Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Do not worry if you are interested in astrology, and it does not have to be in opposition to any of your beliefs or with your spiritual side.

It can all go one with the other since all of it has a purpose in taking you to the best journey in your life, where you can become the best version of yourself, the one that has fulfilled its potentials.

Many of us know their astrological sign and ascendant, but not many of us know where the position of the Moon is, and believe us, it has true importance in the understanding of the personal natal chart.

Today we will take a look into the world of the people who have the Sun located in the Capricorn sign and the Moon in Cancer.

Is this combination compatible or not, what are its strong points, and are there any weaknesses, find out here.

Soon you will see how much Capricorn becomes warmer with this Moon impact.

You will be surprised when you see how much the position of the Moon changes the character of Capricorn.

General Meaning

When we speak of Capricorns, we think of the people who are slowly building their way to the top and are usually seen as cold and reserved, and they are not what you will necessarily call warm people, or for that matter, passionate.

But, by all means, here we can see so many good qualities, and we could say that in general, tenderness and emotionality that “regular” Capricorns.

When is the Moon located in warm and tender Cancer? What kind of impulse does it give to them in all other aspects of life, not just emotions?

This Moon is very strong because Cancer is already ruled by it (the Moon, so you can imagine this strength and energy that can overrule the Sun, and this kind of relationship is not so common), and here we see the tendency to find and nurture love, as the center stage in life, with a lot of tenderness, but at the same time, being successful and hardworking cannot be foreshadowed.

This lunar combination conditions people with this set of Sun and Moon to be sensitive, often withdrawn, with the changeable mood, for which they can thank their ruler, the Moon.

In general, Capricorns with this Moon set in Cancer have a developed imagination, show an incredible love for their family, can be very talkative, and understand the environment and their neighbors that come from various backgrounds.

Also, these people are adorned with a good memory. They can remember the smallest details from a young age, especially when they were small kids—a truly remarkable trait.

There is no doubt that this lunar combination makes people being hardworking, but also being they are constantly in fear that they will not have success in life.

It is what sets the opportunity to destroy their lives, and what is even worse is that this combination makes them so afraid of humiliation and ridicule, which results in them being discreet and diplomatic.

And to a certain extent, it ok to be diplomatic, but at times in life, it is necessary to be direct and unapologetic.

In extreme cases, these people may be prone to alcohol, especially in cases where they are exposed to stress for a long time.

On the bright side, those who have Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer are known for the possession of strong psychic or occult abilities. They can be deeply romantic – or at least to try, and they love romance and unusual adventures and enjoy travel and change.

They adapt well to the environment they are currently in, in a sense that they can deeply connect to the people and service them if needed.

But, this trait can have one more negative turn – they can often put other people’s wishes ahead of their own, especially if they are close people, but they are also very possessive, feeling that they are entitled to something.

They are extremely emotional, tender, and full of compassion. For those traits, they are highly valued and respected.

The Moon in Cancer gives them a strong intuition, so they often feel what the other side thinks or wants. They know how to be timid and insecure, as long as someone does not endanger their family or close people – then they become brave in defense, even an attack, no matter what danger they might be exposed to.


Here, in the combination of Sun and Moon in Capricorn and Cancer, we can see emotions that are very strong, and people who have this combination must be treated very carefully, without any mismatched signs; love must be constant and obvious.

Fear of ridicule or criticism sometimes makes them cautious, diplomatic, and over conventional people. They can seem so old, even if they are in their youth, because they will act like old people, wise m but extremely cautious.

It is not like someone will fall in love with them at first sight but after a while.

What is mandatory here is the idea that they take care of their moods, and it could happen that they take everything too personally, so you must be careful not to defend them in any way because they will have a hard time forgiving you.

In some cases, due to other aspects, these human beings have a problem reconciling dreams and reality.

Even if they came out of their shell a little (the Moon shines away and let Cancer let go), they would see that the world is not as threatening as they imagine.

In other cases, people who have Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer are seen as capricious, sensitive, imaginative, cunning, and even prone to protective behavior.

Above all else, these human beings adore safety, comfort, enjoy delicious food, their neat home – and above all, they love to take care of other people.

Their feelings are deep, and as a rule, they are not prone to risky situations, and when they do, soon the regret follows.

