Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

When we are analyzing any natal chart, we are mostly looking at the position of the Sun and the position of ascendant, but those who know where to look, say that the position of the Moon speaks so much that it is equally relevant in the examination of the natal chart.

It can be our connection, and therefore the understanding, of our past lives, connection to mother, in the widest sense possible.

Think of this idea, and look up where your Moon is positioned; many questions will find their answer, for sure.

Today we will take a look at the lives of the people who have Sun in Cancer and the position of Moon in Scorpio. We will take a look at the world of the people who have this combination, with an accent on the changes that the Moon in Scorpio makes to these Cancers. Are they more emotional or stronger than the “regular” Cancers?

Right away, we will say that the Moon in Scorpio is one of the most passionate and emotionally challenging Moon because it illuminates sadness, pain due to losses in our lives, and loneliness and love.

You can imagine what kind of impact it has on these tender souls – Cancers.

Read more about this interesting combination.

General Meaning

This luminary combination encourages strong, emotional, intuitive nature in people who have them, making them full-hearted human beings.

Their presence is felt; others feel their strong erotic charge, magnetism, and mystery – they enchant the opposite sex.

Not just that, people who have Sun and Moon in Cancer and Scorpio are known to have a strong desire to progress, to overcome their own limitations that they are completely aware of.

Inner life and metaphysical meaning are of great importance to all people who have the Moon in Scorpio.

What attracts them is beyond doubt – power, seeking it, whatever they do in life.

However, others and themselves must constantly beware of their sarcastic language, which can distract other people from the point and their true being.

In some extreme cases, people with this luminary set are known to spend a year in self-imposed isolation; there comes a time when they reopen and open their own hearts, eager for human contact and warmth (thanks to the Sun in Cancer).

Always have in mind that the strong power of the Moon in Scorpio controls everything we keep deep inside, and you can imagine how these people feel. They have many things that they hide from themselves- the dark side.

Also, Scorpio (in general) represents transformations, so these people have a good chance to finish something old and start a new one.

Some days, these people take something out of the drawer that they have started and later didn’t like, so they deeply miss it and cannot deal with it.

Since they have the power to change their lives, they are able to edit, change, decorate, add details and create new work that will make them very happy. But, they must be careful not to reveal some of their secrets that you have never revealed to anyone and do not intend to.

What they cannot escape is the feeling that all of them have something that oppresses and torments them. It is time to open their soul to someone that they have immense trust.

Feeling in those moments a great relief is what they deeply need, and if this need is fulfilled, then they have a chance to be happy.

When we talk of money, we must say that these people are known to manage other people’s money, but they are able to use it for their own progress. They have secret agenda and are able to close some of their financial story with it; taking a loan, repay an old loan, refinance it to start some new business is all something that they would do.

To add just a few more things – this combination is all about emotions, and in this sense, it is known for bringing sudden emotional twists.

Their energy of the rebellion is great, but in some way, they can appear dissatisfied with their income, impoverished, oppressed, stepping into the needed and self-imposed isolation.


Cancer and Scorpio Sun and Moon combination make expectations of the twists on the love plane, surprises from closest people, sudden changes in position at work. Everything is passionate and sudden, of course.

People that have this luminary combination are able to see clearly all that is happening in the world, in a global sense, and are able to shed light on new problems that are emerging on an individual plane. People will experience all this very emotionally, as everything that they do is very emotional.

Badly aspected, this luminary position brings a lot of frustration, feelings of helplessness, and the urge to fight will force us to rebel, which is at times not possible to be achieved properly.

It is important to control and focus all that energy on productive and positive things if they are able to do so.

Keep in mind that this Moon describes our resistance to change, no matter how much we are aware or unaware that they are inevitable. It is easier for these people in such moments to let go of the current that carries and not stir up a calm lake.

Let it be cloudy, a lot of waste, it is shielded from view, and they are tucked there. Sometimes this is a better version of their lives.

One thing that must be added when we speak of these people with Sun and Moon in Cancer and Scorpio is that all events that come from rebellion and protest will be widespread and can spiral out of control, so they need to be careful and wise and don’t just go with their heart, but also their minds.

On a positive note, these people have a strong desire to succeed and the desire and the will to do it, but they need time to come to terms with themselves.

Although they often have a very romantic feeling, they are strong enough not to let it lead them.

