile is enough, and they will be in their element again. They are incorrigibly romantic, they love places surrounded by water, which is the cure for all their ailments. They are very attached to their property that they protect to the end!

They do not like strangers in their house, they do not like anyone to disturb their daily rituals that they have established and which they have followed for years. If you disturb any of them, they will be whiter!

Whoever thinks of insulting their neighbors or endangering their property, will take revenge while they are alive! He does not forget, he remembers like an elephant!

Relationships are based on liking “at first”. If that’s not the case, or you’re not sympathetic to this Moon, forget it and take cover. He will find a reason to hurt you. He senses intentions and when he smells bad, he is an unsuspecting villain! He does not attack, he defends…

If you have a child with this Moon, get ready for endless proof of love, tenderness. Get ready for long nights where you will go crazy from their crying. Until he gets the required hug, the Moon in Cancer does not calm down!

Cancer energy is motivated to express our emotional identity by creating emotional bonds with others. Cancer is possibly the most emotional sign, operating entirely on the level of feelings and emotions. The Moon in Cancer is in the sign of its ruler ship.

This means that the Moon is able to express and explore emotions wherever and whenever you choose. Create emotional connections and express your emotional identity. Learn how to be self-sufficient and meet your own needs.

You are able to create emotional connections with others; emotional connections are complete; you feel the support and protection of others, and you are able to provide support and protection to others. You are denied emotional connections with others; you are prevented from forming emotional bonds; emotional needs are not met.

You try to protect yourself by hiding in its protective bubble while creating new emotional connections aimed at protecting, healing, and ensuring that fundamental needs are being met. You experience the full range of emotions and express them freely and openly. You feel and experience emotions on a very deep level. You actively seek to form emotional connections with others.

The Moon in Cancer is in the sign of its Regency. This means that the Moon in Cancer is able to express and explore emotions wherever and whenever it wants.

This is great for the Moon, but not always so great for those Moon in Cancer individuals who often find that they are slaves to their emotions and who struggle to keep their emotions in check.

If your Moon is in Cancer, emotional connections are tremendously important to you. In fact, in a very real sense, you need to feel emotional and spiritual connections with others in order to survive.

The bonds you share with others help you remember that you are not alone, and the longing for emotional support means you long for the Source, where we remember that we are part of All That Exists.

You want to care about others and have them care about you. However, it is important that you learn to care for your own needs, as you can become very dependent on the emotional support of others.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Sun and moon in the same sign usually mean a satisfied character. Vitality (sun) and emotionality (moon) are of the same kind.

Family life and the domestic sphere are particularly important to this combination.

You are a very good-willed person with delicate feelings and great kindness, you are strongly interwoven with the family and the family property and you need security and peace. You enjoy your home and are very fond of physical pleasures.

But you are easily influenced by your surroundings, which can sometimes lead to indecision.

You can be easily intimidated by strong people and you have to recharge yourself with energy in your own four walls after a certain time in the noisy life out there.

You have a lot of imagination and sometimes you are a little too comfortable. If you strengthen your will and stand up for yourself clearly, you will have a very nice and content life.

You will feel more secure when you can create emotional connections with others. You need to be able to express your feelings.

The Moon in Cancer has a very strong maternal instinct, and you feel more secure when you know that both you and the people you care about are safe.

What scares you the most is feeling that you are not capable of creating an emotional bond with others?

If you cannot create an emotional connection with another this makes you immediately feel that your emotional needs are not being met, and you need them to survive.

Your soul would panic, because you cannot survive if you do not meet these needs, as your darkest fear is being alone in this world.

When you feel threatened, your simultaneous reaction is to hide and try to reestablish your emotional connections.

Cancer is represented by a crab because Cancer’s energy needs its shell to protect itself.

If your Moon is in Cancer, you are surely very aware of the things that make you feel protected. Safety and security are, after all, very important to Cancer.

Habits and routine are comforting for you. A large part of your Security needs has to do with the question is this familiar to me?

The safer and more comfortable your surroundings are, the more secure you will feel.

In relationships, you feel more secure when you feel a deep and emotional connection with your partner. You need to be able to express your feelings, and you need to believe that your partner will take your feelings into consideration.

When someone tries to separate you from him / her you feel threatened.

This is important, because it is not always good to have strong emotional connections with everyone. At any time you need to feel a minimum level of emotional contact to feel safe.


These emotional connections can show up in many different relationships. However, it is important that you realize that if you are cut off emotionally in one relationship, you will expect much longer from the next to make up for it.

The more aware you are of your need for emotional connections, the easier it will be for you to satisfy your emotional needs.

When you recognize that you can truly meet your individual survival needs without the support of others, you can create better emotional connections with the people who share your life.

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