Cancer Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Although the king star will travel the mentioned sign from Sunday, June 20 to July 21, its influence can be felt a few days before.

However, the most influenced are those born with this combination in the birth chart. This is because they will have the psychological characteristics of this sign that corresponds to the water element, of negative and feminine polarity.

The Moon, whose symbol is the crescent in its first waxing quarter, rules Cancer. While the representative symbol of the sign is the celestial crab or Egyptian scarab.

The first house corresponds to the impulse of Aries, the second house is where Taurus lands him, the third house is where Gemini meets the other and the fourth house is where Cancer understands that he is in a body and locked in it.

This is the first sign of the second quadrant and, being a water sign, it conveys adaptation and emotions.

However, it also manifests in us feelings of motherhood and fatherhood, and wishes to protect. People with the Sun in Cancer are characterized by being affectionate and melancholic.

Also, passive, isolated, contradictory and homelike.

They stand out for their kindness, their adaptability, their warmth and compassion.

Also for his serene judgment, his prudence in economics and his understanding temperament. They are protective, tender and sincere. Great imagination and reserved personality.

They must learn not to doubt so much. To direct their emotions so as not to fall into pessimism and confinement.

In addition, to put grudges aside. They are skilled and intelligent to work or study in everything related to social assistance, acting and hospitality. As well as with architecture, medicine, nursing, psychology, teacher and novelists.

As it is the fourth sign of the zodiac, with it we continue the journey of the human body started in the head, these being the most sensitive areas: thoracic cavity, ribs, diaphragm, esophagus, stomach, womb, pancreas, sinuses and gallbladder.

Throughout their lives, they may suffer from anemia, gastric fevers, and sclerosis, inflammation and stomach disorders. From ulcers, weakening of the lungs.

Cancer Sun – Meaning and Info

It is related to the chest, the organs of digestion and the lymphatic system. He has a propensity for stomach dilation and many problems due to slow and heavy digestion.

Other complaints: dyspepsia, cramps, ulcers of the pylorus, duodenum and stomach. Lymphatic disorders. They usually live for many years.

Worries and living attached to the past can cause you many of these annoyances. Cancer: It is one of the most complicated signs of the Zodiac; the crab means “” shell ””, with which it covers itself from the dangers of the outside world. He is very vulnerable and lives intensely in the past, without forgetting the danger of the future, subjects in which he constantly oscillates.

With a lot of inner world, he suffers very easily and immediately takes refuge in his shell. Delicate, sensitive, poets. They have great tenacity to achieve their goals. They wait for the moment to act patiently and many times, they achieve their goal.

“They are very proud, they are bothered by bright light, and they love soft armchairs and comfort. They love doing nothing and getting lost in their daydreams. They are sweet, pleasant and very concerned not to harm the susceptibility of others. ”

They live and feed on love; it is the engine of their lives. They are passionate, sensual, and generally good writers and poets. They love dim environments. “Very good spouses, they are better parents, somewhat exclusive and jealous. Your partner must constantly show you that she is in love. Extremely homey, since his whole world revolves around the family.

They need affection as if it were their daily bread; they provide affection and expect the same from others. A phrase of encouragement matters more to him than any other material incentive.

He is extremely shy and quite discreet, something difficult to start friendships and surrounds himself with a closed group of friends.

It is usually the center of attention when it is in its environment. He loves receiving people, which he does with great sincerity and cordiality.

Everything to do with food, interior design, what can be done from home, travel for profit. If it cannot be realized in those fields, he will do it in an imaginary way, sitting in an armchair or at his desk, writing stories that he would have liked to live.

Painting also exerts a lively attraction on him, especially in the landscape theme.

Other Concertinas are successful in small businesses, especially those related to liquids. Teaching is a subject that usually brings him great satisfaction.

Since Cancer is very sentimental, who wraps even sex in a romantic halo; he is a very vulnerable type of person. Maternal, variable, but not without a certain tenacity that makes him succeed. He is very loyal. Perhaps one of the things that frightens him the most is his great fear of ridicule; also criticism, especially when it comes from his spouse.

Cancer is a tremendously homelike being, for whom everything revolves around his family and the things that make it up. He is a very good friend and generally gives more than he receives.

To keep him happy, you need to flatter him a bit and try never to hurt him, as he is too sensitive and spiteful. Rancor is one of the attributes of this sign, which takes a long time to forget an offense.

The terrible thing is that he is offended by any trifle. Moreover, he is affectionate, sweet and romantic.

Pisces Moon – Meaning and Info

The Moon in Pisces, of the water element and mutable modality, traditionally falls under the dominion of Jupiter and, above all, of Neptune.

As Venus is exalted in Pisces, she also influences her affairs. These three planets combined give a good perspective on it. Jupiter brings you faith, expansion, confidence. Neptune, sacrifice, compassion, but also vagueness, illusions, daydreams.

Venus, her empathy, her love and beauty. It is important that there are, therefore, good links between these three planets and if they are all expected to each other, the natal chart will certainly be very Venusian.

Something very common to all the Moons in Pisces (here I apply my Virginian synthesis) that would encourage me to highlight as its main characteristic: they are highly influenced by the environment. Especially emotionally (since the planet at stake is the Moon).

People with this Moon usually have an amazing absorption capacity regarding the feelings and moods of others, and through a subtle process that resembles those games of masks that we associate so much with Neptune, they make them their own.

