Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, of Water, feminine and ruled by the Moon.

Those signs that correspond to the beginning of the seasons are called Cardinals: Cancer is related to the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and, on the other hand, to winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

This year, the Sun will pass through the constellation Cancer from June 20 and will remain in that sign until July 22, when it enters Leo.

Cancer Sun – Meaning and Info

This income is called solstice (sun-titan or still sun) which is the moment when the two most important changes take place: long days and short nights (in the North) and, conversely, short days and long nights (In the south).

Both are phenomena associated with light and darkness, as well as with the two phases in which nature offers or denies its fruits.

The sign of Cancer is especially fruitful since in the Northern Hemisphere, where Astrology originated, the Sun reaches its highest point and also the point of greatest intensity of cosmic forces since it is when the nurturing winds blow that make it mature.

The fruits of the earth. Therefore, the sign of Cancer is related to nutrition.

The ruler of the sign is the Moon, the planet that reigns at night, the one that gives us the light of the Sun, and the symbol of the cosmic mother.

It has a clear connection with water due to its influence on the tides. Its phases -which have served since ancient times to compute time- synchronize with the female cycle and symbolize everything that has a character of mobility, fluidity, transience, change.

Moon has been a universal measuring instrument that links water, rain and the fertility of women, animals, vegetation, etc.

The symbolism of the Moon is manifested in correlation with that of the Sun.

Its two fundamental characteristics derive from the fact that the Moon lacks its own light and is nothing more than a reflection of the Sun.

In addition, it goes through different phases and changes shape. The identification of the Sun with fire led the Moon to become mistress of the other great element of creation: water.

Thus, the relationship of the Moon with the tides, with the morning dew and with female menstruation is established; it takes fertility through water or through women as the coinciding point.

The government of the Moon extends to motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth, maternal love, family, women, home, country, waters, rivers, emotions, home, family and everything concerning food.

As for the parts of the body governed by Cancer and the Moon, there are the chest, breasts, stomach and all digestive processes.

Compassionate, intuitive and memory natives of Cancer are emotional and very sensitive, that is why they understand the moods of others. Friendly, tender and protective, they are variable, like the Moon, their ruler.

Passive in nature, they show more force of inertia than of will, they are capricious and fanciful. They accept the restrictions and, although they are little conflictive, the moment comes when a simple drop overflows the glass.

Friendly, tender and protective, compassionate. They love to cook, eat, and hang out with friends, travel and sleep!

They are homelike; they like to live in the past, where everything seems safer and more familiar. Intuition and inspiration are the sources that feed your world of imagination and fantasy. Tied to their roots, they are nostalgic and very thrifty.

With a harmonious Birth Chart, they are fun, friendly, protective, provider, and hospitable. In an inharmonious letter, on the other hand, they can be very moody, moody, touchy and somewhat lazy.

Pluto continues retrograde until September 26 and will transit in this period between the 16th and 15th degree of Capricorn (half of the second decant) affecting those born in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).

The planet of changes makes a complete return to the Zodiac in 256 years, therefore, its journey over a certain point can even last several years. During the transit of the Sun, Mercury and Venus through Cancer, this planet will receive notable activating influences.

Pluto, called the planet of profound, inescapable and definitive changes, marks the transformations that can be experienced throughout existence. Those people who are experiencing this influence are going through this process in some area of ​​their life.

Pluto will be present in every process of destruction as a prelude to regeneration and change, to then take us to a higher stage.

It can be an indicator of transfers, removals or even economic benefits when its influence is received in a harmonious way, as happens with the second deans of Taurus, Virgo and to a lesser extent with Scorpio, Pisces.

For those born in the second decant of the Cardinal Signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn the tendency to change is present with a quota of additional effort. The aspect will be activated during this period with the passage of Venus on July 1 and the Sun through Mercury on July 9.

The tension generated by these contacts can show the need for great efforts to achieve objectives. Tip: avoid intransigence and excessive demands, and become aware of your own mistakes without blaming or harming anyone.

Venus, the so-called minor charity, which represents beauty, loves, arts, pleasures, will pass the Sign of Cancer between June 18 and July 12. With Venus in Cancer, lunar emotions unite with Venusian sensuality, through a strongly emotional energy; it drives the need to receive affection.

It manifests itself in a tender, sensitive and maternal way, through the home, the children, the family, but sometimes it behaves in an unstable way.

Capricorn Moon – Meaning and Info

The full moon, which will take place on June 24 at 3:39 p.m. in Argentina, is known by several names, including one of the most popular, the strawberry supermom.

The full Moon occurs in degree 3 ° 29 of the Cancer-Capricorn axis with the Full Moon in the opposite sign to that of the Sun.

A few days ago, on June 21, the Sun entered Cancer, marking the start of winter and the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere; On the other hand, in the North, it has been the longest day and the beginning of summer.

The sign of Capricorn is related to the Goat, an archetypal figure that from remote prehistory to our time has been considered a symbol: it climbs towards the summits of the mountains and from its high rock contemplates – better than mortals – the light of the Sun.

Among the parts of the body, Capricorn is associated with the knees, skin and bones.

