Cancer Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The combination of Sun and Moon in their natal chart and their internal relation is something that is entirely different than the combination of the sign and ascendant.

In this sense, when we speak of the luminary combination Cancer and Virgo, we can see one very distinctive person who is reclusive and emotional from the inside and outside. There is a lot of heart and a lot of internal insecurity.

They are those who never sit down and rest even at the end of the workweek, and this implies that they are very hardworking human beings who do not have such a strong internal life.

Here, we can see a lot of misunderstanding of all those others who are different than they are or they see as fit.

But, this is also the person who can be counted on and who will never be deceived – Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Virgo sees all and knows all, a friend who is always there. He will give you lectures, but he will be there for sure.

Read more about these people and the concrete examples when this luminary combination is seen in the Cancer and Virgo combination.

General Meaning

People who have this set of luminaries in their natal chart are very detailed in everything they do and extract the maximum from the minimum (as they see it), which is a very good trait, especially in times when things are not working out for them. And just to note, things are not working because of them, and often times their low self-confidence and insecurity.

They manage to achieve themselves through the profession of their choice, which is most important to them, and only because of their dedication and responsibility.

The problem arises when their team or coworkers does not give them enough in return, and then they become very dangerous.

They carry great responsibility, but also the loneliness that cannot be seen right away, which is all the result of some difficult events from a past life. They may have been abandoned or emotionally hurt, so they shut themselves in, out of fear that similar events could happen once again, not could, but will for sure.

That is why in the present moment, they often have problems in emotional relationships. That is one of the things they need to work on to find happiness and fulfillment, but the path toward it.

The Moon of Virgo, and especially in this luminary combination, is destined to serve others, willingly or not. That is why we see these people in service activities, such as doctors, veterinarians, in social institutions, schools, hospitals.

Some of them can do art or some other creative talent, but more likely, it will just remain as a hobby. Although these people are accurate, meticulous, precise, above all else, they are so analytical and with strong logic. Unfortunately, this is not a sign of great ambition and struggle.

But, one of the most wonderful traits these people have is the fact that they are caring friends who will always be there when needed. They will be harsh along the way, but they will show up when needed.

Love life is another matter, in it, when they let themselves go into love life, pleasures, something is a stepping stone, there is an inner voice constantly warns them to stop, to accumulate all their impressions, collecting them to the maximum.

That voice inside is ruled by the Moon in Virgo, and if sometimes it seems to you that life passes by them, without touching them too much, know that the influence of the Moon in Virgo is to blame. Its influence is pronounced even more, having in mind that the Sun is seen in Cancer, making them more tender.

The biggest lesson they should learn is to remain honest in their activities and social relationships, and they will be there to remain love.

Often these people are driven towards fidelity, both in friendship and in love; they are firm friends that you can count on it.

Troubles often encourage them, but there is a risk of closing in on themselves, and this can lead to serious difficulties in their communication – especially when it comes to emotional needs that they cannot express in a good way.


They are spontaneous only when they feel completely safe; then, they discover that they are more silly than it is shown, but when there is even a shred of insecurity, then they are not able to show off their qualities. They actually adapt better to reality than other Cancers, but only under their own conditions.

Impressions constantly bind them to their childhood and guide feelings and choices. Their main human virtues come from the fact that they never forget their roots or the experiences they have gained in life.

Depending on the roots, they can become successful or unsuccessful.

If this luminary connection is supported with other aspects that are well aspected, it gives people who have this set a good memory and ambition.

If it is badly aspected, it gives a pessimistic, insecure person who has a feeling of inferiority, criticizes everything around them, and boring them.

These people have, what we know as common sense, and they are people of initiative, neat and organized. Their pursuit of perfectionism can often make them very busy.

In life, those who have this set of luminaries have a major strive for self-control, methodical action, and avoiding adventures. Such behavior generally keeps them away from danger and heavy blows, but it could lock them into a monotonous life.

All their reactions are calculated because there is not too much spontaneity; in work, this may be good news; in every other aspect, it is so boring. It is often a struggle with suspicion, so it is one of the things they need to overcome.

One of the greatest struggles these people have lies in the fact that they have one too many questions, and so often, they find things are unclear again.

