Cancer Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Looking from a general point of view, some Zodiac signs are tender, others are perceived as vital, and this is like the majority of us look at the zodiac signs.

But this is not the proper understanding of the horoscope or natal charts, and there is so much more to it.

Always have in mind that some say that astrology is the oldest science in the world and that there is something more to it than just fun.

We are talking about the position of planets, their relations, and of course, as it is said, the position of luminaries – the Sun and the Moon.

Each and every one of these aspects is important for different aspects of life, and we must add that the meaning of Sun and Moon is also very important.

These two positions in the natal chart speak so much of one person, his life, perspectives, the ways that are the best and the worst for their achievement.

Today we are looking into the inner world of the people who have Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo. How do these two “work” together? Read here.

General Meaning

This luminary combination can be defined as day and night in the same person, and from it, numerous different things can come, both good and bad, often at the same time, or during just one day, storm and sun, night and the day.

Because of it, those who have Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo are people who are able to encourage the generous aspect in themselves and also the dangerous inflation.

Here, emotional impulses are dictated and dominated by the strong will of the Moon that is located in Leo, despite the tender Sun in Cancer.

There can naturally be serious internal conflicts between these two forces that are difficult to control, yet the receptive nature of the Sun in Cancer knows how to deal knowingly with such conflicts and can make the best out of it.

This can be the cause of numerous problems for the people, who have this luminary combination, and the case is here that the Moon in Leo gives encouragement of the recognition of one’s strength; on the one hand, there is a desire for personal prominence, and on the other, an equally strong desire for solitude.

In one moment, these people could act like they want to belong to the entire world, and in this case, they will shy away from everyone who tries to come closer to them because they do not meet their great expectations. It is what they deserve, as they see it.

Their difficulties are also reflected in the fact that they throw themselves into the world to climb a little more because they like to use your reputation as soon as they win one battle. Unlike some other Cancer people, these are much more determined to succeed and are aggressive along the path.

What is very important to understand here, for all those who have this luminary combination, is the aspect of self-love.

Therefore, these people are strong but also very sensitive deep inside, and if these two “aspects” are aligned and in balance, people who have this luminary position can lead successful lives in every one of its aspects, love, work, friendships, etc.

But, there is a contrast that needs to be mentioned – and it is the difference between Leo’s excessive strength and his stubborn reluctance to fight, that is characteristic of the Moon in Cancer, that tries to find some harmony of its own, and is not always successful in that attempt.

In this nature, however, ambitions are not embarrassed but take decisive form. In it, the strength will be expressed in the iron decision to defend his ideals at any cost – how amazing this may be when these people have a goal that they want to follow that maybe will benefit many people.

In an emotional aspect, these people are incurable romantics that seek attention and offer affection in return – one cannot go with the other that is for sure.

They can be cuddly and tender people who demand a lot from their lovers, and family members, even co-workers, and the best way to be with them in any of these relations is to give them something luxurious and different. They also love romantic travels and adore surprises, but the problem may lie in the fact that they will always expect more and more.

Always have in mind that the Moon in Leo dominates in some ways, the Sun in Cancer, and therefore it has the need to ascend the throne and to rule from there – only those who want to be dominated can handle, but in return, they will give a lot of love.


The best personality is born if these people dedicate to family life – they become proud parents, who always have big plans, and of course, maintain to be the center of attention, by all means.

This implies that they need a patient and dedicated partner and that even their kids must give them the much-needed attention.

If other aspects are good, these people become more than able to surpass all of their abilities, so as long as they came, gave their maximum, surprising themselves and all others along the way.

People who have Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo are natural-born fighters, courageous individuals who come from a place where the family is in the center of the attention and want to maintain it their own family when they make it.

The family must be the center of their lives, and in the center of their families are themselves. Their destiny is to be leaders, to achieve a high position in society, but with that always comes greater responsibility that they are not always too ready to take on.

This is truly important to know when we are talking about people with this set of luminaries since they at times take on the more they can chew, and in the end, they are the only ones who suffer.

Some say that, in bad aspects, these people can be too much connected to their past, with seemingly no concrete memory on what lesson that they extract from it – the events are forgotten, but the impressions remain and can be something that tortures them or cure them.