What is done for the knees, the skin and the bone structure in the two or three days that the Moon is in Capricorn will have a doubly beneficial, preventive and curative effect. With the exception of surgical interventions that area.

Anything that puts a greater strain on bones, knees and skin in Capricorn days will have more damaging consequences than on other days.

Associated with the harsh winter, his ruler, Saturn, was identified by the Romans with the farthest, coldest and slowest planet, with which he became more and more, in paintings and myths, an old man. Later in death with his classic scythe.

Thus, he became the god of depression and melancholy, an old character who endlessly admonishes us with the reminder of death. Of the ages of man, Saturn rules old age.

The full Moon occurs with Jupiter trine to the Sun and sextile to the Moon. Jupiter is the great benefit of the zodiac that has just retrograded in the sign of Pisces.

According to the Astrological Tradition, all the planets (except the Sun and the Moon, which, due to their importance, rule only one sign) rule two signs, Jupiter rules Sagittarius (which is their daytime address) and Pisces (their nighttime address).

Pisces is an unstable, cold, wet sign, whose analogies are associated with water, seas and oceans, with places of worship such as churches and temples, as well as with hospices and hospitals: all these areas can be benefited in this period.

Jupiter is a lover of life, enthusiastic, cheerful, progressive and generous. He is closely linked with the energy of expansion. In this sign he is associated with spirituality, with altruism, with benevolence, he is sensitive, empathetic and compassionate.

Those who have tender points in the first degrees of the Water signs – Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer – will be favored by the Jupiter transit which, in general, brings luck, success, good fortune and abundance.

The same for those who have tender points in the first degrees of Taurus or Capricorn, but to a lesser extent. For them it will be an excellent time of growth, since Jupiter acts providing opportunities. We can expect these affairs to come to fruition later this year, when Jupiter re-enters Pisces.

Jupiter’s dissonant influence is harmful because of his excessive side. The signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo will have to take care of this aspect especially, although the latter can receive support from their partner or relationships.

Saturn is associated with business and employment. If you start a business while Saturn is retrograde, it is very likely that this business will change or end sooner rather than later.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Moon enters Capricorn. During this time, we experience an emotional restriction, a limitation of affective resources. Coldness, rigidity, isolation are imposed on us. The Moon falls under the dominion of Saturn.

Saturn delays, hinders and centers us with a reality check that is often characterized by its harshness. More than a bucket of cold water, what falls on us is a bucket of cold earth (since the element of Capricorn is the earth, which represents matter, reality, concrete things). Obligations knock on the door.

We are more attentive to the objectives, we become calculating and strategic. Monetary and social status issues are privileged, that is why legal issues may arise or that involve contact with hierarchical spheres (especially government or leadership).

This tendency towards a calculated materialism makes us neglect the lunar nature, whose needs are emotional. That is why classical astrology considers the Moon in Capricorn as an exile: it is in its opposite sign.

For this reason, too, the cancer zone of our birth chart suffers, and we have to pay special attention to the planets housed there and to the houses involved.

This Moon is associated with a difficult childhood, with many obstacles and responsibilities at an early age.

Many people born between 1989 and 1991 have this Capricorn energy in their natal charts and had to mature very early due to the difficult moments their parents went through in terms of work, status and social class.

For example, many of them were educated or cared for by their grandparents or elderly people because their parents worked and did not have enough time for them.

An example of this responsibility at an early age is the case of Emma Watson, who from a very young age dedicated herself to acting and made her way into the professional world, achieving international fame for her role as Hermione for the Harry Potter saga. She was indeed born in 1990 and in her birth chart, which we have already analyzed in this blog; we see that generational Capricorn note.

Another example is the case of Carlos Kleinberg, the great conductor, who had his natal Saturn domiciled and retrograde in Capricorn, as opposed to his Sun in Cancer. He went through many difficulties to enter the world of music as the son of the famous director Erich Kleinberg, who did not want him to follow his example.

He lived for a long time in the shadow of his father, and even inherited his musical repertoire, refusing to expand it. Carlos Kleinberg’s biographers portray Erich as an absent father, due to his travels and commitments to orchestras around the world.

This theme of the absent father is recurrent in saturnine natal charts, as Saturn is traditionally considered the father figure in astrology.

In short, it is a good time to focus on our goals, review them, evaluate if they really have form and reality. Let us take advantage of Saturn’s lucidity but let us not let its coldness infect us, after all it is a lunar transit (affective, intimate).

They will be favorable times especially for the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) times to please others, excellent times for any social, family or artistic emotional expression, and for financial activities, as well as being able to obtain benefits through Real estate or family affairs, Venus will manifest itself through feelings and through these types of activities.

It is also a good time for creative expression or to appreciate the art of others through visits to concerts or museums.


Capricorn, Aries and Libra are influenced by Venus from an unfavorable angle, so they can live times of emotional instability, bad mood and lack of consistency in emotional expressions. They will be moments of hypersensitivity and with a tendency to take things too seriously.

It is not the best time to go shopping or decorate the house.

However, this transit will only last a few days and will not have major consequences.

“The compassionate, intuitive and memory natives of Cancer are emotional and very sensitive, that is why they understand the moods of others.

Friendly, tender and protective, they are variable, like the Moon, their ruler”.

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