Cancer Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

How can we believe that the natal chart says something about us?

How can the alignment of planets during our birth say something about our personality and a life path? Can these seemingly unrelated events set our life on a course that is written in the stars?

Just by looking at the sign and ascendant, maybe you would not be so sure, but if we tell you to look at the position of other planets and especially luminous, you will receive some important information.

Be sure that you will find a lot of interesting and why, not surprising data about yourself.

Today we will take a look at the lives of those people who have Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Libra. We will take a look at what this combination means in a general sense and also about its compatibility, along with the specifics in individual natal charts, for man and woman.

General Meaning

In a general sense, for those who have this set of luminaries, if they want to achieve something in their lives, they just need to enter into a partnership.

Also, these human beings need a harmonious atmosphere. They are, in fact, incapable of living alone and have to constantly affirm themselves in front of others.

They are not tender souls who were never made to fight hard battles, nor do they have a competitive spirit whatsoever. They are more into their own race that they are floating with their own “music.”

On a positive side, these Cancers are less grumpy, you have the Moon in Libra, and therefore they are endowed with diplomacy, very charming, they want to be liked, and are always trying to balance things out mentally and emotionally in some way – which can be a big advantage when combined with their natural gift of perception.

From the outside, they are elegant and refined, and above everything else, these people like to be surrounded by beautiful things and beauty in general.

Also, their lovers must look and act in that way, to be tender, refined, elegant, and with the sense of romantic.

On a more negative side of the story, a flaw that is connected to these people with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Cancer is that they are often, if not always, excessively sentimental, and this makes their lives so problematic.

They are also known for cultivating hopeless emotional relationships, staying in them long enough to be hurt and short enough to enter the next one, equally problematic as the previous one.

On top of all of this – they are ideal for connecting with needed people and often time creating dependence on the financial moment.

They usually do not have enough money and spend all that they have good looks, wonderful style, and a wide smile.

They are recognized as very strict in what they want, but at the same time, they can one of the indecisive human beings you have ever met in your life. This is particularly seen in their private lives, love life to be exact.

And if you can see everything on their face, no matter what, this Moon will be silent and suffocate from other people’s problems, and you can imagine the intensity of the Sun in Cancer.


The Moon that is positioned in Libra makes people who are in relationships must work on them, especially when we are speaking of marriage, and this is especially seen when the Moon in Libra is connected to the Sun in Cancer that brings tenderness and oversensitivity.

But, as we have said, the problem in their lives is the unfortunate choice of partners, not so much in work, but more in their love life.

An important task, if they have it, is to start, to learn to say no to those bad relations that are making the mark on their tender souls and last longer than it is necessary.

Oftentimes, you can meet them at all social events because of the Moon in Libra. They are very social and have a need to be accepted in society – and they usually are accepted among people. They make others feel great and have a wonderful appearance. It is a joyful event to be with them or just observe them, and they can find their place in the limelight.

Speaking of compatibility, when this set of luminaries is well aspected, in that case, we are talking about the people who can be both calm and prudent people who easily achieve the goal and have a good marriage, and with the same ease, they ruin it all and suffer tremendously.

This other situation comes when this set of luminaries is poorly aspected with other planets, and then you can be sure that it will give an unhappy marriage.

Or, in some other cases, that are also very common, people with this luminary combination do not enter into a marriage, have bad accidents in public, and social success is more important to them than marriage or a committed relationship.

In some cases, people with Sun and Moon Cancer and Libra have complexes that they are not pretty enough, even though it is so far from reality and everything but the truth.

They feel that they are “special,” maybe they can be in a group or alone, perhaps their mind is forever tied to children and home, perhaps thinking that material security is the most important in life, and there are cases like this woman.

And also, this combination has a priority “someone with whom to share the harmony of life in two, and that someone must be very romantic, idealistic, and often, in the end, they become a victim of their hypersensitivity.

In fact, and this is all thanks to the Caner Sun susceptible to influences, but because of the Moon in Libra, they are adaptable and can be negotiated with. In the end, and when all other aspects are aligned, their biggest wish is to create a beautiful and peaceful world for themselves!

Their destiny is reflected in the reconciliation of opposites. Whether they are people or situations, they are always intermediaries.

