Cancer Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Cancer is a water sign of the horoscope characterized by guidance by feeling and heart.

People born under the sign of cancer do not have sufficiently developed defense mechanisms to deal with, so they must approach everything with care and understanding.

They are difficult to open and therefore have problems establishing close relationships with people.

Very good friends are always ready to help and identify with the pain and joy of their loved ones. They have extremely strong emotions, they are very empathetic, intuitive and attached to the people around them.

They are excellent interlocutors who listen carefully and give the impression of a person of trust.

In addition, they will always give you good advice on whatever problem you are facing.

Cancer Sun– Meaning and Info

At the same time, the Moon gives Cancer incomparable empathic pleasure from satisfying the needs of people close to him: Cancer loves to feed them, take care of them, and fulfill desires and even whims. He can act as an excellent tempter and even a versatile black teacher.

The imprisonment of Saturn in Cancer also has a great influence on his subconscious.

This is where his internal rigidity (i.e., the rigidity of the subconscious programs) originates, often expressed in extreme and incomprehensible stubbornness for others on stupid reasons (in fact, you just indirectly touched a very rigid program of the subconscious).

Saturn also gives Cancer a certain inner coldness and rigidity, which he needs simply as protection of an overly impressionable psyche.

In relation to Saturn, Cancer’s task is very difficult: he needs to bring this rigidity into consciousness, realize its function and turn stubbornness into perseverance.

Only then can the wisdom of Saturn be manifested; otherwise, the depth of Cancer will remain emotionally unconscious and will not be able to be realized in constructive work.

On the other hand, even an unprocessed Saturn provides Cancer with a certain stability, outwardly expressed in stubbornness. The author is not going to describe the difference between Cancer’s lunar melancholy and Saturn’s melancholy, leaving it to psychological astrology.

Thanks to Saturn’s imprisonment, Cancer is subconsciously tied to the roots, the past – personal and historical; accordingly, he prefers to complete or rebuild the programs of the subconscious, rather than destroy and create new ones.

The climax of Jupiter in Cancer presents the developed Cancer in a completely different light.

Having figured out himself, having comprehended the world in essence, Cancer realizes its higher mission and begins to create a religious and philosophical doctrine of an existential plan, to lead a group of students, teaching them with all the intuitive knowledge of the secrets of the subconscious, which he has accumulated in the course of his spiritual advancement.

In an unprocessed form, he gives Cancer a strong inner arrogance in relation to other signs that are not as deep and intuitive as himself.

The culmination of Neptune in Cancer also gives rise to a kind of spiritual teacher, more mystical than Jupiterian.

The highest octave of Cancer is given a mystical sensation of the Universe in the very depths of the human soul (the identity of Atman and Brahman) and cosmic love for humanity, perceived as a part of itself.

Such a spiritual teacher is more inward-facing than the Jupiterian. For Middle Cancer, the culmination of Neptune gives a tendency to deception and self-deception, distortion of perception, expression, and difficulty in communicating with one’s own subconscious.

The fall of Mars in Cancer does not at all mean the weakness of this sign. It is rather a tendency to indirect actions, indirect impact on the object.

The deep emotionality and at the same time the tightness of Cancer does not give the possibility of direct manifestation of the energy of Mars.

In its elaborated form, this is the most valuable quality of high spiritual teachers who influence students with precisely calibrated subtle touches.

In an unprocessed form, this is insidiousness, excessive emotionality and internal voluntarism, which a person cannot and does not want to cope with.

Water situations are not easy to describe; from the point of view of Aries and Gemini, they seem to be completely absent.

A typical sign of the Cancer situation is a sense of mystery, in which those present have just slightly touched, and she herself still lies in an unknown depth.

The Cancer situation is often accompanied by sudden collective silence, sometimes followed by group epiphany.

Gemini Moon – Meaning and Info

Mercurial moon, aerial, mutable. When the Moon enters the sign of the twins, words come easy. And they go even easier. These are days in which we carry out transactions, we write, we sign, we talk too much. It is that the duality of the sign favors communication and then contact flows.

This property is characteristic of Mercury, the ancient god of travelers, merchants and, so they say, also of thieves. We feel lighter with Moon in Gemini, our shoes are winged, just like in the old images of Mercury.

Moon in Gemini people write well, read well, interpret well. There is a kind of rationalization of feelings, so they can seem cold and calculating.

What happens is that the word is your emotional vehicle. They need to name what they feel (or what they think they feel) as it’s a way to catalog it, control it, process it, pasteurize it all (well, doc, don’t go overboard either).

Hence this intellectual profile, something distant that they usually have. We see them dedicate themselves to writing, theater, journalism, music. With Gemini there is always a brain involved. And not just any brain.

The Moon as a star that announces the close, the known, our roots and family environments, symbolizes according to the sign in which it is found when we are born, our way of feeling and how we assimilate, question and overcome it throughout the lifetime.

Especially in childhood and when interacting with our relatives or closest people.

In Gemini, the Moon indicates that we have come into the world with a great interest in intelligence, language and communication.

Perhaps our parents are writers, journalists, editors or in some way related to these activities. Siblings also become important, as do cousins.

Obviously, we cannot define personality only from the Moon, since it is also important to see the aspects it receives and the houses involved.

But if there are other mercurial factors in the natal chart, surely the Moon in Gemini will coincide with the characteristics presented here. Communication will also be crucial for the love life of people with this Moon.

