Capricorn Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Any astrological combination is, in fact, just a perspective on how life could be and what kind of options are available on the horizon.

Of course, it does not mean that things will be like that, and like in life, things can go from everything to nothing in a second, based on the decision you make.

So, you always have the choice to make, but it is a good thing to know that you have a choice and that you can choose to change things that do not serve you in any way, and it is wonderful to know so. All of us have this kind of option, and someone of use it.

Now, today we are looking into the world of the people whose lunars are located in two very potent (of course in different ways, one is very passive and another one is very active) and energetic signs -Capricorn and Aries.

This does not mean that these two cannot work to do wonders for the person who has these two sings in lunars, while for others, who have other, unfortunate aspects, can be a misery. There are no rules, just options.

General Meaning

Aries and Capricorn are both cardinal characters, both goods at starting things, but there is a difference in a plan to finish them. It is important to learn to define roles in a partnership because here, we can see a great potential to achieve success.

Here, we can see two different currents that are pulling strings, and we can see traits that are quite different.

Like Capricorn, we can see a person who is sober, practical, and realistic, while Aries Moon gives spontaneous and a bit reckless nature, and maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what this person needs.

Here, we meet a person who is seen as an inebriating worker who, with persistence and organization, climbs to the highest ladder in organizational structures (but it can ruin it in a second, having in mind that he or she is very dramatic and can lose his or her mind in a second).

So, it seems that next to the Moon Aries, it will not be so easy to maintain that much-needed success.

It is like you have been building something a long time, and you have taken care of almost any detail, and then just because you were nervous, you ruing it, by yourself, and then feel miserable as hell.

Always know that the Moon in Aries gives a pioneering spirit, and his role is innovative, making this person moving others with his energy.

However, he does not like to obey orders and work for others, so do not even try to impose your authoritative attitude on him.

So, this Capricorn must be careful regarding his or her success so that he remains wise and calm, not letting Aries take the lead.

The Sun in Capricorn must make room for solving problems quickly and always puts himself in front of others with the intention of protecting them.

Aries here must stay in “the night,” no less important, deal with strategy, work slowly and confidently towards achieving common goals.

While Aries manages the more aggressive aspects of life and, of course, the business, people who have this combination can approach duties that require composure and perseverance.

What is important to know when it comes to this combination of lunars is that as long as this person is satisfied with the roles that are being given, life will work well and give great results.

The success will be maintained with the combination of contrasting strategies, action, and practicality, and then we can speak of the notable success.


The astrological combination of Lunars where the Sun is located in the Capricorn Zodiac sign, and the Moon is positioned in the Aries Zodiac sign, is, by all means, a lunar combination that is dominated by many opposites, which can be a great challenge for the survival of the and success these people so desperately want to achieve in life.

Observe this combination as the Moon in the Aries wants to take the lead, and this does not change, whether male or female, of any age; Aries must be dominant.

On the other hand, there is an organized, calm, and secluded Sun that is located in the Capricorn, and still, this is the Sun.

The Moon comes second, even if it has a major impact on the people who have this set of lunars. But the question is who will lead this person to success, happiness in life – despite Aries’ natural assertiveness, this certain compatibility depends on maturity.

Or, in some way, things are becoming better with age, having in mind that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of wisdom, and Capricorns of both sexes and all ages tend to come to power peacefully, and most signs can hardly usurp them. Even Aries.

In the best-case scenario, this can be a compatible combination, and this could be transitioned in a young businessman in business, full of passion, enthusiasm, and ideas, and deep inside, there is one who has already seen, done, and experienced it all.

This lunar combination can achieve a lot in terms of achieving life goals because the Sun and Moon here are driven by ambition and diligence.

Here, we can see in a perspective people who are very resourceful; in essence, want success in life with passion.

Also, when it comes to sex life, and this is not the hot topic when it comes to Capricorns in any combination, despite the fact that this Capricorn may be having a somewhat strict reputation, here we can also find people who enjoy sex just as much as their partners.

Aries does wonders here, but one thing must be ensured by all means – the foundation of their love relationship is mutual respect, this Capricorn must be respected from his or her lover, or otherwise, there cannot be playfulness and fire, just the calm demeanor and inner strength. And maybe for some, this is enough.

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon – Man

The planetary ruler of Capricorn – Saturn, and the ruler of Aries – Mars, are characterized by the fact that they always go against each other.

