Cancer Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

These eyes could be called mysterious if they contained a mystery greater than the mystery of any human soul, which, as they say, contains the whole world.

There is no other way (of course): however, Cancer embodies the principle of essential perception and transformation, and his eyes show that some (often very small) piece of his soul perceives the environment and transforms in accordance with the perceived, because to perceive is to change oneself.

Cancer Sun– Meaning and Info

In Cancer (the zone of creation) the element of water is in its first manifestation, and its main goal is the essential perception of the world – the whole, and the subsequent essential change of oneself.

However, in a real being there must be a certain stability, therefore, the subconscious of a person with a strong influence of Cancer develops complex defense mechanisms that shield its owner from a significant part of the external environment, narrowing his perception and thereby ensuring the stability of the psyche.

Changes in the psyche, the restructuring of the sub consciousness program are subjectively experienced deeply emotionally (in fact, deep emotions are precisely the signs of a restructuring of the psyche), therefore when Cancer.

Despite the protective mechanisms, perceives something, he perceives emotionally, and what he perceived, after a while it becomes his property, of course, in a form transformed and adapted to his psyche.

In the zone of creation, the elements are not yet aware of themselves, therefore, Cancer, as a rule, does not formulate its task for itself as it is described above, and even more so it never sets itself the goal of changing the world around it (this is what differs from Scorpio).

Nevertheless, in real life, having essentially perceived something, he, according to the law of empathy, will necessarily not only change himself, but also leave his imprint on the perceived object. In the case of severe Cancer, this indirect effect can be very significant.

Therefore, Cancers (like all water signs) are born psychologists. They have the ability to simply listen carefully to a person, and this is already a lot, even if Cancer in conclusion does not say anything: the problem can disappear or be resolved by itself simply as a result of a story about it to an understanding, non-judgmental, silently inspiring Cancer.

However, Cancer is not necessarily always silent; being a cardinal sign, he may even be too fussy or talk a lot, but always staying within the framework of his shell. The fact is that one of his significant problems is the problem of emotional self-expression.

It is connected with the fact that the program of the subconscious, which protects against essential perception (“shell” of Cancer), at the same time does not give him the possibility of essential and emotional self-expression: the sluice does not let water in both directions.

At the same time, the expression of his essence and emotions is needed not only for him, but for everyone else: there are not so many emotions released to the world, and a significant part of them is concentrated precisely in Cancers.

The depth of perception of Cancer imposes on him the corresponding karmic obligations, which he rarely fulfills. He has an eternal temptation to hide in his shell when necessary and when not necessary, more precisely, when the situation needs to perceive something, but he really does not want to.

Cancer knows too well what delicious meat it has, and is not inclined to offer it to everyone they meet and cross.

Taurus Moon – Meaning and Info

Let’s call this sign the master of sound. If, according to stories from ancient times, the master of sound and voice is presented in the form of a young shepherd or cattleman, a perfect beauty who plays the flute standing next to a bull.

He enchants his supporters with music and song, and neither shepherds nor princesses can resist these charms. The sound of his war shell terrifies his enemies, and pours joy into the hearts of his comrades-in-arms.

An old holy text says that he is the true word of God and everything he says will become that. And it is said of Christ: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Like the words: Heaven and earth will pass, but my words will not pass at all.

The sign of Taurus, the seat of the words of the Creator, the Creator, the sign of the Earth and the support of the world. I speak of the Creator, because the sign is ruled by Venus, and the Moon is a female principle.

The third degree of the sign of Taurus is the place of exaltation of the Moon and the place of debilitation of Pluto, as well as the eleventh degree as the place of debilitation of Neptune. And all this together makes Taurus the most fertile sign that can be in the zodiac.

Everything that was done under his influence is destined to last and to serve as a basis for other structures.

Taurus is equally a sign of possession and love. Why do I approach these two concepts? Because one loves what one possesses, and what one loves one wants to have for oneself.

Everything that contains love, in all its forms, from the most vulgar to the most noble and refined, will be of fundamental importance for those born with the Moon in this sign.

Possession, material issues, financial issues, will be constantly in the center of thinking and life of a person with the Moon in the sign of Taurus.

Not because as such or such, it is necessarily a creature of interest, but like it or not, he or she is destined to indulge in money affairs throughout his life.

To babble, this is the right place to say it, because very often a person will settle accounts, establish budgets, wonder if he is even financially capable of looking into his future.

Events, insofar as their way of thinking will force them to do so. There will be few days when they will not be overwhelmed – sometimes against their will – by some financial issue.

It is possible that they have a strong desire, to learn and acquire and become almost artists of the use of money, but that also means another form of interest in that thing.

Comfort, peace, serenity, will be among their favorite goals. Whether the king is in his castle or the hermit in his cave, they think of their material condition, they strive for peace and tranquility.

Nutrition often becomes a matter of primary importance, and a person born with the Moon in this sign will strive to separate from his relatives and from persons from his, so to speak, clan, family heritage and family in general.