This lunar combination can bring the establishment of spiritual harmony, having at their disposal a wide range of useful qualities for fruitful involvement in all life activities; seriousness, concentration, and organization – these are just some of them.

Then they will be able to subordinate their ambitions to only one goal.

Their best ally, time, will help them a lot, since they will show a lot of patience on the way to the achievement, and this is such a joyous idea.

This lunar combination indicates that their ideal partner for them is manifested in a person who is honest and reliable at the same time – someone older or better situated, who can provide them with the necessary security and open love, as they demand.

Also, this lunar combination gives birth to nature that is in a constant search for conscious confirmation of its own values ​​and sincere recognition of its qualities.

Throughout his life, the Sun in Capricorn with the Moon located in Cancer can be faced with the nostalgia of a lost paradise and remains attached to the past and effectively envious because there is an enormous need for tenderness and warmth. And it is clear that this need cannot be fulfilled in reality.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon – Man

A man who has this set of lunars is seen as a recluse human being who needs to love at all times, and above all, this is a man who must be loved by his environment.

Some see him as an enthusiast who is hampered by excessive lucidity, a gentle person who is bothered by his own coldness; he himself has a problem in understanding himself. His happiness is blocked due to other aspects, which makes him feel awkward in front of himself and in front of others, raising vague and impossible obstacles within him and the harsh reality. He’s not really sure what he wants, and this is the major problem in relationships with this man.

His character is moody, subordinated to visions, and disbelief that grow in him, being limited and closed in the strictness of thought and conformism.

That is why it is not at all strange that in these conditions, he withdraws into himself, into his ingrained habits, rejecting any spontaneity. He is often considered a peculiar, in a bad sense of the word, a strange type, a hater, and he has a feeling that he is misunderstood and is slowly developing a complex of lesser value that intensifies his inhibition.

He must learn to let go and relax, not inhibiting his inner needs.

But, thanks to his endless patience, persistence, stubbornness to accept himself as he is, to fight against all obstacles, in time, he will learn to avoid spiritual division and become at peace with himself and the world.

Then he will rationally prevail over daydreaming, he will be able to realize his ideal, and that is to fully dedicate him to only one ambition.

Time is no longer important, and urgency disappears as well as mental discomfort. This Capricorn can wait as long as it must.

The being of this man becomes coherent and manages to remain abstract, true to its origin. He manages to fit into society without forgetting his roots.

Also, this man is faithful and loyal, showing trust and warmth towards his surroundings, under the condition to feel that he is loved.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon- Woman

The existence of a lady that has this combination of the Moon and Sun in Capricorn and Cancer is mainly determined by family images and family life. She is all about the domesticated life, being a wife, a mother, and a housewife.

But do not be fooled. She is capable of taking on the business and being incredibly successful in it. This woman is much calmer, shyer, and more sensitive than a conventional Capricorn woman, and she prefers to be a long time a home and family environment.

Dreams constantly bind her to childhood and guide her feelings and choices. She is very spontaneous only when she feels absolutely safe; then, she discovers that she is more sensitive than she shows. Her main human virtues come from the fact that she never forgets her roots or the experiences she has gained in life.

Also, a lady with the combination of lunars is very loving and expects only the best treatment in a relationship.

The Moon in Cancer leads to the fact that she is inclined to emotional attachment, sometimes obsessively, but at the same time, this lady is loyal to her partner because love, marriage, and family are the most important in her life, and it is a job that she could perform very well.

Also, we can say that her friendships are warm and truly sincere. Maternal instinct is emphasized in women with the Moon in Cancer, as well as love for friends and people in general and children in particular. She can be seen as shy by nature and making great efforts to avoid conflicts, but if her family is attacked, she will become a true fighter.

If you fall in love with this lady with the Moon in Cancer, think of flowers, kisses, chocolate, and candlelight, this is the perfect way you can seduce her.

She is monogamous by nature and a true romantic. Go to the seashore, go to the dance, walk anywhere in the moonlight.

Get to know her entire family, prove that you know how to cook, and be ready to talk about emotions – these are the obligatory steps in conquering a lady that has Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer.

She can be physically characterized by difficult or slow movement, a smaller or prickly nose, and her physical appearance is not what you will notice at first glance, although she can be very romantic and feminine (maybe not conventionally beautiful), both in appearance and behavior.

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