This position of luminaries also speaks of great artistic talent and the strong belief in past life experience. Some of them believe that in their previous life, they lived in wealth and luxury, which they strive for even today; it is like they feel like they deserve happiness and wealthy life.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon – Man

When we are speaking of a man (a natal chart that belongs to a man) who has Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Leo is recognized by his need to long for stage lights (this could be understood as his need to dominate, to be the boss, to be high up in society).

Also, this man has the quality of a star, is endowed with optimism, but you don’t feel all that inside, and sometimes he can be very dark; it all depends on other circumstances in his life.

After the first meeting with this man, people are impressed by his deep feelings and fragile security, which can be seen only sometimes. His imagination is rich, but what he wants is not always realistic; his goals are grand. He wants to avoid considering desires a reality, having illusions about himself and others; if he remains a lucid person, he has a chance to succeed materially.

Sometimes it will be in a high position, and sometimes in its environment, depending on other aspects in life, and of course, the dominance of Sun in Cancer or the Moon in Leo.

He is generous and protective here but a bit selfish and self-centered. This is because, as some say, his firm belief is that in a past life, he was a person who has been in a high position in society. He took such impressions from her previous life and thought that he is entitled to have it all. Even though he doesn’t remember anything, he only has impressions.

What has to be said is that this man has a taste for luxury and the need to act like he is the richest man in the world, that is, to scatter everything around him because of fears and the need to have confirmation from others.

As a great demise and a major problem in life, the lesson he must learn is to find that he is worthy by himself and that no one needs to confirm it.

On the other side of the story, it is indisputable that this man can be very selfish, too ambitious and that he cannot go unnoticed even for bad reasons.

However, this man with this set of luminaries has many qualities: it is a will, courage, understanding for others. He rules and becomes necessary for his environment. He takes care of everything and everyone, investing all his strength in it. He is always looking for solid support, and he can count on the help of friends.

Regardless of his life and the bank account, this man loves valuable and expensive things and is not interested in anything less than that. Then he can be the one man who faithfully loves, who gives the best and carries with dignity both good and evil on his back. He will never allow it, and it must not be seen.

And he won’t even tell his closest people. His dignity does not allow him to do that, and in this big body, a vulnerable and soft heart sleeps. This is a man proud of his home and a human being who, with his head held high, comes out a little theatrically, so others think he is conceited.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon – Woman

A woman with this set of luminaries belongs to a strong person, and she is the one who effortlessly dominates others in any interpersonal relationship. She is honest and very direct in communication, romantic and idealistic, yet if she has not mastered the lesson of generosity, this woman can be selfish, stubborn, and undisciplined, which can cost her success.

By nature, she is selfish and proud and knows how to place herself.

She is social, an esthete, in a word, a creative person. Her behavior can range from over-exposure to restraint, so her environment never knows who she is dealing with, and this is the case with all Cancer women (and at times men). This woman pays the bill and not just that she gives a lot of love to people who she loves.

This is the one that will quarrel with loved ones about some domestic things that are relevant only to her. But the fact is that this woman loves to give, and she gives from the heart. It is felt.

She can be very picky about any choice to make, and it is distracting from her goals; along the way, this woman demands a lot and nurtures certain principles, and mediocrity makes her quite sad.

In work and in life, a woman with Cancer Sun and Leo Moon is ambitious, her goals must be high, and how she will be achieved are elegant.

Idealist, she believes in particular virtues such as honesty and decency— her own negative trait: poorly placed and managed pride, ego to the sky.

Relations with the environment suffer because of that. Her friends are starting to think that she could show a little modesty, and such excessive self-confidence could lead her to big mistakes, especially on the emotional level, and this is the reason for her bad love life.

This is a woman that could look perfect, you have to notice her and an adult woman, and she becomes even prettier and more attractive for others.

Some say that this is the woman with the sparks in her eye, like the reflection of the sun itself. She could be like that even if she has discreet make-up and something simple on her; she has that look in her eyes.

This is a woman who loves brave lovers, and this is a woman who defends those she loves. She wants someone strong and is ready to give the same, maybe even more.

This is also the one who does not ask for help, and this is one valuable lesson to learn during life.

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