So, what kind of man this is – we have to energies that are different, but can do wonders in a work area of life, in a positive sense can give great success in joint projects, but on a romantic level, they can initiate conflicts, cruel behavior, and repressed feelings.

The man that has lunars positioned in Capricorn and Aries is a certainly successful businessman, but on the other side, this is not that man you would want to date.

If you are in a relationship with this gentleman, it takes a lot of patience, compromise, and effort to survive many challenges and be long-term.

What the earth sign Capricorn and the fire sign Aries have in common is great ambition and determination – so this man is characterized by good organization, diligence, and responsibility.

In love, it takes him a long time to gain trust in his companion. He is very passionate, and deep inside, he hides a line of sensuality and romance.

On the other side, and in some cases, depending on other planets and their position Sun Capricorn and Moon Aries man is adorned with great strength, optimism, but also impulsiveness.

It is clear that only with a lot of compromises and good balance is there a possibility of success and long-term survival of love with this man.

What can cause conflict with this man is different ideas, priorities, and lifestyles, all of this can truly cause a lot of conflicts, which is also the main challenge of this man.

There is no doubt that this man can be attractive, he is a fiery and impulsive individual, but sometimes his inner demons can hurt almost every area of ​​life.

This can cause a lot of frustration for this Capricorn man. He is a man who has a big ego, and even when this man knows that someone else advice is solid, he won’t listen to it.

In fact, he may oppose his lover only because of a good argument.

In the end, we can say that this man is the dominant type, and his plans are big and bold, but his style varies a lot. He is the one Capricorn that can surprise you a lot.

Capricorn Sun Aries Moon – Woman

In general, all those who belong to the sign of Capricorn are characterized by independence, stubbornness, good concentration, and caution in everything they do. They are very patient and always use the given chances in the best possible way.

Think of Aries as someone who wants the same things, but the ways he wants to achieve them are quite different, and he does it with a lot of passion and energy and can blast in a second.

A woman with this lunar combination is no different!

Capricorn woman, in general, and this is something that you must be aware, has a very conservative nature, is conventional, loves traditional family values ​​, and has a strong sense of responsibility.

In love, this is the lady that will achieve success when she strives for compromise, understanding, and security. But the Moon here wants to say something else.

The Moon in Aries has an adventurous spirit, is prone to impulsive behavior, and is very dynamic

. In a Capricorn-Aries lunar combination, as long as there is tolerance for differences, life will go in a positive direction.

However, the lack of enthusiasm that comes from the Moon in Aries and the lack of a sense of responsibility of the Capricorn Sun can be an obstacle to the survival of success and happiness.

This combination makes this lady adorned with tirelessness, endurance in overcoming obstacles, and perseverance.

The Moon in Aries gives her a lot of energy, and the world around her can be seen through the material. She is quite possessive in love, practical, but she also has high demands and expects a lot from her partner. She, on the other side, is a lover who nurtures the concepts of tolerance and mutual respect.

If Capricorn provides Aries with his wisdom which will mean a solid foundation, the life of this woman can be seen in the form of warmth and fire, which will further strengthen the bond between her and her man.

The risky and exciting Moon in Aries energy can be very annoying to a stubborn Capricorn, but this lady will somehow make it work, just because she insists on careful, practical, and prudent thinking, not losing her energy along the way.

In some cases, this lunar combination is definitely strong in business or in friendship because the teamwork that this woman has is, by all means, absolutely invincible.

In a love affair, Aries and Capricorn’s lunar compatibility is good when the gap between energies is overcome. This woman’s attitude is mild, some would say that it can be very cold, even the reticence, but as she sees it, it helps her cope with the fiery outbursts that come from the Moon in Aries.

When necessary, this Capricorn woman will simply go out and come back later when the Moon in Aries disappears or throws out his rage to himself.

Among the many qualities that this woman has is the ability to learn from anyone that crosses her path, and in this sense, the perfect lover is someone who can teach this woman patience and perseverance, at the same time knowing that she can learn how to take risks and boldly go into the unknown.

The Sun and the Moon here give the persistence in different ways, so it is important for their compatibility to learn to listen.

Sharing many similar traits and desires can lead them to a long-term relationship, so she needs a lover who can listen and endure her changes in behavior.

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