They can achieve happiness and success in the middle of their life and at the end of it, but the first part of their existence will not be easy and happy at all. They will have painful periods, sometimes even critical ones, which include parents, household issues and means of subsistence.

Their sensibility will be emphasized and great. Feelings and sensitivities will also be emphasized to the point of being carried away.

Yet beneath the moody and unstable exterior they hide great immutability. The persistence they have is proverbial. That creature born with the Moon in the sign of Taurus is in love, impulsive and proud.

If he finds himself in a position to get angry and annoyed, he will show himself to be calm and patient, but also hardworking in doing the work he loves.

They are methodical, practical, efficient, but mostly quite slow and sluggish and a little inclined to action.

But – although it can be said sometimes – when they start, nothing can stop them anymore.

Their character is easily recognized by the fact that they themselves provide evidence by their way of behaving.

At one moment they are an obedient spirit, seemingly irreconcilable, and at another they are rebellious and persistent in revolt. At the same time, they are almost changeable and stable.

Sometimes they will be governed by their sensuality. They will be forced to make an effort to get rid of their tendencies towards dogmatism and stubbornness, and they will be choleric.

This means that they will react vividly and easily to external experiences. The excitement or reaction to the experience lasts a long time. And that’s what mostly makes them dissatisfied and resentful people.

They will happen to lose control of themselves in a spectacular way because their emotional stimuli are really big and stressed.

People born with the Moon in the sign of Taurus are careful, secretive and driven by a strong will. Throughout life, they will meet a lot of sympathy and antipathy. And when it comes to the family, only the mother will not be denied help and love.

They will be guided through life by a strong instinct of ownership, especially in terms of dear beings. So jealous, but they will be very reluctant to show and admit it.

In the male horoscope, this position of the Moon says that they will be surrounded by women, while in the female horoscope it gives data on how many premarital relationships women will have and how strong, which we interpret by looking at how many aspects the Moon makes and with which planets in the personal horoscope.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

On the whole, people with this position of the Moon are endowed with great mental strength and good physical energy, but also introversion, and even shyness. Money, food and comfort are constantly at the forefront of their preoccupations.

Those born with the Moon in the sign of Taurus will strive to build on the rock, to build durable things and to achieve material comfort. And they will be able to build their careers despite difficulties, suffering and misfortune.

Facilitation and financial security will be their main goal. Like everything that makes things solid, the results will take over their thoughts in the long run. Will love, or will end up loving contact with nature, land, trees, animals…

Those born with the Moon in the sign of Taurus are attracted by long journeys, but also by the fact that wherever they go, they want to create their own corner. A refuge in some peaceful place, away from unrest and crisis.

They will strive, deeply, to realize some constructive thing of lasting value, which they will be able to leave to their own. If at all possible, even to his race and future generations.

Something like a stone on which their followers will be able to build in complete safety. And they will always try to avoid losses and problems, especially in the area of ​​finances.

If the rest of the chart and horoscope are favorable, those born with the Moon in this sign will possess great mental abilities. They will be brilliant and talented and intellectually very well-honed.

It will have a healthy heritage and will be the source of an honorable family. They mostly accomplish valuable and lasting deeds.

Often their word is never forgotten. He will be neat, methodical, mild-mannered and gladly received wherever he appears. He will enjoy peace, tranquility and abundance. And preferably in a house by the water.

What they will have to do is to control themselves and to control their inner being, to overcome their laziness and passivity. And when they find themselves in case of trouble and quarrels, it is best to move away from the field of discord as soon as possible.

The higher type of person with the Moon in the sign of Taurus usually comes from those founders of endowments for offspring, a builder, a good craftsman, a master of words or music, a man of only one idea. The lower type is usually materialistic, fanatical, limited, raw and lazy.

On the other hand, blocking perception in critical situations is one of the main karmic crimes, but if Aries is inattentive, Gemini is superficial and may in fact be unable to see something, and this will be forgiven them, then Cancer is never: there are such depths where no one but him can look.

It should be emphasized that Cancer, representing the element of water in the zone of creation, in fact is not aware of its transforming power, does not seek to change the world; his karmic task is much more difficult – to change himself.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Cancers respect their mistress; therefore, on the night of the full moon, they crawl out onto the sandbank and greet her. The moon moves along the zodiac much faster than other planets; therefore Cancers are very changeable, but especially easily in.

They fall into melancholy: the Moon controls the general background of the subconscious, and a slight sadness always reigns there, because a person’s needs are never fully satisfied.

On the other hand, having a strong subconscious, Cancer easily tunes in to the subconscious of those around him, which makes him an incomparable empath, but very insidious at the same time, because almost something is wrong, he instantly hides in his shell and pretends that no intimate contact a second ago it was, he has nothing to do with it and in general has just entered the room and has not yet had time to meet you.


The insidiousness of Cancer’s sub consciousness for himself also lies in the fact that by exposing powerful blocks on the surface and creating Cancer (and superficial observers) the illusion of invulnerability and imperviousness to other people’s influences, it often leaves him completely defenseless in front of subtle and indirect influences, from which it is very difficult for Cancer to block …

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