They are likely to fall in love with the internet and express themselves better through a thousand digital ways (mail, chat, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.).

Instead, they can be somewhat reluctant and not very demonstrative face to face. Gemini is a sign that needs distance, it is air.

That perspective is precisely the one that allows them to appreciate things better. And of course, also the feelings.

So whenever we are tempted to believe that the Moon in Gemini is superficial or frivolous, keep in mind that the organ that governs it is the brain.

Cancer Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

These are moments when the collective suddenly deepens into itself, and its members feel a direct connection with each other and with something else invisible and mysterious, which leads them to a common goal and what is called the egregor of the collective in this textbook.

When the Cancer situation ends, the collective feels more united, or vice versa, disconnected.

If in the situation of Cancer there is an outsider, he feels uncomfortable and obviously does not understand anything, although external words and actions can be very ordinary; but behind them there is a meaning that is understandable only to the team, and even then not completely.

In a harmonious situation, Cancer is warm and cozy, they can even feed tasty food (family lunch or advice), but it is necessarily filled with inner meaning, a super task that is closely related to a certain impact on the team or its individual members. A real family dinner is of great moral and educational value, even (and especially) if children are not bullied for bad manners while eating.

Cancer’s disharmonious situation can be outwardly calm, but some of its members are affected by such a disharmonious flow that their feelings can be compared with the feelings of a person under interrogation (with a psychological tint) in the secret police.

In the hands of the mafia (she generally gravitates very much towards Cancer, so to speak, family) or even in a dungeon; but again, the outside observer will not understand anything, or will understand everything completely wrong.

Most of all, the Moon in Gemini has needs related to information and people. With this position there is a desire to be there everywhere, to know everything, to have read everything, etc.

The moon in Gemini is usually very popular because it knows how to show interest in other people. This is exactly where his problem lies, because the interest in “everything” and “everyone” means that the moon / twin is not with him.

We can only maintain and deepen our mindfulness when we are “with ourselves”. Of course, the loving turn to the other must not be lost in the process.

Besides, the problem of the Moon / Gemini is that he has an interest in others and this often makes it difficult for him to draw boundaries.

This being related to others or to something else hardly allows the moon / twin to be alone with itself. And it is precisely being alone, “being all one”, that brings the result of becoming really sure of what you actually really want.

The Moon / Gemini knows very well the inner feeling of being undecided. The internal evaluation of two or more internal impulses as equivalent then also leads to decision-making problems. The moon in Gemini has the effect that an emotional impulse always has an external effect.

The woman with the moon in Gemini feels the constant need for a fresh influx of information, communication and exchange of messages.

She often tells the interlocutor, often casually, about her reactions to the events of current life, believing that they are just as interesting to the audience as the narrator. But the owner of a moon does not have enough time to hear other sensitive effusions, and it is quite rude interrupting them and saying that he has to run, where and why – is usually not specified.

However, at the time a person worries, “insensitivity”. As a rule, it concerns questions of love, when the owner of the moon in Gemini compares his feelings with stories of friends (friends).

Wife appreciates her husband allowing her to speak freely, listens patiently to her, and responds kindly in response. When a woman has no way of hearing or the word doesn’t do justice to the sympathetic attention, she feels I am emotionally affected.

As a mother, she finds joy in cooperative games with her children, genuinely interested in the smallest details of her life. She catches those stories and shows pictures in books to tell when they are just starting to hold their heads.

The woman with the moon in Gemini is very emotional, sensitive, and inconsistent. It is characterized by great curiosity and sociability. She has an excellent memory and sensitivity.

Often such a woman does not care where and how to learn – she is interested in the process, and that knowledge will boast in sociable.

Such a woman is extremely naive, open, emotionally unprotected, people always trust, so it is often fooled. By the way they can give other people the secrets accidentally or use a careless word.

So it is necessary to make sure when and to whom she is speaking.

Under the moon, Gemini often fined clairvoyants and mediums. So people need constant communication – in isolation they are unable to do too much. Women born under the moon in Gemini are able to perfectly adapt to his interlocutor, have the ability to feel the mood and understand the emotional state of a person.

Often moon Gemini open only externally, because of their true nature, they try to hide from others, and at certain moments, from themselves.

From these women make great journalists, philologists and writers. They achieve great success in design, printing, education, law, tourism and advertising. They get almost anything for whatever they have.

Women with the moon in Gemini do not distinguish a great bond to family and home. Of course they can spend a lot of effort on a shopping spree, renovation or a simple relocation of furniture, but they do not work to create any real comfort.

By educating children, these women fit very superficially. You are concerned about how the child learns than what he feels.

However, a better advisor than this mother is that the child will not be found.

Although it can be a little fussy and nervous, but on the other hand, is always able to find a way out of difficult situations.

Always find out who to consult with, who to call and find recipes for any problems and disappointments.


As a rule, when such a person has developed a good relationship with his mother, he talks about him as a good friend, with whom it was always interesting to chat, joke, and walk. Trust between a man and their mother and often persists into adulthood.

If her communication wasn’t the best, it appears to be one of the less close friends in her mother’s stories.

Such a woman will say that a mother constantly interferes in her affairs, showed excessive curiosity, gave unwanted advice (for example, where and with whom to be friends), etc.

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