One of the biggest lessons they should learn is to take life a bit easy, to sit down, and let go, without the need to put everything together on paper, including a list of necessary things that they have to buy tomorrow, as well as a list of obligations so that something is not forgotten.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon -Man

When this man who has Sun and Moon in Cancer and Virgo combination finds himself in society, he tries not to draw attention to himself with his appearance and behavior, and he is in some way very reclusive and hidden. We would not use the word shy, but some of them are so shy and unapproachable, and therefore, during life, these men do not have many lovers.

Realistically, this man likes to criticize and analyze, and this is not a wonderful trait to have, especially with coworkers and lovers, of course. Knowledge, services, skills, and daily routine is what he finds security in, and he would not allow anyone to take this away from him, even in life in two.

In relation to his abilities which are undeniable, he performs lower-class jobs, just thanks to the fact that he has no self-confidence, and on the other side of the story, he feels like nothing is good enough for him because he strives for perfection (that will never come, of course). He has a distant attitude and does not flatter anyone; he sees it as he is honest and totally open toward others and his opinions toward life.

This is the one who will always make sure that you may not be angry with him. This is also the one who will think that it is impossible to fully understand him because you, unlike him, do not see everything and do not suffer because of everything.

So he looks for a mistake even where there is none. Well, he blames every word because he is careful what he says, and he doesn’t understand someone’s recklessness. It is beyond his comprehension, but deep inside, this man still has the Sun in his natal chart, located in the Cancer zodiac sign, and therefore he can be a bit more dramatic than he wants to be shown.

A man that has Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Virgo does not like to be subjected to emotional demands because he finds it difficult to express his emotions and prefers to talk about work rather than love.

And once again, a mother plays a significant role in the life of this man – she is the one who is diligent and tidy but very withdrawn and always at his service. He takes great care of his two children, but he criticizes them a lot and sets impossible standards for them, and he is too protective of children, not letting them breathe.

All of this has a consequence on his love life since he becomes to be the one who looks for a maid, a waitress who will take care of anyone of his needs, just like his mother did for some time when he was younger, for example.

The shadow of a mother, in a good or bad sense, always lingers somewhere, seeing in his relations to women.

Someone who will support his personality is not an easy one – he is the one who likes to wear a perfect suit, and his lover must respect it. He is a systematic, meticulous, and hardworking man, a man who got carried away with calculations and one who runs away to work when it gets thick.

This is a man who complained, but also the one who will be there when others really need help, and it could be someone he knows or someone he sees for the first time.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon – Woman

A woman that has Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Virgo is a lady that prefers to observe others rather than to actively participate in the conversation or any kind of social activity. It’s not that she has nothing to say.

On the contrary, she has more to say than others, but she is a shy, modest, withdrawn, and the unobtrusive lady who stands from the side and waits for her moment. She can shine.

This is undeniable, but how much time will pass until this woman realizes that the moment has come to show herself in real life.

She is conscientious, punctual, organized, and a perfectionist in her work, and at times it is very hard to keep up with this woman.

However, her work is not valued enough. She is silent, not demanding, but she expects praise for her hard work and perfection. She is practical, intelligent, and keen to observe, so any type of occupation that keeps her in this position is suitable for her. She loves that everything is tidy around her, and there is no need to expose herself in business, and when she achieves success, she does not brag.

Jobs that suit her are medicine, chemistry, service jobs, any type of science (where she will gladly collect the data and then test it). She could be a great journalist, an amazing and detailed secretary, maybe even a bookkeeper.

Some people that have this combination of luminaries could become some type of rentier, those who work with real estate, maybe a successful manager, translators, and traders – in all of these occupations, these people can become very successful and can expand their work beyond compare.

But, there is no doubt that this woman is diligent and obsessed with her health, and yes, this has one consequence, she often becomes a hypochondriac. Things become even worse when she becomes a mother, then she transcends these phobias on her kids, making them scared of anything, a life itself.

When it comes to emotional life and her relation with her partner, she is the type of woman who does not show emotions in love. She is restrained and has a need to analyze emotions, and connecting ratio with heart, will not come to a good ending.

When it comes to sex, a woman with Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Virgo is, what experts call sexually blocked, she is not a seductress, and she is unhappy if she is not perfect. And in bed, you do not have to be perfect, and you need to be relaxed and yourself.

A type of lover this woman looks for is someone who is hardworking, refined, neat, and modest.

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