Only if these people manage to overcome psychological problems can they hope to get great things out of themselves. They are there when there is drama, and they are there when no one is allowed. They are there to build what someone has demolished. They are there to persevere with you at all costs.

They have phenomenal intuition, or they adore you, or they hate you. There is no middle ground with them. If they are with you, they are there to the end. They are there unreservedly and uninterestedly, only for the purpose of you, and it is the feeling that you cannot get enough.

Now, the fact that some people don’t like their directness (both Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio have this directness if needed) can read other people’s characteristics, have a great insight, the need to “press things,” honesty to the point of pain.

It is not difficult for them to express emotions, but only under the conditions that they have set for themselves.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon – Man

The tendencies towards introspection, towards the conscious exploration of the labyrinths of the inner life, are culminating in the personality of the people who have this luminary combination.

A man that has Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio will most likely be successful because he is confident and magnetic, and everything he does is so dramatic and interesting; he has charisma, there is no doubt about it.

It seems easy to him to do anything in life, oftentimes this man becomes very influential, and he commands respect because he is serious and is always a winner (this is his attitude that is a win, no matter what). People regard attitudes like this, and even when he is not the best, he will act like he is.

Since this man has a mysterious atmosphere about himself, it will seem interesting for ladies, and the whole intriguing part will be nothing but the protective shell of the Sun in Cancer that is present. It cannot just go away.

Anyway, you will never see this guy expressing all his emotions and thoughts, even when he is intimate with someone, this is something that is reserved for special occasions, and the thing that is the most mysterious is the fact that he likes it when others think that he is not at all what others think he is.

For example, many will see him as shy, reserved, and indecisive. That’s right until the moment when he transforms into something else.

He has restless nature, is obsessed with dreams, faced with the apparent contradictions of the real and the imagined, torn between the rejection of superiority and the desire to rise to the top.

This man is committed to strong feelings in everything he does. If he lets go of his aggression, he wonders if it is wise and tends to withdraw; if he tries to control others, is hampered by considerations; if he indulges in intuition, this man may be afraid that he will take it too under its wing. There is always a hidden conflict that he must deal with.

In the end, a man that has this position of luminary must be aware and take care of his masochistic behaviors in love or the risk of self-destruction if he encounters unsolvable conflicts (that happens in his passionate and dramatic life).

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon – Woman

The power of the two natures, one that comes from the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio, reveals to the world the unrest of soul. And when a lady is in question, then she is mysterious and rather cautious, bright, dreamy, and it is not easy to outwit her.

This woman is seen as very intuitive and perceptive. She constantly analyzes herself, observing others with her strong look.

There is a latent temptation in it for something distant, incomprehensible, and this may be the reason why she is often with “wrong people” and has a turbulent love life.

She radiates enhanced magnetism, and she is mysterious, difficult to get to know, and prone to constant escape from reality, thanks to the Sun in Cancer.

From the outside, it may seem that she likes to be in complicated situations. Since she is prone to depression and paranoia and she does not look at things and events from a positive side.

Only if she finally gives in to the impulses of her subconscious could she reach the knowledge of her personality.

More of the Sun in Cancer that makes her fate developing depending on family relations in her youth – she often inherits her mother’s “fear.” She likes to rule, own, manage, and at the same time, she has a lot of doubts and asks herself if her path is good.

Badly aspected, this woman can seem as cunning and tenacious, but when looked at her “inside,” we can see that she is a predominantly introverted person who is still able to always find new ways in the fight to win success if she does not drown in her inner sufferings which are numerous.

In the worst-case scenario, she is interested in black magic, mysterious, and what is beyond, and she can believe in superstitions and curses, blaming her problems on it.

These things can be very serious and can cause her a lot of problems in life, and it can affect almost every aspect of her life, ruining it.

The task in her life is to overcome every obstacle that arises, and she is able to do it, since she has the ability to transform her life, and it is also advisable to enter into mysterious knowledge or some occult disciplines that can help, but never forgetting her own reason.

It is important for this woman to get rid of the fears she carries.

Fears must be removed, and what this lady needs are emotional support and courage to do what no one is allowed to do, adored, hated, live, or died.

In the end, we have to say that this luminary combination can be, at times, a very difficult position for people.

Although it carries sensitivity, life with this position is still full of upheavals, struggles, and fears.

The soul suffers a lot, thinking that she did not deserve the time of great crises and suffering but that she still has to endure it in the best way she can.

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