There is a kind of involuntary mimicry, of psychic falsification, of emotional appropriation. As in astrology zymology counts, let us point out that the 12th house (of Pisces and Neptune) is associated with espionage and secret affairs.

That ability to be others is what stands out on the Moons in Pisces. They vibrate with others and when they tune in, they are one with them.

Returning to symbolism, let us remember that Neptune is the loss of self: is there something more Moon in Pisces than that personal emptiness, that renunciation in pursuit of others?

Hence, when we exert some special influence on a person with this Moon (through a love relationship or friendship), his tastes seem traced to ours, as well as his ideas, convictions, whatever.

We cannot speak of falsehood; we would not understand the Piscean energy. It is empathy, that Piscean gift, which is a step beyond intuition: it is intuition with a plus of compassion, unity, overcoming peace and, ultimately, love.

In addition, as Alan Leo suggested, Neptune represents the most refined love of all, elevated to such subtle levels that it is not easy to understand.

This particular tendency to personal dissolution makes the natives with this Moon very prone to falling into addictions of all kinds. We are not only talking about addictions to alcohol and drugs, which are associated with water signs and especially Pisces, but with addictive behavior.

Whether it is a person, a hobby, an idea, and a cause: the Piscean way of connecting is addiction, the product of unlimited devotion. Let us not forget that Jupiter rules, a planet that does not limit, rather exaggerates. This usually attracts people in need of protection or in need of healing, either on a physical or spiritual level. Pisces, like its opposite Virgo, is a helpful sign.

However, just as Virgo fulfills the function of discriminating (in the good sense of the term), discerning, synthesizing, and analyzing; Pisces has the opposite function: absorb, merge, integrate, flow, understand, forgive, transcend. This is how this Moon needs the needy, to use those healing gifts that only work if they are given to others.

It has little to do with concrete, pragmatic, Virginian service. Many times this empathic display has a selfish motivation, a need for victimization (be it one’s own or someone else’s) that makes people look for settings and people with difficult, marginal realities, even marked by isolation or seclusion (we bear in mind that prisons, hospitals and asylums have to do with Neptune, the 12th house and Pisces).

It is the Moon of fantasy and art: Mahler, Poe, Goethe, Stevenson, Leonardo da Vinci, Schubert, Moliere and Klimt, among many others, had Moon in Pisces.

There is a lot of symbology, images, perceptions, intuitions, visions, all the tools that serve to create fantastic worlds. Fiction in Pisces is more emotional than in other signs. Perhaps only Cancer (another water sign) shares the same energy, but it is associated with the past, with nostalgia.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

On this Moon, on the other hand, the imagination is more exotic and mystical. They have a special affinity with music and with cinema, since they need to identify and express themselves through art and fiction.

From a zodiacal perspective, the Moon in Pisces represents endings, closings of cycles.

With the Moon in Aquarius we have already detached ourselves from the desires of the ego (Leo) and now in Pisces we have to detach ourselves from the causes, the groups, the goals (that is, from Aquarius) to give way to a more spiritual and transcendental perspective.

It is then that the mutable water of Pisces cleanses us, like a purgatory in which we redeem our guilt.

That ability to forgive everything that people with Moon in Pisces have undoubtedly has to do with this final instance of the zodiac, the necessary reconciliation c with the entire universe, prior to a new individual beginning in Aries.

I remember while I was putting the final changes to this article, I learned, we learned, of the death of Robin Williams. I was immediately advised that his natal Moon was Pisces. Grade 8.

That day the Moon was in Pisces at grade 6. A conjunction. The Moon in Pisces has these things, this subtle symbolism, this connection between the individual and the collective.

As I was writing this article about the Moon in Pisces, in the sky, the Moon was in Pisces and Robin Williams’ natal Moon was Pisces.

A set of mirrors worthy of Neptune. Somehow, without knowing it, I spent the whole afternoon writing about the actor in The Society of Dead Poets. What a memory for him.

When he falls in love, he sees nothing but virtues in the one he loves. The basis of his formation is to make a home; the woman of this sign likes housework and her houses are always a model of neatness. They are passionate and ardent and marriage is necessary for them.

They suffer a lot from the stomach. If they indulge in worries, the past and resentments: heartburn, gastric ulcers, hiccups, gas, heartburn and gallstones.

As they tend to be messy at meals, they often eat and drink excessively. They also eat fast and get fat fast. Due to their apprehensive way of being, ulcers are very common in them. It is advisable to do yoga or breathing exercises and eat light meals. Milk is recommended.

Be calm, do not worry, and do not cling to the past. Cellular salt is calcium fluoride that you can find in skim milk, cheese, watercress, cabbage, bones, and dried fruit.

If you need protein, you will find it in lean meat, chicken, bones, cottage cheese, skim milk, and breadcrumbs. Do not eat so many sweets and starches; if you need to consume sweets, take honey, especially with yogurt.


Ancestrally, they inherited the mentioned characteristics of male lineage, since the Sun in Cancer represents the men of the family who, surely, were caretakers of the roots and family memory.

Also with these characteristics, they can experience their father. If you are a woman, you can attract this type of man.

The aspects that the Sun makes in the Natal Chart will indicate how it will develop in life. Also his successes, failures, his willpower, etc.

Everything mentioned can be further exalted depending on the sector of the Natal Chart where the Sun is located. Its ascendant and how many planets a person has in this sign or in the water element.

Therefore, knowing our Natal Chart allows us to understand ourselves and not judge ourselves. As well as knowing the Natal Chart of the children.

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