In some cases, people with this set of luminaries may misbehave towards their partner, but somehow they get the chance to correct it. If the Moon has bad aspects from Mars or Saturn, there will be many severe temptations.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon- Man

When this set of luminaries are found in the male natal chart, then we meet a man whose mood depends exclusively on the daily love events, flirts, and socializing, and this is the most probable way you will encounter this man.

He can be hard to cheer up, but he is great when he needs to cheer up a friend, relative, stranger, then he shines the most. He is unhappy if he is alone, and this is the fact and the reason why he can have many bad relations in life. He is not complete if he does not have an “ideal half,” even if he does not know what or who that is.

That is why he will endure every effort and, on the basis of the will, make the most concessions. That is why he will do everything to maintain harmony and preserve a harmonious relationship between the two. He loves beautiful women of polite demeanor, ladies who are elegantly dressed. He is attracted to women known to the public, lawyers, and politicians. He often “falls in” with a married woman and has affairs with them. He is looking for an equal partner in everything. And another important woman in his life is a mother. She will probably have a habit of interfering in his marriage or relationships.

When we are speaking of a marriage, when he finds a marital union, he searches for stability, and until then, he will try and fail in almost anything.

For this man to be happy, in addition to his partner, he also needs mirrors so that he looks at himself all the time because they need aesthetics, and art is emphasized in this case and the gift of socializing.

For him, enjoying beautiful things in life, you can see how much harmony and beauty it brings to his life. He does not express love openly, and he needs to be liked by everyone. He likes flattery and flirting. The man is a “macho” type, a seducer, simply irresistible, cold, and never completely surrenders.

This man is seen from the outside as moderate, tactful, kind, and fine. He does not react hastily, and even when you see this man angry or hurt, he will react in some hidden, or some would say in a dishonest way.

More, this man with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Libra is a great friend who likes to share with others and will always be there for his friends, and when they have problems, he likes to negotiate. And this is the position of the Moon that is the hardest to bear parting.

And here you will see the problem, because the Moon in Libra, even, in the end, wants to maintain a friendly relationship with everyone, trying to make a concession. But the Sun in Cancer wants to come back to the shell and not let anyone inside.

Sometimes it will seem to you that there is everything hidden behind this man because he will not tell you to stop with it already by tactfully courting as much as you attack him with problems.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon – Woman

You will notice this lady by her looks and attitude. She adores flirting and is fickle in love.

The real connection is the one she has with herself and maybe the healthiest since this woman has to have a relationship more than love. Her lover must be someone who she feels comes from her past life, and the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Libra make her be, in this relationship, fair, honest, and open.

Someone who has a solid intellect and is capable of diplomacy. This lady hates injustice and any type of noise, and on the other side, she loves music and dance. You can often meet her doing jobs related to art, politics, law, music, beauty, fashion. She can be a model, work in perfumery, and has a sense of teamwork

. This lady is responsible for hating any “dirty” jobs and will always prefer to leave them to others.

A woman with this set of the luminary is looking for an attractive and elegant partner with a style that is neither vulgar nor too noisy. She is romantic and has a need for a good and harmonious relationship, although she is not able to have it. She’s looking for a popular man and often dates them, so this may be the reason why she does not have success in it.

Even when she is poor and she has spent the entire savings, she holds on to beauty and is very well-groomed. She is a lady in the true sense of the word, of elegant posture, polished, polite, has style, refined taste, and is very charming, so she will disarm even the greatest enemy with her smile. She is beautiful, cultured, with fine manners, and is appalled by rudeness and vulgarity.

You cannot see her – she is so beautiful, elegant, often engaged, or in turbulent affairs, and the best way you can meet her is at a social event related to art. She cannot imagine herself without a partner, and marriage is very important to her.

When she becomes a mother, and this is her biggest wish, this woman develops her children’s love of art and pays great attention to children’s manners and their behavior. She is often indecisive and delays decision-making until the last moment – the Moon in Libra wakes up and does not allow her to make proper decisions.

She constantly had problems in love relationships. She will be divorced twice. Her task was to learn to forgive. Only when she managed to rise above the situation, her emotional and healthy life improved.

If you want to move her from your connection, then become rude, and for example, start swearing – she would hate it. She is a kind and born diplomat and is often a “peace judge” among the warring parties and tries to “smooth out” unpleasant situations. Her mood varies from elation to suffering. She puts a lot of effort into her physical appearance and is brushed.

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